Futon Bunk Bed With Desk

Not all homes are designed with huge bedrooms. The master is often reasonably large, but guest bedrooms are rarely very sizable. For kids, this can be a problem, especially if you have two kids sharing a room, plus furniture, toys, etc. Where do the kids have room to play if their room is cluttered with desks or a couch along with the necessary sleeping area?

We have a perfect solution to this easily fixable issue. Bunk beds are a wonderful sleeping arrangement for space management, but we have a 5 examples of bunk beds with additions that will maximize the efficiency of the same space. Open up your kid’s floor plan with one of these clever bunk beds with couch and desk.

Archibold Loft Bed with Bookcase

Archibold Loft Bed with Bookcase

This top bunk is elevated over a lovely, large study area perfect for keeping your kids on task with their studies. But something special the designers added to this model is the extended ladder planks that make for a handy bookcase.

The entire unit is made up of high-quality rubberwood, a very sturdy material, and is built to withstand the weight of an average child. The upper bunk can support a twin bed of traditional size and has a guardrail, just in case your child rolls around while sleeping. A comfy bed, desk, and bookcase in the same space a bed would usually take up; efficient indeed.

What we like:

●   High quality material & sturdy design

●   4 shelves

●   Large desk

What we don’t like:

●   There is nothing w don’t like about this product!


Twin Bunk Bed with Desk

Twin Bunk Bed with Desk

Unlike most loft beds with desk underneath, this model actually has a second bed, installed at an L shape from the top bunk, that is designed for lounging. But don’t think for a moment this second twin cannot be used as a bed for a second, smaller child; it is versatile for many uses. For instance, if you only have one child, now they don’t have to climb a ladder if they wish for a short nap.

The desk area fits snuggly under the top bunk and behind the ladder. The whole unit is made of pine painted white for aesthetic charm, and the top bunk features a short guardrail. You might think the small desk would be crowded, but behind the ladder this model features a couple of shelves for books or decorative items.

What we like:

●   Bottom lounger/second bed

●   All wood

●   Desk has two shelves

●   Guardrail

What we don’t like:

●   Desk area cramped

Twyla Twin over Full Bunk Bed

Twyla Twin over Full Bunk Bed

Another L-shaped option for a home with two children sharing a room, the Twyla bunk bed features a twin mattress on top with a full-size sleeping area below. The entire structure is made of hardened steel, easily capable of supporting your child, and it comes with a steel ladder for top bunk access.

Now, you might be thinking that the full-size bed will take up the under-bunk workspace, and you are correct. That is why with the Twyla bunk bed, the desk is built into the limited extra space and can be accessed by outside the bed area. It and some aesthetic touches are the only parts of this unit that are made of wood.

What we like:

●   Full bed bottom bunk

●   All steep frame

●   Wood aesthetic touches

What we don’t like

●  Desk accessed outside of bed space

$799.99 $929.99

Surgicalonline Bunk Bed

Surgicalonline Bunk Bed

Of all the loft beds with couch underneath, this one is a wonder of modern engineering. And what makes it so special is the intricacy in the details. First, you have a hardwood structure throughout. Then the top bunk is set up for a standard twin. And all that is fine. But below, the bottom bunk can easily transform into a bistro setup for 4. Let us elaborate and blow your mind.

The bed on the bottom bunk is made up of two individual cushions. These cushions fold up when pressed to the ends of the bed, making them into seats. The center support of the bed rises and becomes a table. And all of this is built on two platforms with large, deep drawers for your storage needs. It has to be seen to believed.

What we like:

●   Bottom bunk becomes bistro seating

●   All wood structure

●   Elaborate design

What we don’t like:

●   Bottom mattress is uncomfortable

Eirwen Twin Loft Bed

Eirwen Twin Loft Bed

The one shortcoming of most loft beds, and even most bunk beds, is the possibility of falls and injury. And kids don’t like the thought of getting hurt, which is how many develop a fear of heights. This bed takes all of that away. The Eirwen loft bed is shorter than most other options. In fact, when sitting at the attached desk that extends from the main structure, the bed is at the same height as your eye-line.

It features a twin-size space, lots of drawers for storage below, shelves under the foot of the bed, and the desk rolls freely in and out of a hidden space under the head of the bed. It is a very clever design. Everything you need, nothing you don’t and all in the room your bed would fit by itself.

What we like:

●   Shorter than most

●   Telescoping desk

●   Lots of storage

What we don’t like:

●  No mattress included


Our advice Buying Guide

When you have kids, it seems as if there is never enough space to accommodate all the toys, the beds, and the desks. Children need a variety of furniture to stay comfortable, and sometimes, their rooms just lack the space.

