Triple Bunk Beds For Kids

For your three children, if you have limited space and they all share a room, then you need a triple bunk bed. Give them plenty of flooring for activities, and a comfortable place for them to sleep the night, recharging that energy they seem to be in an unlimited supply of. In so many styles they might have to pick it out for you, this collection of bunk beds is your ticket to well rested children.

Best Products

Solid Wood Twin L-Shaped Triple Bunk Bed

Solid Wood Twin L-Shaped Triple Bunk Bed
This solid wood L-shaped triple bunk bed can accommodate three children while conserving a great deal of space. It is made of solid pine material for extreme durability, so you know it will last a long time. The guardrails on the top bunks make it safe for those who sleep up there. There is plenty of open space next to the bottom bed for a desk or storage.

Mocha Solid Wood Twin Over Time Bed

Mocha Solid Wood Twin Over Time Bed
This twin over time bed is made of solid wood with a mocha finish for a stylish aesthetic and long-lasting durability. It is designed to hold a standard sized twin mattress and can sleep three individual people. It has horizontal slots as well as clean lines for a great aesthetic as well as perfect functionality for parents who have two or more kids.

Espresso Solid Rubberwood Triple Bed

Espresso Solid Rubberwood Triple Bed
With a beautiful modern espresso finish and a tough solid rubberwood construction, this triple bed is very durable and stylish to say the least. It offers numerous safety features for your kids as well as a comfortable place to sleep. There is an attached ladder, slatted panel top bunk railing and lots of open space at the bottom for storage.

Antique Black Triple Metal Industrial Bed

Antique Black Triple Metal Industrial Bed
This antique black bed has a sturdy metal design that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. It has an elegant design that will be right at home with modern or antique décor styles. The smooth slatted guard rails offer complete security for those who are sleeping in the upper bunks. There are also dual step ladders for added convenience.

Mission Style Twin Over Full Triple Bunk Bed

Mission Style Twin Over Full Triple Bunk Bed
This mission style time over full triple bunk bed has a solid wood construction that means you will be able to count on it to last a very long time without any major issues. There is no box spring required, and it is designed to save space. The attached ladder makes it safe for your child to climb up to the top box without having to risk falling down.

Transitional Style Wood Twin Over Bunk Bed

Transitional Style Wood Twin Over Bunk Bed
This transitional style twin over bunk bed has a sturdy solid wood construction with dual attached ladders, making it both safe and sturdy. This setup sleeps three children and comes with guard rails on the upper beds to prevent accidents. It is available in multiple colors and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect bed for your children’s room.

Solid Wood Extra Long Twin Triple Bunk Bed

Solid Wood Extra Long Twin Triple Bunk Bed
This extra long twin triple bunk bed sleeps three and is made of solid wood, making it incredibly durable and long lasting. No box spring is required, and there is a sturdy built-in ladder that will allow your child to safely reach the top bunk. This gender neutral bed has a high weight capacity of 600 pounds, and it is an excellent overall choice.

Our advice Buying Guide

Buying triple bunk beds for kids is an excellent idea if you want a space-saving technique that'll make the room of your kids more comfortable. Getting a triple bunk bed is practically the best way to conserve space. Unfortunately, there's no universal standard for bunk beds. As a result, you need to strive to make an informed decision to provide your children the best sleeping arrangement.

In this article, we'll give you a list of the things you need to consider to ensure you are making an investment in the right triple bunk bed.

How to select a triple bunk bed that will last?

Before finalizing a purchase, you first need to consider the functionality of a bed. Children grow quickly, so you'd want to choose a full-sized triple bunk bed as it'll last through the childhood days of your kids up to their teenage years. So long as the ceiling of the bedroom can accommodate it, your best option is to buy a higher bunk bed to ensure your soon-to-be teenagers remain comfortable in their beds.

Keeping the design classic and simple will go a long way when it comes to a set's longevity. Just think about it; an adorable dollhouse design may look great for your 5-year old kids, but it will no longer be attractive to them when they become teenage girls. Choose bunk beds that have a simpler design. That'll allow your kids to customize their room how they want without you having to change the bed.

How to make sure the triple bunk bed you're looking at is safe?

