Bunk Beds With Desk Underneath

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Bunk beds and loft beds with desks underneath are a great way to maximize space in bedrooms. The space-saving design works well in small and large bedrooms, providing more space to play, read, or relax. The modern styling of many models fits well with any design style and can match any taste.  Whether for a kid’s room or in a small apartment, bunk beds with a desk underneath are perfect for any bedroom looking for style and efficiency. 

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Updated 16/03/2023
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Best for Modern Design
Twin Size Raised bed with Desk Underneath

Twin Size Raised bed with Desk Underneath

Isabelle & Max™

Perfect for: Those who prefer modern wooden furniture instead of steel.

What we Like: Long desk makes it perfect for writing and using the laptop.

Compact and sleek, this raised bed with desk underneath features a spacious work and study area underneath. Made of sturdy solid construction, it has a contemporary appeal with the use of large slats for the headboard, footboard, and side rails. Finished in rich espresso, white, or gray, there’s always a color that would fit in any interior space that you have. Appropriate for teens and pre-teens.

$569.99 $984

Designer Advice:

To make up for storage space, we recommend placing a low mobile pedestal underneath the desk to maximize space and functionality. The loft bed’s versatile aesthetic is easy to match with when it comes to choosing a chair. For a more timeless look, this will look great with an upholstered chair. Or opt for an Eames chair for something more modern.

What Users Say:

Relatively straight forward to assemble although you will need 2 people. It has created a lot of extra space in her room which is what we needed.

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Best for Budget
Metal Loft Bed with Desk Under Bed

Metal Loft Bed with Desk Under Bed

Mack & Milo™

Perfect For: Modern, compact spaces

What We Like: Lightweight appearance with durable materials

Crafted in steel with a powder coated finish, this piece of sleeping furniture with a desk under the bed has a contemporary appeal and clean silhouettes. The upper part is equipped with full railing for the headboard, footboard, and sides. Below, the desk is integrated with a panel for sticking important notes and photos as well as a bookshelf. Available in silver, black, and white and comes in twin and full sizes.

$379.99 $529.99

Designer Advice:

We recommend creating a small study and reading nook underneath for a complete ensemble. At the other side of the raised base, you can add a small ottoman or bean bag and an area rug where your young ones can spend hours with their favorite book. Hang battery-operated fairy lights for a cozy, well-lit spot.

What Users Say:

Nice bed, gives tons of space underneath

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Best for Storage
Traditional Loft Bed with Desk Underneath

Traditional Loft Bed with Desk Underneath

Harriet Bee

Perfect for: Farmhouse, transitional, and traditional bedrooms

What we Like: Multiple storage and display options underneath the bed

Made in solid wood and finished in paint, this loft bed with desk underneath keeps everything tidy within the bedroom. The upper part showcases slatted siderails, paneled headboard and footboard with classical moldings, and a bracketed side table. The lower part is installed with a long desk with a low front panel for wall protection. At the side of the ladder is a layer of open shelf and a four-drawer base dresser. Both ladder and dresser can be positioned to the left or right.

$1370 $2945.88

Designer Advice:

Turn your kid’s room into a sophisticated space with this loft bed. We recommend using the open shelves to display decorative boxes, figurines, and plants along with small books to avoid making the space feel too cramped. The farmhouse appeal of this bed makes it easy to pair with a desk chair such as those with slatted backs or simple upholstered chairs with tapered legs.

What Users Say:

Very nice piece, and sturdy. I can certainly recommend purchasing the delivery and assembly, as there are a million pieces to this bed.

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Twin Bed with Desk Underneath and 4 Drawer Staircase

Twin Bed with Desk Underneath and 4 Drawer Staircase

Three Posts™ Baby & Kids

What we like: Stairs for younger kids who can’t manage ladders

What we don’t like: The bulky footprint

Not so good for: Small rooms

Perfect for: Kids transitioning from a toddler bed to a twin or kids with limited mobility

For many people, climbing up a ladder every night, then back down in the morning immediately turns them off loft beds. This bed is the perfect solution. The strong staircase allows even the most height-adverse kids to climb right up. The stairs also enable people with more limited mobility who struggle with a ladder to climb into the bed more easily.

