Double Bunk Beds With Stairs

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Having guests stay the night is always easier if you have a convenient place for them to sleep. And, no matter how many kids live in your home, a double bunk bed with stairs is always a good furniture item to have if your kids want to have sleepovers. A double bunk bed with stairs allows easy access to the top bunk for people with limited mobility, and it provides additional storage under the stairs for bedding, linens, clothes, or toys. Explore some of the best double bunk beds with stairs for your kids or guest room. 

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Updated 27/07/2023
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Twin XL and Full Bunk Bed with Workspace and Storage

Twin XL and Full Bunk Bed with Workspace and Storage

Harriet Bee

Perfect For: Families in need of space-saving sleeping and storage solutions

What We Like: Convertible design and built-in desk

This bunk bed features a twin XL size bed on top and a full size bed below, offering ample sleeping space for your family while saving room. The bed can also be converted into two separate beds for added flexibility. Made of high-quality pine and MDF, it is sturdy, durable, and supported by wooden slats without the need for box springs. The bed includes a built-in desk and open shelves for a personal workspace, as well as two removable drawers to store clothes, toys, and more.


Designer Advice:

To create a cozy and functional space, pair this bunk bed with colorful bedding and decorative pillows, and use the open shelves for organizing books, school supplies, or decorative items.

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Industrial Swivel Barstool with Back and Armrests

Industrial Swivel Barstool with Back and Armrests

Harriet Bee

Perfect For: Boosting the look and functionality of your kitchen or bar area

What We Like: Adjustable height and 360-degree swivel feature

Achieve the perfect blend of style and comfort with this industrial swivel barstool, designed to stand out in any kitchen or bar setting. The barstool has a durable metal frame, featuring an adjustable height mechanism and a 360-degree swivel function for ultimate convenience. The padded seat, back, and armrests provide a cozy seating experience, making it perfect for long, relaxed conversations or a quick bite. The stylish design, combined with its practical features, makes it a versatile and eye-catching addition to your home.

Designer Advice:

Pair this barstool with similar industrial-themed furniture or go for a modern twist by complementing it with a sleek glass-top bar table to create an inviting gathering spot.

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Double Over Queen Bunk Beds

Double Over Queen Bunk Beds

Harriet Bee

What we like: Deep underbed storage

What we don’t like: Sharp corners on safety rails

Perfect for: Shared sibling rooms

Not so good for: Bedrooms with low ceilings

These solid wooden, double over double bunk beds with stairs incorporate shelves but spacious drawers for extra storage. The frame is fully sanded and painted to ensure a splinter-free kid-friendly surface.

Easy to assemble and available in various colors, this sturdy double bunk bed is perfect for any child’s room. The safety rails have sharp corners, so you may need to child-proof them with silicone or plastic corner covers to protect young kids from injury.

$1299.99 $1675

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L Shaped Eight Drawer Double Bunk Bed

L Shaped Eight Drawer Double Bunk Bed

Viv + Rae™

What we like: Hidden storage shelves under the top bunk

What we don’t like: Protruding drawer pulls on the stairs could cause injury

Perfect for: A vacation home

Not so good for: Young children or toddlers due to wide gaps between guardrail slats

Crafted from New Zealand pine, this sturdy and stylish double bunk bed with stairs has an extra-wide, anti-slip staircase and high guardrails for added security. The L-shape design means it easily fits into smaller or oddly shaped spaces.

This double bunk bed comes in five different painted finishes with color matching hardware, from neutral stone to bold navy. Complement the neutral look with bold patterned bedding and plenty of cozy throw cushions in contrasting shades.

$3131 $3149.99

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Solid Wood Bunk Bed With Trundle

Solid Wood Bunk Bed With Trundle

Three Posts™ Baby & Kids

What we like: The attachable USB port

What we don’t like: No additional storage drawers in the stairs or under the bed

Perfect for: Elementary or middle school aged siblings

Not so good for: Very young children due to a low guardrail height on the top bunk and no guard rail on the bottom

If you have these double over double bunk beds with stairs for a shared sibling room, you can still offer friends a cozy space to sleep with the pull-out trundle. This set comes with ample shelf storage, a sturdy, walk-up set of stairs, and an attachable turbocharger for media devices, ideal for a teen’s bedroom.

$1199.99 $1279.99

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Double Over Double Bunk Beds With Stairs

Double Over Double Bunk Beds With Stairs

Harriet Bee

What we like: Can separate into two individual full-size beds

What we don’t like: Exposed hardware disrupts the minimalist aesthetic

Perfect for: Growing with your children

Not so good for: Bedrooms with limited space

Solid pine construction and a durable frame mean that these double over double bunk beds with stairs will last for years. Able to be separated into two beds, this set can also grow with your child.

