Full Low Loft Bed

For a great place to sleep and study, or just sleep with the efficiency of drawers beneath your bed, we give you the full low loft bed. Lower than the usual loft bed, these models have many options in what to do in the lower spaces beneath the bed. Take a look at all the fun and versatile choices available in this extensive collection of full low loft beds.

Best Products

Camaflexi Full Low Loft Bed With Panel Headboard

Camaflexi Full Low Loft Bed With Panel Headboard
Attractive traditional loft bed of brown-finished wood. It has straight square posts, rectangular crossbars, full both a headboard and a footboard with a slatted-up design, horizontal guardrails, a slat roll system. A ladder has wide grooved rungs.

Full Low Loft Bed with Mission Headboard

Full Low Loft Bed with Mission Headboard
Aesthetic traditional loft bed of wood with a white finish. It has straight square posts, rectangular crossbars, vertically slatted both a headboard and a footboard, horizontal guardrails, a slat rool foundation. A ladder has wide grooved rungs.

Camaflexi Full Low Loft Bed With Lateral Ladder And Mission Headboard

Camaflexi Full Low Loft Bed With Lateral Ladder And Mission Headboard
An ideal addition to kid's room where saving space is essential - the full low loft bed that features lateral wooden ladder and even a wooden headboard that is placed on both sides in mission style. The whole is made of light solid wood.

GREAT3 Low Loft Staircase Panel Bed with 6 Drawer Dresser

GREAT3 Low Loft Staircase Panel Bed with 6 Drawer Dresser
Such boxy-shaped pieces of furniture are maybe not the prettiest once, but they are 100% practical. The bed panel has been placed on the really big drawer. The big advantage is that also the staircase had been fully utilized.

Camaflexi Full Low Loft Bed With Panel Headboard

Camaflexi Full Low Loft Bed With Panel Headboard
Elegant, dark loft bed. Dark brown wood ensures it’s a fitting addition even to modern, stylish houses. It’s not overly big, too. Simplicity and minimalism are stylish and fashionable, and will never let you down.

Junior Low Loft Bed

Junior Low Loft Bed
It is a junior low loft bed that is perfect solution for small spaces. You can choose one of two colors: silver metal and black metal. This bed is perfect for your kids room. They will be impressed how amazing this bed is.

Full size loft bed with desk underneath 1

A stunning combo that will prove almost unbelievably convenient for your child's room, offering both a bunk bed and a desk and taking up as little space as only possible, while the natural finish makes the room look brighter.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you have to furnish a small room, your best option would be to use a full low loft bed as this type of bed allows for a bigger sleeping area apart from providing ample space beneath the bed that can be used for storage or play (for a kid).

If you want help in finding out which full low loft bed is best for the space you have to work with, then read our guide and consider the aspects that we will be listing below.

What is the minimum ceiling height for a loft bed?

It is essential to have at least 33 inches of space between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. Although a full low loft bed is low in height, you still need to see if the room you'll be furnishing has the ceiling height that's required for the bed you are thinking of purchasing. While most low loft beds have heights that can easily fit into most rooms, you'd still be better off double-checking heights, most especially if your ceiling is sloped. Consider also the placement of the bed and avoid a low hanging ceiling fan.

What are the choices of materials for full low loft beds?

Due to the popularity of full low loft beds, your best options come in various material constructions including wooden and tubular frames, which can also come in various designs and colors. A solid wood construction is your most durable option as it is guaranteed to last long. It also lends a sophisticated and elegant look for a room that may double as a guest room.

The most affordable options for you are made of tubular steel. Although most of them don't have extra storage nor varying ladder designs, they are still popular for their simplicity which easily solves lots of space saving conundrums. Tubular steel options also serve as the most affordable way to declutter a dorm room and provide extra space for seating, especially if a convertible futon is placed underneath the loft bed instead of storage cabinets.

What kind of ladder should you choose for a full low loft bed?

