Trundle Bed With Desk

How do you take a trundle bed and make it better? Well, you add a desk to it of course. Our collection of trundle beds with desks are the stylish as they are functional. They are very well made, and we have plenty to choose from. Take a look at our options in this detailed catalog of trundle beds.

Best Products

Opus designs brookleigh daybed set with trundle in soft white

Opus designs brookleigh daybed set with trundle in soft white
I did a lot of searching for trundle beds, before I bought this one. It features the modern furniture concept, with a lot of storage spaces, bookcases and two beds for your little girl and her friend.

Bole contemporary bedroom san francisco

Bole contemporary bedroom san francisco
A cool practical twin bed with a trundle bed of natural-finished wooden materials. It features an innovative headboard having a slanted top part with a shelf and a flip down door which serves as a desk. There's also a cabinet on a side at the bottom.

Kids twin platform bed

Modern furniture unit for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood and fitted with a lot of open shelves and drawers for storing necessary things.

Toddler bunk beds with stairs

This beautiful combination of the kids room is a mix of a loft with a place to study and relax, as well as a sliding bed to sleep. The simple yet imaginative composition is functional, stable and beautifully presented in every style.

Trundle bed desk

A good solution for a contemporary studio or children's bedroom. This modern looking set combines a trundle bed with an office desk. Finished in ocean blue, it brings in a fresh energy to the space.

Trundle bed with desk

Boasting of functionality and style, this trundle desk has a built-in desk to make your homework a lot easier. It has a 2-door storage compartments, 6 drawers, a pull-out keyboard tray, open shelving, and a secured top bunk.

Under couch storage

For your modern or contemporary apartment: the bed which slides out underneath raised seating area. Sound cool, right? It's an interesting solution for small spaces with one or two rooms only.

Our advice Buying Guide

For those who are looking to maximize space in a small bedroom, use of a trundle bed with desk is an optimal solution. These furniture pieces are available in a myriad of styles and options. We've put together this buying guide as inspiration to help you with your decisions.

Who Benefits from a Trundle Bed With Desk?

A trundle bed with desk is not only a multi-functioning piece of furniture, but it also saves a considerable amount of space. In addition to hiding away the second bed, it also features a hideaway or modular desk as well. Apart from a kid's room, it's optimal in:

  • Loft apartments featuring minimal space
  • Dorm rooms where the area is at a premium
  • Guest rooms where multi-functioning furnishings are the best solution
  • Bedrooms where teens are sharing the room

How to Determine the Best Size of a Trundle Bed With Desk?

When determining the size of a trundle bed, it's essential you're addressing the needs and space accordingly. For example, some styles include storage compartments, large desktops, and a queen size trundle. Others have designs featuring a twin size trundle, small desk area, and minimal storage to keep everything compact. Look at how much space is available in the room as well as the storage needs you'll need to accommodate while this furniture piece is in use. Some of these pieces can be quite large so, before you get carried away in a showroom, be sure to measure ahead of time.

What are the Most Durable Materials for a Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds available in materials ranging from hardwoods to metal to laminate coatings. Therefore, it’s possible to match it to any décor. For those who are looking for the most durable materials, the recommendation is to select hardwoods. In doing so, you can ensure finishes that will stand up to rigorous use for years. The same is true for metal frames.

How to Maintain a Trundle Bed?

Maintaining a trundle bed with desk requires regular dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down to ensure grime doesn’t build-up. For those who purchase a hardwood piece, be sure to use a professional wood cleaner on its surface.

What Different Designs of Trundle Beds with Desk are there?

You’ll find that trundle beds come with a variety of extra features, including:

  • Murphy bed style drop-down desks
  • Bunk beds on top with a desk below
  • Cabinetry beside the trundle
  • Drawers built into the stairs along the side
  • A couch featured above the trundle
  • The trundle featured as a drawer beneath the pull-out desk

These features help further develop the styles of the beds. That way, they’re unique pieces that will better incorporate with the room’s décor uniquely. The addition of these features also allows for additional design opportunities, paint options, and places for hardware or accents. Therefore, the trundle bed with desk can become a personalized piece of furniture.


