Metal Loft Beds With a Desk

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Loft beds are a great space-saving option for your room, with sleeping accommodations on top and plenty of space underneath for storage or other activities. Whether you need a study space for your child or a convenient way to use your guest bedroom as a home office, a metal loft bed with a desk attached is an intelligent way to double down on your efficiency and productivity.

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Updated 18/08/2022
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Double Ladder Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Double Ladder Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Mack & Milo™

What We Like: Extra bookshelves for more storage

What We Don’t Like: Square metal corners on the bunk

Perfect For: An older or growing child

Not So Good For: Toddler-aged children

A powder-coated steel frame and slats provide sturdiness and stability for this metal loft bed with two ladders that access the bunk on top. Safety guardrails and slatted head and footboards give this bed set a clean and contemporary look to grow with your child’s tastes.

A desk, two bookshelves, and a handy bulletin board are tucked away under the metal loft bed so your child will have plenty of space to study, play and read in their own private spot. This minimalist design fits nicely into a child’s growing and changing decor styles to keep your child happy for years.

$379.99 $529.99

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Full Size Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Full Size Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Mason & Marbles

What We Like: Ample storage for office supplies

What We Don’t Like: Narrow ladder rungs

Perfect For: Teens rooms and dorm rooms

Not So Good For: Preschool or elementary school children

This powder-coated steel and wood loft bed creates a chic minimalist study and sleep space. The full-size frame provides ample room for teens and adult guests to stretch out and get comfortable while sleeping, while the 12” guardrail extends the full perimeter of the bed for roll protection.

The wooden desk top extends the length of the bed frame, offering a spacious work area, and it features an integrated keyboard drawer to keep your office space well-organized and clutter-free. Two additional shelves provide space to display decor items or books or keep office supplies.

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Metal Loft Bed With Desk And Seating

Metal Loft Bed With Desk And Seating

Viv + Rae™

What We Like: The seating area is excellent for kids’ crafts or games

What We Don’t Like: Lack of extra shelving

Perfect For: Game rooms

Not So Good For: A large working surface

The powder-coated steel frame of this metal loft bed with desk provides ample stability and a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, so even older kids can enjoy this cozy set-up. A wood-finish, metal-framed desk is built-in underneath the bunk, and a built-in ladder leads to the bed.

The desk underneath is accompanied by two bench-style metal-framed upholstered seats with 264 lb. weight limits to accommodate young and adult guests. This metal loft bed with a desk is perfect for a child’s gaming room or to accommodate unexpected overnight guests, and the built-in desk can double as an eating surface for snack times.

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Slatted Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Slatted Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Mack & Milo™

What We Like: More compact design fits into a smaller room

What We Don’t Like: No extra storage

Perfect For: College students

Not So Good For: Young children

The slatted head and footboards, guardrails, and X-designed metal frame create a stable and durable foundation for this metal loft bed, and built-in floor protectors prevent damage to carpet and tiles. A metal-framed desk is supported under the bunk for a convenient study or working space, and a sturdy metal ladder is built onto the side for accessing the bed.

This compact metal loft bed with a desk is perfect for a smaller guest room to accommodate guests who need to work or to create a relaxing reading space to escape the hustle and bustle. The rugged metal construction and a weight capacity of 200 pounds also make it an excellent choice for a small college dorm, so your student has a place to prep for exams.

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Twin Sized Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Twin Sized Metal Loft Bed With Desk

Little Seeds

What We Like: Extra storage shelves on the side

What We Don’t Like: No rail for the ladder

Perfect For: Teen boys and a more mature decor

Not So Good For: Younger children who haven’t mastered climbing skills

This strong and durable metal loft bed with a desk has a metal frame, and slats are included so that you won’t need a bulky boxspring for the top bunk. Paired with a twin-sized, rolling caster bed, you can create a metal bunk bed with a desk and enough sleeping and study space for two teens.

Three storage shelves on one side and a desk or study area on the other make this metal loft bed functional for use in a teen’s room or an extra bedroom to accommodate a long-term guest. Stable ladder access and slatted guardrails prevent falls and add to the clean lines of this loft bed to give it an industrial style perfect for a growing boy’s room.

$303.69 $784

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Metal Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder

Metal Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder

Twin loft bed which matches perfect to any type of children's room decor. It contains built in ladder and was crafted from metal. Thanks to this extraordinary construction this furniture will help you to save lots of space.

Metal bunk bed with desk

Made in a metal base bunk bed in a dark finish is a perfect solution for a teenager's room. Practical elements like a desk, chair, and armchair built into the structure create an incredibly functional whole.

Adobe full metal loft bed over workstation desk black

Adobe full metal loft bed over workstation desk black

This kind of furniture is a high quality bedroom equipment. It features an upper sleeping space, while the lower area plays the role of a desk. The frame is durable and it features a solid ladder that provides access to the upper area.

Wildon Home %c2%ae Drew Full Workstation Bunk Bed With Desk

Wildon Home %c2%ae Drew Full Workstation Bunk Bed With Desk

A functional bunk bed that comes with an integrated desk and a matching office chair. Designed of powder-coated metal, the combo also includes a fenced top bunk, a convenient ladder, 2 open shelves and a smooth desktop.

Powell loft bed with desk

A loft bed with desk keeps the space efficient, and helps to minimize floor footprint. Here, a sturdy metal construction adds to contemporary room layout and leaves nothing to wish for in terms of durability.

Metal twin loft bed with desk

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Bed computer table

The only alternative when we do not have a large children's room is a bunk bed. For fans of modernity it can be a metal construction, painted in white.It cointains also study area. At the bottom is a black couch, where one can comfortably listen to the music.

Metal full loft bed

Metal Tube Full Loft Bed w/ Desk

Metal twin over workstation black

Metal twin over workstation black

A multi-functional piece of furniture that not only plays the role of a bed, but it can also be used as a desk for a computer and office equipment. The whole construction is made of durable metal. The product has got two elements that enhance the access to the upper part.

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Metal twin over workstation white

Metal twin over workstation white

Durable and functional, this bunk bed is, especially, suitable for smaller interiors. Crafted of metal and bathed in white finish, the unit comes with a built-in desk, a pull-out keyboard tray, 2 open shelves, 2 built-in ladders, and protective railings on top.

Metal loft bed

I am a big fan of functional and 2-in-1 furniture. So, this loft bed is awesome for me! It features the coaster full size metal loft bed and computer workstation underneath with the black color.

Modern Twin Loft Chrome And Dark Gray Metal Bunk Bed With Desk Workstation

Modern Twin Loft Chrome And Dark Gray Metal Bunk Bed With Desk Workstation

The beautiful and exceptionally attractive metal bunk bed with desk makes the whole structure fascinating with details. Nice bed with desk and cork board is perfect for baby's room, add to its functionality.

Metal loft bunk beds

Finley Home Duro Z Bunk Bed Loft with Desk -, Silver, Metal, Twin Loft Bed Finley Home

New Full Over Desk Black Metal Framed Loft Bed with Bookshelf

Sherman Full Metal Constructed Full Size Bunk Bed w/ Workstation

White metal loft bed with desk

New Metal Workstation Bunk Bed Twin over Desk Silver

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Powell Furniture Monster Bedroom Twin Study Bunk Bed

Powell Furniture Monster Bedroom Twin Study Bunk Bed

The simple bunk bed with desk and the build-in ladder. The character of this piece of furniture is really minimalistic what conforms it to the army equipment. I am not pretty sure if it is comfortable, but it place its role as a sleeping place well.

Sentern twin size metal loft bed with built in study

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