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Give your dog a comfy place to sleep with one of our dog beds made in the USA. These American made dog beds are crafted with love, and offer quality fabrics, hand stitching and a myriad of colors and styles. You dog will never sleep better after a hard day of running around, chasing other dogs or playing with your little ones. And many sizes are available for many sizes of dog.

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Updated 06/03/2023
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Thick and Padded Dog Bed Made in the USA

Thick and Padded Dog Bed Made in the USA

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What We Like: Thick and sturdy construction

What We Don’t Like: It looks a bit bland with only two colors

Not So Good For: Small dogs, unless they like to snuggle together

Perfect For: Older dogs needing additional and orthopedic padding

This American-made dog bed comes in light gray and dark tan and fits medium and large dogs. It has a removable cover and a memory foam pad and is stitched to offer more cushion and support for your pooch.

Its simple look and basic tones to choose from make it easy to blend into a variety of home styles. However, some customers view this dog bed as a little too bland. Dogs who like to nestle or sprawl out can get away with this bed. The open side makes it easier for older dogs to get in and out of bed.


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Donut style American Made Dog Bed With Shag

Donut style American Made Dog Bed With Shag

Best Friends By Sheri

What We Like: Its fluffy shag look and self-warming fur

What We Don’t Like: Thick dog hair tends to cling to the fabric

Not So Good For: Dogs that shed a lot of hair

Perfect For: Short-haired dogs who like to nestle and get cold easily

The shag on this donut dog bed made in the USA adds to shabby chic décor and gives warmth to dogs who need it. Customize this bed to fit your home with the many colors and sizes to choose from. The base is resistant to water and dirt, is washable, and supports your dog's muscles and joints.

Because of its donut style, it may be hard for dogs with bad hips to get on this bed. The shag material is trendy for homes and best for dogs with minimal shedding. They look great in living rooms with poofs, low coffee tables and sofas, and pastel tones.

$29.99 $34.99

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Orthopedic Dog Bed Made in USA With Non skid Bottom

Orthopedic Dog Bed Made in USA With Non skid Bottom

Archie & Oscar™

What We Like: Resistant to stains, water, and chewing

What We Don’t Like: Only a few color options

Not So Good For: Dogs with sensitive skin

Perfect For: Fitting jumbo-sized dogs

This made in the USA dog bed accomplishes something other dog beds can’t: it is made to fit huge dogs. It is the perfect sharing bed for a medium dog and a cat, or two small dogs. Choose between three dog bed colors: brown, slate gray, and sandstone. 

Although it says it is skin-safe, people who have dogs with sensitive skin recommend going with another bed. Washing this dog bed is easy, and putting the cover back on is even easier because the padding has a silky touch to it.

$107.96 $124.99

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USA Made Dog Beds With Pattern

USA Made Dog Beds With Pattern

What We Like: Modern square patterns

What We Don’t Like: Small and medium sizes don’t have zippers

Not So Good For: Dogs who shed a lot

Perfect For: Large dogs who are cuddlers and think they are smaller than they are

Many dog beds are basic and bland, but this dog bed made in the USA comes in vibrant shades with a bold pattern. The coral and red beds look nice with beige and cool home themes, while the black and yellow beds are great in warm hue themes. The base is heavy-duty and waterproof, and the round bolster shape hugs your dog from all sides.

The geometric pattern on it blends well with modern styles, though be careful not to add too much pattern in one area. The bold pattern is best on plain and blended rugs without patterns and next to white or light tile fireplaces.

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Made in USA Dog Bed With Lounger Style

Made in USA Dog Bed With Lounger Style

What We Like: Orthopedic with different fill options

What We Don’t Like: Sizes run small

Not So Good For: Dogs who get cold or anxious easily

Perfect For: Dogs who like to sprawl out

Large and small dogs can stretch out on this American-made dog bed because of its flat style and contoured edges. What makes this dog bed special is there are three fill options to choose from: cooling gel, memory foam, or orthopedic foam.

Its open design makes it easy for giant dogs to lay on and for senior dogs to step on. It has a classy pillow style with a soft texture top and a removable and washable cover. The downside to this bed is its lack of walls to keep dogs warm, though this can be replaced easily with a dog blanket.

