Princess Castle Bed With Slide

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Let your little princess, feel like a real princess, in these fun and functional girls princess bunk beds. WIth stairs and slides, and built into a castle like Princess Aurora's home, your little ones will love playing princess games and having tea parties in their room, set in the shadow of their very own princess castle. See collection for all the styles available.

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Updated 15/03/2023
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Best for an all-in-one solution
Colorful Canopy Princess Bunk Bed with Slide

Colorful Canopy Princess Bunk Bed with Slide

Zoomie Kids

What we like: Built-in storage

Not great for: Larger older children

This princess bunk bed with a slide has a twin loft bunk bed with a decorative tent and side panel in bright colors for a fun, whimsical royal twist. Built-in steps double as storage drawers with rails for safety.

$709.99 $1195

Designer Advice:

While slides can make a fun way to dismount a princess bunk bed, it’s important to know the weight limits of the slide. Built-in stairs make for a safer climb than a ladder and can be excellent for space saving and a double purpose. Storing things inside the slide-out stairs is a great way to save space in small rooms. 

What Users Say:

Absolutely perfect for our kids and makes their bedroom an indoor play space.

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Best gender neutral
Rustic Princess Castle Bed with Slide

Rustic Princess Castle Bed with Slide

Harper Orchard

What we like: Natural look goes with any decor

Not great for: Short ceilings

This princess bunk bed with slide has a rustic paneled house with a built-in slide and ladder to access the top twin bunk. A full-size mattress rests on the floor as the bottom bunk, surrounded by walls.

$779.99 $979.99

Designer Advice:

Princess bunk beds can come in many styles and finishes. A bed in a neutral wood finish is a great choice for princesses that aren’t into the girly and frilly look. And while a slide makes for a fun way to get off the top bunk, it’s also crucial that there is a ladder to get up and down.

What Users Say:

Super cute and functional bed for kiddos! They love it!

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Low Profile Princess Castle Bed With Slide

Low Profile Princess Castle Bed With Slide

Zoomie Kids

What We Like: Low height for extra safety

What We Don’t Like: Requires assembly

Not So Good For: Taller kids

Perfect For: Toddlers and preschoolers

Furnish your child’s bedroom in a fun, creative way with plenty of space to play and sleep with this princess castle loft bed. This dreamy piece features a built-in ladder, slide, and colorful pink and purple tent-style wrappings. The loft area beneath the top bunk is ideal for playing or storing toys and books. Since everything comes included, you won’t need a box spring or extra tools for assembly.

Once installed, your little one can have hours of fun in their personal play area while being secure with guardrails around the edges of the bed. Add plush floor cushions to the under-bed area and string up the twinkle lights to create an enchanting space for your little princess to play.  

$1439.99 $2599.99

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Classic Princess Loft Bed With Slide

Classic Princess Loft Bed With Slide

Zoomie Kids

What We Like: Sturdy hardwood construction

What We Don’t Like: Handrail only on one side of the ladder

Not So Good For: Younger children

Perfect For: Elementary school-aged children

Creating the perfect bedroom for your little one just got easier with this classic princess loft bed, complete with a slide. Constructed with solid Aspen wood frame material, this bed looks great and can support up to 800 lbs., making it suitable for sleepovers.

The detachable guardrails provide added security, while the slat kit gives extra back support. Assembling the frame takes two people, but once you finish setting it up, your child will have her own custom-built space. Add princess-themed bedding, wall decor, a cozy rug, and a kid-sized vanity to complete the royal vibes.  

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Modern Princess Bed With Slide

Modern Princess Bed With Slide

Zoomie Kids

What We Like: High-quality material

What We Don’t Like: Canopy covers the ladder

Not So Good For: Bedrooms with low ceilings

Perfect For: Younger kids

Give your child the bedroom of her dreams with this modern castle bed with a slide. This fantastic furniture has everything you need to ensure your child sleeps soundly and safely. The bed includes a slide, guardrail, slat kit, built-in ladder, tower, and a canopy and tent available in various colors and patterns. No box spring is required as this bed has slats for extra support.

The guardrail height is 15”, perfect for providing enough security without preventing your child from getting out of bed independently if they have to get up during the night. To complete the look, add a matching desk, bookcase, and dresser.  

$599.99 $895

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Princess Castle Bed With Slide

Buying Guide

Most people who buy bunk beds do so because of space constraints. A bunk bed can accommodate two or three kids depending on its design on the space of one single bed. But over the years the reasons for buying these beds have changed. Kids do love their bunk beds and modern princess designs are adding a new twist. It’s no longer an issue of space anymore. Parents also want to offer their kids a princess experience with high-quality creative bunk bed designs.