The most common way of accessing the loft bed is through a reliable ladder. There are loft beds with dual purpose ladders that have been built into the framing. The more popular variations to these are ladders are the straight traditional ones and the slightly curved ladders. Most ladders for low loft beds offer several ways for mounting to accommodate the personal preferences of users.

What storage options are there in full low loft beds?

Adding extra storage to full low loft beds have become popular as they prove to be worth the investment. Full-sized low loft beds can come with stacked drawers, stairway drawers or underbed storage, which are all great space savers. They are especially helpful when you need to make room for an extra kid in the same room where the loft bed will be placed as well as in rooms that are running out of available space for the storage of toys, clothing, and books.

How high should the guardrails on a full low loft bed be?

As a general rule, five inches above mattress is the minimum height for the guardrails to conform to Consumer Product Safety Guidelines. Guardrails are a must for full low loft bed on all sides. Make sure that you read the measurements as carefully as you can to ensure that your kid's bed can protect your child adequately.


Full low loft bed

The beautiful design of this full low loft bed is an excellent way to have a holiday angle device in any decor. Robust wood construction, shelves for trinkets and plenty of storage space make it a very functional whole.

Low loft

Being an interesting proposition for those, who like to built-up spaces. This Matrix Kids full low loft bed combines a place to sleep with a considerable storage and working space. The set comprises a loft bed, a chest of drawers and a desk with drawers.

Cheap full size loft bed

A very unique way of accommodating your room with functional solutions and striking appearance. This full low loft bed includes a curved staricase, a fixed desk with a large storage compartment underneath, several open shelves, and a built-in walk-in closet right underneath the bed.

Full low loft bed

A comfy loft bed for teenagers, with a built-in bookcase and plenty of space for storing your beddings. Designed of wood in two-tone black and white finish, the bed offers drawers with decorative pull-knobs, small open compartments, and 4 open shelves.

Bed with stairs

This low loft bunk bed is ideal for serious study, featuring lots of shelving, stairs and a nicely finished desk, special for doing homeworks. The white finish fits perfectly to any style at girly room.

Low loft bed full

This full low captain's bed with hideaway desk constitutes a practical proposition, if you want to organize better your small bedroom space. The bed is entered by 3 stairs.

Full low loft bed

Versatile and fun full low loft bed - why play? Because you can climb a wooden ladder, hide your treasures in spacious drawers built into the whole bed, draw at the desk or sleep on dark blue bedding.

High rise bed with high rise bed with double

High Rise Bed with High Rise Bed with Double

Low loft storage bed

Although it may not be the best-organized bedroom, but as you can see loft beds can serve a great storage spot for your piles of stuff. This one, made from bright wood, adds a soft, warm ambiance to the space.

Short loft bed with desk

Large 3 Full Size Low Loft Storage Bed with Straight Ladder $2,320.00

Full size loft beds with desk gabriel full loft bed

Full Size Loft Beds With Desk Gabriel full loft bed

Large 1 full low loft storage bed with straight ladder

Large 1 Full Low Loft Storage Bed with Straight Ladder

Large full low loft bed with straight ladder

Large Full Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder

Low full size loft bed

This full low loft bed constitutes a great way to add a charming, shabby chic ambiance to a kids' bedroom. The space under the bed is occupied by a white cabinet, comprising 5 drawers for storage.

Full size loft beds for small spaces

Full Size Loft Beds for Small Spaces

Short loft bed

A space-saving solution for teenagers' rooms, in shape of a corner full low loft bed, crafted of sturdy hardwood in an oak finish. Its intricate design features 2 bunk beds, and 2 matching storage drawers.

Low loft bed full size

Bunk Bed: Cheap & Inexpensive Twin, Full and Futon Bunk Beds

Free woodworking plans to build a full sized low loft

Free Woodworking Plans to Build a Full Sized Low Loft Bunk

Bed with study table design

Being a smooth transition between the past and the future, this loft bed with storage and desk underneath combines traditional materials with a modern sleek finish. Functional and stylish at the same time.