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Round and Small Dog Bed Made in USA 

Round and Small Dog Bed Made in USA 

What We Like: Chenille fabric and the high walls 

What We Don’t Like: Only comes in small sizes and not orthopedic

Not So Good For: Destructive dogs or dogs who like to stretch out

Perfect For: Small dogs who like to burrow

This USA made dog bed is for small dogs and is put together with a soft chenille two-toned fabric in a round shape. Dachshunds, terriers, and other dog breeds that enjoy burrowing love this dog bed. 

A drawback of this dog bed is it is not an orthopedic bed, and its soft fabric is not durable for rough pets. This is a fantastic pick if your pet is on the lazier and chill spectrum of dog behaviors. The beige and brown on this bed looks nice beside navy-blue or eggshell and off-white walls.

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Dog Beds Made In The USA

Buying Guide

A dog should have at least one bed of its own but can benefit from having several beds located around your home.

In smaller spaces, you may only need one dog bed for day and night, a second bed for use while laundering the other, and a portable one when you travel to different places. Larger homes, where your dog wanders from room to room, often going wherever you and your family spend the most time, can benefit from a few different dog bed setups.

Ideally, your dog has its own space in the rooms you frequent the most. This can be the den where you watch television, a home office, and the master or child’s bedroom. Establishing a space in the home for your dog to return to when tired or frightened is a good way to keep them calm and safe. Having more than one dog bed ensures your dog always has a familiar spot to feel comfortable sleeping or sitting.

Opt for dog beds made in the USA so you can rest assured of the quality of the build and materials, ensuring the most comfortable and safe place for your pup to rest.

Looking for dog beds made in the USA? Your dog will be grateful! While dogs may not technically need beds - many will be happy to sleep on the floor, on couches, and in your bed if you let them - dogs do need a special place to call their own. For many, this is their crate; for others, a great dog bed is their own little corner of their homes. It’s a great strategy to purchase a dog bed if you want to avoid getting dog hair on your couches or your bed.

When it comes to your dog’s bed location, the first thing you need to consider is your pet’s comfort and needs. Like humans, your pup needs somewhere tranquil where they can settle and get some quality sleep, so a quiet environment is best. With this in mind, avoid rooms that overlook busy roads, as traffic noise and people walking by may unsettle and scare your pet.

Ensure your dog’s bed is somewhere close to the family so that they feel included and loved. Choose a corner in the living room where the family spends a lot of their time. Living rooms are also typically one of the warmest rooms in the house, which is also a vital factor you need to consider for your dog’s comfort.

When deciding which room is best for placing dog beds made in the USA, pay attention to your dog’s desires. If they seem unsettled or don’t like the spot, keep moving the bed around until they seem relaxed and calm.

Best Ideas

Usa made dog beds

These gorgeous organic bumper beds are fit for your king or queen. They are made in the USA and filled with 100% recycled polyfill made from recycled plastic bottles.

Casper Dog Bed

Casper Dog Bed

Give your dog the comfort they need with this dog bed. The high-quality memory foam base molds to your dog’s body to provide a pressure-relieving surface and long-lasting support. Made for durability, this bed will maintain its natural shape for years, regardless of everyday wear-and-tear, while the foam bolsters provide a place for your beloved pet to rest their head.

Crown Supreme Bolster Dog Bed

Crown Supreme Bolster Dog Bed

Offer your dog the best with this award-winning bolster dog bed. This medium-sized bed provides the ultimate in canine comfort by using gel-infused memory foam. This design creates a firm yet giving base and adjusts according to the temperature, keeping your dog warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The material naturally repels stains, odors, and hair and is machine washable.

Dog beds made in the usa 17

From the Organic Pet Boutique and Made in Montana, USA, spoil your furkid with this Colbalt Groove Bumper Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Personalized Bagel Donut Bolster Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Personalized Bagel Donut Bolster Dog Bed

Customize this donut bolster dog bed so it fits your loved pet. This bed comes in a range of sizes, colors and can be embroidered with your pet’s name. Filled with premium quality polyester for long-lasting comfort and equipped with a waterproof base, this bed is loaded with practical features that your dog will love.

