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Buy the best trundle bed with desk selected and recommended by interior designers. By Eliza Bush.

If you’re trying to save space in your child’s bedroom, a trundle bed with a desk will do just that. The desk aspect will offer precious room for your child to study, and they can also relax on the trundle bed if it isn’t in use. Plus, having everything combined into one unit means there will be more space in the bedroom for your child to play. We’ve reviewed some of the best trundle beds with desks below. 

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Desk and Trundle

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Desk and Trundle


Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Desk and Trundle

Harriet Bee



Perfect For: Creating an organized and functional space for kids

What We Like: Multi-functional 3-in-1 design

Upgrade your child's bedroom with this twin over full bunk bed that features an all-around 13.1" guardrails for safety, an angled ladder for easier climbing, and a blend of solid and manufactured wood for sturdy construction. In addition to sleeping arrangements, this bed includes a built-in desk with three storage drawers and a hutch, maximizing space efficiency. For accommodating overnight guests, a slide-out trundle makes sleepovers a breeze.

Designer Advice

When assembling, enlist the help of a spouse or friend for support. Complete the setup with colorful and comfortable bedding to make the space welcoming and fun for kids.

Loft Bed with Four-Step Storage Stairs

Loft Bed with Four-Step Storage Stairs

Loft Bed with Four-Step Storage Stairs

Harriet Bee


Perfect For: Maximizing space in children's bedrooms

What We Like: Dual functionality of the stairs as storage

This loft bed is designed with a wide, four-step staircase that not only allows easy and safe access to the upper bed but also doubles as functional storage. The staircase design simplifies the process of changing bed sheets and quilts compared to traditional loft beds. The full-length guardrail and handrail, coupled with solid pine legs, ensure exceptional security and durability for your family.

Designer Advice

Add decorative storage bins or baskets to the stair shelves for a stylish and organized display of books, toys, or other items in your child's bedroom.

Traditional Trundle Bed with Desk

Traditional Trundle Bed with Desk

Traditional Trundle Bed with Desk

Viv + Rae™


What we like: Drawers included

What we don’t like: Short rungs on the ladder

Not so good for: If you don’t like darker colors

Perfect for: Narrow bedrooms

Crafted from solid pine, this loft bed has space for a twin-size mattress at the top. Not only does it have a desk at the side, but also several areas for storage. It’s perfect for a narrow room, as the integrated drawers and side compartment provide plenty of room for clothes and books.

It features a traditional design and a gorgeous deep espresso finish for a vintage vibe. A slat kit is included, though no mattress. As well as drawers and a desk, this unit comes with a corkboard for planning out ideas and a built-in ladder for easy access to the top bunk. Assembly is required. 

Modern Trundle Bed Desk

Modern Trundle Bed Desk

Modern Trundle Bed Desk



What we like: USB ports included

What we don’t like: Desk is difficult to sit at

Not so good for: If you want a pull-out desk

Perfect for: Multiple people staying over

Featuring a streamlined silhouette, this trundle bed with a desk has a contemporary design. It is available in four finish choices – white and dark wood, white and light wood, white and matte silver, or high gloss white. Made from extra-thick laminate chipboard, the unit actually includes three beds. Two are proper beds, whereas the third is a trundle.

The desk is wide and flat, and a small bookcase is also built-in just above. To the side, stairs with drawers offer access to the top bunk. Your child will also love the two USB charging ports that are included, as well as the LED reading light for bedtime stories. 

Slim Trundle Bed and Desk

Slim Trundle Bed and Desk

Slim Trundle Bed and Desk

Mason & Marbles


What we like: Affordably priced

What we don’t like: Trundle bed cannot be hidden away

Not so good for: More feminine bedrooms

Perfect for: A boy’s bedroom

Priced at under $700, this bed combo features a slim silhouette. It is made of strong steel combined with high-quality MDF to create an ultra-supportive frame. The finish is classic matte black and would look great in a boy’s bedroom no matter their age due to the neutral design.

The trundle bed can be placed in the space underneath at all times or separated to give your child more room. Alongside the built-in desk, a shelving unit at the side will hold any textbooks or studying materials. The desk can be accessed from either the inside or outside of the unit, too. A slat kid is included. Partial assembly is required.

Understated Daybed Desk Combo

Understated Daybed Desk Combo

Understated Daybed Desk Combo

Isabelle & Max™


What we like: Stairs can be placed right or left

What we don’t like: Desk is only small

Not so good for: If you want a computer at your desk

Perfect for: Younger children

Available in gray or white, this bed includes storage and a nifty desk/bookcase hybrid at the side. The stairs include drawers, which are relatively deep and will help to keep things organized. They can also be moved to either the left or right side depending on the shape of your bedroom.

Moreover, the bottom bunk is designed to include both a headboard and footboard for ultimate comfort. The legs are also made of solid pine to ensure extra durability when more than one person is sleeping in the unit. 

Playful Daybed with Desk Attached

Playful Daybed with Desk Attached

Playful Daybed with Desk Attached

Harriet Bee


What we like: Fun color scheme

What we don’t like: Expensively priced

Not so good for: If you require clothing storage too

Perfect for: Adding a pop of color to a room

If your child has a playful side, this bed is perfect for them. Its bold white and orange color scheme appears all the way through and adds a fun accent touch without being too overwhelming. Crafted from solid and manufactured wood, each bed is a twin size.