Short loft beds

Being a good option for a child's bedroom, this white bunk bed set offers impressive functionality. Entered by stairs, it towers over a wardrobe for clothes or books and papers.

Bunk beds with desks

Full size loft bed with stairs, for girl room. In white, with black steps lining and pink accents. Bed on top, wide desk w/ drawers on bottom. Provides some storage space and large working space below the bed.

Junior loft bed plans

Delicious Low Loft Bed with Slide and Staircase on End

Box low loft bed with dressers and desk 3

Box Low Loft Bed with Dressers and Desk

Low full size bed

... Waterproof Cotton Terry(+$39.99) Full Waterproof Cotton Terry(+$39.99

Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station

This loft bed slash full size work station is an excellent idea for everyone, who struggles to find enough floor space in their home or just wants to make the best of it. The black matte finish provides a contemporary look and makes it stand out.

Low loft bed plans

Another full low loft bed - is it marine themed or am I wrong? Perhaps it's the navy blue walls and blue and red bedding that bring such connotation. Natural blonde wood construction was reinforced a bit with metal railing.

Unique full size beds

Designed to bring functionality and resolve the problem with the lack of sleeping places, this triple bed is a clever, l-shaped construction, featuring two upper beds towering over a twin bed and perpendicularly juxtaposed wardrobe.

Charleston Storage Loft Bed with Desk, White

White storage loft bed ( 78.8'' x 50.2'' x 50") with desk. Practical and spacious furniture. The bed 3 large storage drawers, open shelves, concealable desk that rolls out from the side and robust two-step ladder. Sleep area encompassed by heavy-duty steel safety rails.

Low loft bed with desk

Loft bed in traditional form. It is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Neutral and functional furniture for saving space in kid's room, teen room and others interiors as needed.

Low bunk beds with stairs

Adorable kids bedroom set with full over twin bunk bed, built-in stairs and lots of drawers, not to mention open storage compartments. White plywood construction is made look fun thanks to purple knobs and black stairs edges.

Full size low loft bed

A lovely addition for kids' rooms, that's not only nice to look at, but also quite functional. Wood construction features several storage drawers with pull-knobs, a fixed ladder, and a properly secured top bunk.

Full size low loft bed with straight ladder

Full size Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder

Pin by monica putnam on loft bed pinterest

Pin by monica Putnam on Loft bed Pinterest

Low Height Full Loft Bunk Bed-Dark Roast

Low double beds for lofts

Make sure that you create the perfect setting in your little girls' room with this charming low loft bed with an added desk, dresser and bookcase. It is sure to hold plenty of belongings with practicality in mind and will ensure safety and comfort.

Loft beds for kids free plans full size low loft

loft beds for kids free plans | ... -Full-Size-Low-Loft-Bed-w.-Straight-Ladder-Loft-Bed_1_800x600.jpg

Queen low loft bed

Kids Full Low Loft Bed with Slide

Loft bunk bed with stairs

Compact and space-efficient setup for a dining room with a loft bed above the dining area. The loft bed is placed on tall, wooden legs with a set of stairs that double as a handy bookshelf, providing additional storage.

Full low loft bed with slide artisticsensations

Full Low Loft Bed with Slide- Artisticsensations

Loft bed with pull out desk

Delighting with its beautiful bright colour, this natural maple platform bed is a queen size construction. It features convenient side drawers for your linens. A perfect proposition for contemporary apartments or studios.

Low loft bed with drawers

Fantastic Full Sized Low Loft Bed with Angle Ladder & Slide

Full low loft bed 1

An aesthetic practical loft bed of natural-finished wood. Its headboard and footboard feature an arched panel design. It has horizontal rails and a slanted ladder with a metal handrail. There are 6 cubbies and 6 drawers (with 2 knobs each) under.