Cuddler Bolster Dog Bed

Cuddler Bolster Dog Bed

It is perfectly soft bed to sleep for the dog. It is very convenient. It was made of soft and delicate materials. This makes it a very cozy place, where the dog feels very well and can fully relax. It is also safe for him.

Cozy Cave Luxury Hooded Dog Bed

Cozy Cave Luxury Hooded Dog Bed

This Luxury Hooded Dog Bed in Brown & Yellow offers microsuede exterior and machine washable cover. Made of cedar/poly fill with a hooded design, this durable and beautiful dog bed is going to make your pet to feel as comfy and cozy as never before.

Optimal deluxe memory foam pet bed made in the usa

Optimal Deluxe Memory Foam Pet Bed - Made in the USA. Available in 3 colors and sizes.

Sterling Sofa Dog Bed

Sterling Sofa Dog Bed

This dog bed is both hilarious and elegant indeed. It has a shape of sofa that is in fact pretty elegant with its meticulous design! It stands on four feet, it has button tufting and contoured backrest top.

Pool and Patio Round Vertical Dog Pillow

Pool and Patio Round Vertical Dog Pillow

This Pool & Patio Vertical Stripe Dog Pillow in Off-White & Navy Blue offers an exterior designed of 100% poly, and interior made of spring-wound cedar/poly mix. The pillow is resistant to mildew and fade. The shell and inner liner are removable and machine-washable.

Caesar Dog Bed

Caesar Dog Bed

It doesn’t get more adorable than this white cedar miniature dog bed. This has the perfect cabin style, yet its wooden pillar construction will suit any decor. Deck out this 24'' W x 16'' D bed frame with the dog-friendly mattress of your choice. Your dog will love sleeping in a bed that looks just like his pet parent.

Dog beds made in the usa 1

PVC-Dog-Bed-Dog-Cots-32x44x8-Dog-Beds-Made-In-The-USA-Canvas-Bed ...

Dog beds made in the usa 5

New Eco-Friendly Emerald Bumper Bed Cotton Dog Bed Made in the USA in 5 Sizes

By the shore medium dog bed see scout sleep made

By the Shore medium dog bed - See Scout Sleep - made in Louisiana USA. Pet products for those with a tendency to be awesome.

Pet bed manufacturers usa

Modern style also touched the beds of your little dogs. They can cuddle up to a nice fabric, the base of which is gray and decorated with white patterns. Dog bed made in the usa provides a sense of security and is univeral under the design.

Dog beds made in usa

If you’re a dog owner and would like to make a cosy little corner for pet to sleep comfortably in, take a look at this beautiful foam dog bed in a nice, mocha colour. Bound not only to make your pet happy but also look great!

Zig Zag Pillow Pet Bed

Zig Zag Pillow Pet Bed

Made in the usa dog bumper bed 100 cotton covers

Made in the USA dog Bumper Bed. 100% cotton covers, filling is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Color: Linen/Sunset Ikat. - Found on

Dog beds made in the usa 3

... Comfort Size: 20x16x7. Proudly Made in the USA (Misc.) #dog beds #dog

New linen sunset groove bumper bed cotton dog bed eco

New Linen Sunset Groove Bumper Bed Cotton Dog Bed Eco-Friendly and Made in the USA

The majestic pet microsuede bagel dog bed is as comfortable

The Majestic Pet MicroSuede Bagel Dog Bed is as comfortable as it looks! It is also made in the U.S.A. of durable construction, is machine washable...

Its the perfect luxury pet bed with panache already loved

It's the Perfect Luxury Pet Bed...with Panache! Already loved in the USA by Chloe and Papi – Canine stars of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2”. Your cat or dog will love their new cosy haven, and you'll love the faux fleece inner that simply pulls out for

Made in the usa waterproof and machine washable orthopedic dog

Made in the USA, Waterproof, and Machine Washable Orthopedic Dog Bed from BuddyRest and dogIDs. Never buy another bed again.

Cozy Cave Hooded Dog Bed

Cozy Cave Hooded Dog Bed