Dog Couch Bed


You love your pup, but more often than not, they do have the tendency to climb up on your precious sofa, make it dirty, or worse, scratch it. A dog couch bed gives them the same level of comfort as your upholstered furniture. Designed to accommodate your pets, from the size to the materials, these types of furniture are durable and long-wearing. With our designers’ selections, your furry friends will have a place to rest and sleep without breaking your home’s aesthetics.

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Our Picks

Scrolled Dog Sofa

Scrolled Dog Sofa

Archie & Oscar™

Stylish in a traditional sense, this dog couch bed will make your furry friend feel like royalty. Its plush upholstery is covered in soft fabric and lined with nailhead accents. Curved arms and back with four solid block feet complete the look. 

$149.99 $269.99

Designer Advice:

With its shot-fur and caramel-colored fabric, there is a tendency for it to get dirty and soiled after quite some time. The cushion can be machine washed with a mild detergent while the fixed parts can be spot cleaned with a clean cloth. We recommend sewing Velcro tape under the seat as it tends to slide off, especially if you have rowdy pets.

Low Bolster Bed

Low Bolster Bed

Archie & Oscar™

Instead of a DIY dog couch, opt for this one instead. This affordable piece is constructed using premium materials including a solid memory foam base. It is covered in tear-resistant material and is safe for your pet’s skin. 

$119.95 $125.82

Midcentury Dog Couch

Midcentury Dog Couch

Tucker Murphy Pet™

Plush and inviting, this large dog couch will be your fury baby’s favorite spot. It sits close to the floor and follows a bolstered design with its flared arms and back. The channel tufting on the bed adds a soft component.

Designer Advice:

Its attractive appeal makes it the perfect choice for modern interiors since it coordinates well with contemporary furnishings and décor. It does tend to lose its shape after some time, so best to fluff it regularly. We recommend adding some blankets on top if your pet is not a fan of the channel tufting. 

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Quilted Dog Bed

Quilted Dog Bed

Archie & Oscar™

Sitting on the floor, this piece is a great alternative to a DIY dog couch bed. It is upholstered in a quilted tweed gusset that’s durable to wear and tear. Available in ten colors and five sizes. Three fill material options that help support your dog’s body.


Chesterfield Dog Couch

Chesterfield Dog Couch

Three Posts™

This dog couch features the scrolled arms, tufted details, and nailhead accents that are all reminiscent of the Chesterfield sofa. It is upholstered in faux leather with a dark brown color. Made especially for pets 80 lbs and lighter.

$275.44 $349.99

Designer Advice:

Perfect for placing in front of the fireplace in your living room, den, or bedroom. Coordinate the look by getting your pets a feeder that has the same wood finish as the couch’s legs. Place a carpet in front, preferably in a lighter color to add a bit of contrast to their sleeping area. 

Curved Dog Sofa

Curved Dog Sofa

A small dog couch bed that radiates playfulness and comfort. Designed for dogs 25 lbs lighter, it has a cocoon-like appeal with its curved back and arms that extend to the front. Filled with memory foam and upholstered in polyester, available in dark gray and navy blue.

Designer Advice:

With its form and rounded birch legs, this is a great pick for midcentury-modern interiors. We recommend placing rubber pads on the feet or placing the couch on a rug to prevent the legs from sliding. The cushioned part might feel stiff for some dogs, but you can solve it by adding a layer of bedding or blankets on top for extra comfort.

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Dog Couch Bed

Buying Guide

Pet couch beds give your pooches a chance to snuggle away in comfort after a weary day at play. These canine-friendly versions of human couches are designed to sustain paws, claws, drool, dander and everything else that your pets drag into them.

They come in eye-pleasing designs. More importantly, they keep rambunctious pets away from your expensive sofas and lounges. However, shopping for pet couch beds isn’t as easy as selecting dog crates. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before you narrow down on one.

Here’s some help to make the process easier.

The dog couch bed must be big enough to allow your dog to sleep comfortably. Having said that, dogs like to sleep in different positions. Some, sleep with their limbs stretched out in front of them. Others, cuddle up in a cradled position, while there are a few who sleep on their backs much like their human parents.

Irrespective of which category your pet fits into, grab a measuring tape and measure them from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. Add at least 6-8 inches to this on both sides. That’s the minimum length of the couch bed for you.

Always consider your dog’s age and health before selecting a dog couch bed. A young and healthy dog will be comfortable in just about any type of couch as long as its comfy. But an older dog might be better off with a thicker bed that provides more lumbar and joint support.

Also, the couch must not be too high off the ground which makes it difficult to climb into or get out of. If your dog has arthritis, go for an orthopedic dog bed with a memory foam fill, instead of a conventional couch which can be filled with egg foam or poly fill.

Look for a couch bed with a waterproof inner lining for older dogs with urinary incontinence. In case of puppies, this lining will protect the mattress from an accidental spill or two.

Dog couch beds should have an upholstery material that can sustain the wear and tear that curious digging claws can subject it to and is easy to clean as well.