The stairs themselves are also drawers allowing for extra storage, ensuring no space goes to waste. Although the desk space is minimal, it comes with a built-in drawer to store school supplies so your kids can make the most of their study area. 

$1637 $1979.99

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Pine Wood Loft Bed With Desk Underneath

Pine Wood Loft Bed With Desk Underneath

Harriet Bee

What we like: Ample storage in desk, cabinet, drawers, and shelves

What we don’t like: Not much room to maneuver under the bed

Not so good for: Very compact bedrooms

Perfect for: Rooms with little or no built-in storage

This bed is a perfect choice for those short on storage in a bedroom. The wraparound desk is gigantic, with ample storage accessible from inside and outside the lofted area. The spacious desk would be perfect for students or budding artists.

The gray wood will match well with any decor, and the sturdy construction can take the wear and tear of a hardworking kid. This bed would be perfect for a student or someone looking to maximize their desk space. 

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Twin Loft Bunk Beds with Desk

Twin Loft Bunk Beds with Desk

Harriet Bee

What we like: Unique design, lots of storage

What we don’t like: The ladder position in the middle can be awkward

Not so good for: People wanting a proper second bed

Perfect for: People wanting a hangout spot, a desk, and a bed

This modern style twin loft bed would be at home in a young professional’s house or a kid’s room. The lower bunk could be used as a hang-out spot or for sleeping. The desk has ample shelving separating it from the lower bunk, allowing for some privacy and lots of storage.

The ladder is positioned between the lower bunk and the desk, but this can be a bit awkward to climb when the lower bunk is in use. The bed comes in white with neutral styling that matches any room’s decor. 

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Bunk Bed With Convertible Picnic Table Style Desk

Bunk Bed With Convertible Picnic Table Style Desk

Harriet Bee

What we like: Has a picnic-style desk that can convert into a second bed

What we don’t like: Converting the picnic table into a bed is not a quick process

Not so good for: People who prefer permanent beds

Perfect for: Kids who want a cool desk and a place for sleepovers

This unique kids bunk bed with desk allows for maximum flexibility. The top bunk is a twin-size bed, but the bottom bunk can either be a twin bed or can be converted into a cute picnic table perfect for homework or hanging out. The picnic table comfortably seats two and has enough space for both people to eat, use a small laptop, or do homework. This white bed matches well with any decor, and the picnic style makes for a cute addition to any room. 

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Traditional Style Wood Loft Bed With Bookcase and Desk

Traditional Style Wood Loft Bed With Bookcase and Desk

Three Posts™ Baby & Kids

What we like: Combines a bed, storage, and a desk

What we don’t like: The desk drawer opens to the outside

Not so good for: Rooms with low ceilings

Perfect for: Small rooms in need of a lot of storage

This bunk bed with desk under combo is the perfect match for smaller rooms. It has a loft twin bed, and underneath has four drawers, three shelves, and a small desk. This gives you the benefit of a bedroom, a chest of drawers, and an office all in one piece of furniture. It gives you tons of storage in different places, maximizing organizing opportunities.

The desk is on the smaller side but has plenty of space for doing homework or using a computer. It comes in six different colors to match any decor, and its solid wood construction will last years. 

$1506 $1739.99

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3 Bed L Shaped Bunk Beds with Desk Underneath

3 Bed L Shaped Bunk Beds with Desk Underneath

Harriet Bee

What we like: Three beds, two ladders, a desk

What we don’t like: Not all beds are the same size

Not so good for: Homes with limited square footage

Perfect for: Shared sibling rooms

Perfect for big families or even a vacation home, this setup has two twin-sized beds over a full-sided and a desk. The beds are arranged in an L-shaped configuration for comfort and space, and the desk is spacious enough for studying or a computer.

