Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

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A loft bed with desk and stairs is an excellent solution for smaller bedrooms. These sturdy pieces offer the utility of a loft bed with stairs for added comfort and safety when climbing up and down. The space under the bed is not wasted; it can become a desk, a storage space, or even space for another bed and a desk. These versatile pieces are great for kids' rooms, dorm rooms, or any bedroom with a smaller footprint that needs a lot of use. To find out which loft bed with stairs and desk offers the most comfort, functionality, and compactness, explore the four models below.  

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Updated 29/06/2022
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9 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed with Desk and Stairs

9 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed with Desk and Stairs

What we like: Ample storage and versatility

What we don’t like: Larger than most models; not suitable for small spaces

Perfect for: Teenager’s room or dorm room

Not so good for: Small kid's room

This sturdy solid wood loft bed with desk and storage stairs is great for bedrooms that need extra storage. The bed comes with nine drawers (four in the desk and five built-in as part of the stairs) but accessible from the side of the bed. The desk has two storage areas: one running along the back side of the bed, the other perpendicular at the head of the bed. This setup gives an enormous amount of desk and storage space under the twin bed.

This loft bed, stairs, and desk are perfect for older children and teens who want to optimize their desk and storage space to make more room for a sofa or gaming area in their room.

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Sleek, All Metal Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

Sleek, All Metal Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

What we like: Stylish and functional

What we don’t like: No built-in drawers

Perfect for: Rooms with limited natural light

Not so good for: Very young children

This twin loft bed with stairs and desk is an open, airy alternative to a more traditional bed with stairs and desk. This piece features a 74.8’’ long twin bed over a 77’’ x 13’’ desk. The 15’’ wide, easy-to-climb stairs have a built-in bookcase for extra storage. It is made of sturdy iron and is painted black so that you can pair it with numerous decor styles. With the recommended 6’’ thick mattress, this bed is a comfortable sleeping setup for teenagers and adults alike.

This bed’s sleek open design allows light to reach the desk area underneath the bed easily, making this bed a preferred option for rooms with limited natural light or tight floor plans. The modern design also appeals to teenagers or college students looking for the utility of a lofted bed, but in a style that feels more adult.  

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Two bed, Two Desk Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

Two bed, Two Desk Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

What we like: L-shaped bed configuration offers lots of storage

What we don’t like: Has a larger footprint

Perfect for: A shared kids' room

Not so good for: Smaller rooms

This bunk bed with desk and stairs features two beds and two desks, making it ideal for a sibling room looking to maximize space. In addition to the beds and desks, it features eight large storage drawers and three shelves under the stairs. It is available in neutral white and is made from solid and manufactured wood for strength and longevity.

This bunk bed with stairs and desk setup can add a lot of usable space to any room. The piece combines a desk, a dresser, beds, and a bookshelf into a single functional piece. Even for a single kid’s room, the lower bed offers a hangout and relaxation space that the kids will love.  

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Space Saving Pull Out Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

Space Saving Pull Out Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

What we like: Takes up a small footprint, lower height good for small kids

What we don’t like: Limited space under the bed

Perfect for: Guest room, home office, dorm room

Not so good for: Teenager’s bedroom

This loft bed with desk, stairs, and drawers is a compact, innovative piece of furniture. The bed is lofted 30.3’’ off the ground and is accessible by three 14’’ wide stairs. The stairs feature three shelves that slide under the bed when not in use. The 19.7’’ x 40.3’’ desk pivots on the dresser to store under the bed. The dresser has three wide drawers for clothing, and the desk has a further three smaller drawers for stationary.

The movable desk and stairs enable the loft bed, desk, stairs, and shelves to be as compact as possible when not in use. This versatility makes this a good option for a combined guest room home office, and the lower height makes it suitable for smaller kids who might be intimidated by a full-height loft bed.  

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Loft Bed With Desk And Stairs

Buying Guide

The first thing to consider when shopping for a loft bed with desk and stairs is the amount of headroom between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. As a rule of thumb, the headroom should be at least 30 inches, so that you and your child can maneuver in and out of the bed without knocking your head on the ceiling.

Next, make sure that the loft bed will actually fit in its designated space. Measure your ceiling and your floor space and choose a size accordingly. In addition to picking a loft bed in the right size, you’ll have to check the bed’s weight limits. Some designs are specifically for kids while others can be used by teenagers and adults as well. Always go for a loft bed with a higher weight limit so that your child won’t quickly grow out of it.

In terms of designs, all-white loft beds are super versatile and they seamlessly match with just about any color and decor. On the other hand, two-colored loft beds add a pop of color and personality to the space.

Lastly, only purchase a loft bed that complies with standard safety rules and guidelines.

A white loft bed with a desk and stairs should fit in a small bedroom, but your options for positioning it will depend on the loft bed and room’s exact dimensions. Some small bedrooms are 7’ on their shortest side, and a twin-size bed with stairs on the end will need at least 8.5’ of space.

Small bedrooms with at least 9’ of space along one wall will accommodate a twin-size loft bed but might not fit a queen-size bed. Since full and twin beds are the same lengths, an area that fits a twin-size bed should be able to accommodate a full-size loft bed as well.

Yes! If you’ve purchased a white loft bed with desk and stairs, know that you can redecorate and update it over the years to match your needs over time.

For example, if you have young kids, you can use the bottom half as a playroom, then switch things up to use it as a homework desk when they’re in school.

If you need to, you can usually convert the lower half to include a second bed, or use the top half as a daybed! Truly, this piece of furniture is one that can grow with you over time.

Best Ideas

Berg Furniture Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed With Desk And Storage

Berg Furniture Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed With Desk And Storage

Contemporary twin bed with desk, a chest and drawers for storage. Includes railing for safety. The construction is made of wood. The ideal solution for the kid's room and more.

White loft bed with desk and stairs 3

The white wooden place-sparing set for kids room. The simple construction contains the bunk upper the small desk with some shelves and cupboards. On the back there is also the wardrobe placed. Perfect solution when you have not enough place to have this pieces of furniture individually.

Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs and Storage

Utica Loft Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs and Storage

This bunk bed is perfect for girls' room. It includes an upper twin bed and a lower part that includes a full size bed, a bedside table and stairs with storage drawers. The whole construction provides comfort and stability.

About pink kids loft bunk bed desk wardrobe 5 drawer


NE Kids School House Stair Loft Bed in White

Bunk bed for kid's room, teenager's room and more. Includes desk and a lot of drawers for storing clothes and others needed items. It is made of wood and fitted with railings for added safety. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Desk stairs

A great bunk bed in a modern design. Simple stairs with open shelves lead to the top bed. Underneath there is a desk and another bed, which you take out when you need it. It's in a pure white color so a colorful office chair in a nice detail.

White bunk bed with desk and stairs

Bunk bed with desk and stairs for kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood in two shades. It is fitted with railings for added safety. Includes open shelves and drawers for space saving.

Home my design bunk bed k single w stair desk

Home » My Design Bunk Bed K/Single W/Stair&Desk W/Hutch&Bookcase

Wyatt white finish wood twin size loft bed with pull out desk work station underneath and slide out stairs with storage

Loft beds with desk and stairs

White kids stair loft bunk bed with desk. Made from white wooden elements. The beds are equipped with rolling wheels, so you can put every element of this set anywhere you want it. Cheerfully decorated with funny duvet cover, pillows and blanket.

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