Trundle bed with desk 7

How about trundle bed with a desk made of solid wood? Good news, the originality has reached the bunk beds: so we can meet with this example in pastel, bright color of milk and cappuccino. 6 drawers underneath are minimalist and useful.

Desk with bed underneath

A practical solution for guest rooms, teenagers' rooms, and bachelor pads. This hidden bed looks like a stylish 2-door armoire with metal handles. It has a pull-down front that reveals a low-profile bed with a headboard, and tubular metal flat feet for balance.

Olympic white wooden bunk beds with large desk storage and

Olympic White Wooden Bunk Beds With Large Desk Storage And Trundle Bed

Trundle bed with desk 8

Fashionable teenage bedroom set. Off-white trundle bed with matching desk, paired with fluffy white fur floor rug and monochrome Polka dot day bedding. Six drawers in the trundle. Fairly enough of storage space!

Bunk bed with pull out bed underneath

Extremely practical trundle bed constructed from wood and finished in a nice light green color. The bed is fitted with ample storage thanks to two large drawers at the bottom and an assortment of open shelving along the sides. It also features a small desk with enough workspace to cater to your kids.

Trundle bed with desk

The combination of a beautiful hard bed with a desk and a bed stool makes the baby room take on an unusual style. All in a nice color scheme you will like the youngest. Large drawers and cabinets will work well in storage.

Teenage trundle beds

A cool and ergonomic bedroom design, ideal for a teenager or a single. Trundle bed placed within the platform, being the base for a desk and wardrobe. A stylish and practical space organization solution.

Trundle bed with desk

If you live in a studio flat or you have cramped bedroom, this set of furniture will be perfect for you! it is composed of wall unit with shelves intended to storage books and take-down bed connected with desktop.

Loft bunk beds with desk and drawers

Bunk bed with a lot of drawers. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with stairs and railings for added safety. Modern design for teenager's room, kid's room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Build a twin bed

The contemporary, comfortable and functional trundle platform kids bed with desk will be an excellent addition into any bedroom. Great space saver solution for your small apartment.

Trundle bed with desk 1

The Single Evan Loft Bunk is the perfect all in one solution for your kids room. The bed features a single bed, easy walk up stairs with storage, good size cupboard with shelves a full size desk $949.00 AUD

Trundle bed with desk 5

This decor can be an inspiration both for children and adults, men and women, showing how to achieve a well-organized contemporary decor in a small studio. The trundle bed with desk is an ingenious solution, which allows saving plenty of space.

Cool trundle beds

Yeah, this set contains many functional elements while taking really small amount of floor space. "Box" storage & bed solution incorporates a trundle bed, desk, bunk bed, dresser and entertainment center.

Trundle bed with desk

In your baby's room, you probably spend more time than in your bedroom. In the corner you can mount a blissful day bed with trundle, combined with shelves, everything in innocent white color - so you can take a nap at any time, still near the cradle.

Loft bed with pull out desk

Bunk bed for space saving in the kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. Base is fitted with cabinet, desk mounted on wheels and many open shelves in various sizes.

Trundle bed with desk 1

Desk with trundle bed / unisex / for kids LH13 - 2465 moretticompact

Amazing modern bedroom ideas for small rooms beautiful modern bedroom

Amazing Modern Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms : Beautiful Modern Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms With Trundle Bed Pillow Throw Pillow Picture Sideboard Chair Chest Of Drawer Overhead Light Desk Lamp Computer Book Shelve Rug

Trundle bed with desk 4

A trundle bed in the attic with pink throw pillows, and a blue and green office with an extra bed. // Small Space Guest Rooms

Bunk beds with pull out trundle

A clever, space saving solution for a children's bedroom. A platform working station, placed on the top of a trundle bed. All finished in bright wood, oozing a warm ambiance around the room.

