L Shaped Bunk Beds For Kids

Furnishing a kids' room is always a challenge. Especially if the room is not spacious and you need to save space and plan all the activities. An L-shaped bunk bed for kids appears to be a great idea which uses the space available in a smarter way. Check the collection which follows below.

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Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds
White bunk beds characterized by L shape fitting for room corners. Two built-in side ladders make the upper bed accessible from each side. There are three bottom drawers to store bedding. For kids room.

L shape bunk beds

Cool space-saving L-shaped twin bunk beds for 3 persons. They're of wooden materials with a pretty natural finish. Beds have across slatted headboards, footboards and side rails. A bunk bed accommodates a 6-drawer chest, a lower bed - 1 drawer.

L shaped bunk beds for kids 1

Made from natural, bright wood, this DIY L-shaped loft bed will work out well in kids' bedrooms. L-shaped design allows arranging functionally the space under the beds, placing there a coach, a working station, wardrobes for clothes and others.

L shaped bunk beds for kids

Natural wood construction makes this L-shaped corner bunk beds set very sturdy, perfect for children's rooms. It comes with top bunks secured with protective railings, and 1 fixed ladder for easy access.

L shaped bunk beds for kids

With those nifty bunk beds you can spice up children's rooms and, at the same time, save some space. They're made of white finished wood, boasting of midcentury design, beautifully accentuating bright interiors.

L shaped bunk beds for kids

The charming combination of modern design and functionality in this L-shaped bunk bed is a perfect solution for children's room. Beautiful details, space for storage and convenience of use make a great deal.

L shaped bunk beds sleeps 4

L shaped bunk bed mounted on wooden frame. It has a lot of drawers for storing clothes and other needed items. Great solution for saving space in the kid's room, teenager's room and more.

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Living in a small apartment comes with its own set of challenges. At the forefront of these is having to make do with a wee-sized bedroom when you have two (or more) rambunctious kids.

What are the benefits of L-shaped bunk beds for kids?

Small bedrooms leave little scope for conventional bedding options. That sums up why L-shaped bunk beds are wildly popular. These can be installed in a corner of the room. A space that typically lies unused or cluttered with furniture that you can do without.

Yet, an L-shaped bunk is much more than a mere space saver. Because it’s also possible to accessorize it to one’s liking without sacrificing on additional space.

Shopping for L-shaped bunks can be tricky though. You don’t want to end up with a $2000 investment that your kids outgrow in a few years. Here are some of the key variables that you must consider.

What types of L-shaped bunk beds are there?

L-shaped bunk beds for kids are available in two distinct styles.

There’s the conventional styled bunk in which two beds overlap each other on one side of the wall. It can be twin over twin or queen over twin depending on the configuration that you seek. The other side of the wall will be open for additional features like a study desk or a playhouse.

The second design is more like a loft bed, in which both the beds are on the upper bunk and butt up forming an L. The beds can have individual staircases or ladders and leave the entire portion below, open for use. Some manufacturers also offer a triple bunk bed for kids that can be shaped like an I or a T.

How to measure for an L-shaped bunk bed?

No matter how small the bunk bed might appear to be in pictures, measure the available space in the room. Even better, use painter’s tape and mark the entire area.

Ladders and staircases often protrude into the room increasing the footprint of the bed. So do additional accessories and features.

Ensure that there’s enough clearance to allow an adult to move freely to make the bed.

What are some desirable features of L-shaped bunk beds?

  • Some L-shaped bunks feature two independent beds that can be separated once your children are old enough to sleep in their own beds. These beds have an independent lower bunk that’s not a part of the support system for the upper one.
  • You can also look for a lower bunk with casters that allow it to be rolled to another room if need be.
  • Depending on your child’s age and needs, the area under the bed can be used for a study desk or for a slide or a playhouse.
  • If you love to host a party, then you can use the lower area for a trundle bed for guests.

How to make sure an L-shaped bunk bed is safe for kids?

When it comes to bunk beds, there’s nothing more important than the safety and stability of the entire structure.

