Loft Bed With Desk And Drawers

A great innovation in space management is the loft bed, with desk and drawers below. Have you bed, desk, dresser, and even your bookcase, all in one place, and do it all in style and comfort. There are many options in the ways these awesome setups are constructed, each designed to suit a particular need. Find your right fit in our collection of loft beds with desk and drawers.

Best Products

Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Chest End

Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Chest End
This sensationally made twin loft bed is the perfect solution for a small area. In one piece of furniture hides a practical work desk, comfortable bed and numerous shelves for trinkets. The wooden construction is durable.

Chelsea Home Loft Bed With Desk Top

Chelsea Home Loft Bed With Desk Top
Multitask & Functional Twin-Loft Customizable Bedroom Set in Honey Finish. Crafted from solid pine wood, the set offers a bunk bed secured with sturdy wood fence, desk with drawers and storage compartments, and space-saving.

Enterprise Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Storage Drawers Desk Stairway

Enterprise Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Storage Drawers Desk Stairway
This piece of furniture is a multi functional product that provides a working space, comfort, storage and decoration. This bunk bed has got two comfortable sleeping spaces, a desk with drawers and two upper shelves.

Donco Kids Twin Loft Bed

Donco Kids Twin Loft Bed
It is an excellent solution for use in the youth room, which is modernly styled. It is a bed that combines both desk and shelves. The whole is very cleverly combined. This is particularly useful in a small space.

Enterprise Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage

Enterprise Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage
This bunk bed is a functional and fantastic addition to any kids room. It has got desk and storage and traditional design, which fits to any style and décor. You need to have it.

Little Soleil Adjustable Height Children's Study Desk

Little Soleil Adjustable Height Children's Study Desk
Updated design in white with blue elements is undoubtedly visually appealing, but it's functionality that makes this children's study desk so special. Its height is adjustable, the top tilts, and all sharp elements are rubber-banded.

Loft beds with desk and storage

Loft bed for children. Upper area includes a comfortable bed with protective rails and ladder. The lower part features a desk with separate storage compartment and drawers. White color of this loft bed is neutral and matches any kids' bedroom.

Our advice Buying Guide

What storage options do loft beds with desks come with?

Loft beds with desks and drawers come with different types of storage options.

As well as the actual desk, you can find drawers, closed cupboards, and open shelves. The first two are a better option for storing clothes and items that could end up looking a bit messy, whereas open shelves are ideal to showcase a selection of your favorite decorative elements or to store a few books.

Alternatively, you can even find models in a design that includes two or even all of these storage options.

What are some basic considerations when buying a loft bed with desk?

Suppose you're contemplating buying a loft bed with a desk and drawers. In that case, you'll need to consider factors such as practicality, safety, whether you'll need steps or a staircase, the type of desk you need (storage or no storage) and the style of the loft bed to match your existing interior.

Know how much room you've got to play with so you know how practical the loft bed is going to be. Depending on who will be using the bed (adult or child), steps and staircases need to be factored in. Straight ladders are space-saving and ideal for younger kids, but staircases are more practical for older kids and adults but take up more space.

Consider whether you need a horizontal desk or a corner desk depending on the ease of use and what you'll store on top. If additional storage space is needed, a loft bed with drawers is recommended.

Lastly, opt for lighter colored wood for smaller spaces and darker wood for spacious rooms and depending on your current interior, you may opt for a minimalist design or an ornate model to deliver a decorative appeal to the space.

Are loft beds with desks suitable for adults?

Bunk beds have always been associated with children; however, loft beds are more sophisticated and therefore suited for adults. In fact, it's one of the most suitable options for small homes since they free up space and can be used in other ways as well. Since they are raised, they are perfect for a home office, and all you need to do is pull up a chair.

For adults, twin or full-size mattresses are recommended. Loft beds are also more convenient as you can simply climb the ladder and sleep above where you work in comfort. The bonus with loft beds is that they are an all-in-one space-saving asset, and some more innovative options include wardrobes, bulletin boards, and drawers that are well-integrated.

In a nutshell, a loft bed with desk and drawers is ideal for adults who work from home or simply live in space confined apartments and could benefit from the extra room.


Twin loft bed with desk and storage

A functional loft bed that comes with wood construction and a two-tone white and yellow finish. Includes a large compartment with sliding doors and a desk with open shelves on top, a built-in metal / wood staircase, and a large walk-in closet underneath the bed.

Loft bed with desk and drawers 1

The beautiful design of this impressive and very functional loft bed with desk and drawers makes the children's room practical and space-saving. The whole is perfect for small interiors. Robust construction.

Loft bed with desk and bookshelf

Bed, storage, and study space, all efficiently tucked together in one loft-bed unit. The desk is located under the bed, while drawers and cubby shelves are located at the end. The bed is accessed with a raked ladder.

Loft bed with drawers and desk

Save space with this youth loft bed. Creamy white, the bed is accessed with a ladder at the foot, next to a set of shelves. Six drawers under the bed flank an efficient desk, which houses two more shelves.

Loft bed with desk and drawers 2

Improve your kid's room with this functional and durable loft bed splashed with a two-tone finish. The bed comes with protective railings, a convenient tray, a built-in staircase with drawers and open compartments, and a long desk with 3 drawers and 2 open shelves.

Loft bed with desk and storage

Incredibly functional and full of drawers and cabinets the consoles of this bunk bed makes it a very practical piece of furniture for children's room. Interesting and solid wood construction gives it strength.

Charleston storage loft bed with desk espresso

Cute and lovely set with dressers, desk and the bunk bed is the most functional choice for girls room. Useful drawers and bookcases will contain your child's stuff and cute desk will serve him from kindergarten to college.

Loft bed girl

Highly functional and practical loft bed constructed from wood and finished in stunning white color. The bed also comes with dozens of storage drawers and a bookcase on one side. It includes a table and chair for your kids to work on and a sturdy staircase to access the top bed during sleep times.

Loft bed with desk and drawers 9

Delight the youngster in your house with an efficient loft bed. This clean-lined model has a raked ladder leading to a loft bed protected by a sturdy rail. The bed is supported by two sets of shelves, and a set of drawers.

Loft bed with desk and drawers

An excellent accessory for grils' rooms, that emanates with feminine accents and a beautiful blend of white and pink. The loft bed includes a built-in ladder, 1 large two-door cabinet, 4 open shelves, and a stylish desk with 3 drawers.

Loft bed with storage and desk

Bunk bed with desk and a lot of drawers for storing needed stuff. Construction is made of wood. Ideal solution for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Traditional form and modern design.

Loft beds with desks and storage

I picked this room because I like the industrial style and architectual features. The exposed concrete travel from the walls to the ceiling open up the space giving a loft feel. The neutral colours with cool untertones contrast with the warm undertones

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Loft storage bed with desk

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Loft beds with drawers

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Bed with desk and storage

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