Doll House Bunk Beds

Your girls will love having these doll house bunk beds in their life. Such a lovely concept in a lovely house, you will be the best parents ever, and they will sleep like little princesses every night. For your young ladies, how about a bunk bed set that speaks to where their mind is at right now, namely playing with dolls. See collection for more.

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Childrens doll house bed set girls bunkbed full queen

Childrens doll house bed set girls bunkbed full queen
Bunk beds in the form of doll house. This construction is suitable for girls' rooms. Multi-color beds are available in the lower and upper part of this original construction. It also includes storage shelves for toys and other items.

Stewart House Twin Over Twin Loft Bed

Stewart House Twin Over Twin Loft Bed
This type of construction includes two beds (one over another). Upper area is accessible thanks to the ladder. This set also includes storage drawers and shelves. The whole construction is made of durable wood.

Discovery World Furniture Dollhouse Staircase Loft Bed

Discovery World Furniture Dollhouse Staircase Loft Bed
Charming, cosy loft bed for girls. It's of wood painted in pink tones. An upper twin bed has a dollhouse-like side panel. A staircase includes 4 drawers with slot pulls. A large lower bed has a side with a window and a flower-patterned headboard.

Doll house bunk bed

Who would have expected that a bunk bed can be this much fun? This doll house bunk bed will be a place where your children can both play and sleep, making their room have more space and providing hours of fun.

Doll house bunk beds 1

This beautiful bunk bed will delight you with its wonderful, detailed design. Being a faithful reflection of a small house, it is a great option for young girls. Wooden construction ensures stability and solidness for years.

House bunkbed

scivolo o scale? #kids #room

Technology know how childrens rooms for fans to play

Technology know-how - Children's rooms for fans to play

Our advice Buying Guide

How to choose the right size for a dollhouse bunk bed?

Unlike regular bunk beds, dollhouse bunk beds typically feature a handful of add-ons, like roofs, drawers, doors, and windows. To make sure the dollhouse bunk bed you’ve got your eye on is in the right size, you’ll need to measure your children’s bedroom. Then, you can begin browsing different designs based on the width and height of their room.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to leave a minimum of 24 inches between the top of the dollhouse and the ceiling to prevent any dangerous accidents. Also, make sure you leave space around the dollhouse bunk bed for your daughters to roam around and play.

What is the best type of wood for dollhouse bunk beds?

Hardwoods don’t dent or crack as easily as softwoods, can withstand the wear and tear that children cause, and are heavier, placing them high on the durability spectrum. What’s more, these woods provide better stability, even when jumped on. So, if you’re on the lookout for a dollhouse bunk bed frame that can last for a long time, go for hardwood such as oak, cherry, ash, or maple.

Softwoods like pine and spruce are relatively inexpensive, making them a suitable option for those on a budget. Plus, they have a warm, rustic appeal when left in their natural colors. The major downside of a softwood dollhouse bunk bed is that it’s not as long-lasting and resilient as a hardwood construction.

Particle wood frames are also on the cheaper side of wood types. But with that comes a less durable construction, usually found on lower-end bunk bed models.


House bunk bed 1

Loft Bed Plans | Quite possibly the coolest kid bed ever. Also – Little Betty is ...

Impressive interior design tumblr 2

Impressive Interior Design Tumblr

Purple awesome kids room beach house

Purple...awesome kids room beach house

Fairy tale bed photo

Fairy Tale Bed - Photo

Doll house bunk beds 2

Doll House Bunk Beds

House bunk beds

A charming cosy bunk bed made of wooden materials in white and red and is modelled on a doll house. It has a.o. red corner posts, window and door frames, a fence. It's equipped with a slanted ladder, louvred shutters, a narrow shed roof in browns.

Doll house bunk beds 3

Play dolls house : In certain parts of Holland and Scandinavia you have these children's outdoor sleep"houses" (babyhuisje / Lutje Potje) , for sleeping outside. This would be perfect for the older children!!!

