Twin Loft Bed With Storage Underneath

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One of the best ways to keep your child’s living space neat and organized is with dual-purpose furniture like a loft twin bed with storage underneath. These pieces are a fantastic way to increase storage capacity without using extra floor space or adding clutter to their room. Explore six of our favorite twin beds with storage underneath design options to find the one that fits your space and your child’s unique style. 

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Updated 06/09/2022
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Arlen Twin 5 Drawer Loft Bed with Bookcase

Arlen Twin 5 Drawer Loft Bed with Bookcase

South Shore

What We Like: Lots of storage options in all-in-one-unit; sturdy

What We Don’t Like: Complex assembly; desk isn’t reversible

Perfect For: Small spaces

Not So Good For: A guest room

This twin low loft bed with storage is one of our favorites due to its storage capabilities. Besides the twin-sized cottage-style bed, this loft bed has a bookcase, five storage drawers, six shelves, a built-in ladder, a desk, an armoire, and even a reading nook. The loft bed is constructed with manufactured wood in an elegant blueberry wash finish to fit nautical, space, or darker bedroom designs.

This loft bed is designed with your child in mind, allowing them to store their favorite items within an arm’s reach and providing them with a private personal space to make their own. The bed is full of handy features and storage capabilities; however, it may require more than one person to assemble. This bed can help you maximize the storage area in your child’s bedroom and give it a classic, clean aesthetic.

$999.99 $1134.99

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Snow White Angelica Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase

Snow White Angelica Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase

What We Like: Sleek profile

What We Don’t Like: Low railing around the bunk bed

Perfect For: Those looking for a space-saving option that’s low to the floor

Not So Good For: People who prefer unused space beneath the bed

This loft twin bed with storage is an excellent option for anyone looking to make the most of their child’s bedroom space. The loft bed is designed with efficiency in mind, with a pull-out desk, four shelves, and four drawers occupying the space below the twin-sized bed. These features allow you to increase your storage capacity while making more efficient use of your available floor space.

The pull-out desk is one of our favorite features, and the integrated and sturdy ladder will help your child get to their bed safely. The elevated bed includes a headboard, footboard, and guardrails to keep your child safe as they sleep. However, the railing may be unsuitable for small children or toddlers. The frame comes in a sleek white finish that will fit any room design aesthetic.

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Cavallo Twin 8 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed with Bookcase

Cavallo Twin 8 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed with Bookcase

What We Like: Stylish; multifunctional; all-in-one design

What We Don’t Like: Uses a lot of floor space; high off the ground

Perfect For: Older children or teens

Not So Good For: Smaller children

This kids’ loft bed with storage is a feature-loaded option with extensive storage capacity. The loft bed includes three shelves, eight drawers, a bookcase, a desk, a stairway, and a reading nook that will give your child the personal space they need. Each step doubles as a drawer for added storage for clothes, toys, or art supplies.

The frame is constructed entirely from durable pine wood, allowing it to withstand heavy usage. The bed will hold weights up to 400 pounds, allowing it to support your child for many years. The imported kiln-dried pine comes in six different color options, so you won’t have trouble matching the loft bed to the room’s preexisting design. The piece has a large footprint and sits more than 4’ off the ground, so it may be unsuitable for smaller spaces or those with low ceilings.  

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Purdy Hill Bed

Purdy Hill Bed

What We Like: Roomy nook underneath; frees up extra space in a small room

What We Don’t Like: Not as much storage capacity as some other models

Perfect For: People looking for a space-saving loft bed with kid-friendly features

Not So Good For: People who are prioritizing storage capacity

This low loft bed with storage is a fantastic option for people looking for a space-saving loft bed that their child will love. The loft bed includes a built-in ladder, a drawer, a shelf, and a movable bedside. The large nook takes up a good portion of the space underneath the bed and includes an entryway and window. The area is fully-enclosed if placed against a wall, giving your child a private space to play, ready, or nap.

Another positive of this loft bed is its 400-pound weight capacity and guardrails, which keep your kid safe. The low-rise loft and mattress allow you to place the piece in locations with lower ceilings. The frame is made with solid pine and is available in espresso, white wash, or driftwood finishes.  