So, what can you do about it? Well, a fantastic option is a futon bunk bed with a desk.

What is a futon bunk bed?

A regular bunk bed has two mattresses: one on the top and the other one on the bottom. However, if you have just one child, you can easily save some space by purchasing a futon bunk bed with a desk.

This type of bed will have a real bed on the top, but instead of another one below, it will have a futon and a medium-sized desk. That way, you will be using the same amount of floor space for three different pieces of furniture.

What are the benefits of futon bunk beds?

What’s great about this sort of bed is that it is the best of both worlds. Not only will you be saving floor space, but you will also get more use out of your furniture. The futon is usually comfortable, and it often has an option of single bed expansion. Hence, your child can still invite friends over for a sleepover.

Before we delve further into the matter, we should mention one thing. A futon bunk bed with a desk is not reserved only for children. Adults can use them too, especially if they are renting a small apartment or if they have roommates and not enough rooms. Having a desk beneath the bunk will allow you to have more space for closets and other items.

How to pick the best design of futon bunk bed with desk?

  • Take the size of the room into account. Measure the exact area where you want the bed to stand, and see how deep it has to be. That way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised later on, and the space-saving idea will actually work.
  • Pick the right material. Wooden bunk beds used to be quite popular. However, nowadays, they are mostly made of steel, and the design is quite simplistic. Nevertheless, consider the room style, and pick the material that suits it the most, and the one that will prove to be the most durable.
  • Check the futon quality. Even though you or your child will be sleeping on the top bunk, it’s essential to make sure the futon is comfortable as well. You never know when you’ll have guests over, and you wouldn’t want them to spend a restless night in an uncomfortable bed.
  • Make sure the desk is not too small. If the desk is too small, it sort of defies the purpose. Just because you are looking to save some space, it doesn’t mean that you have to struggle to fit everything on one small desk. Therefore, remember to measure it before you buy the whole set.
  • Look for storage space. The futon might have a drawer underneath it, and the desk can also come with a set of compartments. By picking this sort of design, you will be able to turn the lower part of the set into a real, functional workstation.

A futon bunk bed with a desk is an excellent choice if you live in a small apartment. It allows you to save floor space without sacrificing the comfort or the functionality of your bedroom. Furthermore, it is also a versatile piece of furniture. Even if you decide on another bed in the future, you can always keep using it as a practical workstation/ guest bed.


Heartland futon bunkbed with extra loft plus underbed storage

Heartland futon bunkbed with extra loft plus underbed storage
Sofa bunk beds that creates a comfortable sleeping space. It is a piece of furniture constructed of durable pine wood, so its level of strength is very high.

Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage

Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage
Great functional contemporary loft bed crafted of wooden materials with a white finish. A bed has an arched headboard, horizontal rails, a 4-step staircase with drawers. Under the bed there are 2 units with 5 drawers each and a 3-drawer desk.

L-Shaped Futon Loft Bed

L-Shaped Futon Loft Bed
It is a L-Shaped futon loft bed that is an amazing solution for small spaces in your home. It is perfect for four people. It is made of solid pine and has got a very strong construction. You need to have it.

School House Twin Princess Low Loft Bed with Slide

School House Twin Princess Low Loft Bed with Slide
A princess low loft bed with the amazing slide - the design will allow your daughter hours of fun and let you add a stunning sleeping solution for your child. The pink and purple finish look charming and beautiful.

Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection

Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection
This locker loft bed comes in white finish and is the perfect storage solution and a nice sleeping option for your kids' room, featuring a storage locker with four shelves and a hanging rod, built into the frame beneath the top bunk.

Loft beds with desk and couch

This space-saving decor idea for boy's room utilizes interesting visual contrasts with black wall, navy and purple padded day bed, and white bunk bed. Fold-away bottom futon can be expanded to a single bed.

Futon bunk bed with desk

Bunk bed with couch and desk, my girls would love this too...

Futon bunk bed with desk 1

The bunk bed in kids room is an attractive and functional addition. It's really cool and space saving with bed, desk and sofa in one piece of furniture! I love the pink color and small size of sofa.

Loft bed with couch and desk

Add this lovely loft bed with the sofa component to your setting and enjoy the ingenious design. It sports the white finish that is easy to fit in any setting and will brighten it up instantly with no strain.

Futon bunk bed with desk

Pink Bunk Bed with Desk Design Ideas - when ave is a teen

Futon desk combo

With this practical combo, your kid is going to have a real blast. The bed is situated at the top of the set, and equipped with iron rails that will prevent your child from falling out of bed. The bottom part offers a corner desk and a cozy black couch. There's also a ladder leading on the top bunk.