Princess house bed

Princess House Bed

Doll house bunk beds 1

My girls don't mind sharing a room with these bunk beds!

Twin doll bunk beds

Tradewins Doll House bunk bed....OMG!

House themed loft bed

House Themed Loft Bed

Doll house bunk beds 2

Perfect bed for your little girl. Lovely cute bed in shape of doll house with space on the top for playing, will be the best place for your daughter in your home. It has also some shelves which will help keeping order.

Twin over full bunk bed with slide

Dollhouse Bunk Bed Shown With Optional Slide and Staircase - Base ...

Barbie doll bunk bed

Thea Caldwell - Creating a better place every day: Doll House bed - Handmade by Thea Caldwell on the base of IKEA Mydal bunk bed

Doll house bunk beds 14

Build a Camp Style Bunk Beds for American Girl or 18 Dolls

House bed for girl

Doll House Bunk Bed...if they ever share a room

Girl room for toddlers it seems like wooden house having

Girl room for toddlers,it seems like wooden house having shelves for keeping beautiful dolls,things and toys etc.the wall with plain painting that having awesome look...

Bunk beds house

mommo design: IKEA HACKS. bottom bunk reading area

Doll house bunk bed 4

doll house bunk bed

Tradewins doll house loft bunk bed

could also make this into a beach shack bunk or a tree house bunk using darker wood.

Tradewinds dollhouse bed instructions

The Doll House Bunk Bed

Beach bedroom ideas for girls

beach bedroom ideas for girls

Getting samantha this loft bunk in white with no bottom

Getting Samantha this loft bunk in white with no bottom bed. I'll put her kitchen and fridge on the bottom. So fun!

Bunk bed with house

the PLAN is to make this for amy ... *gulp*

Amazing bunk beds bedroom hardware slidingdoor

Amazing Bunk Beds! [ ] #bedroom #hardware #slidingdoor

Doll house bunk beds 15

Vintage Doll House Miniature Furniture Lot of 9 Pieces Bunk Bed Dresser Drawers

Doll house bunk beds 6

@Tristan Hines, omg this is so adorable if you ever have a chance to do a twins shoot.

Bunk bed house

Your baby girl loves purple and pink color? So this is her doll house, which is also a bunk bed. So she can feel like a little Barbbie. Purple castle, made of wooden panels, painted in pastel colors has shelf and a underneath space for chiling on the bean bag.

Doll house bunk beds 19

18 inch Doll Bunk Bed Plans & Instructions by TobaccoRoadGuitars, $5.00

Doll house bunk beds 22

Historical Triple Bunk Bed for the American Girl by BedsandThreads, $275.00

Girls house bed

Doll Bunk Bed - perfect for Monster High Dolls, Barbies & Bratz dolls

Tradewinds doll house wood loft bunk bed ah a steal

Tradewinds Doll House Wood Loft Bunk Bed - ah, a steal at only *cough* $1,569

Tradewins doll house bed

I WANT THIS! at first, i thought it was a play house, but then i read the description, and it said it was a bunk bed! XD

Doll house bunk bed 2

Doll house bunk bed

Doll house bunk beds 7

Doll House Loft Bed with Storage - for Lydia

Cave bunks if i had unlimited spaces and money id

"Cave" bunks! If I had unlimited spaces and money I'd so do this - and make sure all the ugly dolls are in there, too! So fun.

Canopy doll bed plans and tutorial

Canopy doll bed plans and tutorial

Doll house loft bedroom set this is what i have

Doll House Loft Bedroom Set....this is what I have picked out for my girls

Doll house bunk beds 17

I want the blue and green one!!! Grimms Bauhaus/Mobile Home | Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks

Doll house bunk beds 18

VINTAGE Metal Framed Dolls House Bunk Beds,Prams,Garden Swing others good lot | eBay

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Doll house bunk beds 23

Build a Doll Bunk Beds for American Girl Doll and 18" Doll

Furniture of america dollhouse twin over twin bunk bed

Furniture of America Dollhouse Twin over Twin Bunk Bed ...