  • If you have dog breeds that shed excessively, like a Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky, opt for a removable cover that’s made of cotton or cotton blends.
  • If it’s a short haired breed, then a cover made of fleece that keeps them warm during the winters will be a better pick.
  • Check if the cover is machine washable or needs to be dry cleaned.

The couch beds might or might not have an internal frame. If it does, check the material. Solid wooden frames are sturdy and can withstand the weight of heavy dogs. So are metal frames. MDF or Plywood frames might work with small, lighter dog breeds. But won’t cut the mustard for heavy dogs.

Dog couch beds are available in a plethora of attractive designs. There are pillow-styled couches which are easy to access for older dogs, donut styled beds which have cradling sides and an all-enclosed design, as well as miniature versions of normal furniture.

So, you can buy a doggie chaise lounge and pair it with your existing one. Or a sofa to pair with your couch. Match the upholstery and it would look like a mini-sofa that you got custom made for your child.

Best Ideas

Pet couch bed

Pet couch bed that provides comfortable sleeping space for small and large dogs. This deep dish style bed is cushioned, so dogs will be happy about comfort. It is made of materials resistant to wear and damage caused by animals.

BioMedic Modern Pet Sofa Bed

BioMedic Modern Pet Sofa Bed

These sensationally made bed for your dog is the perfect solution for your home. Beautiful interior and solid wood construction makes the even bigger pets safely's sleep on it. The soft foam adds comfort.

Pet couch

Dog bed, or pet couch bed - it's dog's little house in our home. Wonderful orange color and neat fluffy shape is a wonderful saying to our dog "thank you". Dog bed is crafted of plush, breathable microvelvet.

Quicksilver furniture pet bed

Quicksilver furniture pet bed

This is a very interesting and useful piece of furniture created for people who have dogs or cats. It is a pet sofa that provides comfort to four-leged friends of people. Its size is 34 inches x 23 inches x 15.5 inches.

Pet couch bed

Diy dog sofa

Available in red, yellow, brown and light green, this pet couch bed can be a perfect proposition for all dog owners and their beloved animals. Soft-in-touch, comfy, creates a smooth surface to sleep.

Adirondack dog bed

When one thinks of dog beds, an ultra-fashionable contemporary sofa design like this one is for sure not the first option that comes to mind. No more ugly, shaggy dogs beds! This designer piece is appropriate for large dogs.

Dog Elevated Bed

Dog Elevated Bed

Cool rectangular modern knockdown bed for pets. It has a durable weatherproof frame of grey tubular plastic. It has 4 legs and a central support. A bed surface with rod pockets is crafted of resistant green polyester with a solid pattern.

Snoozer luxury overstuffed sofa in hot fudge x large 54

Snoozer Luxury Overstuffed Sofa in Hot Fudge X-Large 54" L X 36" W X 8" H Interior: 34" L X 24" W SKU: 2128796

Dog couch bed dog beds compare prices reviews and buy

Dog Couch Bed - Dog Beds - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at

Pet couches

outdoor wicker pet bed....this would come close to fitting both my boys, I think...a golden & a Bernese

Dog bed frame 1

Reclaimed wood pallets are a valuable constructing material! Just add some tiny casters and some overstuffed cushioning and your pet gets a comfy couch bed - which is convenient also for you, as it's mobile.

Animal print comfy couch pet bed dog bed traditional pet

... Animal Print Comfy Couch Pet Bed Dog Bed traditional pet accessories

Couch bed for dogs

Creative dog bed~ I'd put it right by the living room windows. (Maybe then, Macy would stop using the couch to look outside!) This can be purchased from the website on the photo, but I'd love to find a DIY for this particular dog bed/eating station

Couch beds for dogs

DIY No sew pet bed. These would be great to make for the kids in the playroom!

Make dog crate cover

Plush Pet Cover with Bolster - wonder if you could DIY something like this...

Diy dog couch

This dog bed is adorable...and so is the price. Since when does a bed fit for an 8lb dog cost more than a queen size bed for a human?!

Elevated dog bed diy

A cute little dog bed, perfect if you love your pets and would like to give them a corner to comfortably relax! Very vintage look, bound to spice up your bedroom or living room with its unique appearance.

Couch Pet Bed

Couch Pet Bed

Pet couch bed 1

Pet dog bed bed cat bed FREE SHIPPING

Pet couch bed 2

- Wooden 20.5"w x 13.5"d x 6.5"h bedframe constructed from upcycled materials- 8 handmade tufted pillows with beautiful detailed buttons, handmade flowers and embelishments -- Back pillow -- Bottom cushion -- Decorative 5" x 5" pillows- High quality ho

Pet couch bed 7

How to Make a Wood Pallet Dog Bed : Decorating : Home & Garden Television @Mary Hollowell

How to make many different guinea pig accessories

How to make many different guinea pig accessories

Precision pet products chevron gusset couch daydreamer bolster dog bed

Precision Pet Products Chevron Gusset Couch Daydreamer Bolster Dog Bed