There are two sturdy ladders, one vertical and one slanted, for those with more limited mobility. If you have a big family, or if your kid loves sleepovers, this is the bed for you. 

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Bunk Beds With Desk Underneath

Buying Guide

Kiddie rooms usually have limited space and by utilizing vertical space, bunk beds open up the remainder of the room for play areas or adding other necessary furniture.

If they weren’t good enough already, the newer designs incorporate a study desk and storage solutions underneath them, maximizing space utility. Practical, functional and aesthetic. What more do you need?

If you are shopping for bunk beds with desks underneath, then this guide will help you understand the variables that can make or break the deal for you.

Undoubtedly, the most important variable is the size of the bed itself. Measure the height of the ceiling from the floor. Standard-sized bunk beds with desks are at least 6 feet tall. You need to ensure that there is at there’s enough room between the top of the bed and the ceiling to allow the kid to comfortably sit. Two feet usually suffices.

Now measure the available length and width in the room. While the beds themselves don’t take up too much space, the added features, like storage, drawers and trundle can quickly add to the overall footprint.

The very purpose is to save space. So, measure everything twice to make sure.

The size of the bed will be determined by the age of the child sleeping in it. You can choose from twin, or full sized beds. If there are two kids in the house, then you can also choose twin over twin, or twin over full, or full over full sized bunk beds.

One of the best parts about bunk beds with desks is that there is a plethora of options for storage.Depending on the design you eventually select, there can be drawers, bookshelves, a closet for clothes and a large work area (illuminated). Many bunk beds also have hidden drawers under the stairs which make for excellent storage solutions.

The most desirable material is solid wood. These are sturdy, look elegant and are available in hundreds of finishes. The caveat is that if you are buying one off the shelf, it can cost well in excess of thousand dollars. If you opt for a custom made one, it might cost much higher.

Wooden composites are cheaper. But may not offer the durability of solid wood. The last thing you need is a bunk bed with a wobbly base.

Metal bunk beds are also quite popular and they are cheap. But they are limited in design choices. And for some reason, kids seem to like wooden bunk beds more.

Depending on the height, look for bunk beds with heavy duty stairs and an anti-slip grooved surface. Some bunk beds have slanting ladder and rails. It looks a lot riskier than it actually is.

However, keep in mind that you also might have to climb to the top bunk using the chairs to do the bed occasionally or to tuck in your child. So it has to be sturdy enough to accommodate a full-sized adult.

On the bunk, check the height of the guard rail. In some cases, it might look extremely tall without the mattress. But consider that the height will be reduced significantly when you add a plush mattress to it. So, the taller it is, the better.

Best Ideas

Bunk beds with desks underneath 1

Bunk bed made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Base is fitted with desk and a lot of drawers in various sizes for storing clothes, toys and more. Great solution for space saving in kid's room and others interiors as needed.

Bunk beds with desks underneath

Executed and a very functional bunk bed with desk underneath is a fascinating combination of functionality and attractive appearance. This is a perfect solution for small spaces, allowing them to use them practically and create a cozy place.

Pictures of bunk beds with desk underneath

A comfortable set of bunk beds, designed of sturdy wood and splashed with a white finish. The combo comes with a properly secured upper part, a fixed ladder, a pair of benches with cushions and drawers, a stylish desk and open shelving.

Powell Furniture Hoops Basketball Bed Bunk Bed

This stunning set with a bed and a desk is a great idea that will satisfy young amateur basketball. Robust design and good built-basket game will give a lot of fun to every teenager.

Bunk bed with desk underneath 2

Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath

Coaster Fine Furniture 2209 Metal Bunk Bed with Futon/Desk/Chair and CD Rack, Black Finish

That's a real multifunctional piece! You need nothing more that this set of metal bunk bed with futon, corner desk, chair and CD rack. It features full length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access.

