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Essentially the loft bed concept, these top bunk beds with desk underneath are a great way to save space in a small room especially for kids. The top bunk is easy to get into and the desk underneath has plenty of space for anything your kid needs to accomplish for school or personal projects. Take a look at this collection and pick out your next top bunk bed with desk underneath.

Minimalist Bunk Bed With Desk

Minimalist Bunk Bed With Desk

$509.99 $599.99

Minimalist Bunk Bed With Desk

Harriet Bee

$509.99 $599.99


What We Like: Multi-level shelving

What We Don’t Like: Minimal space between bed and ceiling

Not So Good For: Small children

Perfect For: Teenagers, college students

This quality solid wood frame offers safety and support you can’t find in a DIY bunk bed with a desk. The slat kit, guardrail, and no-slip ladder with wide steps prevent any injuries from falls. The ladder can be used on the left or right side of the bed to accommodate various bedroom layouts.

With an included bookcase and desk, it makes a great study area. The extensive desk space can be used for gaming or other activities. The multi-level shelving provides plenty of additional storage space for decorations, school supplies, and personal items. Add neutral decorations for a minimalist and inviting look, or add some bright color for an eccentric and unique look.

Metal Bed With Desk Underneath

Metal Bed With Desk Underneath

$265.21 $634

Metal Bed With Desk Underneath


$265.21 $634


What We Like: Full-length wooden desk

What We Don’t Like: Low weight capacity for a twin-size bed

Not So Good For: Storing personal items

Perfect For: Modern bedroom spaces

Safety is crucial when choosing a bunk bed for your child. This industrial-style metal bed with a top bunk bed only offers practical support and safety, with solid slats and a 12.5” guardrail.

The built-in full-length wooden desk features two corner shelving units to store small items like houseplants or a portable speaker. The solid color metal frame is versatile and can be styled to fit any modern or industrial bedroom space. Add a few funky accessories like a bean bag chair and an artsy desk lamp to style it for a teenager, or create a cute addition to your kid’s bedroom with a fun printed bedspread.

Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath

Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath

Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath

Harriet Bee


What We Like: 3-in-1 bunk bed, trundle included

What We Don’t Like: Limited desk space

Not So Good For: One person

Perfect For: Families with multiple children

This 3-in-1 bunk bed features a top bunk bed, second bed, and a built-in pull-out trundle to built-in desk, making it an excellent choice for shared sibling rooms. The included ladder can be used on either side of the bed to accommodate your bedroom setup. The tall guardrails and durable solid slats provide safety and support for the top bunk.

The solid wood bed set has a compact desk for a convenient workspace and a shelf to hold books or decorations. Decorate the slatted rails with twinkle lights and add plenty of throw pillows to the bottom bunk to create a charming relaxation and reading space.

Bunk Bed With Desk and Bookcase

Bunk Bed With Desk and Bookcase

Bunk Bed With Desk and Bookcase

Viv + Rae™


What We Like: Adjustable for growing children

What We Don’t Like: Limited deskspace

Not So Good For: Bedrooms with limited space

Perfect For: Children and teenagers

This wooden bunk bed has adjustable features that grow with your child, offering versatile and long-term use. The desk, complete with two drawers, can be installed on both sides of the bed and switch between facing inward or outward. For children and teenagers, having bunk beds with a desk underneath can improve their focus while studying and save space in their bedrooms.

The staircase offers a safe way to get in and out of bed for young children and provides additional storage for clothes and bed lines with one drawer under each stair. This set also features a built-in bookcase to create a cozy reading nook under the bed.

Loft Bed With Desk Underneath

Loft Bed With Desk Underneath

Loft Bed With Desk Underneath


What We Like: Pull-out desk, built-in stairs

What We Don’t Like: Only available as twin size

Not So Good For: Teenagers

Perfect For: Young children

If your child’s bedroom has limited space, this loft bed provides several space-saving features, including a pull-out desk on wheels that can be used for playing or studying. The bed comes with built-in stairs and an attached ladder. The detachable guardrail surrounds all four sides of the bed, ensuring safety even for the most restless sleepers.

There is a spacious bookshelf to hold books and toys and an additional chest of drawers under the bed for clothing. This multifunctional bed and desk set is ideal for young children. It’s the perfect option for restful sleep, playing, and studying to keep them mentally stimulated throughout the day.  

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Top Bunk Bed With Desk Underneath

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Top bunk bed with desk underneath

This bedroom set displays many benefits that are both practical and fashionable. The bunk bed is on the top of the set, secured by fixed rails. The bottom part has a convenient ladder, open shelves, storage drawers, and a vanity set with a 3-panel mirror.

Bunk bed with only top bunk

A durable loft bed with a ladder that provides access to an upper area with a comfortable bed. The lower part of this wooden construction includes a desk and plenty of space in storage drawers, shelves and compartments.

Bunk beds with desk underneath

I need to furnish my kids room, so I decide to bought this top bunk bed with desk underneath. It features the white color, which is suitable with any other, and enough spaces for books and toys.

Bunk beds with desk

Furnish your kids room with this new Fergie's stairway loft bed with a lot of spaces for toys, clothes, books and much much more! It features the a full length desk, melamine finish and engineered wood construction.

Bunk bed top only

Adding the room a lively and subtle character, this pink bunk bed with desk underneath constitutes a practical solution for a girl's bedroom. It features two perpendicularly combined beds.

Loft bed with desk plans

An interesting construction that provides comfort and functionality in small areas. The upper bed is accessible thanks to the leather. The lower part includes a small desk with shelves and quite spacious top.

Top bunk bed with desk underneath 2

If you are a fan of space-saver furniture, you have to choose this DIY loft bed with desk underneath. The natural wooden construction and pink mattresses brings comfort and fun to your little princess bedroom.

Berg Furniture Sierra Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Desk And Storage

Berg Furniture Sierra Twin Over Full L Shaped Bunk Bed With Desk And Storage

A functional and stylish proposition for contemporary children bedrooms. This bunk bed smoothly comprises a space to rest and work in one place. It offers two beds, juxtaposed perpendicularly, along with a small desk on the one side and some stairs on the other.

Bed above desk

Until the kids are big enough to do homework and use a desk, you can ...

Bunk bed with desk underneath

Trying to find the excellent, nicely finished and high quality loft bunk bed? We suggest you to choose this one! It creates the fun sleeping space, that can be used as a cozy study or play area!

Bunkbed with desk

This loft bed is ideal for girls' rooms. It includes a twin bed located over a full-sized bed. Its organic engineered wood construction resists different forms of wear and damage. It also includes a desk with a chair and three storage drawers.

Sleep and study loft bed plans

Student Bedroom with loft bed with desk at bottom

Top bunk bed with desk underneath 1

A functional and cozy set for a kids' room, crafted from sturdy wood, with few quality metal additions. The bed is situated on the top, secured by rails, and has a built-in ladder. The bottom part has a spacious closet with doors, open storage compartments, and a desk with 3 drawers.

Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk

Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk

When living space is somewhat limited, this loft bed including desk on bottom will perfectly meet your needs. Heavy duty metal frame ensures robustness, while the solid black finish accentuates the modern looks of this functional piece.

Bunk beds desk

When you have limited space in your kid's room organising the loft bed is a good solution. Simple wooden design and form make it fit to many types of interior. Such a type of furniture will be appropriate for a boy and a girl.

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