Dog Ramps For Tall Beds

Do you have a small dog that loves to get on your bed for some morning petting. Then check out our collection of dog ramps for tall beds, and let that pooch give you a visit. Smaller dogs often have trouble navigating stairs, especially if they have issues with hips or legs. These stylish, carpeted ramps allow your favorite fur-baby to come up and say hi, pain free.

Best Products

Dog bed ramp

Your dog or cat has problems with getting onto your high bed? Help your pet with smart dog ramp. Some dog breeds, like dachshunds or chihuahuas, may take great advantage of a tall wooden ramp that makes bed accessible for them.

Pet classics climber slope ramp cat dog puppy wood stair

Pet Classics Climber Slope Ramp Cat Dog Puppy Wood Stair Step Free Shipping
A practical addition for your beloved, tiny dog that roams in your home without a possibility to reach higher furniture such as sofas, chairs, and beds. The ramp is stable and sturdy, made of hardwood and covered with non-slip rug.

Dachshund ramp

Dog ramp dedicated for tall beds. Frame is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Handy accent for each home. Designed for medium sized dogs and cats.

Bed height dog bed

Large dog ramp constructed from oak plywood and red oak, with some storage space inside. It's designed for tall beds and it even has a security rail. Its slope is padded with textured off-white carpet.

Belinda Bedside 70" Pet Ramp

Belinda Bedside 70" Pet Ramp
Protect your pets joints and precious cuddle time with this 70inch bedside pet ramp. It’s extended length gives a gentler slope for less energetic pets, and it’s plush carpet covering provides extra traction and comfort. The neutral colors will suit most bedrooms.

Pet Ramp with 21" Tall Landing

Pet Ramp with 21" Tall Landing
Bed too high for your dog to jump up? Give your pets the royal treatment with this plush dark grey dog ramp to get up to your tall bed for extra cuddles! Made out of high density foam cushions, its design will protect your pets back and joints.

Two-Sided 14" Pet Ramp

Two-Sided 14" Pet Ramp
We know you want to give your pets the best, and the two sided pet ramp for your high couch is one of the most important ways to protect your pets when they want to jump up and down from a height. Perfect for minimal interiors.

24 inch tall dog ramp all wood and screw

24 Inch Tall Dog Ramp All Wood And Screw
The simple and very delightfully finished dog ramp is an excellent way to make it easier for little puppies to climb into higher couches or armchairs. Covered with soft upholstery is beautiful and overall design will fit in any decor.

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp
It is a perfect ramp for the dog or cat, which you can put near the bed. It is particularly useful for dogs with short paws. This dog is able to walk up and down from a high bed, so the ramp as perfect support for him.

Dog ladder for bed

This element of home equipment is very functional and attractive. It provides access to beds and other high areas that are difficult to reach for dogs. This ramp is safe for dogs and it is finished in neutral colors.

Our advice Buying Guide

For people who love dogs, their canine companions share their space – sleeping on couches, or on beds with their humans. For some dogs, this doesn’t create a problem, but for others, it can. Small dogs, very young dogs, or old dogs with growing infirmities can have difficulty getting on and off a tall bed or couch. A set of wide stairs or a padded ramp can improve quality of life for your favorite pooch.

How can you help your dog climb a tall bed?

When you want to help your dog climb a tall bed, the most common options include:

Carpeted Stair

A simple carpets stair that can reach the top of your bed can be a blessing for an aging dog or for a very young pup. Not every canine is going to be able to make the two or three-foot leap from floor to the top of your bed. Even if your beloved hound has been provided the very best dog bed available anywhere, he or she will prefer sleeping on your bed if possible. There is absolutely nothing like climbing into bed with your best friend – and a carpeted stair can make it possible, whether your friend is a Yorkie or a St. Bernard.

Folding Wedge Ramp and Matching Pad

For dogs with large hearts and tiny frames, nothing says “loved” like a padded folding ramp and matching bed protector. Little canines, such as Shih Tzu, might be small in stature but they present themselves as if they were ten feet tall and armor-plated. Even so, getting on and off a three-foot bed – a bed three times your own height – goes just a little bit better with some help. Folding ramps make it easy to pack an aid for your tiny friend when traveling, and the matching protection pad helps ward off accidents.

