Loft Bed With Shelves


A loft bed is a great way to efficiently manage a smaller space. And our collection of loft beds is made even better with the addition of shelving. These beds are all very well made, constructed of the finest materials, and available and plenty of styles for you too accentuates your individual personality.

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Our Picks

Twin Trundle for Caitlyn Bunk Bed

Twin Trundle for Caitlyn Bunk Bed

This twin bunk bed has got a white finish. It is perfect for your children room and small spaces. It fits to bright rooms and it is very comfortable. Your kids need this amazing bunk bed.

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Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

With the stunning and charming white finish and the simple lines, this twin over full bunk bed will be just perfect for your kids' room, allowing them the perfect sleeping space and saving plenty of space in the process.

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Twin Loft Bed

Twin Loft Bed

Interesting, practical advanced style twin loft bed. Frame is made of metal with a black and silvery finish. It has bowed front legs and built-in left-to-right ladder. There is a large desk underneath. Bed sides have safety horizontal rails.

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Ikea loft beds with desk

A very compact, modern loft bed with a built-in desk and a comfy little day bed sofa underneath. Also, includes a few little shelves for additional storage. Perfect for a contemporary design of a kids’ bedroom.

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Loft bed with shelves

A wonderful, massive shelving unit that will control the mess and will let you keep all your things well organized. It's a simple, wooden construction that is divided into plenty of cubbies. The top of it is a loft bed!

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Loft bed shelf

I really wanted to wake up and be able to look out my window from my bed every morning, so I created a bed with the IKEA KALLAX units.

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Shelf for loft bed

With the built-in staircase that leads into a loft bed this is the perfect idea for any little girl's room. It comes with the built-in cork board flanked by the bookcase to allow for the most functional setting possible.

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Bed shelving

The lovely arrangement of teen's room. The all-in-one loft bed contains all the functionalities needed in a small place. Under the loft bed there is a little beautiful sofa with a desk nearby, so your girl could draw during relaxing.

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Loft bed with shelves 4

Omfg!! This is going in my future home and I'm going to put curtains up on it so it can be concealed when needed :)

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Bed shelves

Attic Space

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Best Ideas

Bed with shelves around it

Space was maximized in this not-so-spacious apartment in Italy: plywood was used to construct a shelving unit combined with pedestal bed. This innovative design divides the space and defines it by the way.

Bolton Furniture Cottage Twin Low Loft Bed With Bookcase And Wakefield Dresser

Bolton Furniture Cottage Twin Low Loft Bed With Bookcase And Wakefield Dresser

Shelf bed

I want this, I need this. but there aint no house where to put this. sooo don't feel sad cause 2 out of 3 aint bad.

Beds with shelves

loft bed with shelve

Canwood Skyway Loft Bed with Desk and Storage Tower, Twin, Espresso

This type of product is a solid, multi-functional piece of furniture. It is a bed with a desk and storage tower. The whole construction is made of pine wood. The product includes 5 spacious storage drawers and a ladder.

Canwood Mountaineer Loft Bed with Storage Tower and Built in Stairs Drawers, Twin, White

This kind of product is very original. It is a loft bed that matches any twin-sized mattress. This construction includes many storage shelves, drawers and stairs with drawers that assure access to the upper area.

Loft bed with shelves 10

27 Perfect Spots To Curl Up With A Book

Loft bed with shelves 5

Trying to figure out a way to do this -- because the approximately 180 linear feet we have is not enough bookshelves.

Ikea loft bed shelf

In the picture I can see an attic bedroom stylization that includes built-in storage shelves. All beds and shelves are finished in white and other neutral colors. Beds provide soft surfaces for enhanced comfort of sleeping.

Loft bed with shelves 1

Really like the shelves with the bed. Easy to keep a few books, alarm clock, etc. Built-in lighting illuminates the workspace beneath the bed.

Bunk bed shelves

Sleeping area with curtains and a raised platform. - 20 Tiny Bedroom Hacks Help You Make the Most of Your Space

Bunk bed shelving

Clothes storage underneath and shelves to frame it as I have no window to worry about. Use driftwood somewhere?!

Shelves around bed

I imagine the loft similar - as an office/book area - with the bed and bath on the other side of the wall.

Loft storage shelves

Designed to increase the useable floorspace in a tiny bedroom. Built-in shelving, storage, and a reading lamp enhance the design. Lights under the bed create a fun play area.