Full Size Bunk Bed With Desk

Sleep on top, and work below, these full size bunk beds with desk are great for kids who want to sleep high and study low. If your kids room has limited space but you really want them to have a desk to do their studies, then look no further than this collection of full size bunk beds with desk. Sturdy, attractive and versatile, they have everything your little scholar needs.

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Full loft bed with desk top id 3095438

Full loft bed with desk top id 3095438
An aesthetic traditional loft bed of natural-finished wood. It has square posts, simple side rails, a slanted ladder. Its headboard and footboard with flat tops are upright slatted. There's a rectangular desk, a 6-drawer chest and a shelf under.

Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk

Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk
When living space is somewhat limited, this loft bed including desk on bottom will perfectly meet your needs. Heavy duty metal frame ensures robustness, while the solid black finish accentuates the modern looks of this functional piece.

Full size bunk bed with desk 1

A comfy addition for larger bedrooms that lack a full size bunk bed with built-in desk. This one is characterized by espresso-natural-finished wood construction, including a fixed staircase with compartments, a lower bed with storage underneath, a properly secured top bunk, 1 serving tray and 1 open shelf.

Adult loft bed with desk

Bunk bed with desk for kid's room, teenager's room and others interiors as needed. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with ladder and railings for added safety. Ideal solution for space saving.

Full size bunk bed with desk 3

Furnish the teenage bedroom with this full size bunk bed, which has the work station underneath ( the simple desk) and armchair. It's a modern piece of furniture, with a high quality construction.

Full size bunk bed with desk 2

The beautiful design of this stylish bunk bed with desk is a perfect combination of attractive style, color, and solid artistry. A lovely ladder, beautiful trim and a shelf for bedding make up a functional whole.

Bunk bed with desk plans

Big, capacious bunk bed with a desk. Calm, light colour makes it perfect for modern and minimalistic houses. Some of the cabinets have been painted yellow, to add a cheerful accent. Ergonomy doesn’t mean something can’t be pretty!

Our advice Buying Guide

A full-size bunk bed with a desk can make space for two or three children sharing a room, or it can create additional space in a small room for one child. This is especially true if the full=size bed is a loft bed, and the twin bed is underneath. The overhang provides room for a desk or a small closet, generally creating both more floor space and more storage.

What to consider when buying a full size bunk bed with desk for one kid?

When the full-size bed is on the upper deck, and there is no bed below, one of the first considerations is stability. The second is safety – a good rail around the top prevents nightmare-driven tumbles out of bed. The third is access: how will the youngster go up or down? A small room with a high ceiling is best for this arrangement, or a small child who will not require a full five-foot clearance either below or above for comfort. Another thing to think about is the location of the room light. Climbing a ladder to a bunk bed, getting settled, and then realizing that the light switch is out of reach is annoying at the very least. But a stable, well organized full loft bed can really increase your child’s play area.

How to arrange a bunk bed with desk for two children?

A loft bed that is at right-angle to the lower bed creates an easy opportunity for a desk. If there is room, it is a good idea to create a side-by-side or back to back desk for two. That cuts down on bickering over what is in or on the desk, and who gets to use it. An alternative arrangement might be to have the ladder up the side of one desk, and to put another desk across the foot of the bottom bunk. This doesn’t leave room for a dresser or closet, but it does create space for studying, artwork or even a place to put a laptop.

Is there a bunk bed with desk for three children?

If you are wedging three children into one bedroom, a full-size bunk with a trundle might be the answer to sleeping arrangements. A desk/storage area at the back of the lower bunk, side-by-side desks on one end with a storage stair at the other provides both access to the upper bunk and storage. It can be a tight fit, especially for pre-teens and teenagers, but if you are trying to fit a large family into a small apartment, careful organization might override any difficulty.

What style of bunk bed should you choose?

The best people to ask about colors, construction and themes are the people who will be occupying the bunks. Fashions in youth room furnishings change with the movie season and social trends. Your child or children might be going with the flow, or they might be setting a new trend all their own. As a general rule, use light colors for walls especially if you are in a rental. Coordinated spreads are nice, but if you have two or three different personalities in one room, you might need to let each youngster select his or her own. If possible, add a small bulletin board for each child for posting personal memorabilia, etc.


Bunk bed with desk for adults

Bunk bed fitted with stairs and railings for added safety. Construction is made of wood. It has desk, open shelves and a lot of drawers for storing clothes and other necessities. Great solution for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Ikea loft beds full size

Space-saving bedroom set. Loft bed with built-in armoire, dresser, computer desk (with keyboard tray) and hideaway twin size trundle at the bottom. Made of good-looking solid brazilian pine and sturdy plywood.

Twin over full bunk bed ikea

An ideal proposition for a contemporary studio. A smooth, simplistic design, providing impressive solidness and style. This white bunk bed features a twin size one towering over a cool, glazed, L-shaped desk and a chaise lounge.

