Triple Loft Bunk Bed

You have three kids that share a room? Then for space, you can't go wrong with a triple loft bunk bed. With two high and one low, one high and two low, or all three beds elevated with work space below, for the big family with small available space, you need these triple loft bunk beds. And they come in plenty of styles to make your kids happy, and sleep comfortably.

Best Products

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
A simple twin over full bunk bed that allows you to add some style and stability to the bedroom, making it an excellent addition to your kids' or guest room. The mattresses are supported by slats and you don't need to get a box spring.

Triple Twin Bunk Bed

Triple Twin Bunk Bed
This triple twin bunk bed is the stunning solution if you're in need of a lot of sleeping places in your home. The rails include a cleat for extra strength and the piece is designed with safety in mind.

Utica Twin over Twin Trifecta Loft 3 Beds with Storage and Stairs

Utica Twin over Twin Trifecta Loft 3 Beds with Storage and Stairs
Add not only a comfortable sleeping option but also a nice storage solution with this twin over twin three loft beds, so perfect for your kids with the warm, medium color wood finish and the extra drawers for more functionality.

Corner loft bunk beds

If you need to furnish the small space in teenage room, we suggest you the loft bed, with many functions. The triple bed has the dresser and storage drawer underneath. It's a great space saver idea.

Three bed bunk beds

A fantastic solution for children that love to play pirates in their own room. Those bunk beds are made of wood in natural finish, featuring 1 built-in ladder, 1 sleek slide, 2 bottom drawers, 1 steering wheel, and railings on the top bunk.

Triple loft bunk bed

This pirate triple loft bunk bed for a 3 children's cluster is made of high-quality oak wood furniture board, thanks to which it has a very durable and stable construction. In addition, the line sailors allow small pirates to wander to neighboring beds.

Triple bunk beds for adults

Giving a feel of three separate rooms, this ingenious loft bed design uses both color and partitions to sequester off the space. Bold colors make a cheerful impact and define the personal space. For tall loft apartments.

Our advice Buying Guide

Sleeping well is crucial for anyone regardless of the age. However, kids and teenagers require more hours of sleep as they expend a ton of energy during the day. Whether it is at school, during after-school activities or on the playground, you can bet that they’ve worn themselves out just before bedtime.

If kids are allowed to not get enough sleep, the deprivation will have a great impact on the children’s physical and mental development. This is one of the reasons why it is important for parents to create a bedroom environment that’s not only functional but also one that encourages relaxation.

As you may know already, this starts with a quality and comfortable bed that your children can grow into. If you’re on the lookout for a bed that’s of good quality, comfortable, fosters the imagination of kids, and also one that’s a space-saving solution, then a triple loft bed is your best bet!

What types of triple bunk bed configurations are there?

It's already obvious; a triple loft bed provides ample sleeping space for 3 kids. However, the market is awash with several different types of triple bunk beds in different types of configurations like the following:

  • Bunk Bed with Trundle - This is the most popular configuration for triple bunk beds. With this type of bed for kids, a single bunk bed is at the top. Underneath the top bunk is the bottom bunk that also comes with a trundle-style bed which can be pulled from under it. The trundle can be rolled out easily when it's required. More often than not, it comes with casters to allow for an easy glide. A bunk bed with trundle can be for adults as well and added on guest rooms.
  • L-Shaped Triple Bunk Bed - the L-shaped option consists of two beds right above a single bottom bunk. As its name suggests, it has an L-shaped configuration.
  • Three Beds Stacked - This type of configuration comes with three beds that are stacked. Although this type of triple bunk bed is the best space-saver, it can be risky from its height. It is a good option for guests if your guest room has a high ceiling height that allows for ample headroom.

Take Note: This type of bed isn’t for kids under the age of 6.

What are the climbing options in triple loft bunk beds?

When it comes to space saving, a straight ladder is your best climbing option as staircases take up a lot of floor space. You can opt for a staircase if the triple loft bed is long and narrow so long as it doesn’t protrude from the bed. If a staircase provides extra storage, take note of the storage space saved.

As for safety, the safest climbing option is a staircase as it doesn’t just offer the largest surface for stepping on, but it also comes with a built-in handrail. If you’re concerned about safety, you can also opt for an angled ladder instead of a straight ladder as it’s less treacherous and the angle makes going in and out of the top bunk easier.


Triple bed bunk beds

Cool solution for bedroom which should be also a study and fun area. For young people who need a space a triple bunk bed is great solution.

It has three great individual matterass and cabinets with a stairs to play area. All in dark brown wood.

Bunk beds for 3 kids

This triple bunk bed provides plenty of ergonomic and comfortable sleeping space in small rooms for kids. These beds are finished in gray, green and orange colors. They also include black ladders for accessing upper beds.

Triple loft bunk bed

Combining three sleeping places in this impressive loft bunk bed is an excellent way to create a funky interior. Practical furniture is stable due to the construction of wood and very classic, which fits into every interior.

Bunk beds for triplets

Bunk bed in simple form. It is made of wood and fitted with chest for storing clothes and others necessities. Functional solution for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Three bunk bed

A great idea to accommodate a corner of a smaller bedroom. This loft bunk bed combo is made of sturdy wood and bathed in a white finish, including 5 storage drawers, 1 two-door cabinet, 1 built-in ladder and 3 comfy beds.