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Hileman Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase

Hileman Twin Loft Bed with Bookcase

What We Like: Open design; minimalistic features; extra shelf next to the bed

What We Don’t Like: Integrated ladder is hard to climb

Perfect For: People who need a loft bed with as small a footprint as possible

Not So Good For: Toddlers; 8.5” x 11” book storage

This twin loft bed with storage provides a sleek, minimalistic approach to bunk bed storage. It is an excellent option for small rooms that can’t hold large or more substantial wood furniture. The piece includes five large shelves for storage, a shelf that runs alongside the bed, and an integrated ladder for access. The loft beneath the twin-sized bed is large and roomy, and the frame’s design allows for an open feel. This twin loft bed takes up minimal floor space and is ideal for situations where efficient use of space is of the highest priority.

One of our favorite features of this loft bed is its steel construction, which allows for enhanced stability and durability compared to other models. You can easily put the bed’s frame together without power tools. Choose from white, black, or silver finishes to match your child’s favorite color and room design elements.  

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Eirwen Twin Platform Loft Bed with Bookcase

Eirwen Twin Platform Loft Bed with Bookcase

Harriet Bee

What We Like: Pull-out desk and bookshelf; easy-to-use knobs for small hands; fire truck theme

What We Don’t Like: Takes more than one person to assemble

Perfect For: Elementary age children and tweens

Not So Good For: Teens

This twin bed with storage underneath is a phenomenal solution to a cluttered room. The low twin-sized bed frame features an integrated pull-out desk, three large drawers, four shelves, and an access ladder. The pull-out desk feature provides a perfect place for your child to read, study, or play without blocking off additional floor space.

This twin bed with a dresser underneath provides excellent storage capacity with a minimal footprint. Each feature tucks neatly underneath the bed, and the low rise nature of the frame facilitates its use in rooms with low ceilings. This bed is ideal for small children and provides slatted safety rails to keep them safe when on the loft mattress. The frame is constructed with solid pine for durability and is available in blue, brown, gray, and white finishes. 

$649.99 $1138.92

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Twin Loft Bed With Storage Underneath

Buying Guide

Small bedrooms can be a challenge for space. A twin loft bed with storage underneath provides the sleeping room that you need plus the convenience of organizing clothes, books and more.

Compact and stylish, there are designs that fit all kid ages, genders and require little setup.

High-grade materials are used with a twin loft bed with storage underneath. The American Society for Testing and Materials provides international standards for the soundness of furniture materials.

  • Wood - Wood keeps the frame sturdy and dependable. Brazilian pine or birch is stained or painted in today's popular finishes. Distressed gray wood provides a feeling of charm and comfort. Natural solid wood, like maple, oak or walnut, lets the wood's knotty characteristics serve as a statement in raw beauty. Painted wood gives a modern appeal to a room.
  • Metal - Metal is a growing popular material for kid's bedroom furniture. ASTM and CPSC quality specifications for safety guarantees durability in all metal used. Lead-free finishes are available in different colors. Shiny or matted paint will not chip or peel. Favorite modern colors include black, gray, white, red and blue.

Options for a child's needs can be found in different models of loft beds. The features worth considering include:

  • Guardrails - Matching guardrails surround the upper bed for safety. Running along the length and width of each model, they are held into place with substantial hardware that meets ASTM and CPSC requirements. Extra slats may be available for added protection.
  • Steps/Ladders - Made from wood or metal, high-quality standards are used in steps and ladders that will receive everyday use. Evenly spaced steps or rungs are tested for quality control. Steps have hidden storage to use every inch of space available.
  • Storage Space - Different types of storage space are provided with models. Drawers for clothes, open areas with desks, or shelves and bookcases are some of the options made available. These spaces are well-designed to flow with the type of overhead sleeping area in convenience and aesthetic factors. Some have enough space for adding chairs or stackable shelving to create even more storage.

A twin loft bed with storage underneath is 79 inches to 93 inches in length, depending on whether there are steps or a ladder. The width is 49 inches to 80 inches in width. Some models have enough open space beneath to add another twin bed. However, this would eliminate the extra storage space. Always take room measurements before ordering a twin loft bed.

Loft beds are low in maintenance. Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and oil from hands. If the unit is made of natural wood, occasionally use an oil polish to protect and highlight the finish. Metal can be shined with a regular glass cleaner.