Pink futon bunk bed with desk

This loft bed is perfect for girl's room. Round, gentle curves, together with the universal white colour make it a great addition to any bedroom. Comes equipped with a desk for extreme ergonomy. Plenty of storage, too!

Bunk beds with couch

A very good organization of small spaces. This construction includes an upper bed accessible thanks to a wooden ladder. The lower part includes a desk and a small sofa that is able to convert into a bed. Blue and white colors perfectly match each other.

Childrens bunk beds with desk and futon

Perfect solution for space in a child’s small room, this child-size loft bed includes a desk and futon chair below. Above, there is a solid headboard and slat railing to prevent nighttime rolling out of bed. White with black futon.

Bunk beds with desks

This bunk bed is very solid and it includes a computer desk in its lower area. The lower part also includes a chair that converts into a single bed. This construction also provides sleeping space in its upper part.

Bunk bed with desk and futon loft bed with desk

Bunk bed with desk and futon - Loft bed with desk and futon ...

Bunk bed with couch and desk

The straightforward and clear design of this futon bunk bed with desk is a perfect solution for children's room. Attractive design and plenty of space for fun, learning and relaxation enchant. The Beautiful white finish adds style.

Bunk couch

Whoever made this bed decided to take advantage of minimalist Scandinavian style and to save space as much as possible. This wooden piece of furnishing features bunk bed over a desk, with slanted side ladder and bookcase incorporated.

Bunk bed with desk and futon

High quality and modern bunk bed for children. It features two comfortable and relaxing bed areas. The lower part also includes a desk space with a working top and side shelves. This wooden construction is finished in white color.

Uno 5 highsleeper lime green futon

Uno 5 Highsleeper - Lime Green Futon

Loft bed with couch

Loft bed with couch underneath for small room to maximize space, consider having a loft bunker

Bunk bed with couch

Couch bunk bed over futon stairway bunk bed honey

Bed with couch underneath

Bunk bed with desk and fold out arm chair on the base. Frame is made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Includes railings and ladder for added safety. Great solution for space saving in kid's room or teen room.

Single bunk bed with desk

cool teen boy beds | shared teenage boys’ bedroom with bunk beds and colorful carpet

Loft bed with couch underneath

Will this loft bunk bed with desk and drawers fit and do not squeeze the jackets? Will there be room for shoes? Yes. It will also allow you to climb the wooden stairs to the top. Or go down to sit at a desk.Gray shade of acacia veneer and massive construction.

Labels bunk bed with futon 3

Labels: bunk bed with futon

Metal cabin bed with desk

Labels: bunk bed with futon

Wood bunk beds with desk futon combo

wood bunk beds with desk futon combo

Show home boys bedroom 3 warwick high sleeper with futon

Show Home Boy's Bedroom 3: Warwick High Sleeper With Futon £845 - Multifunctional Bed, Desk and a spare bed/seat! £845

Loft bed couch

Contemporary setup for a compact bedroom with a bunk bed made out of bright pine wood, providing a unique tint. The bunk bed has a single bed on the bottom and two beds on top, as well as a handy linen cabinet.

Bunk beds with desk ikea

best catalog design bunk beds with desk beds with desks bed with desk ...

Loft beds with couch

$660, this set up is exactly what I have been looking for (with mattress and free shipping)

Loft bed with futon underneath

Compact and space-efficient take on a teenage-friendly loft bed with a futon and a desk built-in. The loft bed has a single over twin design and is made out of white-painted plywood, making it cheap and easy to assemble.

Stompa casa 3 futon bunk bed with desk

Stompa Casa 3 Futon Bunk Bed with Desk

Cheap futon bunk beds

This futon bunk bed with desk embodies warmth and cosiness. Its white painting along with the traditional, slat construction evokes associations with the cottage or shabby chic designs.

Bunk beds brown finish modern twin over twin convertible loft

... Bunk Beds – Brown Finish Modern Twin Over Twin Convertible Loft Bunk

Girls futon

Futon Bunk Bed | Multi Purpose, Many Designs, and Cheap - futon bunk bed with desk

Awesome futons

Rio - Bunk Bed with 76cm Wide Futon & Desk

Fancy bunk beds

Loft bed with kitchen area underneath--curtains to pull closed and make everything look prettier :)

Futon bunk bed with desk

Futon Bunk Bed With Desk

Pull out bunk bed

Teen Room Designs. Cool Space-Saving Storage System for Teens Room Using Bunk Beds in Nice Modest Wooden Design with Hidden Drawers at Bottom and Staircase. Fancy Teens Room Design with Cool Bunk Beds Feature

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Wooden Bunk Beds With Desk

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