Coffee Table Dog Crate

Dog crates have come a long way. They aren't cages, but havens for you dog to retreat to when they don't wish to be bothered. They are essentially like a modern dog house. And furniture has adapted to this new evolution in crates. A newer offering in this is the coffee table dog crate. Let your pooch enjoy the company from their own space, safely below the coffee table.

Best Products

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate
This modern side table in a kennel in one is the perfect solution for your home. Blend beautifully with modern wystrojemn interior, and the metal structure with finesse cutouts and a comfortable seat inside, the interior adds a wonderful character.

Four legged furniture ronan dog crate

Four legged furniture ronan dog crate
Functionality is the key to a good interior, especially if we have pets at home. Combining a coffee table with a cage for our pet - it's a great space saver. A dog crate is made of dark metal, but it absolutely does not interfere with the style of the table.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

Solid Wood Pet Crate

Solid Wood Pet Crate
This sturdy cage for a pet home is a great solution if you want to close your pet in bezpicznym and convenient location. It has a lockable door, and is made of solid and durable wood.

ZenHaus Modern Pet Crate

ZenHaus Modern Pet Crate
Modern pet crate. This contemporary and stylish pet crate will be your pet's best friend and add a touch of style into your surroundings. The crate is made from hand-crafted pieces constructed of waterproof fiberglass and features a removable doors.

Jax Dog Crate

Jax Dog Crate
This cage your pet is the perfect solution for trained dogs. The spacious interior allows your dog to rest peacefully. Ventilation and beautiful design makes it can also serve as a coffee table and a decorative element. Your dog and you'll be satisfied.

Coffee table dog crate

Stylish coffee table with dog crate in the base is a perfect solution for any interior. The solid panel discussion with steel container base is robust and very functional. The whole is modern and aesthetically presented in the interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you really just don't like the idea of locking your dog in a metal crate that resembles a pet prison, it's time to get creative with your dog's new home. Here are some of the different styles that you can consider before buying.

What's the best design for a coffee table dog crate?

  • A rounded design. This is the perfect way to incorporate your dog's crate into the family home. A rounded coffee table with space underneath can be converted into a dog crate so that your dog can sit comfortably in the living room with the rest of the family. You can either add the crate to an existing coffee table, or buy two new times in one – a new coffee table for your home and a new space for your dog!
  • Letting go of metal bars. Many people who look at coffee table crates for their pooch do so because the idea of metal bars surrounding your pet is just not appealing. Thankfully, there are many styles available which don't have metal bars on them at all. For example, there are styles which have a sliding door around the coffee table with sufficient holes and windows for your dog's ultimate comfort.
  • The crate door. Opting for a crate door instead of bars with a gate to allow access offers many different ways to house your dog. A sliding door allows you to leave it open for your dog to sit comfortably when everybody in home. You can still close and secure the door when leaving the house or whenever you need to keep your dog safely inside the crate.

How big should your coffee table dog crate be?

You should always prioritize your dog rather than the size of the room you wish to position the coffee table crate. If your dog is too large for a small coffee table which will fit in your living room, come up with another plan to ensure you can buy a crate which is the ideal size for your dog to relax comfortably.

Medium-size kennels are on average 36 inches long and easily accommodate dogs in the 40- to 70-pound range, such as bulldogs. For dogs in the 70- to 90-pound range, a kennel around 42 inches long is recommended.

What are the different materials and designs of coffee table dog crates?

We've already considered metal crates and crates with bars, but let's think about the other types of material that you can purchase.

  • Wood: A popular favorite since it blends in with many different homes and décor styles. A wooden coffee table will complement any room which already has wooden furniture in a similar shade and style.
  • Chrome finish: A good addition for the modern house, a chrome finish coffee table can add elegance and sophistication to the room, while providing a solid den for your dog and making your room look more spacious.
  • Vintage wood: Shabby chic and vintage looks are popular within homes, especially when it comes to feature furniture such as the coffee table. A dog crate which is in the shape of an old barrel with wooden slats added on either side to create a solid base and table top could be the perfect design for you.

Shop around to find the perfect crate for your dog which also fits in with your home, and check for a guarantee just in case your dog isn't comfortable with it.


Dog crate table

Why buy a coffee table and a dog crate, when you can have them both combined into one piece of furniture? Check this clever solution. Black colour makes it elegant and modern, too!

Plywood and a dog crate do not a fancy table

Plywood and a Dog Crate Do Not a Fancy Table Make. Let's see here, you ...

End table dog kennel furniture

Crafted from bright wood, stylishly adorned with elegant drawer pulls and knobs, this dog kennel can be smoothly treated as a console table as well. Its wide surface offers enough space both for your odds and sods as well as for two puppies.

Table dog crate

An excellent idea for your home decor and for your pet! The coffee table with the dog crate under the top. The modern stainless steel construction and round top adds a style into any home.

Large dog crate table

What is better than a coffee table but a coffee table that allows you keep your pet close to you. This amazing design consists a coffee table and a comfortable space for your pet, either a closed space or open.

Dog cage table 2

A sturdy addition for indoors, that can be a cozy and comfy surprise for your beloved pup. The doghouse is shaped like a box and crafted of natual wood, with holes for ventilation, a large side hole for entrance and a movable lid for easy access.

Homemade dog cage

Compact dog crate that should work well as a small coffee or end table. The piece is made from wood and features a beautifully glossed dark walnut finish for impeccable style. You also get a tempered glass door, decorated with a stunning flower motif, and some amazing crown moldings too.

Pictured above mission style end table dog crate in oak

Pictured Above: Mission Style End Table Dog Crate in Oak

Mission dog crate end table

Mission Dog Crate End Table

Dog crate coffee table plans

Newest Coffee table/dog crate

End table dog kennel

Vintage Finds: Chicken Coop Turned Coffee Table

Dog kennel table

Futuristic coffee table, very modern - black, made to high gloss with modernist, minimalist decorations.And underneath? Your dog hides! Because it's also a dog crate - house. The table has subtle longitudinal cutouts, so the dog can observe everything.

Diy pet crate

If you have a small space and a small dog to match, you can use this ...

68653378 medium dog crate end table ref v1_other_1 i need

... /68653378/medium-dog-crate-end-table?ref=v1_other_1 I need this

Dog crate end table with chew proof bars by cre8tivefurniture

Dog crate end table with chew proof bars by Cre8tivefurniture

Side table dog crate

A pretty practical end table and a dog crate in one crafted of 2-tone-finished wooden materials. Its rectangular top has brown tones. A base has a front door with vertical cutouts. Catches and dashy hinges are of black metal. Sides have cutouts up.

Table kennel

Coffee Table Dog crates

Double dog crate furniture

Stylish coffee table with dog crate inside is the perfect solution for any dog owner who wants the house to look smart and pet-friendly. The whole made of wood has been interestingly painted and presents itself exceptionally impressive.

Improvements end table dog crate large

Improvements End Table Dog Crate - Large

Side table dog crate

A durable dog crate for indoors, that will keep your dog cozy, offering a comfy place to take a nap. The crate is surrounded by metal wire panels and has a large door for easy access. It's also integrated with a coffe table that's wood-made and covered in a cherry finish.

Dog kennel coffee table

DIY Modern Pet Crate Coffee Table 2

Coffee table dog crate

Dog crate in neutral form. Construction is made of wood. Designed for medium sized pets. It can be used as coffee table. Simple form and functional design for each place as needed.

Pallet nightstand coffee table or bar table

Pallet Nightstand, Coffee Table or Bar Table

Dog cage table 4

Wine Crate Coffee Table

DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table, Espresso, Large

Dogs need proper houses, and this furniture dog crate is an excellent choice. Dark colour and minimalistic finish make it elegant, modern and stylish. It plays a double duty of being a TV stand and a dog house, both at once.

3 dr who cat fort and an crazy wood and

<3 Dr Who cat fort and an crazy wood and glass USS Enterprise coffee table? Nerds rock!

Diy dog cage

Paint old end table and line inside with oil cloth for easy cleanup.

Diy dog pen

A creative way of combining indoor dog house with side table. This unit has a sturdy frame crafted of red-finished wood and covered with black wire lattice panels. It has a large front door for easy access, and a smooth top for magazines, and decorations.

Coffee table dog crate

Coffee table dog crate!

Dog house table

Equal parts crate and coffee table - form meets function!

Build a coffee table around a dog crate to look

Build a coffee table around a dog crate to look classier and for good ...

Large dog crate end table

These wooden dog crates are about 1,000x nicer than the black metal ones we all hide away! put them in your den, beside thecouch as coffee/side tables. no one will ever know! Take a look at this Espresso Pet Crate 36.5'' End Table by Casual Home on #zulil

Dog cage side table

DIY dog crate/coffee table. (Small dogs)

Dog crates ive built and the boys are modeling in

Dog crates I've built and the boys are modeling in them. Dog toys for ...

Coffee table for small dogs lovely in walnut

Coffee Table for small dogs. Lovely in Walnut!

Coffee table dog house

My DIY dog crate / coffee table combo. Love how it turned out! I has plenty of airflow and I can change the table top whenever I want because of the glass top I got for it. Project totaled under $100 not including custom sized glass.

Side table dog kennel

Wine/whiskey barrel table plans/tips?

Dog crate coffee table

A cool modern coffee table and a ... dog house in one made of wooden materials with a light natural finish. It has a box-like frame, a rectangular lifted top, an entrance on a side and ventilation holes in walls.

Building and assembling patterned cut outs and a raised lid

Building and assembling patterned cut-outs and a raised lid for ...

Dog crate side table

A fantastic idea to make your pup jumping for joy, thanks to this lovely dog crate that you can place inside your house. The crate is made of hardwood in mahogany finish and surrounded with lattice wire panels for ventilation. And it can also be used as a stylish coffee table.

Dog crate end table white

If you love hand-made furniture ar you are eco-friendly, this coffee table will be must-have in your living room. It is recycled of old wooden boxes covered with lacquer. It has shelves perfects to storage books.

Dog kennel coffee table so what if we did this

dog kennel coffee table. So what if we did this but with a coffee table so it's double wide?

Half barrel planter

Half-Barrel Planter