With four different-sized drawers in the stairs, and two spacious ones underneath, your kids won’t have any trouble finding a place to put their extra items. With a built-in bookshelf, you have a functional piece of furniture versatile enough for a children’s or guest bedroom.

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Four Drawer With Trundle Double Bunk Bed

Four Drawer With Trundle Double Bunk Bed

Viv + Rae™

What we like: The pull-out trundle

What we don’t like: Only four shallow drawers for storage

Perfect for: Sleepovers and unexpected guests

Not so good for: Very young kids; the height between stairs and no angled guardrail may make it hard to climb

Made from solid pine, this stylish, double over double bunk bed with stairs provides four drawers on the side for plenty of storage and a pull-out trundle bed with half-moon cut-out handles for extra sleeping space. The full wrap-around guardrail provides additional fall prevention for restless sleepers.

Bunk beds aren’t just for kids anymore when you have this mature bed set at your disposal. Featuring stairs that are strong and wide enough for an adult, this clean-lined and stylish piece can go from the kids’ room to the guest room with ease.

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L Shaped Bunk Beds With Built In Desk

L Shaped Bunk Beds With Built In Desk

Viv + Rae™

What we like: Reversible staircase for easy reconfiguration

What we don’t like: Assembly instructions are difficult to follow

Perfect for: A traditional style guest room or vacation home

Not so good for: Young kids’ sleeping areas

Wide, anti-slip stairs provide drawer space to stash your items, and extra tall guardrails help prevent falls on this timeless L-shaped, double bunk bed with stairs. The built-in desk offers ample space to study, and the wooden panel on the inside of the staircase provides a unique space to hang wall art or decor items.

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Double Bunk Beds With Stairs

Buying Guide

Bunk beds are a handy way to expand space in a crowded room for children. Whether housing two boys or two girls, units that have safety rails for the top space and a stair rather than a ladder provide more secure access for youngsters. With that said, bunk beds can come in all sorts of configurations, including loft beds with a bunk beneath.

Full Size, with Twin

A unit that has a full-size bed below with a twin bed on top provides a little extra safety “cushion” in the form of the mattress of the lower bed. Tumbling out of bed is not uncommon for youngsters. A rail for the top bunk, along with a mattress at the next level provides a bit of insurance for a restless sleeper. It also provides a chance to display attractive bedding, both above and below.

Add a Trundle

Adding a trundle bed beneath the bottom bunk provides one more sleeping space, which can be handy for large families in small spaces. It can also provide space for a visiting child if your child is hosting a sleep-over. Trundles also provide a comfortable play space during quiet time – a nice spot for a child to read books, play with electronic games or otherwise entertain themselves while giving mom or dad a chance to nap.

Storage and Stairs

Access stairs can provide a handy place for storage. Under steps can have pull-out drawers that make a good place to put shoes, toys or even underwear. Beneath the stair unit, if it does not go right up over the bed, is a good place to put a closet for clothing that does better on hangers, or even a place to put a toy box or two.

Loft bed, with Twin and Trundle

A loft bed can provide a fun place for an older sibling to have a little space away from younger siblings, who can have a twin bed and a trundle. By turning the twin sideways a small desk or dresser or both can be added to help keep a busy room organized.

Slides and Fire Poles

These can be fun additions to a child’s bed but might require some serious discussions of appropriate use – especially in a room where children of mixed ages share the space.

Double bunk beds with stairs can be a way to save space in a child’s room while introducing added storage space for youngsters’ possessions. Clearly defined spaces can help mitigate inappropriate interaction between siblings while promoting responsibility for one’s own space. The beds provide comfortable sleeping areas while the stairs and under the stairs create added opportunities for storage.

Play rugs and trundles can add interest to an already fun space, making it no hardship at all for youngsters to be sent to their room while the parental units calm down enough to discuss why he or she is being sent to think about transgressions.

Just consider all the creative ways that you and your child could organize bunk beds.

Are you facing space constraints in your child's bedroom? It's a common issue when two or more children have to share a room in a home with few bedrooms. Learning how to choose bunk beds is the best way of resolving this issue.

The first thing you'll notice when you start shopping around is there is no shortage of options in today's market for bunk beds. However, with such a broad range of options to choose from, that makes figuring out what's ideal a challenge.

In this guide, we're going to discuss how to choose bunk beds to help you navigate through your buying decisions. That way, the process doesn't become overwhelming or a hassle.

One thing that's common among all bunk beds is that they vary in height. Even though your children are using them primarily for sleeping, that doesn't mean they won't have other uses. For example, your children might want to sit up and read or use their electronic devices. Can they do this comfortably in the bunk beds you're considering? Is there a chance your child will hit their head when trying to move around or in a sitting position?

