Low Bunk Beds With Stairs

In several attractive paint colors, wood grain, and even an option with a canopy, for the family with two kids that might have issues with bunk beds that are just too high, we give you low bunk beds with stairs. Now, your little sleeper will have a safe and frightening way to get down from their bunk when it's time to rise and shine, or hit the restroom in the middle of the night.

Best Products

Youth Kids Wood Black Low Profile Twin Twin Loft Bunk Bed W Step Stair Drawers

Youth Kids Wood Black Low Profile Twin Twin Loft Bunk Bed W Step Stair Drawers
A cool contemporary bunk bed of glossy black-finished wood. It features full subtly arched headboards, footboards, sides (a lower bed has straight sides) and stair rails. A 3-step staircase features 3 built-in size-varied drawers with mushroom pulls.

Elsa loft bed in brown

Elsa loft bed in brown
An interesting alternative for bunk beds. It is lower, so it is safer for users. It has got stairs that provide access to the upper bed. These stairs feature three storage drawers. The whole constructions is comfortable, safe and solid.

White Twin Loft Bed With Desk Shelves

White Twin Loft Bed With Desk Shelves
An interesting and durable set that includes a bed and desk with shelves. It is supported on metal framing and the powder coated metal is resistant to damage and other negative factors. This set is a space saving solution.

Dorena Twin Low Loft Bed with Desk and Bookshelves

Dorena Twin Low Loft Bed with Desk and Bookshelves
Wonderful solution for your kid's room, this twin low loft bed comes with the extra desk and bookshelves, making sure you save up plenty of space, while the oak finish and the contemporary style takes care of accentuating your decor.

Sierra Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Chest & Stairs

Sierra Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Chest & Stairs
Ingenious design of this bunk bed lets you take advantage of your living space to maximum. Within a single wooden piece of furniture you get two beds and ample of storage space! Even the staircase has built-in drawers.

Full Over Full Standard Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest and Storage

Full Over Full Standard Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest and Storage
Crafted from solid Pinewood, this Full over Full Standard Bunk Bed with Stairway Chest & Storage is as practical as beautiful. The moveable staircase features fixed, spacious storage drawers, which are equipped in metal Kelvin glide system.

Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage

Sierra Twin Space Saver Loft Bed with Desk & Storage
Great functional contemporary loft bed crafted of wooden materials with a white finish. A bed has an arched headboard, horizontal rails, a 4-step staircase with drawers. Under the bed there are 2 units with 5 drawers each and a 3-drawer desk.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you have toddlers, you’ll find low bunk beds with stairs to be the best and safest way of giving them extra space in their bedrooms. A low bunk bed is often less than 60 inches in length, so it is an excellent solution for a bedroom that has a lower ceiling. It's also more affordable compared to its taller counterparts. Apart from being ideal for a room with a low ceiling, it offers easier access to the top bunk and it’s a lot safer for young children.

What age restrictions are there for low bunk beds with stairs?

Make you’re the low bunk bed with stairs that you get is age appropriate. Also, when you’re assigning beds, be careful when deciding who gets the top bunk as it is more ideal for an older child. Climbing a set of stairs each morning and night may prove very difficult for toddlers. What's more, kids below the age of 6 are top-heavy, which means they can easily tip over. The lower bunk will be more appropriate for a younger child. It would still be safe for a toddler to sleep on the top bunk, but only if the bed is low. The lower it is to the ground, the easier for a young child to climb into and out of its bed.

How to make sure the bunk bed is durable and safe?