Plus, there is storage in the form of three drawers on the trundle bunk as well as compartments underneath the side stairs. Each bunk can hold 165lbs each, meaning this bed is best for smaller children to hang out on. 

Minimalist Desk Trundle Bed

Minimalist Desk Trundle Bed

Minimalist Desk Trundle Bed

Harriet Bee


What we like: Trundle can be expanded

What we don’t like: Small guardrails on top bunk

Not so good for: Small bedrooms

Perfect for: If friends often come round

Available in white or gray, this bunk bed features two twin sizes and a pull-out trundle. In addition to this, there is a built-in desk and a bookcase to help motivate your child to study. Its simple and minimalist design will fit in with most bedrooms, as will the neutral color scheme.

For storage purposes, four drawers beneath the side stairs will store toys or clothing. The trundle bed can remain a twin size or expand into a full size if the bunk bed above is a twin instead of full. This makes it a versatile and practical piece of furniture as well as one that looks good. 

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Trundle Bed With Desk

Buying Guide

For those who are looking to maximize space in a small bedroom, use of a trundle bed with desk is an optimal solution. These furniture pieces are available in a myriad of styles and options. We've put together this buying guide as inspiration to help you with your decisions.

A trundle bed with desk is not only a multi-functioning piece of furniture, but it also saves a considerable amount of space. In addition to hiding away the second bed, it also features a hideaway or modular desk as well. Apart from a kid's room, it's optimal in:

  • Loft apartments featuring minimal space
  • Dorm rooms where the area is at a premium
  • Guest rooms where multi-functioning furnishings are the best solution
  • Bedrooms where teens are sharing the room

When determining the size of a trundle bed, it's essential you're addressing the needs and space accordingly. For example, some styles include storage compartments, large desktops, and a queen size trundle. Others have designs featuring a twin size trundle, small desk area, and minimal storage to keep everything compact. Look at how much space is available in the room as well as the storage needs you'll need to accommodate while this furniture piece is in use. Some of these pieces can be quite large so, before you get carried away in a showroom, be sure to measure ahead of time.

Trundle beds available in materials ranging from hardwoods to metal to laminate coatings. Therefore, it’s possible to match it to any décor. For those who are looking for the most durable materials, the recommendation is to select hardwoods. In doing so, you can ensure finishes that will stand up to rigorous use for years. The same is true for metal frames.

Maintaining a trundle bed with desk requires regular dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down to ensure grime doesn’t build-up. For those who purchase a hardwood piece, be sure to use a professional wood cleaner on its surface.

You’ll find that trundle beds come with a variety of extra features, including:

  • Murphy bed style drop-down desks
  • Bunk beds on top with a desk below
  • Cabinetry beside the trundle
  • Drawers built into the stairs along the side
  • A couch featured above the trundle
  • The trundle featured as a drawer beneath the pull-out desk

These features help further develop the styles of the beds. That way, they’re unique pieces that will better incorporate with the room’s décor uniquely. The addition of these features also allows for additional design opportunities, paint options, and places for hardware or accents. Therefore, the trundle bed with desk can become a personalized piece of furniture.

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Modern furniture unit for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood and fitted with a lot of open shelves and drawers for storing necessary things.

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Fashionable teenage bedroom set. Off-white trundle bed with matching desk, paired with fluffy white fur floor rug and monochrome Polka dot day bedding. Six drawers in the trundle. Fairly enough of storage space!

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How about trundle bed with a desk made of solid wood? Good news, the originality has reached the bunk beds: so we can meet with this example in pastel, bright color of milk and cappuccino. 6 drawers underneath are minimalist and useful.

Trundle bed with desk

If you live in a studio flat or you have cramped bedroom, this set of furniture will be perfect for you! it is composed of wall unit with shelves intended to storage books and take-down bed connected with desktop.

Trundle bed with desk

Boasting of functionality and style, this trundle desk has a built-in desk to make your homework a lot easier. It has a 2-door storage compartments, 6 drawers, a pull-out keyboard tray, open shelving, and a secured top bunk.

Trundle bed desk

A good solution for a contemporary studio or children's bedroom. This modern looking set combines a trundle bed with an office desk. Finished in ocean blue, it brings in a fresh energy to the space.

Loft trundle bed with desk

Why not go for something a bit different and choose a desk on a platform and a regular bed to complete your kid's room? These pieces offer double the functionality, since the bed can slide underneath the platform for more floor space.

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Desk with trundle bed / unisex / for kids LH13 - 2465 moretticompact

Toddler bunk beds with stairs

This beautiful combination of the kids room is a mix of a loft with a place to study and relax, as well as a sliding bed to sleep. The simple yet imaginative composition is functional, stable and beautifully presented in every style.

Kids writing desk with trundle bed boys wow

kids writing desk with trundle bed (boys) wow!

Futon desk combo

With this practical combo, your kid is going to have a real blast. The bed is situated at the top of the set, and equipped with iron rails that will prevent your child from falling out of bed. The bottom part offers a corner desk and a cozy black couch. There's also a ladder leading on the top bunk.

Build a twin bed

The contemporary, comfortable and functional trundle platform kids bed with desk will be an excellent addition into any bedroom. Great space saver solution for your small apartment.

Cool trundle beds

Yeah, this set contains many functional elements while taking really small amount of floor space. "Box" storage & bed solution incorporates a trundle bed, desk, bunk bed, dresser and entertainment center.

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