Trundle bed with desk

Daybed idea - flanking the bed with the armoire and the chest of drawers would help create the illusion of sides on the daybed. Adding headboard treatment on wall would help.

Loft trundle bed with desk

Why not go for something a bit different and choose a desk on a platform and a regular bed to complete your kid's room? These pieces offer double the functionality, since the bed can slide underneath the platform for more floor space.

Trundle bed with desk

For fine-quality furniture, you can't find much better than Amish-made pieces. One of them is this trundle junior bed with desk, and stairs that traditionally play a role of drawers, too. To receive this deep cherry color - wooden veneer was used.

Futon desk combo

With this practical combo, your kid is going to have a real blast. The bed is situated at the top of the set, and equipped with iron rails that will prevent your child from falling out of bed. The bottom part offers a corner desk and a cozy black couch. There's also a ladder leading on the top bunk.

Trundle bed drawer slides

Interestingly, the trundle bed with a desk makes the decor of the interiors fun. Robust wood construction with practical details makes it an ideal solution for small spaces. Warm colors of it delight.

Bed and desk in one

White & green boy bedroom with storage done right. Numerous drawers, cabinets and stuff provide tons of space to store things. All furnishing - even the bed and desk - have rolling casters, which delivers FULL arrangement flexibility.

Transitional kids by rosenberry rooms

Transitional Kids by Rosenberry Rooms

Platform bed with desk

This amazing twin over twin loft bed offers the deep pull out writing desk with four built-in drawers and comes complete with webbed slat kit to make the installation easier, while the piece itself looks immensely elegant and classy.

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Kids beds with trundle

childrens bedroom set, trundle bed, guest bed, desk, furniture,

Cabin beds2c trundle beds2c kids wardrobe2c kids desk hermida02e jpg

... -cabin-beds2c-trundle-beds2c-kids-wardrobe2c-kids-desk-hermida02E.JPG

Kids room decor with fun trundle bed also hidden turquoise

Kids Room Decor With Fun Trundle Bed Also Hidden Turquoise Desk Area - pictures, photos, images

Kids bedroom ideas for growth age boy small purple kids

Kids Bedroom Ideas for Growth Age Boy: Small Purple Kids Bedroom Ideas Purple Stripped Wallpaper White Desk White Wall Bookshelves ~ Bedroom Designs Inspiration

Single bed with bed underneath

This whole room is awesome. I especially love the light fixture, shaggy rug, window seat, built in bookshelves, and other organization options. I would add some color to brighten it up and add a long white (corner?) desk to make it my perfect office. I al

Trundle bed with desk

Fascinating Full Wall Decal Girls Bedroom Design with Bunk and Trundle Beds and Cloud Ceiling Mural by Irako Design

Trundle bed with desk 2

Multifunctional desk with a hidden bed. Desk and twin bed combination - office idea? A boon wherever a place to host a guest overnight is urgently needed. What's more, the combo has a top hutch and 2 side hutches.

Trundle bed with desk 3

Contemporary Colorful Kids Bedroom with a Vivacious Trundle Bed 24 Cool Trundle Beds for Your Kids Room

Trundle bed with desk 2

Home Design Ideas > Bedding Set > Loft Bed With Desk And Trundle

California single bunk beds with trundle bed desk

California Single Bunk Beds With Trundle Bed & Desk

Single bed with desk

Charming bed combination with trundle is an excellent choice for your baby's room. Beautiful design, plenty of storage space and a great finish in white delight. Bookshelf beautifully blends in with the whole.

Trundle bed with desk under

Trundle bed with desk under.

Need the desk pull it out need the bed pull

Need the desk? Pull it out. Need the bed, pull it out. Need more room to play? Push them all against the wall... THEY NEST!

Kids writing desk with trundle bed boys wow

kids writing desk with trundle bed (boys) wow!

Traditional Camaflexi Full Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

Traditional Camaflexi Full Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle