Dog Kennel Furniture


A safe and comfy place for your dog to rest, kennel dog furniture offers style and functionality. Instead of having a table or desk, and a seperate kennel, they have been combined, and with an attention to aesthetic detail. Your dog can lay in their kennel with the door open or closed. There is even a model that fits under a bed. Check out this collection for many interesting dog kennel furniture ideas.

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Our Picks

Dorman Diagonal Pet Crate

Dorman Diagonal Pet Crate

This solid fir wood crate, painted in cool gray is a striking piece that will be loved by you and your dog. The diagonal slat design is a unique and sophisticated twist on the traditional pet cage, meaning it blends perfectly with your other furniture. The unique bolt design ensures safety and stability. This unit is perfect for any extra-small to medium dog up to 40 lbs.

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Ginny Pet Crate

Ginny Pet Crate

Your beloved pet is part of your family, so why not embrace their kennel as part of your decor? This multipurpose piece functions as a cage and end table and is made of recycled plastic-wood polymer composite to be rust, odor, stain, and rot-resistant. Available in four sizes and colors, any dog would be lucky to call this crate home.

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Accent Table Pet Crate

Accent Table Pet Crate

You’d be forgiven for thinking this stylish pet crate was just an elegant side table, but in fact, it’s a safe, cozy space for any small or medium dog from 11-44 lbs. The vintage-style metal panels open smoothly for easy access while the included side stopper keeps the door secure. The MDF tabletop has solid rubberwood veneers to give the piece a chic finish.

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Accent Corner Pet Crate

Accent Corner Pet Crate

Create a cozy and practical space in your home for your beloved pet with this attractive corner pet crate. The mesh panels, metal design flourishes, vintage aesthetic, and wooden tabletop construction provides durable style that coordinates with any contemporary room. This corner crate is available in small or medium sizes, making it suitable for a range of smaller dog breeds.

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Wood Dog Crate Wood Metal Deluxe Dog Crate Traditional Pet Accessories

Wood Dog Crate Wood Metal Deluxe Dog Crate Traditional Pet Accessories

Dog crate made of wood. Designed for large and medium sized pets. It can be used as end table. Neutral and functional design for all kinds of interiors according to need.

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Dog kennel furniture

When arranging a counter top or console table with storage, leave some space under for dog kennels. When you don't need cabinets all under the table top, utilize the space that would otherwise be empty.

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Dog kennel furniture

This large and massively made crate for the dog is a combination of functionality and style. Beautifully presented in every interior and can be used in many ways. The whole made of solid wood has a stylish top.

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Diy wooden dog crate

This beautifully arranged bedroom is a combination loft bed with built-in dog crate at the base. The whole presents itself perfectly creating a functional whole. Simple design with stairs is incredibly stylish.

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Homemade dog pen

A comfortable and stylish home for your barking critter, made of a wood frame in a cherry finish, with lattice wire panels for windows. The inside accommodates a small mattress, so your dog could take a nap in style.

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Dog kennel furniture

Incredible dog house furniture that will fit every house and apartment! A white stylish cupboard at the same time being comfortable dog house? It's possible. This simple vintage furniture will make your room elegant and ideal for your best friend!

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Dog Kennel Furniture

Buying Guide

Nowadays, dog owners have the choice of using dog kennel furniture to keep their furry best friends indoors. Dog kennel furniture, which is also known as wooden cages, is an excellent addition to any home. They perform an incredible function: giving dogs their own personal space. Fortunately, you can get one without compromising your home décor.

What most homeowners with dogs love about dog kennel furniture is the fact that it’s colorful, stylish, fits indoors effortlessly, and it’s available in a wide range of designs. If you feel like you need help choosing the best dog kennel furniture for your dog, then keep on reading as we have just the thing that you need: a buyer's guide on dog kennel furniture. Let's get right into it!

