Pet Couch Bed


You don't want the pets to sit on your couch, then give them a couch of their own. Pet couch beds look exactly like their larger counterparts and are the perfect way to show your dog or cat that you love them and want them to feel like a member of the family. They come in many styles and matching one to your personal furniture should not be a problem. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Pet couch bed

Pet couch bed that provides comfortable sleeping space for small and large dogs. This deep dish style bed is cushioned, so dogs will be happy about comfort. It is made of materials resistant to wear and damage caused by animals.

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BioMedic Modern Pet Sofa Bed

BioMedic Modern Pet Sofa Bed

These sensationally made bed for your dog is the perfect solution for your home. Beautiful interior and solid wood construction makes the even bigger pets safely's sleep on it. The soft foam adds comfort.

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How to build an elevated dog bed

An oversized pet couch which also serves as a comfy bed. The pet couch is filled with a soft foam material and is upholstered on the outside in cotton fabric in a light green color, giving it a stylish look.

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Pet couch

Dog bed, or pet couch bed - it's dog's little house in our home. Wonderful orange color and neat fluffy shape is a wonderful saying to our dog "thank you". Dog bed is crafted of plush, breathable microvelvet.

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Quicksilver furniture pet bed

Quicksilver furniture pet bed

This is a very interesting and useful piece of furniture created for people who have dogs or cats. It is a pet sofa that provides comfort to four-leged friends of people. Its size is 34 inches x 23 inches x 15.5 inches.

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Pet couch bed

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Diy dog sofa

Available in red, yellow, brown and light green, this pet couch bed can be a perfect proposition for all dog owners and their beloved animals. Soft-in-touch, comfy, creates a smooth surface to sleep.

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Quicksilver Pet Sofa Bed

Quicksilver Pet Sofa Bed

This cozy sofa bed is designed for your four-legged friend, offering comfortable and long-lasting usage. The sofa features a plastic frame upholstered in stylish fabric, a full loft cushion, and black plastic feet. Suitable for animals with 30 lbs of maximum weight.

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Adirondack dog bed

When one thinks of dog beds, an ultra-fashionable contemporary sofa design like this one is for sure not the first option that comes to mind. No more ugly, shaggy dogs beds! This designer piece is appropriate for large dogs.

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How to make a dog couch

Eternity Bed | A bed that rests on top of an extra large extended futon/couch for an extra lounge area.

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Pet Couch Bed

Buying Guide

Pet couch beds give your pooches a chance to snuggle away in comfort after a weary day at play. These canine-friendly versions of human couches are designed to sustain paws, claws, drool, dander and everything else that your pets drag into them.

They come in eye-pleasing designs. More importantly, they keep rambunctious pets away from your expensive sofas and lounges. However, shopping for pet couch beds isn’t as easy as selecting dog crates. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before you narrow down on one.

Here’s some help to make the process easier.

The dog couch bed must be big enough to allow your dog to sleep comfortably. Having said that, dogs like to sleep in different positions. Some, sleep with their limbs stretched out in front of them. Others, cuddle up in a cradled position, while there are a few who sleep on their backs much like their human parents.

Irrespective of which category your pet fits into, grab a measuring tape and measure them from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. Add at least 6-8 inches to this on both sides. That’s the minimum length of the couch bed for you.

Always consider your dog’s age and health before selecting a dog couch bed. A young and healthy dog will be comfortable in just about any type of couch as long as its comfy. But an older dog might be better off with a thicker bed that provides more lumbar and joint support.

Also, the couch must not be too high off the ground which makes it difficult to climb into or get out of. If your dog has arthritis, go for an orthopedic dog bed with a memory foam fill, instead of a conventional couch which can be filled with egg foam or poly fill.

Look for a couch bed with a waterproof inner lining for older dogs with urinary incontinence. In case of puppies, this lining will protect the mattress from an accidental spill or two.

Dog couch beds should have an upholstery material that can sustain the wear and tear that curious digging claws can subject it to and is easy to clean as well.

  • If you have dog breeds that shed excessively, like a Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky, opt for a removable cover that’s made of cotton or cotton blends.
  • If it’s a short haired breed, then a cover made of fleece that keeps them warm during the winters will be a better pick.
  • Check if the cover is machine washable or needs to be dry cleaned.

The couch beds might or might not have an internal frame. If it does, check the material. Solid wooden frames are sturdy and can withstand the weight of heavy dogs. So are metal frames. MDF or Plywood frames might work with small, lighter dog breeds. But won’t cut the mustard for heavy dogs.

Dog couch beds are available in a plethora of attractive designs. There are pillow-styled couches which are easy to access for older dogs, donut styled beds which have cradling sides and an all-enclosed design, as well as miniature versions of normal furniture.

So, you can buy a doggie chaise lounge and pair it with your existing one. Or a sofa to pair with your couch. Match the upholstery and it would look like a mini-sofa that you got custom made for your child.

Best Ideas

Moderno Dog Sofa

Moderno Dog Sofa

Pet couch bed

Sofa Dog Beds, Couch Dog Beds, Designer Dog Bed

Pet couch bed 2

This Orvis couch bed constitutes an adorable proposition for all pets and their owners. Soft-in-touch, comfy surface constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who mastered the afternoon naps.

Dog Elevated Bed

Dog Elevated Bed

Cool rectangular modern knockdown bed for pets. It has a durable weatherproof frame of grey tubular plastic. It has 4 legs and a central support. A bed surface with rod pockets is crafted of resistant green polyester with a solid pattern.

Pet couch bed 6

Deep Dish Dog Bed / Large dogs up to 60-120 lbs

12 diy dog beds a little craft in your day

12 DIY Dog Beds - A Little Craft In Your Day Dog bed with storage above

Snoozer luxury overstuffed sofa in hot fudge x large 54

Snoozer Luxury Overstuffed Sofa in Hot Fudge X-Large 54" L X 36" W X 8" H Interior: 34" L X 24" W SKU: 2128796

Diy elevated dog bed

Plush Pet Cover with Bolster-Large - contemporary - pet accessories - - by Improvements Catalog

Pet sofa bed

This designer bed constitutes a smooth proposition for all dog owners and their little friends. The bed was originally designed by Swank Lighting as part of a fundraiser for the Dallas SPCA.

Dog couch bed dog beds compare prices reviews and buy

Dog Couch Bed - Dog Beds - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at

Pet couch bed 2

Crochet pattern for a cat couch bed. I CANNOT wait to make this!

Pet couch bed

Small, but comfortable couch for pets. It provides comfort and safety of sleep especially for small dogs. It is thickly cushioned and it features a decorative pattern on a nice red background, so it increases home aesthetics.

Pet couches

outdoor wicker pet bed....this would come close to fitting both my boys, I think...a golden & a Bernese

Dog bed frame 1

Reclaimed wood pallets are a valuable constructing material! Just add some tiny casters and some overstuffed cushioning and your pet gets a comfy couch bed - which is convenient also for you, as it's mobile.