Loft Bed With Desk And Drawers

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For combining a comfortable bed with storage and workspace, a loft bed with a desk and drawers is an excellent addition to your kids’ bedroom or a compact studio apartment. Loft beds with desk and drawers are ideal when you need to create more usable floor space for your kids to play. Best of all, a loft bed provides your child with a fun sleeping experience. Here are the top ten loft beds with storage to elevate the look of your bedroom.

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Updated 28/02/2023
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Best for Space Saving
Minimalistic Wood Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

Minimalistic Wood Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

Harriet Bee

Perfect for: Teens, dorms, and guestrooms

What we Like: Slim profile and built-in movable ladder

Not great for: Taller teens or adults

This high loft bunk bed has a built-in desk below the twin or full bed with full guardrails and a built-in ladder. The minimalistic style and neutral colors of white or gray are the perfect palettes for all room decor.

$489.99 $649.99

Designer Advice:

Most loft beds have a workspace below the bedframe, like a desk or side shelves. Desks with built-in drawers help keep the surface organized and clean. Full-length workspaces give room for homework, a small TV and gaming system, and decor without becoming cluttered. And being able to move the ladder to either side creates different aesthetics.

What Users Say:

 Great platform bed/desk combo for small children (under 5 ft).

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Best for Storage and Sleeping
Kids Loft Bed with Desk and Drawers

Kids Loft Bed with Desk and Drawers

Harriet Bee

Perfect for: An all-in-one solution

What we like: Multi-functional storage, bed, and workspace

Not great for: Over 200 pounds

This 50" tall loft bed incorporates a low 400-lb weight capacity twin bed with a full 14" guardrail with the functionality of six built-in dresser drawers and a sturdy rolling desk that tucks away beneath the bed.

$1319.99 $1499.99

Designer Advice:

When picking a loft bed to go into your space, it's important to consider the weight of the person using the mattress. The guardrails can also be a necessary factor to weigh, depending on the person's age. You'll also want to pay attention to the bed's size, especially with pull-out pieces.

What Users Say:

 The bed is very solid!

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Best Minimalistic Style
Modern Metal Loft Bunk Bed with Desk

Modern Metal Loft Bunk Bed with Desk

Isabelle & Max™

Perfect for: Bedrooms for younger pre-teens to early teen years

What we like: Clean-lined neutral aesthetic with open under storage

Not great for: High ceilings

This modern twin loft bed has a slender 72" tall by 77.5" long metal frame with a 200-pound weight limit in four color choices. The built-in desk offers a 74.5" wide by 15.5" deep workspace.

$289.99 $663

Designer Advice:

Loft bunk beds with a metal frame can add a more modern minimalistic vibe, further enhanced by four colors and twin or full bed choices. The massive open space below the bed, with a slim, full-length desk, provides plenty of room for working and easy organization using crates and boxes. You can also use the open space as various workspaces.

What Users Say:

Perfect space saver for my teenager. Now he has a place to study and sleep and his furniture all fits!

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8 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed With Bookcase

8 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed With Bookcase

Sand & Stable™ Baby & Kids

What we like: High weight and storage capacity

What we don’t like: The desk surface is not attached to the bed frame

Not so great for: Quick assembly, as the instructions are not easy to follow

Perfect for: Children who aren’t able to climb ladders yet

This twin loft bed has eight drawers — four on the side near the headboard and four in the stairs — saving space and providing abundant storage. The staircase is also a convenient alternative to a ladder.

The high weight capacity is perfect for two children sleeping together or a parent sitting beside their child to read a bedtime story. The inside of the bed frame creates a quiet space for reading or playing. The stairs offer easy access to the top of the loft, which may be better for children who have difficulty climbing ladders. Decorate the inside with stuffed animals, drawings, or framed photographs to create a cozy, inviting play space.

$2190 $2749.99

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Solid Wood Loft Bed With Desk and Drawers

Solid Wood Loft Bed With Desk and Drawers

Harriet Bee

What we like: Solid wood loft bed for teenagers

What we don’t like: The ladder could be sturdier

Not so great for: Bedrooms with low ceilings

Perfect for: Teenagers and young adults

If you’re looking for a loft bed with storage and desk for your teenager, this is a superb option. You don’t need an additional box spring; the slat system offers ample support for a full-size mattress. The built-in dresser has six drawers, and there’s a writing desk for your teenager to study.