Berg Furniture Sierra Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Desk And Storage

Berg Furniture Sierra Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Desk And Storage

This amazing bed with desk in modern as well as contemporary style gives a whole range of use. There is also a large drawer underneath. Its metal hardware makes it long lasting and its perfect solution for tiny spaces.

Loft bed girl

Highly functional and practical loft bed constructed from wood and finished in stunning white color. The bed also comes with dozens of storage drawers and a bookcase on one side. It includes a table and chair for your kids to work on and a sturdy staircase to access the top bed during sleep times.

Ikea bunk bed with desk

Loft bed with desk underneath for a small bedroom

Bunk beds with desks underneath

Now you can make your kids' room functional and more appealing, thanks to this fine bunk bed combo. Crafted of oak-finished wood, the combo comes with an integrated desk, 10 storage drawers, a tubular ladder, and a metal railing on the top bunk.

Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection

Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection

This locker loft bed comes in white finish and is the perfect storage solution and a nice sleeping option for your kids' room, featuring a storage locker with four shelves and a hanging rod, built into the frame beneath the top bunk.

Exceptional loft bed desk closet

Exceptional Loft Bed Desk Closet

Coaster Fine Furniture 460273 Convertible Loft Bed, Twin, White Finish

Interesting design of this Twin-Over-Twin Convertible Loft Bed is surely one of those thing one should take a closer glance at. The upper part provides the user quite large sleeping are, with proper security against falling down. The lower part is transformed into nice sitting place with two double seats and a table.

White low loft bed with desk chest of drawers and

White Low Loft Bed with Desk, Chest of Drawers, and Bookcase

NEw Wyatt White Wood Loft Bed with Staircase Chest and Pull Out Desk Chair

This very practical and very stylish at the same time set consisting of a bed, practical steps with shelves, desks and chairs and built-in drawers, a multi-purpose room set perfect for each child.

Twin over queen bunk bed ikea

The bunk bed with desk underneath is great bedroom furniture for kids as it combines a study and sleep into a single unit; some of models even...

Madison Single Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

Madison Single Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

This twin loft bed will let you easily combine the amazing style and comfort of the design, especially with the simple lines and rich, espresso finish and add some more functionality, since it comes with the extra desk and storage.

Bunk beds with desk underneath 6

An elegant bunk bed and a perpendicularly arranged lower bed with open side shelves. An upper bed has simple horizontal rails and is equipped with a slanted ladder. A chest and a desk placed on sides have drawers with horizontal metal bar pulls.

Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station

This loft bed slash full size work station is an excellent idea for everyone, who struggles to find enough floor space in their home or just wants to make the best of it. The black matte finish provides a contemporary look and makes it stand out.

Basic and practice styles of children bunk bed with desk

Basic And Practice Styles Of Children Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath -

Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed Walnut Color. Bedroom Furniture for Kids and Teens. The Loft Bed Includes a Solid Panel Headboard and Footboard, and Ladder. Pine Slats Provide Support for the Mattress. Room for Desk Underneath (Not Included)

Cool classic twin loft bed for kids. It's made of wood with a warm brown finish. It has straight angular posts, full both a headboard and a footboard, horizontal guardrails. It's equipped with a left or right-mounted ladder and a slatted foundation.

Bunk Bed With Study Station by Powell Furniture

This multi-purpose set consisting of bed on the mezzanine, and a built underneath the desk is the perfect solution to keep a lot of space. Made of solid materials is very strong, and minimalism makes it a universal element to any interior.

Coaster Bunk Bed and Workstation in Warm Brown Finish

Who would want to waste the precious floor space, when you can have this workstation with a top twin loft bed in your kid's room. It comes in a beautiful warm oak finish, perfect for your interior design.

Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed, Black

An ideal solution for everyone, who had ever wondered how to manage their limited space - this suite is a clever combination of a full size loft bed and a desk. It has two ladders (front and side) and guardrails for added safety and the finish will be a perfect addition to any interior.

$379.99 $529.99