Loft Bed Steps

Getting into a loft bed with a ladder can be tricky, and in the dark, even dangerous. Remove the danger with a set of loft bed steps. In solid models or with drawers built in for easy additional storage, these sturdy wood steps will make getting into and out of bed a snap, even in the dark. Take a look at all the available models, and match the right one with your loft bed wood tone.

Best Products

Plant Racks 4 Step Stool Ladder for Adults & Kids | Wooden Folding Stepladder Wood | Small Foot Stools Indoor | Portable Shoe Bench/Flower Rack

Plant Racks 4 Step Stool Ladder for Adults & Kids | Wooden Folding Stepladder Wood | Small Foot Stools Indoor | Portable Shoe Bench/Flower Rack
This chic step ladder is the perfect addition to any bedroom that is short on space. This 4-step ladder has a strong, weight-bearing capacity up to 330 lbs. And a collapsible frame that can be stored under the bed or used as display shelving when not in use.

Furniture of America Metal Bunk Bed Side Ladder Bookshelf, Silver and Black Finish, Full (IDF-L1041)

Furniture of America Metal Bunk Bed Side Ladder Bookshelf, Silver and Black Finish, Full (IDF-L1041)
Not only does the step design allow you to climb into bed safely, but it doubles as valuable storage space and shelving. Crafted from solid metal and reaching 71” high, the open shelves allow you to display your favorite books, photos, or objects in the open metal framework, transforming steps into a decorative piece.

Stromberg Carlson LA-460B 60” Black Bunk Ladder with Hook Retainer and Extrusions

Stromberg Carlson LA-460B 60” Black Bunk Ladder with Hook Retainer and Extrusions
Keep your bedroom uncluttered and minimal with this simple 60” black step ladder. This is an unobtrusive piece designed for functionality. Get where you need to go with this 4-step ladder. Simply attach it to the loft bed with the hook retainer and extrusions and climb up the padded rubber steps.

Top Line (BL200-04) 66" Hook 1" Opening Bunk Ladder

Top Line (BL200-04) 66" Hook 1" Opening Bunk Ladder
This high-strength support ladder is simple and practical, and ideal for bedroom or RV loft beds. Hook this 66” ladder over your loft bed with the 1” wide hook, and you’ll have a supremely strong aluminum alloy construction to safely hold up to 300 lbs. Each step is padded to provide an anti-slip, comfortable feel.

Junior Twin Loft Bed with Storage Steps

Junior Twin Loft Bed with Storage Steps
Bunk bed with 2 storage steps for children room. Made of metal with slat system and weight capacity of 200 pounds is strong, stable and guarantees your child's safety. Specious drawers in the steps can hide favourite toys and books.

Berg Furniture Sierra Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Desk And Storage

Berg Furniture Sierra Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Desk And Storage
This amazing bed with desk in modern as well as contemporary style gives a whole range of use. There is also a large drawer underneath. Its metal hardware makes it long lasting and its perfect solution for tiny spaces.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
A simple twin over full bunk bed that allows you to add some style and stability to the bedroom, making it an excellent addition to your kids' or guest room. The mattresses are supported by slats and you don't need to get a box spring.

Our advice Buying Guide

How wide should loft bed steps be?

Loft bed steps should be around 18 inches wide. This is highly recommended in order to help you maintain your balance and go up and down them comfortably, reducing your chances of tripping or falling. Keep in mind that loft bed steps should also be around 10 inches apart for kids and 12 for adults.

What loft bed steps are best?

The best loft bed steps for your home depend on your decor style and your loft bed’s finish. There are plenty of styles available, and some suit traditional decor better, while other loft steps are incredibly modern.

For a rustic farmhouse or Victorian-style home, consider selecting a set of loft bed steps with a wooden structure stained in a brown finish to match your bed frame. This look is sturdy and polished, tying in well to an elegant, stately bedroom.

In contemporary homes with modern furniture or an art deco aesthetic, you can opt for more unique step solutions that closely resemble ladders. Often these pieces are metal or feature small wooden steps with metal framing.

What material is best for loft bed steps?

The best materials for loft bed steps depend on who will be using the bed. Metal loft bed steps are ideal for adults as they are a bit trickier to climb up compared to wooden loft bed steps.

Metal loft bed steps also provide a modern look that is appreciated by teenagers and adults alike. They also come in powder-coated finishes to complement your existing interior decor style.

On the other hand, when purchasing loft bed steps for children, wood is the best option. This is because they have wider ladders and broader steps for kids to safely climb up and down. Wood is also not as slippery as metal and tends to give the home a cozier and more rustic feel.


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Loft bed stairs plans

This is a loft bed stair with a structure made of wood and coated brown. There are five steps and each step is a retractable rectangular drawer which makes it a very efficient way to use space. The drawers have round knobs.

Loft bed steps 1

This is a bed step with a simple and nice design. It’s made of wood and has black and drown color mix. The stand has a right-angled triangular shape which provides a stable base that can support weight. The steps are also wooden and durable and firmly attached to the stand.

Woodworking loft bed steps plans pdf free download

Woodworking loft bed steps plans PDF Free Download

Loft bed steps 1

Cool functional loft bed steps with size-varied door cabinets and open niches inbuilt underneath. They're made of wooden materials. Steps have a natural finish while doors (with loop pulls of durable brownnish fabric) are finished in vivid colours.

Not a square inch of storage is lost in michael

Incredible loft bed steps designed for highly raised beds. Constructed from wood and featuring a slightly sealed natural wood grain finish, the steps also come with ample storage thanks to the seven drawers on each step. They are also compatible with any traditional loft bed out there.