One way to check this is to give it the old ‘rumble’ test. Just grab the frame and shake it. Does it wobble? If yes, then an excited child jumping on the top bunk (oh yes, they will jump) will weaken the structure a lot sooner than you expect it to.

Check for safety rails on the top bunk. The rails must be at least 6 inches above the top of the mattress.

Another factor that’s often overlooked is the space between the two bunks. Ideally, you want enough space in between the upper and lower bunk to allow an adult to sit without hunching over. Not all bunk beds are so spacious though.

A staircase might consume more space. But it’s always safer than a ladder because it will give your child a firm footing as they ascend the upper bunk. If a staircase isn’t possible then look for an angled ladder at least rather than a flush one.


L bunk beds

Cool practical contemporary L-shaped twin beds crafted of wooden materials with a nice light brown finish. Beds have low headboards and are equipped with 3 large sliding drawers each with small round knobs.

L shaped bunk beds for kids 1

With its practical L-shaped design, this mid-high storage bunk bed combines smoothly a place to sleep with a considerable storage space, creating an ideal proposition for a children's bedroom.

L shaped bunk beds for kids

Offer a modern variation to the old-style traditional bunk with the piece that comes with the full depth wardrobe and drawers to give your child more storage space and the original, sophisticated design.

L shaped kids beds

l shaped bunk beds for kid

Shaped loft beds 9 remarkable l shaped beds for kids

Shaped Loft Beds: 9 Remarkable L Shaped Beds For Kids Idea Digital ...

Bunk beds for kids with steps

Like in a sea kayak - so you will feel inside this youthful, well-designed bedroom. 3 kids bunk beds with steps- no longer have a traditional grounding but they are hung on solid ropes -imitting the beds on a pirate ship.

Loft graduate series extra long junior crew twin l shaped

Loft Graduate Series Extra Long Junior Crew Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed ...

Shaped beds

L Shaped Bunk Beds for the Twin’s Room: Rustic L Shaped Bunk Beds With Grey Wall White Curtain ~ Bedroom Designs Inspiration

Kids bunk beds with steps 6

If you’re looking for a great addition to your modern, contemporary living room or study room, this lamp is just amazing! A great combination of industrial elements and mid-century look make this one really unique!

L shaped bunk beds ikea

This is an amazing idea of creating some extra floor space to play for your kid's room. Your boys would really love this L-shape bed design. This arrangement would not only make additional space but creates a nice mood.

L bunk bed

Treehouse is not everything! Cottage for children at home, right next to the bed - it's a surprise! Bunk bed for real princes and princesses.

Made of wooden boards.Bright colors, perfect for small interiors.

Kids furniture alpine iii twin l shaped loft bed

Kids Furniture - Alpine III Twin L-Shaped Loft Bed

L shaped bunk beds plans

This "l" shaped bunk bed for kids, with a storage function, is expressed by original, simple forms and a unique style of finish. Each element of the collection perfectly fits with others, allowing the children's room to be made in a very individual way.

Kids bunk beds with steps 3

More than two kids? These bunk beds will be a perfect option for you. They provide a place to sleep for four children and they are safe due to safety railings and ladders with wide steps. They also feature bookshelves and bottom drawers for linen.

50 quality and modern bunk beds for children twin over

50 Quality and Modern Bunk Beds for Children - Twin Over Full L-shaped Wood Loft Bunk Bed with Storage Stairs

Kids bunk beds with steps 7

Loft bed designed for mounting on the wall. Construction is made of wood and fitted with metal railings for added safety. Modern design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Shaped bunk bed for kids_2

Shaped Bunk Bed for Kids_2

Kids corner bunk beds

An aesthetic contemporary bunk bed for boy kids. It's of white-finished wooden materials and features rectilinear shapes but 2 intricate openwork carvings in corners between a ceiling and walls. It matches great e.g. blue and white striped bedding.

Bunk beds l shaped

For the little house? Might be a good way to free up space...A cute bunk room for 4 - L-shaped. This would actually fit in the room...question is would anyone sleep if they're all so close together?!

