Bed Step Stools

If you need assistance getting in and out of bed safely, a bed step stool is the perfect solution. So many people now choose high beds, because of the extra storage space they offer, but they aren’t always easy to get in and out of. A bed step stool for young children, elderly people, or those with limited mobility is an important tool to retain independence.

However, a bed step stool should be carefully considered, after all it is a new piece of furniture for your home, and just because it’s practical, it shouldn't mean you have to say goodbye to style. Adding a bed step stool can add a touch of glamour and style to your bedroom, as well as helping to ensure your night times are safe and comfortable.

Classic Wooden Bed Step Stool

Classic Wooden Bed Step Stool

Add some Victorian glamour to your bedroom with this stylish step stool. Available in dark cherry and white, it looks great on display and can be easily hidden away in a cupboard or drawer. The distressed finish and hidden compartment under the top step make this the perfect statement choice. It’s not all aesthetics with this stunning bed step stool, though. The stool has been designed with angled-back edges to maintain balance and reduce the risk of slipping.

$47.61 $49

Stylish Retro Step Stool

Stylish Retro Step Stool

If you are looking for a pragmatic piece of furniture to help you get in and out of bed – look no further. The classic chrome frame and lightweight design makes it practical as well as stylish. A step stool for bed doesn’t come much more practical than this and can easily be tucked away in storage. Choose from red, blue and yellow trimmings to add a splash of color to your bedroom.

Bamboo Wooden Bed Step Stool

Bamboo Wooden Bed Step Stool

Crafted from bamboo and wood and reinforced with stainless steel, this stool will add a modern, Oriental style touch to any bedroom. Designed for children, it can be used to allow children to safely reach higher surfaces or cupboards. However, this stool has a load capacity of 150 lbs so would also be suitable for many adults. Made with a slip-resistant material, this bed step stool is ideal for those looking for a safe and functional step for their home.

White Artisan Step Stool

White Artisan Step Stool

This beautifully crafted step stool proves that a little artistic design can go a long way. Crafted from cherry veneers and painted a luminous white, this stool is as stylish as it is practical. It can be easily tucked away or take pride of place by your bed or any other area of your home when you need a little bit of a lift.

Lightweight Steel Bed Step Stool

Lightweight Steel Bed Step Stool

Lightweight and easy to carry, this is a practical and robust bed step stool for those that want to reduce the risk of accidents. This bed step stool can be collapsed easily if necessary, so you can tuck it away in a cupboard when not in use. The step features a slip-resistant surface for peace of mind. The simple black and silver aesthetic will add an industrial feeling to your space. Is also a great choice for anyone who is short on space or has limited space to access the bed.

Green Bed Step for High Beds

Green Bed Step for High Beds

A bed step doesn’t have to be simply functional – it can also be a feature. This bright, luminous green aluminium bed step dares you to ignore it! Children and those who love bold color schemes will find this the perfect addition to their bedrooms. Lightweight and sturdy, it can be easily folded for storage when needed. The design also features non-slip feet, which will prevent the stool moving when stepped on.

White Antique Style Bed Step Stool

White Antique Style Bed Step Stool

Give your night times a historical feel with this distressed-finish, beautiful wooden bed step. Evocative of a historical period drama, this bed step tool will take pride of place in your bedroom. Quality wood and elegant engravings combine to make this an extremely desirable piece of furniture. This gorgeous step would suit an antique bed or four poster bed in a similar dark finish.

$132.99 $199

Colorful Plastic Bedside Stool

Colorful Plastic Bedside Stool

Sometimes simple and practical is best. It doesn’t get much more practical than this sturdy platform that will have you safely hopping in and out of bed in no time. No frills here, just a smart and sturdy plastic stool with a reliable non-slip surface. Available in a range of fun colors, this stool is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple solution to getting in and out of bed. This bed stepping stool is safe for both adults and kids, but the bright range of colors make it the perfect choice for a kids room.

