Dog Stairs For High Bed

Have a high bed but not a tall dog? Love having your dog visit you in the morning but don't want the hassle of hoisting them up to you? Maybe it's time to take a look at our collection of dog stairs for high beds. No longer suffer the morning when your favorite pooch whimpers for attention, awaiting the loving arms of their master. They can climb up, then climb down, with no problems for either of you.

Best Products

Grommit High Density Foam 5 Step Pet Stair

Grommit High Density Foam 5 Step Pet Stair
This high-density foam 5-step pet stair will allow your pet to cuddle up at bedtime. Standing at 20”, this pet stair is ideal for beds, chairs, sofas, or couches. Its fabric-covered, slip-resistant, UV resistant, lightweight design gives practicality, while neural color choice will suit any home decor.

Chang Wood Height Adjustment 4 Step Pet Stair

Chang Wood Height Adjustment 4 Step Pet Stair
If you want a pet step that looks like a permanent fixture, this is the piece for you. This 25.5” pet staircase comes in an elegant anti-slip grey fabric and deep espresso wood finish. The side rails and supportive infrastructure can hold up to 100 lbs. and give your pet the assistance they need as they join you for snuggle time.

Easy Steps Deluxe Soft 4 Step Pet Stair

Easy Steps Deluxe Soft 4 Step Pet Stair
Cater to large dog breeds with this soft step pet stair. This 4-step unit with deep steps utilizes a unique incline, which reduces the number of steps required. Constructed from slip-resistant fabric and capable of supporting 150 lbs. this is a practical solution for your pet.

Dog steps pet steps 24 high hand built

Dog steps pet steps 24 high hand built
This handmade steps for pets are designed for cats and dogs not heavier than 15 lbs! The whole piece is made of a wooden frame with steps that are covered by a fluffy carpet. Each step is approx. 4'' high and 6'' deep.

Dog steps free shipping 24 high pet

Dog steps free shipping 24 high pet
Dog stairs dedicated to high beds. Base is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for dogs and cats. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers for functionality and neutral design.

Petstairz 5 step foam pet steps

Petstairz 5 step foam pet steps
This interesting piece of furniture is the perfect solution for your pet. Soft upholstered stairs make it easy for small dogs to get on a sofa or armchair. The whole, made in a lovely light shade, perfectly fits in with the different interiors.

18 tall dog ramp hand made custom built

18 tall dog ramp hand made custom built
Practical sturdy ramp for small, old, senile, ill or injured pets. A frame is handmade of brown-finished wood and has pets' names written in white on a side. Its upper surface is covered with carpet fabric in beige tones with inlaid black paw prints.

Our advice Buying Guide

A lot of us think that dog stairs for high beds are just luxury dog items. It's often thought that human beings are the only ones who need stairs in order to function. We have news for you: dogs also need a way to gain access to elevated locations. Although dogs are seen as athletic creatures that don't demand special treatment, their physique, like humans, wears out as time passes.

Why your pet may need dog stairs for high bed?

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from bone diseases like arthritis from all the jumping and running they do on a daily basis. Furthermore, most dogs don't get the proper nutrition they need, which is one of the main causes of joint pain. Right now, your youthful dogs may be able to jump up and down without flinching, but you shouldn't allow them to as that's exactly what breaks their body down faster.

A single ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth more than several pounds of cure. If you value your pet's life, keep on reading as we've compiled all the factors you must consider when choosing the best dog stairs for high beds.

What factors to consider when buying dog stairs for high bed?

  • Your Pet's Size. It's important for you to take note of your pet's size before getting the best dog stairs for high beds. For large dogs, it would unreasonable to provide them with small-sized dog stairs as they're meant for puppies with small steps. Your little puppy won't be able to climb massive stairs as well.
  • The Desired Height. Your bed's height or whichever it is you want your dog to access must be considered prior to deciding on a product. The height that you'll be measuring must be the distance from the floor up to your mattress. This way, your pet won't suffer from injuries, which can result from tripping as it gets on and off your bed.
  • The Stair Width. The ideal width of dog stairs for high beds will depend on a pet's weight. For pets that weigh 20 lbs or less, they need dog stairs for high beds that have a width of 10-12 inches each. Pets that are over 30 lbs need stairs that have a width of 16-18 inches each.
  • Stability. Don't ever get flimsy or weak dog stairs for high beds or else you'll just be throwing away your hard-earned money. Note the product's strength and stability. Shaky pet stairs will result in a disaster. They have to be avoided at all costs! When it comes to pet items, you need to be keen on their quality. The safety of your furry best friend must be your priority.


