Loft Beds With Desk And Futon


If you want your child to have a place to relax and work, a loft bed with a desk and futon is the best way to do that. The futon gives them a place to chill, whereas the desk is a great way to encourage homework time. Plus, a raised bed will help to save floor space. Infinitely practical, a bunk bed with a futon and a desk included will grow with your child instead of them growing out of it. 

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Our Picks

Black Loft Bed with Desk
Schuller Twin Loft Bed with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Schuller Twin Loft Bed with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Schuller Twin Loft Bed with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Schuller Twin Loft Bed with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Schuller Twin Loft Bed with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee

Black Loft Bed with Desk

Harriet Bee

What we like: Simple, minimalist design

What we don’t like: Futon mattress not included

Not so good for: If you want something more feminine

Perfect for: A teenage boy’s bedroom

Crafted from steel, MDF, and engineered veneer, this loft bed is finished in glossy black. It features a contrasting desk surface in white. Although a futon is included with this set, the pad doesn’t come included, meaning you will have to purchase your own.

A slat kit is included, as is a built-in ladder at the side that’s tucked away neatly. As the frame has a neutral and minimalist look, your child can customize it how they would like with bedding and accessories. Plus, a CD rack is included for educational films and favorites alike. 

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Pine Loft Bed with Desk
Thale Twin Loft Bed and Mattress with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Thale Twin Loft Bed and Mattress with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Thale Twin Loft Bed and Mattress with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Thale Twin Loft Bed and Mattress with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee
Thale Twin Loft Bed and Mattress with Built-in-Desk by Harriet Bee

Pine Loft Bed with Desk

Harriet Bee

What we like: Futon can convert into bunk

What we don’t like: Limited space on bottom bunk

Not so good for: If you require a larger desk

Perfect for:  A teenager’s bedroom

Coming in a bright white finish, this bed is made from high-grade pine wood and MDF. It has been protected with a lacquer to prevent daily wear and tear, making it a good option if your child is boisterous.

The chair at the bottom can also be converted into an extra bed, meaning sleepovers won’t be any hassle. Even better, a mattress is included with the bottom bunk, so you won’t have to worry about finding one that fits. There is a built-in ladder at the side. This ladder has an attached shelving unit with five shelves perfect for storing books.

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Full Size Loft Bed with Double Futon and Desk

Full Size Loft Bed with Double Futon and Desk

What we like: Generous desk space

What we don’t like: No side protection for bottom bunk

Not so good for: If you want a proper desk chair

Perfect for: Maximizing space

If one futon isn’t enough, you can have two with this loft bed set-up. It cleverly converts into either two futon spaces with a desk in the middle or into one long futon. Finished in a chic gray-and-white color scheme, it is crafted from manufactured and solid wood. The upholstery is soft chenille and is filled with foam for back support.

A slat kit, guardrails, and a built-in ladder are included. The guardrails are also detachable so you can configure this bed to your preference. However, no top mattress is included. Two storage shelves are included just below the top bunk so you can organize things neatly. 

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Loft Beds With Desk And Futon

Buying Guide

A loft bed has always been considered a kiddie room staple. It’s fun. It’s cute and it saves space that can be utilized for play areas and the likes. But one wouldn’t dare think of installing a loft bed in a room meant for an adult, would they?

The fact is that loft beds are perfect for adults, teens and kids alike. They fit easily into small rooms and they can integrate functional furniture pieces like study/work desks and futons. That’s a dedicated study/work zone, an expandable sleeping surface and a full sized bed, all combined into an aesthetic design with a compact footprint.

What more can one ask for? But selecting a multifunctional loft bed can be daunting, with all the features to consider. Here’s a buying guide that will make it easier for you to select one of these versatile beds for your home.

Loft beds come in single, twin, queen and king sizes. The size that you select depends on who will be using the bed and also on the availability of space in the room. Conventionally, loft beds are propped against a wall in a child’s room. This opens up the remaining floor space and keeps the child protected from one side without installing a guardrail.

However, in a teenager or an adult room, there should be at least three feet of distance between the edge of the bed and the wall. This will allow a full grown adult to move freely while getting into the bed or out of it. You can also select a bed based on how high the ceilings are and how much headroom you prefer between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. The bare minimum number is 30”. But some people find this too claustrophobic and might look for a bed that offers more head room.

Study desks can be L-Shaped and positioned on one side under the bed frame or it can be retractable one. Retractable desks are installed using a glide tracking system and can be pulled out as needed. The caveat is that these cannot be used for desktop storage.

Conventional designs can feature drawers, open shelves, cable management systems and ample space on the desktop. Consider the storage and usage needs before you narrow down on a design. Also, account for the extra space needed for the chair.