Loft bunk bed with stairs

Compact and space-efficient setup for a dining room with a loft bed above the dining area. The loft bed is placed on tall, wooden legs with a set of stairs that double as a handy bookshelf, providing additional storage.

Loft bed steps

A smart idea for a loft bed, which is actually a miniature of an apartment. The upper part features a bed while the bottom is a bookshelf and a small dining table, which you just slide out when you need them.

Twin/Full Storage Step Bunk Bed with 2 Drawers

Enjoy the space-saving features and rich wood tones of this twin bed over full bed bunk set. The upper bunk is approached using storage steps that double as cubbies. The bottom step houses a drawer, as does the bottom bunk.

Loft bed steps

Well-built loft bed steps that will deliver immense storage into your bedroom. The steps come in a sturdy wooden design and dozens of open shelves for all your stuff. They are also perfect for standard loft beds thanks to their relatively taller height.

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Woodland Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle and Staircase

Woodland Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle and Staircase

Loft bed steps 4

Loft bed for space saving in each home. Construction is made of wood. Base is fitted with drawers for storing beddings and others needed stuff. Great solution for teenager's room.

Bunk bed with stairs plans 5

This classic piece of furniture is the best solution, if you have two children or you live in cramped studio flat. It is bunk bed with steps. They have built-in drawers which can be used to storage bedding or clothes.

Loft bed steps

Beautifully Designed Tiny Homes and Apartments » Curbly | big cushy chair, lofted bed w/ actual steps

Loft bed steps 10

Woman builds herself a gorgeous, tiny, healthy, "chemical free" house : TreeHugger

Loft bed steps 20

How to Build a Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed: From from

Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed, White

This very practical, king size twin bed provide an extra storage space thanks to large drawers build into stairways. Its durable construction is made of solid pine wood in soft white finish and metal hardwood.

Loft bed set 1

Loft bed set saves space and leaves lots of decor freedom. Adding some colourful - like yellow, as pictured - curtains lasts for a surprising transformation. Here the bottom bed was removed, and a small black couch was set in instead.

Bedz King Twin Over Full Stairway Bunk Bed with 2 Under Bed Drawers, White

Loft bed steps 12

This loft with steps constitutes a great solution for all tiny spaces. This small bedroom can be greatly arranged when a lot of space is saved by entresol. All covered in snowy white creates a cool and clean, attractive proposition for all contemporary interiors.

Loft bed steps 14

Perfect for reading, naps, cuddles. What could be better?

Loft bed steps 29

Small Homes by Ross Chapin Architects

Loft bed steps 1

Une cabane dans les arbres au Colorado | | PLANETE DECO a homes worldPLANETE DECO a homes world

Loft bed set 2

This product is a dream of every kid and teenager! The functional TweenNick The Retreat Canopy Bed features full size, drawers, hutch and magnetic dry-erase side panels.

Loft bed steps 3

This original loft bed enchants for both reasons: firstly, because of the smart use of space, secondly, because of its modern style, greatly fitting into contemporary design.

Loft bed steps 9


Loft bed steps 8

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Loft bed steps 11

If you want to take your favourite pet camping with you, don’t make it sleep at night in the open while it rains! Take a look at this beautiful pet tent, with a plenty of space for a pillow to make your pet comfortable.

Loft bed steps 5

A delightful idea of decoring a high ceiling apartment: the floor level is for daytime activity, the loft bed is for relaxing. However, these block ladder steps look like they were not easy to climb on!

Loft bed steps 2

Project of bunk bed with appropriable space at the bottom. It is colorful. At the bottom, there is desk, chair and computer. This type of bed will be perfect to cramped childlish bedroom or studio flat.

Loft bed steps 1

Nature Inspired Beach HouseStudioAflo | Interior Design Ideas | StudioAflo | Interior Design Ideas

Loft bed steps

Benefits of bunk beds with stairs

Loft bed steps 13

2026-architecture-design-muuuz-web-magazine-blog-decoration-interieur-art-maison-architecte-atelier-37-2-tree-hut-installation-domestique-4.jpg (565×812)

Loft bed set

A pretty practical twin loft bed with lots of space underneath. It's DIY-crafted of wooden materials finished in white. It has a rectilinear frame, simple horizontal rails and is equipped with an upright ladder and open front shelves on a side.

I demand to know just what is happening here and

I demand to know just what is happening here. And why I don't get to sleep there tonight :(

Bedz King Tall Twin over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed, Honey

Two twin beds with a staircase and four drawers built into those stairs made of a solid Brazilian pine that provides high quality, durability and stabilization. In order to assemble, it is required to do it with included tools.

Loft bed steps 23

This is one method of building a loft bed by anchoring two of the sides to walls. This reduces the complexity of the project, and makes for a bed that will support a lot of weight. The measurements provided are for building a bed that fits

Loft bed steps 19

I don't have kids, but I'm STILL love this! I kind of want this bed for myself. Haha!

Loft bunk beds with stairs ideas

Loft bunk beds with stairs ideas

DHP Junior Loft with Slide

If you want to give your child's room a cozy character, this sensational loft with slide is an excellent idea. Lovingly made can have fun and be a place of many creative playground. Beautiful colors add joy.

Kids bunk beds with steps

Every girl was playing in a lively dollhouse. Laundry, cleaning - on miniature stuff. Such a corner is located under the built-up kids bunk bed - which is presented in pastel pink and white, made of economical wood panels. Stairs are comfortable and stable.

Step2 Girl's Loft and Storage Twin Bed

Lovely piece of furniture, this Loft & Storage Twin Bed is just splendid for the room of your little princess. The bed offers 28 cubic feet of storage space, a standard twin mattress, and a climbing ladder in the center for easy access.