24 tall dog steps all wood and screw

24 tall dog steps all wood and screw
An original, hand-made item created for pet lovers. These steps provide access to upper areas for dogs. These wooden steps feature soft and stylish surfaces on each step. This functional element is also a very nice decoration.

Dog steps 15 high wooden dog stairs dog

Dog steps 15 high wooden dog stairs dog
Does your pet has difficulties with reaching higher places, such as sofas, beds, or chairs? Using this 15'' high dog stairs with two steps, your four-legged friend will now have the opportunity to hop on the bed with no effort, whatsoever. The piece is hand made of wood and carpet.

How to build a ramp for dogs

Trust me, your pet needs this tall dog bed steps. They've got six steps and soft cloth upholstery. It's a fantastic product for high beds. If you searching for a high quality pet steps, you should try this!

Steps for dogs

If your bed is too high for your dog to get on, try a dog ramp. This one is fit for traditionally stylized bedrooms as it sports elegant medium toned wood construction and anti-skid blue carpet covered steps.

Doggie steps

This item includes solid and functional steps for dogs that provide access to higher areas like sofas or beds for dogs or other small animals. These wooden steps feature a nice rich cherry stain finish.

Dog stairs for high bed 2

Your pets can't conveniently reach your bed? Look at these wooden stairs. Designed to reach high beds, with nice and soft upholstery on each step. Wooden construction makes them stable and reliable. That's a lot of problems gone!

Dog stairs

Two sections, 8 steps, 3 1/2 feet high dog ramp for medium sized pets (sections can be separated). Constructed from plywood, covered with light beige/cream plush carpet. No tools are needed for assembling.

Dog stairs for high bed 1

Stairs with 8 steps dedicated to small pets. It is covered with thick material and reinforced with solid seams. Suitable for cats and dogs. Application in all kinds of interior as needed.

Dog steps for high bed stairs

These stairs are durable and comfortable for animals. They are suitable for small dogs and they provide access to tall beds. These durable stairs are covered with soft and safe material finished in universal gray color.

Pet ramp for bed 12in wide climber slope 1

Pet Ramp for Bed - 12in Wide Climber Slope

Side dog bed

Side Dog Bed

PuppyStairs 2-Piece Ramp with Cube

This straightforward and robust animal ramp construction is the perfect solution for any home where there are small dogs. The soft upholstery ramp is universal for all types of interiors, and the pets are free to go to higher couches or armchairs.

Premier Pet Steps Tall Open Riser Steps, Carpeted Tread with a Rich Cherry Stain, 24-Inch

Modernity will allow us to help our dog to climb to the bed. These wood tall dog steps have open steps, enriched with non-slip coverings, thanks to which they are more compact and light and take up less space, guaranteeing safety. The wood has a warm hue.

Decorative wood steps for small dogs 6 step

Decorative Wood Steps for Small Dogs - 6 Step

Dog steps for high bed stairs 1

Dog Steps for high bed stairs

Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp

If your pet is having troubles reaching higher places, we have a perfect solution. The bedside ramp is made of wood, and covered with a anti-skidding material. It can be quickly folded or unfolded. And you can be sure that your four-legged friend will be able to climb on the bed, effortlessly.

Dog bed stairs

Steps are great for pets that you want to get in and out of your bed. At one time I had 12 tiny Yorkies that slept with me, and they needed steps.

Pet steps for small dogs and cats


Dog steps for high bed

Pet stairs made of mahogany wood. It is dedicated for old or sick pets, especially dogs. It is available in two sizes: the classic model is intended for small- to medium-sized pets, large size is recommended for medium and big size pets.