Loft beds usually feature twin-sized futons which fold into recliners or lounge chairs when not required. If it will be used frequently, ensure that you pick a good quality mattress that’s comfortable. If it will be used occasionally, for an unexpected guest or for kiddie sleepovers, even a normal mattress will work fine.

The frame and the design of the futon will be matching the rest of the set. But you can always customize the fabric or use attractive futon covers to match the other furniture pieces in the room.

To make sure the loft bed you are buying either fr your children or for yourself is safe, answer the following questions:

  • What is the bed frame made of?
  • Is it solid wood? Is it metal?
  • How sturdy are the stairs?
  • Does it conform to CPSC standards?

As is the case with any bunk bed that you buy, consider the build quality and the safety before everything else. You can find these in tons of attractive designs and finishes. But it’s the stability that matters the most. Speak to the manufacturer and seek all the details before you buy.

Best Ideas

Childrens bunk beds with desk and futon

Perfect solution for space in a child’s small room, this child-size loft bed includes a desk and futon chair below. Above, there is a solid headboard and slat railing to prevent nighttime rolling out of bed. White with black futon.

Loft beds with desk and futon 1

A fabulous accessory for teenager's rooms, that will bring comfort and functionality, while also making your homework much more enjoyable. The bed includes a built-in desk, a generously-padded futon, open shelving and parting, a fixed ladder, and railings on top bunk.

School House Stair Loft Bed with Desk End

School House Stair Loft Bed with Desk End

This multi-task bed set with a practical desk and degrees of drawers is a wonderful way have a lot of things in a small space. Operably and thoughtful as to the details set allows kids find a place for play, study and rest.

Loft bed with sofa underneath

What we have here is a space-efficient unit made of steel and a crafty touch of polished wood. The upper part is a bed space with rails for safety and also a metal ladder for easy access. The lower part contains a table and a chair with wood tops and also a futon chair.

Full size loft bed with futon

Everything you need at home - bedroom and study area - can be included on a meter of metal construction. Which additionaly have a wonderful design. Multi use loft bunk bed contains two beds, a desk, and a ladder to move to the next bed. Smooth and stable.

Metal high sleeper bed with desk and futon

Lovely loft bed with desk and futon is a great combination that will be perfect for children's room. Solid construction, excellent decorative elements and a mix of white, black and pink charm and will appeal to every girl.

Bunk beds with futon and desk

Attractive bunk bed for your kid’s room with plenty of additional functions including a comfortable bed, desk, and sofa all in one piece of furniture. It’s a cool and space-saving pink bunk bed with futon underneath and working space.

Cabin bed with desk and futon

A storage solution with bunk bed and bottom futon: not having a large footprint, it incorporates every element that one needs in everyday indoor life. Sleek white design also can't remain unrecognized.

High sleeper bed with desk and sofa

This high sleeper cabin bed, contains desk and futon - give you everything. Contains large desk, massive wardrobe, shelving and 3 drawers. Your child's safety comes firs, so all is made of one piece of material. Black&red&white colors adds a temperament.

Loft beds with desk and futon

Simple and practical design in small indoors. this loft bed includes one upper and one lower sleeping area. It also features a ladder and a simple desk. Durable metal frame is finished in neutral gray color.

Futon bunk bed with desk 2

futon bunk bed with desk

Futon bunk bed with desk loft bed with desk and

... Futon Bunk Bed With Desk Loft Bed With Desk And Futon Futon Bunk Bed

Coaster Fine Furniture 2209 Metal Bunk Bed with Futon/Desk/Chair and CD Rack, Black Finish

That's a real multifunctional piece! You need nothing more that this set of metal bunk bed with futon, corner desk, chair and CD rack. It features full length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access.

Loft bed with desk and futon 1

loft bed with desk and futon

Futon bunk bed with desk college loft beds with futon

... Futon Bunk Bed With Desk College Loft Beds With Futon Futon Bunk Bed

15 photo of loft bed with desk 3

15 Photo of Loft Bed With Desk

Aiden black twin workstation futon loft bed

Aiden Black Twin Workstation Futon Loft Bed

Thuka high sleeper bunk bed with desk shelves pull out

Thuka High Sleeper Bunk Bed with Desk Shelves & Pull Out ...

Bunks twin loft bunk bed with futon chair desk

Bunks Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Futon Chair & Desk -

Harford i dark walnut junior loft bed set with built

Harford I Dark Walnut Junior Loft Bed Set with Built-in ...

Discovery world furniture twin over desk merlot

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Desk Merlot ...

2045 full size loft bed with desk lakehouse collection 1

2045 Full Size Loft Bed with Desk | Lakehouse collection ...