  • Product recalls. Triple bunk beds for kids aren't immune to getting recalled. There are lots of instances when units get recalled due to guardrail safety, potential child entrapment, and faulty workmanship. A reputable seller of triple bunk beds should pull out the models from the inventory. Still, just like with any purchase, it's best if you check with the Commission for Consumer Product Safety of the country and to do research on products before you make a purchase.
  • Construction. Taking time when you're considering the construction method will ensure your children's bed can provide them with a place to sleep that's ultimately safe even with daily abuse. And kids tend to abuse their furniture. You'll often find them hanging from it, jumping on and off of it, and generally push it to its limits. Therefore, you need a bed for your kids that can withstand a good deal of abuse and rough usage.

A lot of experts claim that metal units are unsafe as they tend to wobble, bend, and dent over the years. They also have weak joints, and they're not as sturdy compared to wooden models. You may think that you can save a lot of money by choosing a metal bunk bed, but you won't find it to be a good investment when you realize you're putting your children's lives in danger. Although it's possible for you to find a sturdy metal bunk bed, make sure that it has good reviews and it's heavy. The heavier a triple bunk bed is, the safer and sturdier it will be.

  • Support braces. A properly-designed triple bunk bed for kids will have sufficient support braces that can keep the pressure off a bed's joints.


Reading room traditional family room other metros

Reading room traditional family room other metros
Cool practical triple-bunk beds for kids. They're of white finished wooden materials. They have low-profiled headboards and footboards (side beds have common boards with a central bed) with top shelves. Truckle beds have panels with 2 bar pulls each.

Triple Twin Bunk Bed

Triple Twin Bunk Bed
This triple twin bunk bed is the stunning solution if you're in need of a lot of sleeping places in your home. The rails include a cleat for extra strength and the piece is designed with safety in mind.

Macys bunk beds

Bunk bed for children. It includes three sleeping spaces. Two of them feature wheels for unfolding and folding. The upper bed is accessible thanks to wooden stairs. The whole construction is useful and space saving.

3 bed bunk beds

A practical space-saving triple bunk bed with an L-shaped rectilinear frame of natural-finished wood. It has square posts and simple horizontal rails. A loft bed accommodates a 6-drawer chest (drawers have edge pulls), a lower bed - a storage box.

Three bunk bed

Triple bunk bed designed for mounting on the wall. Construction is made of wood and fitted with railings for added safety. Great solution for kid's room or teenager's room.

Triple bunk bed plans

Created of wood and painted in vivid colors, those bunk beds works perfectly in any kids' room. Each bed is properly secured, and fits perfectly in the corner, leaving enough space in the room for your children to play.

Triple bunk beds for kids 1

Triple bunk beds for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. It is made of wood. Contains drawers on the base for storing needed items. Classic form and functional design.

Possibility for fitting three kids in one room someday

Possibility for fitting three kids in one room someday.

3 tier bunk beds

Triple Bunk Beds For Adults | Bunk Beds

Bunk bed for three

Triple bunk bed with ladders and railings. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Modern design for any kids room.

3 person bunk bed

Triple bunk bed for space saving in kid's room. Construction is made of wood and fitted with railings for added safety. Functional furniture for each home.

Three level bunk bed

With this astonishing design, your little ones will be sleeping in a magical land. The triple bunk bed is created in form of a white cave with three holes that play the role of comfy beds. Its a nice way to turn a kids' room into something truly amazing.

Ikea triple bunk bed

triple bunk bed - already have the plans pinned, but i like the color scemes here

Triple bunk beds for kids rooms

One bed over another - why not if you don't have much floor space at your disposal. Characterized by small footprint and clean lines design with no ornaments, it looks high end and serves its purpose.

Three bed bunk beds

a few bunk bed ideas! Wish we had the ceiling height for 4!

3 bed bunk bed

A stark but cool bunk bed for Wild West fans. It's handmade of authentic wooden pallets in browns. An upper bed has 3 supports, a side half-rail in the form of a signboard with geometric cutouts and stylised lettering, a ladder on a side.

3 bunk bed set

Cass County Bunk Beds for Three--Cheaper version of 3 stacked bunks.