The space under the bed allows for the use of a swivel chair, and the desk is wide enough to accommodate a laptop, lamp, and books or notebooks. The dresser has two shelves above it for displaying decorative items. Add photos of family and friends or potted plants to add a touch of style.  

$1120 $2945.88

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Twin Loft Bed With Bookcase

Twin Loft Bed With Bookcase


What we like: Modern offset design; ample storage; corkboard

What we don’t like: Some of the parts may not be marked or numbered

Not so great for: Small children due to the height

Perfect for: Older children/young teenagers

This twin loft bed features an angled frame with the bed offset from the front of the top bunk for a stylish and space-saving design. The staircase has five integrated drawers in the side, and there’s also a chest of four drawers and two cubbies at roughly knee height when seated behind the built-in desk. The corkboard at the rear of the desk space allows you to attach notes, stickers, and drawings, perfect for personalizing the workspace.

$1712 $2497.5

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Twin Loft Bed With Desk

Twin Loft Bed With Desk

Greyleigh™ Baby & Kids

What we like: Solid wood construction; U-shaped desk

What we don’t like: Time-consuming assembly process

Not so great for: People who need a lot of storage for clothing

Perfect for: For a teenager’s bedroom or dorm room

If you’re looking for a loft bed with a built-in U-shaped desk, this model provides more tabletop space than many other options on the market. There’s more than enough room for a laptop, tablet, books, and other study materials. The angled ladder allows convenient access to the top, while the included guardrails stop your child from rolling out of bed.

Two flat drawers in the desk allow you to store pens, pencils, notepads, charging cables, and more. Four shelves at the footrest end and a cabinet provide additional storage for school accessories. This is the perfect desk for someone who needs plenty of room to study. 

$1139.99 $1937.1

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Twin 4 Drawer Loft Bed With Built In Desk

Twin 4 Drawer Loft Bed With Built In Desk

South Shore

What we like: Guardrail shelf, internal wardrobe, and attractive styling

What we don’t like: The door may be difficult to open on carpeted flooring

Not so great for: Reconfiguration

Perfect for: Storage of clothes and toys; giving your child a private space

This twin loft bed with desk, drawers, and wardrobe will liven up your child’s bedroom with its charming curved design and ample shelf space to display toys and keepsakes.

The combination guardrail and shelf offers added protection against accidental falls, and the deep inset ladder provides a larger grip surface for better security when your child climbs into the bunk.

At the foot of the bed is an integrated desk for studying or reading, including a row of three shelves for extra storage for school supplies. In addition to plenty of storage space, the loft bed also has an internal wardrobe for hanging your child’s clothes. Alternatively, your little girl or boy can turn this space into a pillow fort or castle. 

$1000 $1199.99

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Loft Bed with Desk

Loft Bed with Desk

Mack & Milo™

What we like: Compact and configurable design

What we don’t like: Can be challenging to assemble

Not so great for: Older children/teenagers

Perfect for: Young children; rooms where storage is limited

This twin loft bed with desk and storage is ideal for a young child ready to sleep in a big bed. The loft bed design includes three drawers and two shelves below the foot of the bed for storing your kids’ games and books. There’s a compact desk that slides out from a compartment underneath the bed for coloring, homework, or art projects.

We love the tall guardrail for safety and the conveniently located ladder. The manufactured-wood construction is also durable, and you can configure the bed in various ways, depending on the layout of the room. Some may find the bed a challenge to assemble, however.

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Twin 4 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed with Bookcase

Twin 4 Drawer Solid Wood Loft Bed with Bookcase

Three Posts™ Baby & Kids

What we like: Four dresser drawers, three shelves, and a desk drawer

What we don’t like: Drawers could be bigger

Not so great for: Rough use because the paint scratches easily

Perfect for: Sleeping, playtime, and school work/arts and crafts

Featuring four drawers and three bookcase shelves, this loft bed features a desk at the footrest end of the frame for writing, drawing, arts and crafts, and other projects. The desk has a drawer for school and art supplies.

As the desk is accessible from the outside of the frame, the inside space is free for play sessions or placing a beanbag chair or pillows and blankets. Consider hanging decorative lights from the underside of the bed to create a fun atmosphere for your child. Add a matching chair or stool for the desk to complete the set. 