Portable Steps

Travel can present difficulty for dogs young and old. A portable set of steps can help your dog ascend beds or couches even when you are on the go. If you have a dog stroller, just fasten the steps to the back of it, and you are ready to help your puppy, short dog or old dog stand just as tall as the big dogs and to be just as agile as the young ones at the dog park.

What are some alternative uses of dog ramps for tall beds?

Dogs and puppies love to lounge on the couch or with you in your favorite chair – but that might not be an easy climb, either. Puppies are very much like human babies in that they are wobbly on their legs when they are little, and even when they get a little steadier, little legs are short and have a hard time getting up on a tall couch. A ramp or set of steps can make learning to get around in your living room just a little easier for canine babies. They can also be a blessing for an older dog who is beginning to be arthritic or that has hip dysplasia. Your aging friend still loves to sit with you, even if getting onto the big couch is a strain.



Designer dog stairs

If you cannot imagine a night without your dog near you, we have a solution for you. Check out this cool collection of ramps for tall beds, available in different colours and sizes.

Smart ramp r telescoping dog ramps

Smart Ramp ®, telescoping dog ramps

Bed height dog beds

This dog ramp for tall bed constitutes a good proposition for all, who miss their puppies during the night. Its spiral design features 4 steps. A posh appeal will add eclecticism to the space.

Build your own dog ramp

A stable and durable ramp for small dogs that have troubles reaching higher-situated places. The ramp is made of sturdy wood in an oak finish, and has a carpet surface for your dog to be able to climb without slipping.

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp
25'' bedside pet ramp. This device provides an easy access to you bed for pets having trouble reaching it. The angle is gentle and ideal for pets unwilling to use stairs and the landing area provides confidence to and from bed.

Pet Ramp with 21" Tall Landing

Pet Ramp with 21" Tall Landing
Tall pet ramp containing three pieces made of dense foam with beige cover. You may use them together to construct easily one big triangular ramp, or separately, as well as create new arrangements. Such versatility makes the ramp helpful at various home recesses.

Dog ramp for dachshund

This large cat ramp is something that not only your pet would love but your kids too. It is made of solid high-quality materials that provide very good durability level. It is the perfect option if you own big space to use.

Free-Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp

Free-Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp
This simple and functional ramp is a great solution for your dog. It allows him to ease access to High dielectric disposed of as a sofa, bed or car trunk. Classic and simple design makes it easy to store.

Bear's Stairs™ Mini Carpeted 8 Step Pet Stair

Bear's Stairs™ Mini Carpeted 8 Step Pet Stair
This stylish mini pet carpeted stair step 8 is the perfect item for your pet. Allows small dogs go on to higher bed, sofa or armchair. Made on a solid wood construction is rugged and covered with a nice carpet.

Pet ramps 1

Pet Ramps
Being a practical addition to any dog owners' bedrooms, this 24" tall by 48" deep and 16" wide, wooden bed ramp will allow your companion to spend the night with you. A fully safe and solid, wooden construction.

Padded 24" Pet Ramp

Padded 24" Pet Ramp
This high quality pet ramp is made of solid wood with mahogany finish, and its steps are conveniently cushioned and covered with taupe polyester. Such a ramp may be a great help for small or elderly dogs.

Bear's Stairs™ Mini Carpeted 6 Step Pet Stair

Bear's Stairs™ Mini Carpeted 6 Step Pet Stair
They are small, multi-stage stairs covered with a soft cloth. Stairs are designed to be fun for the animals. Perfect for as an input to the platform and similar attractions for animals. It are nice and pleasant to the touch.

Dog ramps for tall beds 1

24" tall x 12" wide x 44" deep Dog ramp, pet stairs. For small dogs or ...

Dog ramp for tall bed

Wedge-shaped dog ramp, 24 inch in height, appropriate for tall beds. Constructed of wood, lacquered red, with thick carpet on top - prevents slipping. The beige carpet features funny black paws print.

Thread which size of dog ramp the best

Thread: which size of dog ramp the best?

Pet steps 3

Pet Steps
Classy take on a stylish dog and cat ramp, with a height of 24 inches. The animal ramp is upholstered with a plushy and fuzzy material in a light brown colour with black highlights, giving it an elegant appearance.