Simple White Step Stool for High Beds

Simple White Step Stool for High Beds

If you have a raised or high bed, this step stool will give you the added height you need. Manufactured in sturdy aluminium and painted classic powder coated white. The simple design is sure to be in keeping with even the most minimal of homes. Easy to fold and hide away, as well as being lightweight – this is the ideal choice for a no-fuss step stool.

$128.09 $166

Wooden Wide Step Stool

Wooden Wide Step Stool

For higher beds or bunks this stylish three-step stool is a great option. Featuring riveted steps for extra safety and to reduce accidents from slips, this stool is useful for many things, from getting in and out of bed, to changing a lightbulb, making it a truly practical choice. The quality varnish finish will ensure this step stool lasts as long as you need it.

Our advice Buying Guide

Bed step stools are very handy not just in the bedroom, but also for various office and home maintenance tasks. These days, you have plenty of bed step stool options, and choosing the right stool for your needs can be tricky. To help you with that, this article is going to be a bed step stool buying guide.

What's the average weight capacity of bed step stools?

Generally, a light-duty step stool can hold a weight of up to 200 lbs. A medium-duty and heavy-duty step stool can hold up to 250 lbs. Since bed step stools are mostly used to help people get in and out of bed, the most critical factor to consider when choosing one is the product's weight capacity. The last thing you want is an accident because the step stool you bought can't take your weight.

Another essential point to consider is the weight of the stool. Don't make the mistake of just focusing on the weight of the user as stools can get very heavy.

What are the pros and cons of different materials used for step stools?

Bed step stools come in different materials like plastic, metal, and fiberglass. Each material has its pros and cons.

  • Plastic bed step stools are lightweight and cheap. They are your best bet if your budget is a bit tight and you just need something that’s lightweight and portable. On the downside, plastic step stools can't carry much weight.
  • Metal bed step stools are very durable. They can easily hold more weight. On the downside, metal stools are more expensive.
  • Fiberglass bed step stools are lightweight and tougher than the plastic versions. However, they are not as robust as metal step stools.

How high should a step stool be?

Generally, bed step stools come with one, two or three steps.

  • A one-step stool is good if you just need something that gives you a quick boost.
  • A two-step alternative is useful if you have a bed that's raised or high.
  • A three-step is best used by those who have problems raising their knees too high.

One of the reasons why people use a bed step stool is because of the extra height boost. Hence, the height of the step stool should be considered carefully.

What are the pros and cons of folded vs molded bed step stools?

Where you will store your bed step stool will play a huge role when it comes to choosing the right product. You generally have the option of opting for a folding or molded step.

  • A folding step stool is capable of collapsing, which makes it easier to store. If your storage room doesn't have too much space, then a folding step stool can be a good option. On the downside, a folding step is usually pricier when compared to a molded step stool.
  • A molded step stool doesn’t fold or collapse. Hence, storage can be an issue. On the upside, it's more affordable. If you have enough space in your bedroom or you won't be storing it, then a molded bed step stool can work.

When it comes to choosing the best bed step stool, you need to know the most important factors. Keeping in mind the factors we mentioned above is always a good start.


Amias 2-Step Wood Step Stool with 375 lb. Load Capacity

Amias 2-Step Wood Step Stool with 375 lb. Load Capacity
This rustic half-log step stool gives any home cottage country vibes and is perfect for adding a little bit of height to your kitchen. Exceptionally sturdy and capable of supporting up to 375 lbs., this product is made locally in the USA from natural wood.

Samons 2 Step Wood Step Stool with 225 lb. Load Capacity

Samons 2 Step Wood Step Stool with 225 lb. Load Capacity
This lightweight stool that can hold 225 lbs., is easy to transport from room to room, and is made of mango wood, which is known for its sustainability and aesthetic appeal. Intricate metal designs on the steps are hand inlaid by Indian artisans in glimmering black and gold colors.

Halifax 2-Step wood Bed Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity

Halifax 2-Step wood Bed Step Stool with 200 lb. Load Capacity
It is a two-step wood bed step stool that has got a white finish and fits to any style and décor. It is a perfect addition to your bedroom. You will be impressed how solid this step stool is.