Canwood Skyway Loft Bed with Desk and Storage Tower, Twin, Espresso

This type of product is a solid, multi-functional piece of furniture. It is a bed with a desk and storage tower. The whole construction is made of pine wood. The product includes 5 spacious storage drawers and a ladder.

Bunk bed desk combo

A great idea for a teenager's room that allows you to save some space. This full size bunk bed is integrated with a desk and includes several open shelves with the top ones decorated with a stylish arch. The bed has protective railings and a fixed ladder.

Twin over full bunk bed with desk and stairs check

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Desk and Stairs CHECK PRICE

Bunk beds with desks

Full size loft bed with stairs, for girl room. In white, with black steps lining and pink accents. Bed on top, wide desk w/ drawers on bottom. Provides some storage space and large working space below the bed.

Point to an image below to see a larger version

Point to an image below to see a larger version.

Adult bunk beds ikea

A space-saving and functional addition for kids' rooms. The full size bunk bed is integrated with a desk, offering all-metal construction, a properly secured top bunk, 2 built-in ladders, and a desk with a keyboard tray.

Lea getaway full size loft bed set

Lea Getaway Full Size Loft Bed Set

Bunk bed combinations

Featuring a desk and bookcase underneath, this bunk bed constitutes a great addition to any kids' bedrooms. Finished in white and green with single black accents, it will be a cool, contemporary working station.

Ikea full size loft bed

A full size bunk bed for children and teenagers, with an integrated desk and dresser. It's crafted of white-finished wood, with a fixed ladder, and a properly secured top bunk with railings, a headboard and a footboard.

Twin bunk beds ikea

For everyone looking for that extra bit of floor space this bunk bed with a desk and work area underneath will prove immensely useful and a truly functional option, letting you have complete freedom in your dorm or room.

Berg kids headquarters loft bed with study area click to

Berg Kid's Headquarters Loft Bed with Study Area - Click to Enlarge

Student loft bed with desk

Kids Bunk Beds With Desk | Bunk Beds Place

Enterprise twin over full bunk bed with desk right click

Enterprise Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Desk Right - Click to Enlarge

Small overview of kids loft bed with desk

Small Overview of Kids Loft Bed with Desk .

Unique full size beds

Designed to bring functionality and resolve the problem with the lack of sleeping places, this triple bed is a clever, l-shaped construction, featuring two upper beds towering over a twin bed and perpendicularly juxtaposed wardrobe.

Bed and desk combo for adults

Contemporary Style Full Loft Bed with Work Station Silver & Gun Metal would work great in our apartment's den. Dual functioning for a small room

Loft beds with desk for adults

Abode Full Loft Bed with Desk and Bookshelves Sleeker Full Size bed with desk

Ikea twin over full bunk bed

Ameriwood Adobe Full Size Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves in Silver | Wayfair

Kids loft bed with desk underneath

loft bunk bed desk

Desk bed combo for adults

Abby Full Loft Bed with Tent Option

Wow your bedroom with unique bunk beds ikea full size

Wow Your Bedroom with Unique Bunk Beds : Ikea Full Size Loft Bed With Desk

Full size bunk beds ikea

Bunk bed with full size bed, desk

Ikea desk bed combo

You want to choose what is the best for your child. That is clear.Full-size bunk bed with desk may be one of these good choices made in your life. It is constructed of natural walnut wood, safe for health. Stable ladder, storage spaces, and even classic desk.

Adult loft bed ikea

Full Size Loft Bed with Bookshelf and Desk | eBay

Coaster Bunk Bed and Workstation in Warm Brown Finish

Who would want to waste the precious floor space, when you can have this workstation with a top twin loft bed in your kid's room. It comes in a beautiful warm oak finish, perfect for your interior design.

Desk bed combo ikea

Custom made, this metal bunk bed construction catches the attention with the unique juxtaposition of the two beds. The lower full-size one stands in an unusual angle to the twin one above. It derives from the irregular shape of the room.

Ikea full size bunk bed

full size bunk beds - Bing Images

Walker Edison Black Metal Twin Loft Bed with Workstation

You can easily save space in children's rooms, by obtaining this twin loft bed, made of durable, powder-coated metal. The bed comes with railings that secure the top bunk, 1 built-in desk with a pull-out keyboard tray, and 2 built-in ladders.

Full size loft bed ikea

Spice Full Loft Bed with Desk by Night

Loft beds with trundle

How to Build a Loft Bed with Desk Underneath with white curtain

Depoe Bay Twin over Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Desk and Bookshelves

Depoe Bay Twin over Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Desk and Bookshelves

Charleston Storage Loft Bed with Desk, White

White storage loft bed ( 78.8'' x 50.2'' x 50") with desk. Practical and spacious furniture. The bed 3 large storage drawers, open shelves, concealable desk that rolls out from the side and robust two-step ladder. Sleep area encompassed by heavy-duty steel safety rails.

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Kenwood full size loft in distressed white

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