Dog Stairs For Large Dogs

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If your dog is getting up in years or has an issue that makes jumping onto your bed a serious problem, then it's time to invest in dog stairs for large dogs. And this collection doesn't just have stairs, but ramps, too. Give your pooch the chance to wake you up with a lick and a nuzzle, without pain or stress, and get down just as easily. In lots of fun choices, dog stairs will show your dogs how much you love them.

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Updated 27/03/2023
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Best Carpeted Option
Red Oak Pet Stairs For Large Dogs

Red Oak Pet Stairs For Large Dogs

Archie & Oscar™

Perfect For: Larger breed dogs as the stairs can hold up to 300 pounds

What We Like: The carpeting on the steps provides a safe and stable tread

Measuring 23 inches tall with four steps, these pet stairs for large dogs are made out of quality solid Appalachian red oak wood. The cream-colored carpeted treads are stain-resistant. Overall, these pet stairs for large dogs weigh approximately 36 pounds which creates a stabilized and sturdy unit.  

Designer Advice:

Also available in a warm rich cherry hue, these pet stairs for large dogs make a great perch for older dogs who need a little help getting into bed each night. The red oak and cream-colored carpeted treads allow these pet stairs to fit in nicely with most contemporary home decor styles.  

What Users Say:

Searching for sturdy stairs for my older large dog and these work great. More narrow than I expected but my dog uses them without a problem. 

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Best Travel Option
Foldable Steps For Large Dog

Foldable Steps For Large Dog

Pet Gear

Perfect For: Keeping in the car when traveling with your large dog

What We Like: The chocolate brown color hides dirt and grime well

Featuring two platform-style wide steps, these foldable steps for large dogs are made out of durable plastic with slightly raised edges and removable carpet treads. The pet stairs sit on several non-skid legs with metal brackets in the corners to give further support.  

$284.16 $288.96

Designer Advice:

With the ability to accommodate up to 350 pounds, these collapsible and hard-wearing steps for large dogs make the most sense to keep in the trunk of your car. You can use them when you bring your dog to visit family or to go on long hikes in the woods. The plastic material can be wiped down with soapy water while the removable carpet treads are conveniently machine washable. 

What Users Say:

Great product! My dog used it as soon as I set it up – it’s very sturdy and the steps are wide. My dog has confidence using this product! 

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Best Durability
Walnut Colored Wide Dog Steps

Walnut Colored Wide Dog Steps

Archie & Oscar™

Perfect For: Keeping in the living room or family room to help your dog get up and down the sofa

What We Like: You can fold it up and store it under the bed, couch or in a closet when not in use

For dogs with bad joints, these wide dog steps are crafted out of wood and contain four steps with carpet covers to provide an easy and soft tread. They support up to 200 pounds and can help your dog reach furniture that’s up to 25 inches tall.  

Designer Advice:

These wooden wide dog steps feature raised rails at the sides which helps to prevent falls and gives your pet a secure spot that helps guide them. The four step carpet covers can also be removed and thrown in the washing machine any time they get dirty from soiled paws. 

What Users Say:

These are the best steps yet. I have a fur baby that needs them to get into bed. They fold up and can be stored under the bed when not in use. Nice quality as well. 

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Deluxe Wood Pet Stairs Pet  Dog /Cat 4 Steps/Stairs

Deluxe Wood Pet Stairs Pet Dog /Cat 4 Steps/Stairs

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Rustic wooden appearance is attractive; easy to assemble

What we don’t: Steps may not be deep enough for some breeds

There’s no reason your dog stairs can’t be decorative, like these ornate yet durable pet steps for large dogs. These stairs are made from handcrafted wood; they have a classic appearance with a distressed wood grain finish and bold studded details that make it ideal for country or traditional-style homes. In addition to its antique appearance, this set of stairs is sturdy, with a weight capacity of 200 lbs. 

The high weight capacity means that it can also serve as a substitute step ladder for household chores. The step surfaces are non-slip, so your pet will always gain a solid foothold.

While assembly is required, it’s simple, and the manufacturer includes all necessary tools and hardware. At 17 lbs., this dog stair set is easy to move and store.

$126.99 $184.99

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Cozy Up Folding Pet Steps 25” Grey

Cozy Up Folding Pet Steps 25” Grey


What we like: Style is compatible with a variety of interior design choices

What we don’t: Folding mechanism makes this model unstable for extra-large dog breeds

This set of stairs allows your dog to climb onto furniture, whether that’s your bed or sofa, protecting the animal’s joints. The lightweight, collapsible design allows you to pack up and move the stairs where you need them, and the fabric-covered steps and rails protect your pet from slipping or falling. 

Despite its plastic construction, these large dog stairs can support up to 200 lbs. When not in use, fold the stairs flat and place them in a closet or under the sofa for easy access. 

