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A bunk bed with a computer desk there's a wonderful design option for children that our school aged and need a space to do their work. These are very sturdy options for sleeping and scholastic efficiency, and they come in plenty of styles to make sure your little ones have just the bunk bed they need to do their best. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Our Picks

Compact Pink Wood Loft Bed Desk

Compact Pink Wood Loft Bed Desk

Viv + Rae™

Girls appreciate the compact classiness of this pink wooden loft bed with computer desk. This piece has a twin-size bed on top with a computer table below on one side with an attached ladder. The other bunk bedside is open. 

$349.99 $795.8

Designer Advice:

A bunk bed with a computer desk to one side gives your child enough room to put a laptop or spread out papers to do homework. This design leaves the other side and back of the bunk open for usable space. Your child can put their laundry hamper, a bookshelf, a toybox, and a small set of drawers for storing clothes, extra blankets, linens, or shoes. It could also make a cool hangout spot for reading or gaming.

Clean Classy Twin Bunk with Full Desk

Clean Classy Twin Bunk with Full Desk

This beautiful slatted twin bed with a computer desk underneath makes the perfect piece for any child or teen. The sturdy four-step ladder and full guardrail offer security and safety. And below the loft is a spacious full-length desk.

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Big Bold Bunk Bed Desk for Boys

Big Bold Bunk Bed Desk for Boys

This metal double deck with a computer table can be excellent for older teens due to having a full-size mattress up top. The industrial frame has full guardrails and a built-in side ladder. A full-length desk runs along the back of the bed.

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Understated Neutral Wood Bunk Desk

Understated Neutral Wood Bunk Desk

This understated wood bunk bed computer desk comes in full or twin size and in two colors - gray and white. A built-in ladder gives access to the bed. And below the loft is a narrow, full-length desk. The open sides give you limitless usable versatility.

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Minimalistic Metal Bunk Desk and Bookshelf

Minimalistic Metal Bunk Desk and Bookshelf

Isabelle & Max™

This minimalistic metal computer bunk bed can be the perfect solution for small bedrooms or dorms. It has everything necessary for an organized, efficient room. A built-in ladder goes to the twin bed with guardrails. Below, there are five shelves and a desk. 

$475.99 $783

Designer Advice:

Loft computer desks can be your one-in-all solution to keep your child’s room straight. And they make an excellent option for giving your kid the perfect study area. The side desk is a roomy workspace with a shelf above for storage. Then on the other side, there are several additional shelves for books, video games, movies, and different storage needs. And the high guardrails keep any kid safe and discourage risky behaviors like jumping off the bed.

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Bunk Bed Computer Desk

Buying Guide

One of the main things to consider when shopping for a bunk bed computer desk is, of course, the amount of space you are willing to sacrifice in exchange for the features you are getting. Bunk beds with computer desks tend to take up more space than traditional beds, so you need adequate space. Also, consider whether you need a computer attached to the bed and the purpose it is going to serve. If you're shopping for children, consider the child's age and choose a twin, queen, or XL-sized bed accordingly. Safety options should also be high on your list of must-have features, especially when it comes to kids.

Wood is one of the best materials for bunk beds with a computer desk. It is a sturdy and durable material and also offers a high-quality look and feel. Wooden bunk beds come in a variety of natural stains and styles to coordinate with various decor styles.

Metal bunks beds can bend or warp over the years, while wood retains its weight-bearing capacity with the proper maintenance. For the sturdiest, most durable wooden bunk beds designs, look for models that feature mortise-and-tenon or dovetail joinery and are made from pressure-treated hardwood, such as cherrywood or cedar.  

If your child is nearing a study age and needs a quiet place to concentrate, what better place than a wooden bunk bed computer desk? These multi-functional designs are aesthetically pleasing and give children their own personal retreat and domain

Best Ideas

Trundle bed with desk

Boasting of functionality and style, this trundle desk has a built-in desk to make your homework a lot easier. It has a 2-door storage compartments, 6 drawers, a pull-out keyboard tray, open shelving, and a secured top bunk.

School House Stair Loft Bed with Desk End

School House Stair Loft Bed with Desk End

This multi-task bed set with a practical desk and degrees of drawers is a wonderful way have a lot of things in a small space. Operably and thoughtful as to the details set allows kids find a place for play, study and rest.

Bed computer table

The only alternative when we do not have a large children's room is a bunk bed. For fans of modernity it can be a metal construction, painted in white.It cointains also study area. At the bottom is a black couch, where one can comfortably listen to the music.

Computer desk bed

Such a piece of furniture allows you to save a lot of space and satisfy all the needs of a teenager. Wooden bunk bed with a computer desk and a lot of place for storage, like drawers and cabinets. Sleep at the top, and learn from the bottom.

Madison Single Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

Madison Single Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

This twin loft bed will let you easily combine the amazing style and comfort of the design, especially with the simple lines and rich, espresso finish and add some more functionality, since it comes with the extra desk and storage.

Bunk bed computer desk 1

Practical, cozy and very functional bunk bed with a computer desk is an excellent choice for children's room. Numerous storage spaces, bright finishes that bring light and lightness to the decor and aesthetics ideal for children.

College loft beds with desk

If you are a student you might look for the compact and cheap solution for your living. This unique student loft bed with desk provides that all. Nice looking set of everything you need provides you comfort and efficiency in everyday activities.

Bunk bed computer desk

I really love love love this bed! Its a full size bed and it has a vanity and desk and storage!

Bunk bed computer desk 7

study room under the bed

Bunk bed computer desk 1

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Student loft bed with desk

Made of oak wood, the loft bunk bed with a desk is a great combination, which is very functional and perfectly suited to any interior design. The attractive drawers and numerous elements make the furniture very practical.

Bed with computer desk underneath

The simple design of this charming bunk bed with a computer desk is an excellent choice for your baby's room. Finished with solid materials is extremely functional and fabulous in every decor.

Bunk bed computer desk

A bed with a desk is rather a choice for 1 person. In this case, it is adapted to the teenager, because made in metal - bunk bed with desk has strong and straight lines, dark graphite color and a place adapted to learning, and later to rest and sleep.

Desk for students bedrooms

Oozing with functionality and durable construction, this oak-finished loft desk is made of wood and porperly secured on top. It comes with an integrated desk, open and concealed compartments, a fixed ladder and a pull-out keyboard tray.

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Bunk beds with computer desk

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