Cheap l shaped bunk beds

There are many advantages to having an "l" shaped bunk bed for kids - but the most important thing is fun and space saving. Two beds in one this time have a frame made of strong oak and the shape of "L" combining a desk and a stable ladder made of wood.

L shaped bunk beds for kids

This low, take-down bed will be play its role perfectly if you live in studio flat, because it doesn't stake a lot of area. It is made of walnut wood and has steps with built-in drawers intended to storage bedding.

Wooden triple lindy bunk bed plans and designs for children

Wooden triple lindy bunk bed plans and designs for children

L shaped bunk beds for kids

A small, L-shaped bunk bed suitable for kids. Upper area includes a comfortable bed based on a solid wooden frame in white color. This construction also includes steps and the lower part provides additional area for a desk, sofa, etc.

Admirable wall bed couch using white l shaped couch and

Admirable Wall Bed Couch Using White L Shaped Couch And White Cushion ...

Kidspace milo mid sleeper

Simply the coolest idea ever! It reminds me of growing up at grandma's house! Cool idea for small spaces - when siblings live together in the same room. This kids bunk beds look awesome. Four places to sleep in one place!

Perpendicular bunk beds

To conserve vertical space in kids room, take advantage of readily-bought set of bunk beds. Constructed from standard lumber, the setting comprises two standard beds, with a loft bed and a matching twin underneath.

Small l shaped bedroom

Joined beds are always saving space and cost. They don't ave to be bunk. Ideal for girls especially - combined L beds are really cute. Under each bed there is a free space that can be managed individually. Beautiful white wood, will appeal to every girl.

L shaped bed 2

L shaped double bed for two, with storage drawers underneath. Finished white, it offers neutral looks fitting most color layouts. Perfect for space-challenged kids room. Love the by-the-window arrangement pictured here.

These beds look really nice im going to order one

These beds look really nice. I'm going to order one for a friend who is in need.

Great looking furniture for young girls and boys

Great Looking Furniture for Young Girls And Boys

L shaped bunk beds with storage

Fantastically made fashionable and modern, unbroken from a traditional formation bunk bed in the shape of "L" with two individual beds, with drawers. Strong wooden stairs in a natural shade of brown were added to the white.

L shaped bed design

Practical cool L-shaped twin bunk beds for 4 persons! They're made of wood with a pretty warm brown finish. Upper beds have simple horizontal rails and are equipped with 2 upright ladders. Bottom beds have drawers underneath.

Boys bunk beds with steps

Unique bed for your treasure.Made of the best pine wood,no knots.Great design guarantees hand-working in Denmark.Natural beauty was varnished.The upper cabin has a neat window and an internal ladder.At the bottom we find a lot of drawers, an second sleep area.

Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights - Red/Silver/Black

If you are looking for a great race car bed for your kid, you should check this Corvette Bed with Lights & Red/Silver/Black Finish. The whole is consisted of durable poly construction, giving your child years of exciting usage.

L shaped bunk beds for kids 1

If you have two children, this bunk bed with built-in wardrobe is perfect for your home. This piece of furniture has shape of letter L and it is made of various wood - oak wood and walnut blanched wood.

Kids bunk beds with steps 5

A simple, yet cute lamp shade with a traditional, flower pattern. Perfect for a classy bathroom to put on a tall, standing light. Bound to invigorate any room with its unique design and bright colour. Really lovely!

L shaped bunk beds for kids

Offering the same amount of sleeping space in a novel configuration, the L-shaped bunk bed sets the lower bed at a right angle to the upper one. This takes up more floor space, but offers a sprawling, luxurious setting for those who have enough room.

L shaped bunkbeds

Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds For Kids

L shaped bunk beds 7

l shaped bunk beds

Kid wood chair

If you like DIY projects, this pallet bed for kids' bedroom shall enchant you. Made entirely from pallets, this lovely house with bedding constitutes a great example of upcycling.

Kids bunk beds with steps 8

Bunk bed with steps and drawers for storing clothes, toys and others needed stuff. It is made of wood in two shades. Great solution for space saving in each home.

Coaster C Style Metal Twin over Futon Bunk Bed in Black Finish