Bunk Bed With Table Underneath


These are really cool. It's a bunk bed, but below is a bistro setup. So when the lower bunk isn't in use, the bed turns into bench seating, and a table emerges, so you can eat, or do homework, or pretty much anything. Then put it back to its original setting when time to sleep. A very neat idea. For more details, take a look at our collection.

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Our Picks

White Twin Loft Bunk Conversion Bed With Play Area Bedroom Furniture Set Sale

White Twin Loft Bunk Conversion Bed With Play Area Bedroom Furniture Set Sale

A cool loft bed with a rectilinear frame of wooden materials finished in white. A bed has wide rails around and is equipped with an upright ladder in the middle. Two cushioned benches with ladder backs and a desk in the centre are under the bed.

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Bunk bed with table underneath

This great set is a combination of a sleeping corner with a practical place to relax and have fun. Beautiful loft bed design with table, benches, and shelves make up a beautiful whole. The ideal solution for your child's room.

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Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk

Drew Full Workstation Loft Bed with Desk

When living space is somewhat limited, this loft bed including desk on bottom will perfectly meet your needs. Heavy duty metal frame ensures robustness, while the solid black finish accentuates the modern looks of this functional piece.

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Bunk bed with table underneath

A wonderful addition for kids' rooms, this bunk bed allows you to save space and raise functionality of the whole interior. It comes with protective railings on top bunk, 2 benches with upholstered seats and backs, 1 fixed ladder and 1 square table.

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Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage

Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage

Great functional contemporary loft bed crafted of wooden materials with a white finish. A bed has an arched headboard, horizontal rails, a 4-step staircase with drawers. Under the bed there are 2 units with 5 drawers each and a 3-drawer desk.

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Girls loft bed with desk

This wonderful furniture set is a perfect option for small spaces. It consists of a bunk bed and a desk underneath. There are some extra shelves at the one side. The whole structure is in elegant, white color.

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Bunk bed table

If you searching for a bunk bed with table underneath, you have to choose this high quality product. It features two sofas under the bed, with table and natural wooden construction.

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Futon bunk bed with desk 1

The bunk bed in kids room is an attractive and functional addition. It's really cool and space saving with bed, desk and sofa in one piece of furniture! I love the pink color and small size of sofa.

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Chelsea Home Loft Bed With Desk Top

Chelsea Home Loft Bed With Desk Top

Multitask & Functional Twin-Loft Customizable Bedroom Set in Honey Finish. Crafted from solid pine wood, the set offers a bunk bed secured with sturdy wood fence, desk with drawers and storage compartments, and space-saving.

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NEw Wyatt White Wood Loft Bed with Staircase Chest and Pull Out Desk Chair

This very practical and very stylish at the same time set consisting of a bed, practical steps with shelves, desks and chairs and built-in drawers, a multi-purpose room set perfect for each child.

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Bunk Bed With Table Underneath

Buying Guide

A bunk bed with a desk or table underneath is the dream furniture of working millennials who are trying to use the limited square footage of small apartments. Of course, it can also work for kids that are always in need of space for studying.

One reason why this type of bed is a favorite not just of adults but of kids as well is because of the multi-purpose usage of space. As you know, the top bunk is for the sleeping area. Beneath the bed, it can double as the play zone for kids, study area, placement of a bookcase, working spot, and storage!

No matter the appearance, size, and color of a bunk bed with table underneath, you would want the strongest bed you can get your hands on. The material options you have are wood and metal. The most popular, however, is metal as it’s affordable and it comes in various patterns, styles, and colors.

As you want a strong, long-lasting material, forego the cheap option completely. Instead, stick to your wooden choices as metal may be commercial and contemporary but it has covert risks especially when it comes to kids.

Wooden bunk beds will surprise you as we know almost all homeowners think they are way beyond their budget range. Although they aren’t as cheap as their metal counterparts, there’s a vast selection of wooden bunk beds with tables online, which means the prices are definitely competitive.

After you finish reading our buying guide on this type of furniture, make sure you check out your incredible wooden options, which can last lots of generations so you get what we’re talking about.

After you’ve decided on the material of your bunk bed, the next factor that you need to pay attention to is the color or finish of the bed.

This factor is as crucial as selecting a room’s paint color. The color or finish of the bed must be able to reflect you or your kid’s personality and sense of style. Of course, it must be the color that you or your kid likes. The most common colors and finishes that are a hit among kids and adults are grey, espresso, weathered espresso, white, and rustic pecan.

There are several options from straight ladders to staircases with storage. The right option for you will be based on what your room size can accommodate. A staircase is for a larger room. A small, compact room is best with a straight ladder instead of one that’s at an incline. A staircase adds an extra 12 inches of width to the bed. Keep that in mind when you’re considering a bed with a staircase.

Bonus Tip: make sure the bed is stable. As you are shopping online, you need to read reviews from previous buyers, so you know how stable a certain unit is. The bed must be able to withstand a rambunctious kiddo or the daily use of an adult.

Best Ideas

Full Loft Bed with Desk and Stool

Full Loft Bed with Desk and Stool

If you are looking for a practical solution to a child's bedroom, the loft bed with shelves and desk attached, this is the perfect choice. It is ideal for small spaces, which for his case are well developed.

Coaster Fine Furniture 460273 Convertible Loft Bed, Twin, White Finish

Interesting design of this Twin-Over-Twin Convertible Loft Bed is surely one of those thing one should take a closer glance at. The upper part provides the user quite large sleeping are, with proper security against falling down. The lower part is transformed into nice sitting place with two double seats and a table.

Rooms for girls with unique bunk beds and learnng table

Rooms For Girls With Unique Bunk Beds And Learnng Table Underneath ...

Bed with table underneath

After a good nap, it's time to chat with a kindergarten friend. This bunk bed with table underneath contains a single mattress at the top of a wooden frame and two narrow sofas under it. Everything is finished with anti-allergic white paint.

Loft bed inspiration design with sofa bed and storages container

Loft Bed Inspiration Design With Sofa Bed And Storages Container Under ...

Bunk bed office underneath

20 Loft Beds With Desks To Save Kid’s Room Space | Kidsomania

Bed with study table

Probably this makes one of the smartest ways to safe space in kids room. Top bunk bed with built-in ladder is placed over a booth equipped with activity table and two loveseat, which transform to a bed themselves.

Bed with study table design

Being a smooth transition between the past and the future, this loft bed with storage and desk underneath combines traditional materials with a modern sleek finish. Functional and stylish at the same time.

Stairs for loft bed

Loft bed with a comfortable sleeping space upstairs and downstairs. The lower bed can also be used as a sofa. This construction includes storage shelves and practical drawers in access stairs. The upper bed includes horizontal rails for protection.

Twin over table convertible bunk bed

Why not offer a design for your interior that will surely help you save up heaps of floor space thanks to its well-thought structure. This piece sports the bunk bed in full size on the top and offers plenty of work area at the bottom.

One side of the bed some loft bunk beds have

... one side of the bed some loft bunk beds have trundle beds underneath

Of white white metal wood bunk loft beds with futon

... of White - White Metal & Wood Bunk/Loft Beds with Futon Sofa on Bottom

18 photos of the how to build a loft bed

18 Photos of the How to Build a Loft Bed with Desk Underneath