$74.95 $96

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Glenview Adjustable 4 Step Stairs

Glenview Adjustable 4 Step Stairs

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Adjustable height

What we don’t: Low weight capacity

This beautifully crafted set of stairs is made from manufactured wood and features four carpeted steps so that your dog won’t slip when climbing. Painted white for a neutral appearance, this set of stairs is the perfect choice for a minimal or Scandi interior.

It is also adjustable in height, allowing you to choose between 23”, 24”, and 26”, depending on your furniture dimensions and your pet’s range of motion. For storage and transport, this set of stairs has folding legs. The raised sides provide additional protection for your pet, ensuring that your dog won’t fall off.

The maximum weight capacity is 175 lbs. While not the strongest option on the market, this set should suit most breeds.

$113.99 $121.99

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Natural Step Ramp   Natural

Natural Step Ramp Natural

What we like: Grass-like artificial astroturf for non-slip comfort

What we don’t: May be wide for some vehicles

If you want to help your dog gain access to an elevated vehicle, this ramp provides steps for large dogs and small dogs alike. It features an artificial turf surface that ensures a stable walking surface that is comfortable on sensitive paw pads. When your dog is safely inside the vehicle, simply fold the two-panel ramp and stow it in your trunk.

Although made from plastic, the ramp has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. When unfolded, the ramp locks into place automatically, so you have peace of mind that your dog is safe. Assembly is quick and easy — no tools required.

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PawHut Portable Bi Fold Folding Vehicle Pet Ramp for Large Dog or Animals

PawHut Portable Bi Fold Folding Vehicle Pet Ramp for Large Dog or Animals

What we like: One of the strongest pet ramps available

What we don’t: Less suitable for the bedroom or living room due to the larger footprint

Sometimes what you need isn’t a set of stairs but a ramp, especially for assisting animals in climbing into vehicles, such as trucks and vans. One of the strongest options available, this pet ramp offers extra wide dog steps for large dogs and is made from an aluminum alloy, allowing it to support up to 330 lbs. 

The PVC walking surface is non-slip, offering a high degree of traction so that your pet is always safe when walking to and from your vehicle. In addition to its lightweight design, it’s also foldable and has a handle, allowing you to conveniently take it with you and store it in your trunk when not in use. 

For safe transport, the ramp has a D-shaped latch on the side that keeps the ramp locked in the folded position, ensuring that it won’t open prematurely. 

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Dog Stairs For Large Dogs

Buying Guide

Dog stairs are just so cute! I’d love to shake hands with whoever invented them. They help elderly or poorly dogs climb up onto the bed, couch or in and out of the car with minimal effort. This is especially helpful for large dogs because they carry more weight and find it difficult to get around. They are a great solution to help your four-legged friend get around the house easier. But you can’t just get any dog stairs, so here is a short guide to help you make the right decisions.

Before anything else, if you're planning to buy stairs for your large dog, answer the following questions:

  • What room are the stairs for? This will influence the style you choose.
  • How much does your dog weigh? This will affect how firm you will need the stairs to be, how many stairs and the distance between each step.
  • Do you want to take your dog stairs for large dogs out and about with you? Or will they be a part of the furniture and blend in with your interior design?
  • How much space do you have available in your home?

  • Easy storage: You want dog stairs that are not going to take up too much space in the home. Most stairs fold, but there are some that don’t; so, before you buy them make sure this is confirmed.
  • Surface: Grip is essential when it comes to stairs, you don’t want your dog sliding all over the place. This is especially true if you have an elderly, injured or disabled dog.
  • Safety: Once again, you don’t want any injuries, so you want to make sure that your dog stairs are as safe as possible. Check that the stairs come with front and rear stabilizers. For added precaution, there are stairs with side railings to catch your poor dog in case he ever does fall.

There are a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to dog stairs for large dogs. When making your decision, you will need to bear in mind that although all materials are strong and sturdy, some are more robust than others. There is plastic, foam, wood, and metal to choose from.

The dog stairs for large dogs you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences in terms of aesthetic appeal, quality and budget; when considering everything, the most important aspect is that your dog is kept safe and comfortable.

  • Ladders: These are not the most common type of dog stairs, but they are still an option. If your dog likes to swim in the ocean, it will help get him in and out of the boat, or up and down the seaport. Most dog ladders float which makes them easier to maneuver when in the water.
  • Ramps: Larger dogs do better on-ramps, especially those who have arthritis. The only problem with a ramp is that they are quite large, so it makes them difficult to fit into one of the rooms in a home. They are mainly used to get large dogs into vehicles.

Best Ideas

Dog stairs for large dogs 6

Dimensions are: 24 H x 18 W x 33 L Each step is approx. 8 H x 18 W x 11 D If 18 is too wide we can make them any width you want. Just

Dog stairs for large dogs

This is a marvelous option for all, who cannot part with their dogs, even while sleeping. This dog stairs are functional and compose well with the rest of wooden interior. Both you and your dog will love them.