$1506 $1749.99

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Twin Bed with Desk and Storage

Twin Bed with Desk and Storage

Harriet Bee

What we like: Spacious and functional design

What we don’t like: The ladder isn’t angled

Not so great for: Large art and crafts projects due to limited desk space

Perfect for: Compact storage and easy desk access

Available in several finishes to suit various interior color schemes, this loft bed features a wardrobe cabinet at one end of the frame for storing clothes and a built-in desk with three drawers. The design is open and spacious, allowing you to place one or more chairs under the bed.

While we love the roomy design, the ladder is vertical, which some children may have a hard time climbing. 

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Twin Solid Wood Loft Bed With Built in Desk and Stair Cubbies

Twin Solid Wood Loft Bed With Built in Desk and Stair Cubbies

Harriet Bee

What we like: Sleek and fun design with staircase cubbies

What we don’t like: Limited storage capacity

Not so great for: Substituting for a dedicated dresser or wardrobe

Perfect for: Young children interested in arts and crafts

When space is at a premium, this twin loft bed is a perfect size. Taking a novel approach to storage, this bed has several cubby holes in the side of the staircase for toys and clothes. Despite being low to the floor, the bed has guardrails, and there are three stairs for ease of access.

The desk has three drawers of its own, and there’s a shelf and two drawers directly under the bed frame. While these drawers are convenient for smaller items, they don’t provide as much space as we’d like for storing kids’ clothing or larger toys. 

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3 Drawer Twin Loft Bed With Desk and Storage

3 Drawer Twin Loft Bed With Desk and Storage

Harriet Bee

What we like: Three drawers and extra-wide shelves

What we don’t like: The desk may be difficult to slide out

Not so great for: Kids who love the thrill of sleeping higher off the floor

Perfect for: Low ceiling and younger kids who might be afraid of heights

Ideal for younger children and kids who are a little anxious about sleeping high up, this loft bed is lower than a standard bunk and features three drawers for storing clothes and study supplies. There are two shelves on the footrest end for displaying books or storing toys in baskets or containers. It also provides enough storage capacity for bedding, blankets, and pillows.

The sliding desk is easy to use but does not come on rollers, so sliding out of the unit may be difficult. However, we love the compact design that makes it the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom when space is limited or shared with a sibling. 

$1769.99 $1799.99

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Loft Bed With Desk And Drawers

Buying Guide

Loft beds with desks and drawers come with different types of storage options.

As well as the actual desk, you can find drawers, closed cupboards, and open shelves. The first two are a better option for storing clothes and items that could end up looking a bit messy, whereas open shelves are ideal to showcase a selection of your favorite decorative elements or to store a few books.

Alternatively, you can even find models in a design that includes two or even all of these storage options.

Suppose you're contemplating buying a loft bed with a desk and drawers. In that case, you'll need to consider factors such as practicality, safety, whether you'll need steps or a staircase, the type of desk you need (storage or no storage) and the style of the loft bed to match your existing interior.

Know how much room you've got to play with so you know how practical the loft bed is going to be. Depending on who will be using the bed (adult or child), steps and staircases need to be factored in. Straight ladders are space-saving and ideal for younger kids, but staircases are more practical for older kids and adults but take up more space.

Consider whether you need a horizontal desk or a corner desk depending on the ease of use and what you'll store on top. If additional storage space is needed, a loft bed with drawers is recommended.

Lastly, opt for lighter colored wood for smaller spaces and darker wood for spacious rooms and depending on your current interior, you may opt for a minimalist design or an ornate model to deliver a decorative appeal to the space.

Bunk beds have always been associated with children; however, loft beds are more sophisticated and therefore suited for adults. In fact, it's one of the most suitable options for small homes since they free up space and can be used in other ways as well. Since they are raised, they are perfect for a home office, and all you need to do is pull up a chair.

For adults, twin or full-size mattresses are recommended. Loft beds are also more convenient as you can simply climb the ladder and sleep above where you work in comfort. The bonus with loft beds is that they are an all-in-one space-saving asset, and some more innovative options include wardrobes, bulletin boards, and drawers that are well-integrated.

In a nutshell, a loft bed with desk and drawers is ideal for adults who work from home or simply live in space confined apartments and could benefit from the extra room.

Best Ideas

Twin loft bed with desk and storage

A functional loft bed that comes with wood construction and a two-tone white and yellow finish. Includes a large compartment with sliding doors and a desk with open shelves on top, a built-in metal / wood staircase, and a large walk-in closet underneath the bed.

