Princess Bunk Beds For Girls


You have girls, and they want to be like princesses, so why not put in bunk beds befitting royalty. Princess bunk beds for girls are elegant, safe, and a smart use of space if your girls share a room, of if you have just one little princess that likes to invite her friends for slumber parties. In this collection, we offer plenty of options for all your princess bunk bed desires.

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Our Picks

Princess bunk beds

Dreamlike bunk bed with castle theme. Construction is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Includes open shelves for storing books or display decorations. Positive accent for the girl's room.

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Girls bunk bed plans

A decorative pink castle for your little princess to sleep inside like royalty. It features a twin loft bed design for girls, solid comfortable construction, slide, and ladder for the upper bed, and plenty of extra storage for a small bedroom.

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Princess beds for toddlers

Lovely bunk bed for your little princesses. In castle shape will make your daughters feel as a princesses every day! It has also little drawers, where the girls can storage their toys, that will teach them keeping order.

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Castle bunk bed

The phenomenal and beautifully made princes bunk bed for girls is a magical place to relax and have fun. The whole made with attention to the smallest details enchants with color and functionality.

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Princess bunk beds for girls

The delightful bunk bed for the bookie makes every little girl feel special in her bedroom. Incredible detail finishes, robust construction, and decoration fairy allow you to create a unique climate in the interior.

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I want my kids to have beds like this

I want my kids to have beds like this.

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Girls princess bed

This princess style double bed constitutes an exquisite arrangement that will enchant the heart of every young girl as well as many adult women. Beautifully crafted with incredible attention to details will introduce you to the world of fairy tales and dreams.

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Cool beds for girls

Slide bed for girls! A Beautiful solution for your daughter's room. This is a place to have fun, sleep and have even more fun all in one. With such slide bed, your daughter will never tell you that she doesn't want to go to bed!

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Another view of the castle bunk bed

Another view of the castle bunk bed.

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Princess bunk beds for girls 2

Original and unique bunk bed for girls. It includes attractive pattern with plenty of colors. Upper area looks like a house with a window, protective elements and roof. This upper area is accessible thanks to stairs with a rail.

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Princess Bunk Beds For Girls

Buying Guide

Giving your girl's bedroom a makeover can be very exciting, and a great opportunity for you to bond with your daughter. The initial conversations that you have will shape the plans and décor for the bedroom, and there are plenty of things to consider and chat about. The most important feature is often the bed, and with so many varieties available, it can be tricky knowing which is best. Bunk beds are a great solution to many problems, not least of all storage, and here are some of the main things you should consider and chat about with your child.

Bunk beds are a solution to many storage problems, so if your daughter has a small bedroom and you are constantly trying to find extra space to put things, this could be the answer. Princess beds often come with drawers and shelves for your child to store their favorite princess items and other things. With a bed they love, you can also expect your daughter to be more willing to tidy up and keep things organized, and it's a great opportunity to help teach the importance of this too.

You can buy children's bunk beds which are considerably smaller in size than regular beds, but this leaves little room for your daughter to grow into it. You can buy a small bed and then upgrade when she needs a larger one, but this comes with added cost and is not always effective at all. Consider buying an adult-sized princess bed that your daughter will be able to use for a much longer time. If she is very young or you are concerned that she will fall out of the bed, you can buy a bed guard which will ensure that any unfortunate accidents throughout the night don't end in total disaster.

Many bunk beds will come flat packed, however, if you can't find the perfect princess bunk bed for your girl, you can buy the individual pieces and build a customized bed exactly how you like. Buying wooden planks means that you can paint the bed in any colors you want, providing a great opportunity to bond with your child and teach them creativity and new skills. You'll find various options when looking at princess beds. Some are flat packed so you can build them yourself while following instructions. Others will arrive and somebody will build the bed for you, or you can opt to have it delivered as one piece, providing it can fit in your home and through the doors.

Consider whether you want any added extras when you buy the bed. This could include space for a television or computer underneath the bed, or a slide to make things more fun for your daughter. Some bunk beds are enclosed with windows and a small door, so look around at various styles with your daughter in order to find the perfect style.

Best Ideas

Princess bunk bed

Now you can change the decor in your little princess' room into a gorgeous royal chamber. This bunk bed set emanates with girly accents, offering very elegant wood construction, with beautiful arches, and a properly secured top bunk.

Bunk bed forts

Children always need regular and sufficiently long sleep. That is why it is so important to choose the right bed - for example in the form of a tent bunk white bed with a canopy in the form of a tent. This is how a white oasis of a small girl is created.

Girl princess bed

For my little future daughter, Darcy Styles ;) I think my future husband Harry would approve

Girly bunk beds

The bedroom usually offers simple, freestanding beds. But for true princesses sharing a room - you can choose to build in the niche single girl bunk wooden beds - with a canopy. They slide mysteriously from the inside of the wall.

Polton Castle Bunk Bed - Size: Twin

House beds for girls


Great princess theme bed for a little girls room

Great princess theme bed for a little girl's room

Dollhouse bunk beds

A delightful dollhouse in beautiful pastels is a perfect solution for every girl's room. Lovely shelves, a place to sleep and a place to relax underneath create a magnificent whole that will delight.

Play house loft bed for my 4 year old

Play house loft bed for my 4 year old

Trece fotos y 3 videos para decorar el dormitorio de

Trece fotos y 3 videos para decorar el dormitorio de tu princesa como ...

Anatolian castle bunk bed

Anatolian Castle Bunk Bed

Low to ground twin bed

Bunk bed for small indoors. This space saving design provides two comfortable beds. The upper one includes protective rails and an access ladder. The whole bed is made of wood and finished in dark brown color.

Bunkbeds for girls

Girly Yet Sassy Nothing says sassy like bright hues of pink and green. The bottom part of this pink bunk bed works as a reading space and a place for overnight guests to sleep. Designer Jennifer Ellen Frank

Princess bunk bed fun girls bunk bed eur575 on

Princess Bunk Bed: Fun Girls Bunk Bed | €575 on