Diy dog ramp

For every small pet out there that has troubles with jumping on a high bed, we have something special. This puppy stairs are made of few separate pieces that can be formed into a comfortable ramp, leading your pup straight up on the bed. The elements are fast and easy to set.

Big dog 2 step dog steps petiquette dogs big dog

Big Dog 2 Step Dog Steps – Petiquette Dogs - Big Dog 2 Step Pet Stairs hold up to 200 pounds! Make life easier on your pet. The Big Dog 2 Step Pet Stairs are 17" wide for large sized dogs. These pet steps are constructed from plywood and are covered wi

2 Step Pet Ramp

2 Step Pet Ramp

These wooden stairs will support any older dog from a Pomeranian to a St. Bernard up to 120 lbs. Say goodbye to the days of throwing out your back by lifting your dog into bed with these cherry finished, carpet topped elegant dog stairs. Weighing only 14 lbs., these beautiful stairs are a portable option that fits in any room.

Daria Raised Panel 4 Step Pet Stair

Daria Raised Panel 4 Step Pet Stair

These Appalachian red oak carpeted stairs are both beautiful and an essential item for people with large senior dogs. Choose from a warm, rich cherry, early American, or deep dark walnut finish to complement your bedroom set, and enjoy the dark stain-resistant carpet color. Dogs up to 300 lbs. can use these stairs for cuddling up with you in bed.

Dog stairs for large dogs 1

Take care of your pet and buy him dog stairs for large dogs and tall beds, and prevent possible injuries of paws caused by multiple jumps and jumps eg. From the bed. The stairs are made of rigid foam, in this case with a light beige upholstery.

Dog Stairs Carpeted 3 Step Pet Stair

Dog Stairs Carpeted 3 Step Pet Stair

It is a dog stairs carpeted three step pet stair that is perfect for your little pets. It helps your animals to climb into bed or sofa with ease. If you looking for perfect stairs for dogs you need to buy this one.

Petstairz big dog 2 step pet stairs today 89 99

PetStairz Big Dog 2-step Pet Stairs Today: $89.99 3.6 (15 reviews) Add ...

Dog steps for large dogs

If you are one of those who cannot split up with your doggy, these stairs for bed should come with a solution. They are ideal for elderly or disabled large dogs. Each step rise is 8.5″ high; the lower two stair treads are 13.5″ deep and the top stair tread is 15.5″ deep.

Chi Collapsible Storage 2 Step Pet Stair

Chi Collapsible Storage 2 Step Pet Stair

This set of doggie stairs requires no assembly and is fully collapsible, making it ideal for small bedrooms or studio apartments. Despite its compact, foldable design, dogs up to 150 lbs. can enjoy these stairs, as long as you have space on your bed for them. The muted grey fabric blends in with your furniture.

Pet Loader Mini 12" Platform, Aluminum

This Professional Mini 12-Inch Platform is designed of quality aluminum for proper sturdiness and durability. Perfect choice for car backseats, beds, and couches – this platform can be quickly folded, carried, and stored.

Beige dog steps big dog 3 step dog steps part

beige dog steps big dog 3 step dog steps part number availability in ...

Steps for large breed dogs

24 inch tall dog steps, either for small or big dogs 5 to 80 LB. Nice white wood finished with fluffy, brown material.

Shown in oyster suede 255 00

Shown in Oyster Suede - $255.00

Rusticrampstep3003 jpg


Details about pet studio dog ramp stairs folds flat carpeted

Details about Pet Studio DOG RAMP Stairs Folds Flat Carpeted ~3 Steps

Petco dog ramps

An aesthetic modern portable 2-step stairs for large pets. They're manufactured of durable lightweight light beige plastic. Steps are gently concave and covered with quite thick soft white carpet fabric.

Dog stairs for large dogs 1

Especially for young, small, elderly, weak or sick dogs entering the couch or jumping into the car is a real problem. Dog stairs, lightweight - white, can be a convenient solution. These are for dogs up to 150-pounds!

Dog stairs for large dogs 10

Dog Ramp Scalloped - somewhere between a ramp and stairs

Bunn Buddy Bunk Bed Sider 2 Step Pet Stair

Bunn Buddy Bunk Bed Sider 2 Step Pet Stair

This combination of bed and stairs allows owners with large dogs to sleep closeby without losing precious mattress space. The comfortable sleeping mat is machine washable, and the dark brown and tan color scheme will fit in with most bedroom sets. These stairs support dogs or cats weighing up to 60 lbs., and it’s easy to assemble.

Large Solid Side 4 Step Pet Stair

Large Solid Side 4 Step Pet Stair

Dog stairs for large dogs 16

18 Wide Large Dog Step Perfect for Large by HamptonBayPetSteps, $129.00

Dog stairs for large dogs 7

Dogs both large and small can now get access to those hard-to-reach pieces of furniture with the super-stylish and functional Pet Gear Easy Step IV. 30.5" high with removable, washable carpet tread, these wipe-clean steps are made with large, wide stair l