Dog or cat get to the high places with our

dog or cat get to the high places with our high carpeted pet steps ...

Dog steps for high beds

Minimalistic and simple approach to a set of handy pet stairs for smaller dogs, helping them reach a high bed. The three-step structure is made entirely out of foam, which makes it plushy, comfy and easy to clean.

Dog ladder

24 High Dog Stairs for Tall Beds. All Wood by HamptonBayPetSteps, $149.00

Dog steps and pet stairs carpeted wood dog steps 2

Dog Steps and Pet Stairs - Carpeted wood dog steps

Pet stairs for bed

This small, decorative and functional element provides access to high beds for small dogs. This pet ramp features a very soft fill that is safe and comfortable for animals. Black finish of this ramp looks very nice in any interior design.

Pet steps for dogs

This doggie steps for smaller pets are a very good idea, if you want for your pet to be able to reach higher spots. Each step is covered with a non-slipping surface, while the whole structure is created of strong material.

Crown pet designer pet steps

Crown Pet Designer Pet Steps

Non Skid 4 Step Pet Stair

Non Skid 4 Step Pet Stair

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High bed

This dog stairs for high beds will allow your beloved companion to spend the night with you. Especially when they are ageing and tired, arthritic or smaller. Constructed of high-density foam and professionally upholstered in lush micro velvet.

Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs, 4-step/for cats and dogs up to 150-pounds

This Durable Dog Steps is consisted of a carpet tread and rubber grippers. The carpet thread can be easily removed for a convenient cleaning, while grippers ensure that the whole structure is firm and properly secured.

Igloo dog beds 1

A great bed for your dog and a table for you. It's an elegant wicker piece in the shape of an igloo that will be a nice decoration of your living room. It features a wooden top and a comfy den for your dog. It's in a nice, dark brown color.

Pet stairs for small dogs

18"Tall Dog/Pet Stairs, Dog Steps! Pick any color to match your decor! Hand made, custom built in the USA.

Dog stairs for beds

Dog Steps For small dogs. Use pet stairs so pets do not have to jump off sofas or high beds.

Bed stairs

Dog Steps FREE SHIPPING 24 High Designer Dog by HamptonBayPetSteps

Pet steps for small dogs

$149.94-$189.98 These Mahogany Finished Carpeted Pet Steps are just the thing to give small, older, or arthritic pets a boost! The 3-step piece allows your pet to have easier access to higher places - like couches and beds - and each of the steps is carpe

Dog pet steps dog stairs 15 high pick any color

Dog/Pet Steps, Dog Stairs 15" High. Pick any color to match your decor. Help ease & prevent arthritis!

Igloo dog beds

This igloo style dog bed is a lovely project, which shall enchant both pets and their owners. It has a stylish, dandy checker in various tones of blue and red. It can serve as a shelter and comfortable leisure option for your pets.

Dog bed with stairs

For our 21 year old Kitty Caesar

Premier Pet Steps Tall Open Riser Steps, Carpeted Tread with Stained Early American, 24-Inch

Igloo pet bed 1

This igloo bed can constitute a great new bed for your dog. Covered with quilted polyester/cotton mix and filled with downy polyfill, will cocoon your doggy all night long. It comes with a drawstring bag - perfect for travelling.

Igloo cat bed

The igloo reminds us of Eskimoses, yeah? Well, not this time. Check this igloo shape pet bed and end table for you in one. COnstructed from rattan elements, whith the sleeping space inside made from cool and soft mattress.

Dog igloo bed

A cool contemporary kennel and bed in one for indoor use. It's intended for small dogs. It has the form of a funny monster having an open maw with 2 fangs, horns and big eyes on a head. It's thick-padded and covered in durable colourful fabric.

Pet igloo bed

A wonderful igloo bed for your pet. It's made of lightweight and flexible foam that will provide your dog with comfort and intimacy. It's equipped in a removable cushion, which you can easily wash. It comes in pretty colors.