You can be sure 100% that a princess bunk bed will cost way higher compared to your average bunk bed. After all, the design needs to resemble a palace or something close to that. The great thing is that you can find cheaper designs. Although they will not deliver the princess magic of the more expensive high-end brands, they will make your daughter or daughters feel like a princess.

Other than the overall cost of the girl's princess bunk bed, there are also other important basic considerations to keep in mind.

  • Size - You need to look at all the room you have for the bunk bed. If it’s small, you must either find another bigger room or buy a smaller bed.
  • Overall Design - Bunk beds are different. While some come with a magical castle at the top, others are simple. What does your daughter love? If she loves the elegant styles, go for it. But this will cost you more money.
  • Safety - Safety is also vital. There are consumer safety specifications out there that guide how bunk beds are designed. Even for princess bed designs, these guides need to be followed. It’s not just about the class and beauty. You want your little ones to sleep in a safe place too.
  • Set Up and Assembly - It’s very likely that once the girls princess bunk bed is purchased from the store you will have to assemble it on your own. Many furniture companies provide very specific instructions on how this should be done. These instructions need to be simple and clear.

The first thing is to do your research and online shopping offers you the best option. Create a shortlist of all the beds you come across online. List them in order based on the cost. Write down all the things you like about each bed and the things you don’t. Narrow down the list to two or three beds. Once you’re there, let your daughter choose what she wants. Doing your research effectively before you buy helps you achieve two things. First, you are able to see the kind of diversity available in the market. Secondly, you will end up buying something in line with your budget.

Girls princess bunk beds are supposed to be beautiful and classy. They are a delight for any young girl and the simple guide above should help you find top quality designs in the market.

Best Ideas

Princess bunk bed

Phenomenal bunk bed in the form of princess castle. Construction is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Includes a lot of open shelves for storing books, display decorations and more.

Diy castle bed

Bunk bed for children. It castle pattern was created especially for girls. It features attractive colors and provides good comfort thanks to its soft cushion with button tufting. This bed also includes two towers with storage shelves.

Diy castle bunk bed

A wonderful, bunk bank destinied for a real princess only! The bed is in form of a castle and it's both entertaining and practical. The kids will love the slide and the parents will love the bookshelves which are found in the towers.

Girls bunk bed plans

A decorative pink castle for your little princess to sleep inside like royalty. It features a twin loft bed design for girls, solid comfortable construction, slide, and ladder for the upper bed, and plenty of extra storage for a small bedroom.

Twin Loft Castle Tower Playhouse Bed With Slide And Ladder Contemporary Kids Beds

Twin Loft Castle Tower Playhouse Bed With Slide And Ladder Contemporary Kids Beds

A charming cosy loft bed for girls. Its frame of wooden materials is white with a vertically slatted pattern. It features a canopy and walls modelled on a princess's castle of pink and white fabric. It's equipped with a slide and an upright ladder.

Awesome 23


Build a princess bed

Aww, I want to do a boy version of this! Just need a bunk bed or a loft bed, and build the walls around the bottom level!

Leeds castle bunk bed with slide

Leeds castle bunk bed with slide

Have you ever read the story about Rapunzel, the little princess imprisoned in the tower? Such a beautiful tower is prepared for your little princess. She won't be imprisoned, but I'm sure she will spend the hours in her private castle with slide.

Home cinderella princess carriage bunk bed

Home Cinderella Princess Carriage Bunk Bed

How to create the girls princess room of her dreams

How to Create the Girls Princess Room of Her Dreams with a Castle Bed

Girl's Castle Tent Loft Bed w/ Slide & Under Bed Storage, Girl's Castle Tent Loft bed is fit for a Princess. It features a slide, a tent over a twin bed, and a covered hiding place below. Finish is White powder coat with pink and green microfiber fabric.

Girls princess bunk beds

Tented bunkbed w/trundle drawers

Fairy princess bed

Check out all the great items in our Princess Theme.

Muldoon Twin Loft Bed with Tent

Muldoon Twin Loft Bed with Tent

This lovely loft bed features a tent and will be a place of entertainment for your little one. It has a metal frame which has been finished in white and the curtains has been made with a pink material.

How to make doll bunk beds

Anatolian Castle Bunk Bed

Princess bunk bed with slide

A durable and attractive set of bunk beds for children' rooms, which will work, especially, for little girls. The frame is made of tubular white-finished metal, offering a built-in ladder, and a protective railing on top.

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