Best Ideas

Twin loft bed with storage underneath 12

Stages Twin Loft Bed with Right Steps & Chest Storage by Signature Design by Ashley - Becker Furniture World - Loft Bed Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota Furniture Store

Twin loft bed with storage underneath

A splash of contemporary elegance that will find its place in children's rooms. The twin loft bed is beautifully made using hardwood and dark cherry finish, also offering several storage drawers with silver pull-knobs, opens shelving, built-in staircase, and properly secured top bunk.

Vista students twin loft bed with plenty of storage underneath

Vista Student's Twin Loft bed with plenty of storage underneath. Save some space in a small room, and it's not too high for younger children.

Double loft bunk beds

A perfect way of organization of small spaces. This loft bed is a solid wooden construction in a neutral white color. The upper part includes a comfortable bed and the lower area features a large corner desk with storage shelves.

Diy loft bed with storage

A cofmfortable twin loft bed with a large compartment underneath, crafted of sturdy wood and finished in walnut. The bed comes with a built-in ladder, a fenced top bunk, storage drawers, open shelves, and a desk with lighting system inside of the large compartment.

Bunk beds with desk and stairs

Every kids' room will be more than grateful for this adorable addition. Bunk bed is placed on top of the structure, and you can climb there, using a fixed, 5-step ladder. If you need a desk, storage drawers or compartments for your belongings, not to worry, they're all there, too.

Twin Low Loft Bed in Natural Finish with Six & Three-Drawer Dressers Underneath

This twin loft bed adds not only a cool place to sleep but also to climb and experience adventures. Clever leg extension lifts the basic bed off the ground and creates extra play or storage space under the bed, offering also an elevated sleeping surface.

Bed with space underneath

A cosy loft bed for girls. It's of white-finished wooden materials. A bed has simple side rails and an upright ladder. A footboard and a headboard are upright slatted and gently arched. A large drawer chest and an open front unit are under the bed.

Chester Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

Chester Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

With this twin bunk bed you can add a classic touch to your decor and amazing functionality, since it offers comfortable sleeping space and a safe ladder. The simple, elegant design comes with a lovely, brown finish and brings a traditional aura to any interior.

Lofted double bed

Interestingly constructed double bed with stairs is a perfect solution for children's room. Beautiful woodwork is solid and will make the decor take on functionality and coziness. The whole finished in a warm shade.

Twin loft bed with storage underneath

cool rooms within rooms!

How to build a twin loft bed

A chic antique style loft bed of white-finished wooden materials. It has simple side rails. Its headboard and footboard have arched moulding top edges. It's equipped with an upright ladder, an open shelving unit, a chest with 7 size-varied drawers.

Twin loft bed with storage underneath 13

Bunk Bed over crib. Love the modern beds on this website.

Kids room designs cute white fermoy twin bunk beds with

Kids Room Designs. Cute white Fermoy twin bunk beds with underbed double drawer unit and nice stairs. 30 Cool Kids Bedroom Space Saving Ideas: Loft Bed And Bunk Beds With Closet And Hidden Storage Unit Underneath

Twin loft bed with storage underneath

Double loft without storage box underneath is a perfect combination for children's room. The lovely pastel colors of the finish are captivating and bring a cozy character to the decor. Cute decorative details bring a unique style.

Under loft bed storage ideas

Good-looking and practical kids room setting with low bunk bed and plenty of storage units underneath. A small desk features rolling casters for proper obility. Wood finish is matched with gray metal tubes forming the bed's ladder and safety rails.

Corner unit beds

A space-saving addition for children's rooms; comfortable, beautiful, and made of sturdy wood. The twin loft bunk bed comes with 2 properly secured top bunks, 2 built-in ladders, and 1 red upholstered futon with 2 bottom drawers.

Twin loft bed with storage underneath 1

Chelsea Home Futon Loft Bed with Underbed Storage | Wayfair

Furniture of America Furniture of America Redden Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers

Photo of kids bedrooms with desk under bed for kids

Photo Of Kids Bedrooms With Desk Under Bed For Kids Twin Loft Bed ...

Caitbrook gray twin loft bed w storage chest and shelves

Caitbrook Gray Twin Loft Bed w/ Storage Chest and Shelves ...

Kids solid white wood loft twin bunk bed frame with

Kids Solid White Wood Loft Twin Bunk Bed Frame with Under ...

Signature design by ashley jaysom twin twin bunk bed

Signature Design by Ashley - Jaysom Twin/Twin Bunk Bed ...

Homelegance bartly casual twin over twin bunk bed with 1

Homelegance Bartly Casual Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With ...