  • Just like any other type of bed inside your home, the low bunk bed that you get must be sturdy and durable. Determine its sturdiness by shaking the bed. Did it wobble? Was it firm? Most low bunk beds can be made sturdy by doing some adjustments. However, if the bunk bed’s joints become loose, replace the bed with a new one as it will only endanger a child’s life. You can tell the joints of a bed are loose if the bed squeaks or creaks more than normal.
  • To ensure the safety of your children, prepare to perform regular maintenance. Check slats that are tasked with holding mattresses. See if they are not coming loose or cracked. Wiggle the entire bed so you can check how the joints of the bed are holding. We would always advise parents to opt for wooden bunk beds as they are a lot sturdier and long-lasting compared to metal beds. The cleaning of a wooden bed will only entail a wiping of furniture polish.
  • Low bunk beds with stairs are extremely fun for kids. However, you are a responsible parent, so you will take safety precautions. In doing so, include taking inventory of a bed’s safety measures. The bed’s stairs must be sturdy. You know that letting a child climb a bed’s frame drastically increases its chance of sustaining injuries, which is why the stairs must be attached to the frame firmly. Kids might get creative ideas about taking the staircase out.
  • Another safety measure you would want a bed to have is the addition of railings. Most injuries come from kids falling off top bunks. A guardrail will decrease bunk bed accidents within your home.


Low bunk beds with stairs

This simple and very impressive bunk bed is a combination of solid wood construction and beautiful light colors. The whole is extremely impressive and is amazingly functional in small spaces. Perfect for kids room.

Low bunk beds with stairs

Adorable kids bedroom set with full over twin bunk bed, built-in stairs and lots of drawers, not to mention open storage compartments. White plywood construction is made look fun thanks to purple knobs and black stairs edges.

Low bunk beds with stairs

A charming bunk bed that every girl dreams of. It looks like two sofas combined together in a bunk bed. Soft mattresses in warm, bluish colors and subtle curtains at the sides will give every girls bedroom a cosy atmosphere.

Bed with stairs

This low loft bunk bed is ideal for serious study, featuring lots of shelving, stairs and a nicely finished desk, special for doing homeworks. The white finish fits perfectly to any style at girly room.

Low profile bunk beds 1

Those built-in bunk beds with stairs fit only large rooms, offering a spacious place to sleep and a built-in staircase for easy access. Top bunks are secured by railings, with all beds also having open shelves and a bright lamp mounted to a wall.

Toddler bunk beds with stairs

This beautiful combination of the kids room is a mix of a loft with a place to study and relax, as well as a sliding bed to sleep. The simple yet imaginative composition is functional, stable and beautifully presented in every style.

Wooden bunk beds with stairs

A cool traditional low profile bunk for kids. It's crafted of wooden materials with a finish in brown tones. Beds have low full headboards, footboards and sides. A bottom trundle bed is equipped with black casters. Stairs have anti-slip covers.

Short loft beds

Being a good option for a child's bedroom, this white bunk bed set offers impressive functionality. Entered by stairs, it towers over a wardrobe for clothes or books and papers.

Low loft beds for kids

A comfortable bunk bed with secured sides that prevent you from falling while sleeping. Constructed of hardwood, the bed offers 1 built-in staircase with 3 storage drawers, and 8 open shelves for decorations.

Childrens bunk beds with stairs

Such a low bunk bed on a raised platform, with built-in stairs here, security is the most important thing. Also used materials. These, including white varnish, are accepted by all recipes. Simple protection also at the top, in the form of a wooden handrail.

Bunk beds with staircase

Entered by side stairs, this low bunk bed features a functional storage space underneath the twin bed's surface. It comprises 6 drawers and 3 open shelves. Ideal to store books, notes and school accesories.

Purchasing appropriate childrens bunk beds childrens bunk beds uk childrens

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Bunk beds with stairs for girls

Low bunk bed with chest-of-drawers type staircase. There are two additional wide drawers underneath the bottom bed. Classic horizontal railing design. Finished dark wood, with silvery metal handles that provide some visual contrast.

Bunk beds for girls with stairs

Plush teddy bears, decorations, favorite books and clothing, as well as pajamas, bed sheets and underwear - everything must have its place. It will be wisest to include them in drawers and cabinets embedded in a white, high wooden low bunk bed with stairs.

Low loft bed with stairs

White bunk bed with stairs and dresser, and drawers within stairs. Low upper bed, appropriate even for toddlers. Lovely pops of colour provided by lavender purple and pink knobs and stairs tops. Great in small rooms.

