Rustic Bunk Beds


Bunk beds are always good if you have limited space and multiple children. But if you're out in the country the last thing you want is a modern style bunk bed. instead rustic bunk beds are the way to go. They have the style and durability you would expect from rustic furniture, and we have plenty of them to choose from in this extensive collection of rustic bunk beds.

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Juniper hills rustic bedroom sacramento

Juniper hills rustic bedroom sacramento

The incredible bunk bed stylized like a little room upstairs in the horse barn. There is a special ladder to go on the upper floor. On each head of bed is placed a electric lamp stylized like it is a kerosene one.

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Homestead Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Built-In Ladder

Homestead Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Built-In Ladder

A magnificent twin bunk bed with a built-in ladder which is regularly and smoothly shaped. Skilled craftsmen patiently make each bed to ensure it will last a lifetime. It doesn't include a trundle option or any storage drawers.

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Bryce Canyon Mid Loft Bed

Bryce Canyon Mid Loft Bed

A beautiful mid loft bed which is crafted from high-quality materials with a brown finish that perfectly complements the interior. Each product is made of the highest quality hardwoods, solids, and veneers for the most durable and exquisite furniture lines around.

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Rustic bunk beds

rustic built-in bunk beds

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Rustic bunk bed

Make sure even the guest bedroom stays stylish and fashionable with this rustic choice of bunk beds that go along smoothly with the natural look of the rest of the setting and make for a pair of durable pieces for your household.

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Rustic bunk beds 4

There's a lot going on in this comfortable sitting room. Sleek wooden blocks serve as ottomans and side tables, and the back wall was developed with inviting bunk beds. It's astonishing how the interior merges rustic and contemporary theme.

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Rustic bunk beds 14

Camarata das Salinas

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Rustic bunk beds 1

Bunk beds and a reading nook! How cool is that???? Pretty darn cool!

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Rustic bunk beds 21

Bunk Room Ideas. Queen on bottom twin on top beds built into loft barn space.

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Rustic bunk beds 7

Most. Amazing. Bunk Beds. Ever.

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Rustic Bunk Beds

Buying Guide

Several types of wood are used to make a rustic bunk bed, and the kind depends on personal preferences and safety. Ensuring all occupants are safe, no matter what antics they get up to, is paramount, and kiln-dried hardwood is the best wood for rustic bunk beds.

Oak, maple, cedar, or cherry are all durable wood choices for your rustic bunk beds.

Choosing kiln-dried wood is another way to enhance the durability of your rustic bunk beds. This type of wood is dried in a kiln to decrease the amount of moisture in it. This process helps harden the wood so that it won’t crack or splinter under a lot of stress, like lots of kids piling into the top bunk.

When styling your rustic bunk beds, feel free to lean into warm, deep forest colors such as deep brown, maroon, and evergreen. The sheets should be either white, cream, or one of these dark colors; the quilts should be in these dark colors and could even feature bear or tree silhouettes for some cabin-chic flair.

We’d go even further with this theme by purchasing a plush stuffed animal for each bed that fits the forest vibe, such as a moose or a bear. Finally, we’d place a small retractable light on the side of the bed, clipped on to the frame just above each head to allow for easy, targeted reading lighting.

Best Ideas

Rustic bunk beds 10

Rustic basement with built-in beds.

Rustic bunk beds 12

Secrets of Segreto - Segreto Secrets Blog - Bunk Beds: Space Saving Sleeping Solutions for the Young and the Young at Heart

Rustic bunk beds 2

Amazing! Love the bunk beds in the wall - what a great idea for "future" grandkids (or a family room for everyone to stay in)

Rustic bunkbeds

Top picture: My dream house would have a wide staircase off the front of that porch leading down to a lower terraced area. Yes.

Rustic bunk beds 17

Rustic Bedroom - Lohss Construction

Bed timber frame item number br04054 twin over twin ladder

... bed timber frame item number br04054 twin over twin ladder in

Rustic lodge style bedroom and sitting area with bare wood

Rustic lodge style bedroom and sitting area with bare wood and bunk beds

Rustic bunk beds 6

Rustic Ski Lodge - Home Bunch - An Interior Design & Luxury Homes Blog

Rustic wood bunk beds 7

Bunk bed in rustic style. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. It has ladder and railings for added safety. Base is fitted with wide drawer for storing beddings and others needed stuff.

Rustic bunk beds 7

Rustic Bunks Any kid would love this super fun room. Watch for splinters when climbing to the top bunks! Spotted on The Essence of The Good Life

Black wood bunk bed

A simple rustic style bunk bed of wooden materials in dark grey. It has a back canted top as it's intended to use on attics. It has wide corner posts, a full base, a vertically slatted side rail. It's equipped with a ladder, a side table, a bench.

Rustic bunk beds 22

Méchant Design: a dreamy guesthouse✔

Rustic bunk beds 8

Miller Architects, PC is a licensed architecture firm in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming...Love this rustic, western decor, setting/bedroom...

Rustic Style Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Unfinished