Triple loft bunk bed

A very practical space-saving loft bed and 2 perpendicularly arranged twin beds underneath. An upper bed has a sturdy side rail on 2 supports. Twin beds are equipped with open shelves on sides. Frames are of wood with a natural finish.

Triple loft bunk bed

A practical solution for comfortable sleep, this triple loft bunk bed will be a great addition for larger children's rooms. Made of white-finished wood, it offers open shelves, storage drawers and properly protected top bunks.

Bunk beds with 3 beds

A bunk bed setting for three. This triple bunk bed made from naturally finished timber comprises two loft beds and a floor-level twin bed. There was enough plase for a desk and bookcase incorporated in the design.

Triple lindy bunk bed

Six bunks in a small space....maybe put all the kids in one room and make the other room a play space?

3 beds in one bunk bed

look at this... it's a TRIPLE loft bed. Two beds up, one bed down. I don't think you need to be the Duggars to use such a great space-saving bed! It's at Art Van Furniture, and runs $999. Maybe for a guest house, vacation home? There are all kinds of ches

Bunk beds for three

This kids room is undoubtedly much space-challenged, but the space has been exploited to full use. Cheer yellow triple bunk bed accommodates dresser storage drawers incorporated smartly into a staircase.

Three bed bunk bed

An extremely durable triple loft bunk bed for children's room that will easy last them until their teenage years. It's all made of premium steel, with a lattice wire side panel, and a proper security on the second and third bunk.

Twin over twin bunk beds with stairs and trundle

Awesome triple bunk.....we need this for the boys' room!!!!!

Store it bed and corner unit

Incredibly beautiful, wrapped in family care and practical solution of a corner triple loft bunk beds, separated from each other, as if levitating on wooden bases. They are small in size, made of pine and oak wood for light as a feather babies.

Triple bunk bed perhaps a little claustrophobic

Triple bunk bed! Perhaps a little claustrophobic :(

3 bed bunk bed set

This is a bunkbed!

Bed for 3 kids

Cool Bunk Bed Designs

Full over queen bunk bed plans

Modern Triple Bunk Beds Design Ideas For Your Kids : Simple Triple Bunk Beds

Bunk bed reviews

The sleek and highly impressive design of this stylish bunk bed with a triple loft bed creates a perfect solution for any interior design. Beautiful finish in a chocolate shade of wood is unique.

Three in one bunk bed

Boys room!! Great for kids that have to share!

Corner twin bed unit

Triple loft bed mounted on wooden frame. Base consists of horizontally arranged strips. It is fitted with railings for added safety. Great solution for small spaces. Suitable for kid's and teenagers.

3 way bunk bed

Triple loft bunk beds kids

Bunk bed for three

Three Bunks - put the boys in a closet? Why didn't I think of this before? ;)

Bunk bed for 3

Double bunk bed for space saving in kid's room, teenager's room and more. It is mounted on wooden frame and fitted with a lot of drawers in various sizes. It has desks underneath. Great solution for each home.

What a dream of a bed for a little girls

what a dream of a bed for a little girl's room! wonder if it could be adapted to the triple bunks dh and my father made - love the idea of private space for each in the little house section!

Kids triple bunk bed unisex dominique 191 90 i bb

Kids triple bunk bed (unisex) - DOMINIQUE 191 90 I BB - MATHY BY BOLS

Bunk beds with storage and desk

Bunk Beds With Storage And Desk

Triple loft bed plans

triple loft bed plans

Twin bed corner unit

A practical contemporary corner double-loft bed (with 1 twin bed and a side table with drawers underneath) of brown-finished wood. It features ladder-like sides, horizontal side rails and a slanted access ladder. A twin bed base contains 4 drawers.

Bed for three kids

This is way too minimalist for me, but this is a good idea for putting 3 kids in one room. Loft bed on top; two beds on bottom. I'd put a nightstand, dresser, or bookshelf between the bottom two beds.

Cool triple bunk beds

Triple bunk beds... best space saving beds for 3 kids in a room.

These look really easy not built in and i like

These look really easy (not built-in) and I like the privacy curtains, lights, and storage underneath!

Master unl056 jpg


Triple twin bunk beds

Triple Decker Bunk Beds - Great for Cottage

Triple loft bed

triple bunk, reminds me of my Great-Aunts house on her farm... two little loft rooms for the grandkids, with two sets of triple bunks and 3 or 4 sets of double bunks! Fun!

Three bunk beds

Mesmerizing mountain cabin in the French Alps

3 in one bunk beds

triple bunks. don't think I would ever employ this style... unless for a guest room?

Triple bunk beds 2

Triple Bunk Beds

Wooden triple bunk beds for adults

What we finally ended up doing for our #triplets bedroom. Bunk beds and a loft bed.

Guess who has 3 boys that dont know that are

Guess who has 3 boys that don't know that are sharing a room one day! 3 beds, dresser, nightstand, shelving unit, drawers...what an amazing use of space!! Plus you could still fit even more under the bed! This would be a great set up for a really small

Three bunk bed set

triple bunk bed. Joel and I just made these today! About $200, and done in ONE DAY!!!! They are awesome!!!

Triple bunk bed plans l shaped

triple bunk bed plans l shaped

Bunk beds that sleep 3

Showed this to my husband. He loved it. Think we are gonna do this for Lil Alex such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing Paula