When it comes to selecting dog kennel furniture, your first concern is getting the right size. This is important because your dog will spend a lot of time inside this enclosure. The furniture must give a feeling of protection instead of a trap.

Ideally, the dog kennel furniture must be big enough for the dog to turn around and take a few steps. When your dog stands up, the space between the dog's head and the covering must be at least four inches. If your pet is still growing, you can opt for a rental kennel which will allow you to trade the model that you have to a more appropriate size.

There is no point in denying that the ancestors of your domestic dog are wolves. These animals, in the wild, sleep, seek protection and raise their young inside dens. It is, therefore, important that you train your dog to see the dog kennel furniture as its safe space. Of course, the kennel must promote the natural instincts of a dog to seek comfort and safety.

Another thing that you need to remember is that regardless of the dog kennel furniture that you purchase, you must be using it again and again or as often as possible. The key to making a dog feel safe inside its kennel is to allow it to use its new "den" consistently.

  • Wooden dog crate - This dog kennel furniture will blend with your décor. But, it'll also double as an interesting side table that you can place either in your bedroom or living room. For its placement, you won't have to worry as the most comfortable place of a dog is right by its owner's side.
  • Resin wicker dog kennel - This one has built-in feet, which can elevate the shelter of your dog for ventilation. It also protects your flooring. A removable pan at the bottom is installed to catch debris from inside the crate like chewed-up bones.

Dog kennel furniture pieces are essential not just in the containment of your pet, but also for its well-being. Of course, that's if your pet is comfortable inside its den. Whenever you find yourself on the lookout for the best shelter for your dog, consider the guidelines we've given you as they can be very helpful.

Best Ideas

Wooden dog kennel

Oh my god, so incredible idea! You can use old, unused cabinet with double doors as a bed or your pets, especially cats or little dogs. Just insert there slim-line, comfortable cushion! Your pet will be wondering!

Wooden dog kennels

Designed for indoor use, this beautiful dog crate successfully accentuates every interior design. It has wooden construction that includes sliding doors with lattice panels for good ventilation, a stable base, and a wide top that you can decorate or use as an extra seat.

End table dog crate plans

Dog crate with a durable wooden construction in white finish. It features metal accents in wall and door openings. Upper area of this crate can be used as additional sitting space. Durable construction is resistant to excessive wear.

Midwest heritage enclosure furniture midwest dog crate enclosures 3

Midwest Heritage Enclosure Furniture Midwest Dog Crate Enclosures 3

Coventry Wood/Metal Pet Crate Table-Large - Improvements

An elegant and stylish dog house for indoor use, also suitable for larger dogs. This fine piece of furniture is designed of cherry-finished wood, with steel wire panels for ventilation and a large front door for easy access.

Dog crate under side table with curtain

dog crate under side table with curtain

Custom indoor dog kennels

A relaxing and attractive dog house combined with a large kitchen table. The cage is surrounded with lattice steel and white-finished wood panels, with a large door for easy access and a super-soft pillow for extra comfort.

Diy dog crate

A stark rustic style end table made of ordinary planks with a distressed brown finish. It has a rectangular top, straight angular corner poles and X-crossed stretchers on longer sides. The table can nest e.g. a dog crate.

Built in dog crate

Tall cabinet with dog beds on the base. Construction is made of wood. Provides space saving in each home. Suitable for storing clothes, beddings and others needed items.

Walnut dog crate with pocket doors

Walnut Dog Crate with Pocket Doors

Diy indoor dog kennel

Advice needed: decorating around huge dog kennels | Offbeat Home

25 cool indoor dog houses home design and interior 3

25 Cool Indoor Dog Houses | Home Design And Interior

Dog crate desk

TownHaus by DenHaus - Offered in four sizes and two finishes, this wooden dog crate furniture piece will keep your dog safe & comfortable and add beauty to your home

Furniture dog crate

You could do this so cheap by refurbishing a used cabinet! No more ugly dog kennel! Might need to do this.