Loft beds with desk and storage

Loft bed for children. Upper area includes a comfortable bed with protective rails and ladder. The lower part features a desk with separate storage compartment and drawers. White color of this loft bed is neutral and matches any kids' bedroom.

Enterprise Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Storage Drawers Desk Stairway

Enterprise Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Storage Drawers Desk Stairway

This piece of furniture is a multi functional product that provides a working space, comfort, storage and decoration. This bunk bed has got two comfortable sleeping spaces, a desk with drawers and two upper shelves.

Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Chest End

Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Chest End

This sensationally made twin loft bed is the perfect solution for a small area. In one piece of furniture hides a practical work desk, comfortable bed and numerous shelves for trinkets. The wooden construction is durable.

Bed with desk and storage

Kids Loft Bed for Minimalist Look Bedroom: Colorful Room White Wall Lime Green Wall Pink Drawers Cream Floor ~ Bedroom Designs Inspiration

Loft bed girl

Highly functional and practical loft bed constructed from wood and finished in stunning white color. The bed also comes with dozens of storage drawers and a bookcase on one side. It includes a table and chair for your kids to work on and a sturdy staircase to access the top bed during sleep times.

Loft bed with desk and drawers 2

Improve your kid's room with this functional and durable loft bed splashed with a two-tone finish. The bed comes with protective railings, a convenient tray, a built-in staircase with drawers and open compartments, and a long desk with 3 drawers and 2 open shelves.

Chelsea Home Loft Bed With Desk Top

Chelsea Home Loft Bed With Desk Top

Multitask & Functional Twin-Loft Customizable Bedroom Set in Honey Finish. Crafted from solid pine wood, the set offers a bunk bed secured with sturdy wood fence, desk with drawers and storage compartments, and space-saving.

Loft bed with desk and drawers 1

The beautiful design of this impressive and very functional loft bed with desk and drawers makes the children's room practical and space-saving. The whole is perfect for small interiors. Robust construction.

Loft bed with desk and drawers

DOLPHIN kids childrens loft bed with desk and drawers

Loft bed with storage and desk

Bunk bed with desk and a lot of drawers for storing needed stuff. Construction is made of wood. Ideal solution for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Traditional form and modern design.

Loft bed with desk and bookshelf

Bed, storage, and study space, all efficiently tucked together in one loft-bed unit. The desk is located under the bed, while drawers and cubby shelves are located at the end. The bed is accessed with a raked ladder.

Loft bed with desk and drawers 9

Delight the youngster in your house with an efficient loft bed. This clean-lined model has a raked ladder leading to a loft bed protected by a sturdy rail. The bed is supported by two sets of shelves, and a set of drawers.

Charleston storage loft bed with desk espresso

Cute and lovely set with dressers, desk and the bunk bed is the most functional choice for girls room. Useful drawers and bookcases will contain your child's stuff and cute desk will serve him from kindergarten to college.

Storage loft bed with desk white

Image detail for - acm-10160-rustic-oak-storage-twin-loft-bed-with-bookshelf-desk-drawers ...

Room board moda loft bed with middle desk and two

Room & Board - Moda Loft Bed with Middle Desk and Two Four-Drawer Dressers

Loft bed with drawers and desk

Save space with this youth loft bed. Creamy white, the bed is accessed with a ladder at the foot, next to a set of shelves. Six drawers under the bed flank an efficient desk, which houses two more shelves.

Loft storage bed with desk

KATCHING3 Mid Loft Slat Bed with Desk and 4 Drawer Dresser | Wayfair

Loft beds with drawers

ocean boys bedroom interior design with compact loft bed with desk and drawers overlooking with round blue rug

Storage loft bed with desk

An elegant contemporary bunk bed and a castered daybed. They're equipped with a slanted ladder, a drawer chest, a desk with drawers, open shelves. Rectangular headboards and footboards have a slatted up design. The entirety has a dark blue finish.

Loft bed with desk and drawers 4

XL4 L or R CS : Low Loft Bed with Angle Ladder, Desk

Storage bed with desk

This twin loft bed with desk and storage features a raised bed, three large storage drawers, bookshelf and a space-saving desk on wheels that can be pulled out when it’s needed. Incredible!

Loft bed with desk and drawers 8

KATCHING3 Mid Loft Slat Bed with Desk and 4 Drawer Dresser | Wayfair