Ramps for dachshunds

This dog bed ramp will be a good way to allow your best friend to spend the nights with you. A good facility especially for the aging or smaller dogs. Covered with a pale pink plush, it will smoothly merge with the surrounding decor.

Pet Ramp with 14" Tall Landing

Pet Ramp with 14" Tall Landing
Help your tiny pets take benefits from better accessibility to various home nooks with this two-pieces ramp. The pieces may be used together or separately. They are made of resilient foam with beige fabric cover. They are easy to move around.

Check out the finished stairs here diy pet stairs paint

Check out the finished stairs here: DIY Pet Stairs – Paint, Carpet ...

Dog has to have a window seat too and a

dog has to have a window seat too! and a bench to get up on the ...

Pup 4 Step 28" Pet Stairs

Pup 4 Step 28" Pet Stairs
Aesthetic lovely white plastic stairs helpful for small, old or disabled pets to climb up. It has practical anti-skid pads on each stair. It is lightweight and foldable to easy carrying, transport and storage.

Ramp our price 242 00 incline wedge ramp with top

... ramp our price $ 242 00 incline wedge ramp with top height of 24 tall

21" Tall Pet Ramp

21" Tall Pet Ramp
A ramp for pets. It ehances accessibility to hard-to-reach places. It is made of foam with removable brown fabric cover that provides a non-skid gripping surface. It is light in weight, yet sturdy and well-balanced.

Smart 70" Pet Ramp

Smart 70" Pet Ramp
70'' pet ramp. This smart device is a great choice for the owners of large pets. The ramp prevents the strain from your pet's joints and back as he tries to reach higher surfaces. The device features protective foot pads, non-slip feet and comfortable handles.

This pet ramp is custom made to fit the shape

This pet ramp is custom made to fit the shape of the side panel of ...

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Dog bed steps

Dog Bed Steps

Dachshund ramps

... Pet Ladder Stairs Dog Ramp 20" Tall Bed Steps Step Folding Portable

Designer STRamp 28" Pet Ramp

Designer STRamp 28" Pet Ramp

Premier Pet Steps Non-Slip Pad Dog Steps, 23-Inch

Durable & Practical 23-Inch Non-Slip Pad Dog Steps in Oak Finish provide impressive stability, and stylish design. Crafted from solid red oak wood, the steps can be easily cleaned – all you need is a damp cloth and good furniture polish.

Dog ramps for high beds

Always make sure that your pet can easily climb those higher surfaces and have a comfortable lie down with this amazing ramp. Now age won't ever be the disadvantage again, ensuring peace and relaxation.

20 tall dog pet ramp with 4 tall protective side

20"Tall Dog/Pet Ramp with 4"Tall Protective Side Rails. Best Dog Ramp ...

Folding Pet Ramp

Folding Pet Ramp
This practical folding ramp for animals, a great solution especially for smaller breeds. You can easily climb into the car, the higher sofas or armchairs. Made on the basis of solid wood has carpeting with polyester blend.

Pet studio dog ramp folds flat carpeted 3 step stairs

Pet Studio Dog Ramp Folds Flat Carpeted 3 Step Stairs

Pet gear extra wide free standing pet ramp

Pet Gear Extra Wide Free-Standing Pet Ramp

Dog ramp for bed

If your dog is usually sleeping with you, then you should consider a dog ramp for the bed to help you family pet to get on the bed with you. It is very useful especially if you have little or sick, old dog.

PupStep Wood 4 Step 24" Pet Stair

PupStep Wood 4 Step 24" Pet Stair
It is a PupStep wood four step pet stair that is made for helping your puppies. It is perfect for tall beds. You will be surprised how amazing this pet stair is. If you looking for something for your pets you need to but this one.

Dog ramps cottage style pet items great for by hamptonbaypetsteps

Dog Ramps Cottage Style Pet Items Great for by HamptonBayPetSteps, $99.00

Small dog ramp for bed

Designed to facilitate the everyday's life of your furry friends, this ladder animal ramp will be a cool gift both for cats' and dogs' owners. Made from solid, bright wood, it has convertible climbing steps.

14" Tall Pet Ramp

14" Tall Pet Ramp
Triangular pet ramp with removable beige cover sewn of machine washable fabric. The ramp is made of a foam characterized by high density; this feature ensures durability with simultaneous light weight.