Pallet bunk beds

22 Bunk Beds For Four, A Space-Saving Solution For Shared Bedrooms

Three bed bunk bed

Triple bunk bed...This is awesome for the boys room..M.Taylor: My dad had my brothers beds custom made,they were triple bunkbeds made out of doors all stacked on top of each other, I like this arrangement better!

Space saver diy triple bunk bed looking for a bunk

SPACE SAVER: DIY TRIPLE BUNK BED Looking for a bunk bed that makes good use of space in a shared bedroom? Then this project is for you! To efficiently use a small space things need to be customized. This concept of

Top 10 triple bunk beds designs ideas for kids

Top 10 Triple Bunk Beds Designs Ideas For Kids

Artificial boxwood trees

Fresh and classy design for an entrance to a gorgeous, antique mansion with a set of decorative topiaries in front of it. The triple ball, artificial boxwood trees provide a fine detail together with the ceramic planter bowls.

Great idea to fit more than one kid in a

Great idea to fit more than one kid in a smaller space

Bunk beds for three sleepers

Unfinished project for a DIY triple bunk bed with a frame made out of simple birch wood with a light tint, which gives it a minimalistic look. The bed has a single bed frame in the middle and two on the top, with handy ladders to climb it.

Bunk bed for 3

Even when the bunk bed for kids takes the form of the simplest of all - it is a practical piece of furniture for small spaces. This wooden copy of triple bunk bed for kids made by the parents of Triplets - has triple possibilities.

Triple bunk beds for kids

This triple bunk bed is an excellent way to organize children's space. The simple frame made of wood is durable and sustainable, making it comfortable to use. The universal shade of wood fits into every decor.

Bunk beds for 3

This triple loft bed shows how cleverly you can arrange a small space. The beds are joined perpendicularly, creating an L-shape and setting up a considerable space for a couch underneath.

Triple bunk bed ikea

Oh my god, this take-down bunk bed is so incredible! If you have more than two children, you should buy it! After sleeping you can fold it and your children will have more place to having fun! Due to wheels it is movable!

Three person bunk bed

Vintage approach to a cute patchwork quilt tablecloth, perfect for a retro kitchen or a dining room. The fabric tablecloth is made of a variety of vibrant colors and a floral pattern, providing a traditional detail to the piece.

Bunk beds with 3 beds

Triple buck bed for the kiddies so cute

Triple ball topiary 7

Attractive, triple ball topiary in a white vase. This stylization is a nice combination of green and white colors. It looks very interesting in any home design. Its decorative vase is also resistant to damage.

3 sleeper bunk beds

DIY Triple Bunk Bed. This would be great for our 3 boys. I would just want to have steps instead of a ladder. :)

We painted the posts between the beds the same color

we painted the posts between the beds the same color as the wall so ...

Triple bunk beds for kids

This triple bunk bed is a great feature of children's room decor. Beautiful woodwork is robust and durable, and the subtle green shade adds a whole warm climate. This cute piece of furniture will be an ideal solution for small spaces.

Tripple bunk bed

twin over full bunk bed: 15 Cool Triple Bunk Beds For Kids Ideas ...

3 bunk beds with stairs

Pine And Fir Custom Triple Bunk Bed. Pine And Fir Logs Were Reclaimed From The Gallatin National Forest in Montana

Image detail for extra long triple lindy loft its not

Image detail for -... Extra Long Triple Lindy Loft: It’s Not The Bunk Bed You Remember

Triple bunk

Triple bunk bed in simple form. It is made of wood. Frame consists of horizontally arranged strips. Perfect solution for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Triple bunk beds for kids 7

A bunk bed for three: this triple bunk bed is painted white and looks neat (inspired by mission style for sure) while maximizing the usage of space. There's enough of place under the top level for a dresser and end table.

Ready made triple bunkbed we have a triple bunk bed

Ready made triple bunkbed...we have a triple bunk bed for our girls, but its not as cool looking as this one.

Diy triple bunk beds

A great to make your kids comfortable and at the same time save space in their room. The triple bunk bed is entirely crafted of durable wood and covered in a walnut finish, along with a fixed ladder and protective rails on the top bunk.

Diy bunk bed ideas

Bunk Bed Ideas - Bob Vila

The idea of is decorating with different shades of white

The idea of is decorating with different shades of white ranging from snow white to soft ivory...