As your child continues to age, they'll also get taller. So, take all of these things into consideration when looking at bunk beds. Ideally, you don't want your child to grow out of their bed too soon, or else you're looking at making another investment. Otherwise, if there's space, consider choosing a set that will separate. These sets also allow you to place spacers in between each bunk to help raise the upper bed.

Beyond choosing a bunk bed that separates or is the right height, you must also consider the bed's size. There are several sizes from which you can select, including:

  • Twin Over Twin

These are the most popular option as there are two twin beds, one on top of the other. These bunk beds don't take up much room and are optimal for tight living spaces.

  • Twin Over Full

Here's an option where there's a twin bed on top of a full. If you have an older child sharing a room with a younger sibling, this is an excellent option.

  • Full Over Full

If you don't plan on reinvesting in beds for your children for a while, this is an optimal choice. You'll find that both the top and bottom bunk have full beds, thus allowing your child to grow.

  • Twin Loft

This bunk bed features one twin bed with loft space below. If your child's room is small, this gives them extra space for a desk, dresser, or toy boxes.

Before selecting a set of bunk beds, make sure your ceiling is tall enough to accommodate them. In other words, you should be allowing for at least two or three feet of headspace between the ceiling and the top bunk. Another size consideration is the bed's mattress. There's no need to purchase special mattress sizes as a standard size will work fine.

This step for choosing a bunk bed is a given. All parents want their children to remain safe. That means looking for sets that include sturdy safety rails to prevent your child from falling in the middle of the night. While most sets come with rails, it's easy to overlook them when constructing a set of bunk beds.

Selecting a wooden set of bunk beds is also safer than metal. The main reason is that metal might have screws sticking out, it's slippery, and gets cold. Wooden bunk beds are durable and easy to maintain, which further adds to their stability and safety. Typically, a bunk bed's construction features birch plywood, cedar, or pine. Make sure the bed set complies with standards set by Consumer Product Safety.

Look at the space available in your child's room. Will that space fit a set of bunk beds featuring storage? There are dozens of storage bed options you can choose from to help maximize space, including:

These sets feature a classic style whereby drawers are available in a set of stairs leading to the top bunk, as well as beneath the bottom bed. If you don't have room for a stairway on the side of the bed, then there are still options featuring drawers beneath the bottom bunk.

If your child is in a small room with space limitations, the loft storage bed is an excellent option. Like the storage bunk beds, some models feature a stairway with drawers. Otherwise, you'll find drawers, cubbies, and cabinets below the top bunk.

While most twin over twin bunk bed sets is in the same position, here's where things get creative. The bottom bunk of these sets are in the middle and point outward. That design allows for storage on either side or the ability to add storage on one side and a desk on the other.

  • Choose a set of bunk beds that will separate, so you can add spacers as your children grow.
  • Consider the size of the set of bunk beds you'll need to prevent your children from growing out of them.
  • The bed's safety must include the installation of rails.
  • Bunk beds featuring storage help maximize the space in small bedrooms even more.

While the design of the bed tends to take priority when figuring out how to choose bunk beds, there are many other options to consider. For example, if your child's room is contemporary, then select a set of bunk beds that feature a color instead of stained wood. That way, you're matching the set's style with the rest of the room's décor and preventing it from being obtrusive.

Best Ideas

Double bunk bed

A nook with inbuilt elegant practical bunk beds and ladder-like stairs crafted of wooden materials with a delicate off-greenish finish. Beds have headboards with open shelves. An upper bed has side balustrade. Recessed front panels are framed.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle And Attached Stairway

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle And Attached Stairway

Take a look at this gorgeous twin-over-full bunk bed, crafted with care out of solid Brazilian pine wood, which gives the bed the needed durability and strength and provides a sophisticated, natural finish. There is an included trundle that comes with the bed, which holds an additional mattress and provides an option to create a separate twin or full sized bed, which comes in extremely handy during children sleepovers.

Modern Twin Bunk Bed With a Bookcase And a Futon

Modern Twin Bunk Bed With a Bookcase And a Futon

Perfect choice of furniture for a contemporary children's bedroom – this modern bunk bed with a bookcase and a futon on the bottom is a great all-in-one piece that saves a lot of space with its versatility. Not only does it fit studio apartments well, but it also provides some much-desired storage capacity with its drawers and shelves. Moreover, you can include mattresses with the purchase to save you the problem of finding a matching one yourself.