Bunk bed with steps and drawers

I am a big fan of natural finished on furniture, because I can paint them on every color. This low bunk bed has the stair case, storage spaces and well made construction.

Low loft bunk beds

Space to sleep, it also becomes a space to store, not only children's dreams but also a heap of their things. The classic low bunk bed with stairs was made of pine wood and finished with warm honey varnish. Plenty of drawers and comfortable stairs.

Low loft bed with stairs

low loft bed with stairs

Low loft bed with storage

The low bunk bed with stairs is a great combination of space for rest and storage. The construction made of durable wood is stylish and very reliable, making it suitable for children's room. Beautiful color captivates.

Bunk beds for kids with stairs

The kids bedroom need to have many spaces for toys, books and clothes, with comfy place to sleep. The loft style bed is an excellent idea for small rooms. This one features the stairs and white, lovely color with pastel accents.

Love the detachable modular stairs with storage

Love the detachable / modular stairs with storage

How adorable is this bed i love that the bed

How adorable is this bed? I love that the bed is down low with the play area in the loft.

Mini bunk beds

Want for your kids to sleep safe and soundly? Such low bunk beds like those will, surely, help you to achieve this goal. Constructed of sturdy wood, the combo features numerous drawers with pull-knobs, open shelving, a built-in staircase, and a properly secured top bunk.

Low bunk beds with storage

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds for Toddlers

Toddler loft bed with stairs

With this sturdy piece of furniture, your little ones will have a comfortable and stylish place to sleep. Crafted of hardwood in natural finish, the bunk bed includes a built-in staircase with 3 drawers, 6 larger storage drawers, and a properly secured top bunk.

Mobby Twin Loft Bed with Trundle and Storage Unit

Mobby Twin Loft Bed with Trundle and Storage Unit

Bunk bed with stairs and drawers

Beautiful, bright colors and a low staircase - great idea!

Low profile bunk beds

Low profile bunk beds

Junior loft bed with stairs

Loft bed made of wood. Base is fitted with a lot of drawers in various sizes for storing clothes and other needed items. Provides space saving in the kid's room and others interiors as needed.

Embrace loft bed with dresser bookcase bedroom furniture beds ashley

Embrace Loft Bed with Dresser & Bookcase | Bedroom Furniture, Beds | Ashley Furniture

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Low bunk bed with trundle

Choose a truly practical piece as a sleeping solution for your kid's room with this amazing, low stair bunk bed that comes with some extra storage tucked away in the bottom part of its structure, perfect for clothing.

Low loft bunk beds with stairs

Enchanting with its multicolour finish, this low loft bed with a staircase on end curtain will create a lovely environment for your young child, comprising a place to rest and play in one item. The twin bed towers over a cool playhouse.

Mobby Twin Loft Bed with Trundle

Mobby Twin Loft Bed with Trundle

Matrix low loft bed with stairs and slide love

Matrix low loft bed with stairs and slide... Love!

Bunk beds with steps

Enhance your bedroom with practical solutions and durable wood construction, deciding on this double bunk bed with built-in staircase and 3 storage drawers. The bottom part moves on functional caster wheels.

Bunk beds l shaped bunk beds uk images l shaped

... bunk beds l shaped bunk beds uk images l shaped loft beds loft beds

Captain bed with drawers

Stylish and practical, designed for traditional interiors, this low loft bed can be a perfect proposition for your children's bedroom. The twin bed towers overs a pull-out desk and stairs.

Bunks with stairs behind

bunks with stairs behind

Loft beds with desk and stairs

Bunk bed for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. Barriers and stairs for added safety. It is fitted with a lot of drawers for storing clothes and others needed items.

Beds with stairs

DIY Bunk beds with Stairs. This is what I think we are going to do if/when we let the boys share. Desmonds bed is already perfect for the bottom, so we will just need a top.

Vista black twin bunk bed with steps junior bunk bed

Vista Black Twin Bunk Bed with Steps | Junior Bunk Bed Chest Stairs

Emma twin loft with storage options bunk beds furniture for

Emma Twin Loft with Storage Options, Bunk Beds, Furniture for Girls