American Drew - Cherry Grove Bed Steps - 791-481

These cherry grove bed steps are perfect to your bedroom. It is great for you, your kids, pets and other. You will be impressed how nicely finished, solid and high quality this product is.

Wide step stool

Classic step stool with a durable wooden frame and decorative carvings. Solid mahogany construction is hand finished, so it looks awesome. These steps provide access to upper areas and they are suitable for children and adult users.

Bedside Foot Stool Maple Stain 6" Tall (Made in the USA)

This foot stool features wide top with rounded corners, yet it is not very tall - if you like to place your feet on a stool that is no more than 6 inches high, then this one is just perfect! Natural maple stain finish is as beautiful as genuine wood can be.

Rockingham Step Stool - Two Step Bed Step - Accent Furniture

This two-step stool is the perfect solution for any room that requires such additional items. Stool allows it to use it on two levels. Of course, much depends on how much is needed. Stool is very elegant, dark color.

Bed step stools

The combination of solid construction with durable material and an attractive design in these bed stools are perfect solutions for any interior design. Impressive finish allows you to match the whole to the décor, which gets interesting detail.

Home housewares furniture two step stool with hand rail

Home > Housewares > Furniture > Two-Step Stool with Hand Rail

Bedside Platform Foot Stool 7" Tall Maple Stain (Made in the USA)

This bedside platform foot stool measures 7 inches tall and is made of hardwood maple stain. It features four coats of gloss clear lacquer and heavy duty structure. You can choose one of two color options: maple and walnut.

Bedside steps

Simple element which can be used on two ways - it will be perfect footstool or step for your bed or child. It has metal legs and top covered with bright cloth. This minimalistic gadget is must-have in every home!

Kincaid furniture 60 102 carriage house bed step stool cherry

Kincaid Furniture 60-102 Carriage House Bed Step Stool, Cherry

Stratford Hills Inlaid Step Stool - Two Step Bed Step - Accent Furniture

This practical and beautiful piece can be quite useful around your house, office, and library. Characterized by selected solid wood construction, the step stool is durable, easy to clean, and covered in an olive ash burl finish.

Solid wood ethan allen bed steps

Solid Wood Ethan Allen Bed Steps

Heavy duty step stool oval solid wood kitchen bed foot

... Heavy Duty Step Stool, OVAL Solid Wood, Kitchen Bed Foot, Mahogany

Hadnt found anything i thought would look good and work

hadn’t found anything I thought would look good and work until now ...

Step stool for bed

This is a very useful and decorative piece of equipment used especially in bedrooms. This step stool provides access to high beds without problems. It is safe in use, because it is made of very solid materials.

How to build a dog ramp over stairs

This wooden 3-step stool will be a functional addition to any interior. Its versatility creates various possibilities of usage. It can be a library step, a bed step stool or a dog staircase for those, who like to spend the nights with their puppies.

Bed step stool for elderly

Antique approach to a sophisticated bed step, made out of dark-brown oak wood with a high polish and varnished finish. The bed step has a handy drawer with an elegant golden handle, which provides additional storage.

Bed step stool 1

bed step stool

Masterpiece 18 in. Step Stool

This durable step stool is crafted from select hardwood solids and cherry veneers, in a distressed finish. The piece offers two sturdy steps, perfect to use around the house while changing curtains or trying to reach higher mounted shelves.

Step Stool Oak

This two-step stool is very practical and very useful solution. It is made of wood in a very nice color. At the same time it is very attractive and interesting. It has a special, decorated handles that facilitate the handling and transport.

Powell "Woodbury Mahogany" Bed Step with Storage

Exquisite mahogany finished bed step that flips open to reveal deep storage compartment. The piece features turned decorative carved acanthus corner posts, swirled mahogany veneered surfaces and scalloped front apron.

Step stools step stool with hand rail patterson office

Step Stools – Step Stool with Hand Rail – Patterson Office