Retro Twin Over Full Standard Bed With Storage Drawers And Rails

Retro Twin Over Full Standard Bed With Storage Drawers And Rails

Finish off your children’s bedroom with this classic, retro-style twin-over-full bunk bed with plenty of storage and display options included. The frame of the twin bed is constructed out of a combination of manufactured wood and solid wood and features a clear lacquer protective finish which is easy to maintain and provides a nice, classy look. The frame also includes some safety, anti-tipping brackets to further improve its safety.

Sturdy Hardwood Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With A Trundle

Sturdy Hardwood Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With A Trundle

This traditional-looking, twin-over-full bunk bed with a built-in trundle is a perfect addition to a children’s bedroom. It not only provides your kid with a comfortable place to sleep, along with his sibling, but the additional trundle further extends the capacity of the bed, making it great for sleepovers with friends. The bed itself is made out of sturdy solid hardwood and has rails on the top and bottom, making it safe.

Old Fashioned Stairway Loft Bunk Bed With Storage Drawers

Old Fashioned Stairway Loft Bunk Bed With Storage Drawers

Being a more classical and traditional take on the concept of a children’s bunk bed, this one doubles as a daybed or a sofa, as the lower mattress can be folded, making for a cozy spot for watching TV or reading a book. The bed is constructed out of solid pine wood with a natural finish, providing the piece with both the durability required and the stylish look. Moreover, the bed comes with a few options to further customize your purchase.

Rustic Solid Wood Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With Storage

Rustic Solid Wood Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With Storage

An elegant choice for a children’s bedroom which requires a bit more space than a regular bed provides. This twin-over-twin bunk bed is constructed out of solid pine wood, which ensures sturdiness and durability. It is also finished by hand, which guarantees the best possible quality. Moreover, the bed has a handful of drawers for storage, some placed inside of the included stairs and some placed underneath the lower mattress.

Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Full Trundle

Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Full Trundle

This comprehensive bunk bed made in the mission style is extremely practical and eye-catching piece of furniture. Can accommodate up to three people, and the practical steps of drawers, it can fit in them all the little things.

Tena Tall Stairway Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Drawers And Shelves

Tena Tall Stairway Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Drawers And Shelves

Solid Brazilian wood makes a timeless statement with this high-end bunk bed. Convenient bookshelves and stairway storage will have your room cleaned up in minutes. There are also 2 extra drawers under the lower bunk for larger items. Sharing a room with your sibling will be easy with so much storage available. The sleek rails give a stately look to this slumber area, allowing you to dress it up in your favorite style.

Double bed and desk combo

A comfortable bunk bed that provides soft sleeping space in the upper area and in the lower one. The upper bed is accessible thanks to stairs with storage drawers. White color of this bed matches any child's room.

Double over double bunk bed

Bunk beds are used mostly in children's rooms, so security must be well present. The frame of these double bunk bed with stairs is very stable and safe so that children can climb without problems and easily. It has modern alder form in black color.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle

Attractive traditional wooden bunk bed. Footboards, headboards and a banister are vertically slatted. A twin bed has horizontal rails. A trundle bed has casters and cutout edge grips. There are open niches under a staircase and 4 drawers in stairs.

Sierra Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Chest & Stairs

Sierra Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Chest & Stairs

Ingenious design of this bunk bed lets you take advantage of your living space to maximum. Within a single wooden piece of furniture you get two beds and ample of storage space! Even the staircase has built-in drawers.

Double loft beds

Trying to find the excellent, nicely finished and high quality loft bed? This proposition features the stairs with many storage spaces, lots of shelving and a dark brown finish, which is excellent for teens room.

Bunk beds with staircase

With this adorable bunk bed, the room of your little ones is going to look just lovely. The combo is crafted on sturdy wood and veneers in light oak finish, offering a built-in staircase with storage compartments, a smoothly-working trundle, several open shelves, a secured top bunk, and a convenient magazine rack.

Clever bed with storage stairs perfect for small apartments

Clever bed with storage stairs. Perfect for small apartments

Wooden bunk beds with stairs 1

wooden bunk beds with stairs

Innovative bunk bed designs

Great for a kids bedroom or a guest room, this double bunk bed with stairs enchants with its modern-looking, wooden veneers. It comprises two twin size beds entered by safe ladder stairs.

Kids double bunks

Palanda se schudky s uloznym prostorem

Lofted double bed

Interestingly constructed double bed with stairs is a perfect solution for children's room. Beautiful woodwork is solid and will make the decor take on functionality and coziness. The whole finished in a warm shade.

Berg furniture utica twin over full loft bed with stairs

Berg Furniture Utica Twin over Full Loft Bed with Stairs

Furniture varsity pine iii twin bunk bed with stairs and

... Furniture - Varsity Pine III Twin Bunk Bed with Stairs and Storage

Twin bunk beds for two kids in a small room

Twin Bunk Beds for Two Kids in a Small Room : Awesome Twin Bunk Beds ...