Loft Bed With Dresser Underneath


Save space and maintain functionality, with a loft bed with dresser underneath. These beds are made of sturdy materials that allow them to be raised above the dresser area below. They can also have a desk, a reading area, or whatever you like. And it all takes up the space used by a traditional bed. Take a gander at this collection and pick your next space saving bed.

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Our Picks

Bolton Furniture Cottage Twin Low Loft Bed With Bookcase And Wakefield Dresser

Bolton Furniture Cottage Twin Low Loft Bed With Bookcase And Wakefield Dresser

A great idea for accommodating kids' rooms. This loft bed is crafted of natural-finished wood, offering a protective railing on the top bunk, 3 open shelves, a built-in ladder, and several storage drawers with pull-knobs.

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Loft bed with dresser underneath 3

If you have a small bedroom, and you need to have a dresser, storage spaces and comfy bed, you can choose this loft bed with dresser underneath. The white and beige colors fit to any style. The deep storage drawers are great for clothes, shoes, blankets, shams and more.

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Loft bed with dresser underneath 2

It's unbelievable how many functions can be brought into effect in just one room corner: a bunk bed floats above a capacious multiple drawers dresser and a compact seating area, which even has a small-scaled side table.

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Loft bed with dresser underneath

This beautiful bed for children on a high bay filled with cabinets is a perfect solution for any decor. Simple construction provides a comfortable place to rest and plenty of storage space. An ideal solution for small spaces.

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Bed with dresser underneath

Loft bed for saving space in each home. It is made of wood and equipped with railings and ladder for added safety. Base has drawers and open shelves for storing clothes and other necessities.

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Loft bed with dresser underneath

This loft bed with storage space underneath is a perfect alternative to your child's room. It features a simple and functional form so it's a good option for small spaces. You can find seven drawers in it and some extra shelves on the side.

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Beds with dressers underneath

Provide the perfect addition of functionality to your interior with this amazing loft bed with the spacious dresser underneath. It comes with six drawers and four shelves and will offer a comfortable sleeping space for your little boy.

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Ne Kids Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection

Ne Kids Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection

An aesthetic practical loft bed with a quite roomy 2-door wardrobe underneath. They have a white finish. A bed has straight square posts, wide horizontal side rails, a slanted ladder. Both a headboard and a footboard are arched and upright slatted.

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Loft bed with closet

The little loft bed with dresser underneath is a great combination that will undoubtedly work in every child's room. Beautiful wooden construction, plenty of storage space, ladder and safe details make the whole unit very functional.

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Loft beds with dresser

Embrace Twin Loft Bed with Left Storage Steps, Bookcase & Chest by Signature Design by Ashley - Becker Furniture World - Loft Bed Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota Furniture Store

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Loft Bed With Dresser Underneath

Buying Guide

A loft bed with a dresser underneath is practical because it saves space and turns your loft bed into a functional part of your bedroom. The dresser feature underneath is especially handy in a child's bedroom because it saves space for your child to have other pieces of furniture, and the dresser is the right height for your child to access his or her belongings comfortably. These beds are most suitable for bedrooms that are small since it allows you to maximize or save space.

Loft beds with dressers underneath are great for functionality and saving space, taking up the same amount of square footage as a standard twin bed, making them the right choice for those who have a limited room size. Most loft beds measure 45” x 80” and come with an integrated ladder. However, some have ladders or stairs that extend 8”-12” out into the room.

A loft bed with a dresser underneath is an extremely practical piece of furniture because it lets you maximize the space you have, focusing on height rather than ground space. This means you can store clothes and other items in the storage space provided, with the bed resting on top, taking up no extra room.

These bed designs are especially convenient for children because the low storage space and drawers are easily accessible to them. They are also great for tidying away other pieces of furniture, such as toys and electronic devices.

Best Ideas

Loft bed closet underneath

Ideal for smaller spaces, this wooden bunk bed comprises a twin size one towering over a desk with bookcase and a trundle with an additional, retractable bed. All made from solid wood, properly sanded and brushed to withstand the test of time.

Bolton Furniture 9811500LS8020 Cottage Low Loft Storage Bed with Wakefield 7 Drawer Dresser and Bookcase, White

An aesthetic practical loft bed of white finished wooden materials. It has a solid wood frame, gently arched both a headboard and a footboard, simple rails, an upright ladder. It houses open front niches on a side and size-varied drawers in 3 tiers.

Loft bed with dresser

This cute loft bed with a desk is a great solution for your baby's room. The design saves space, and the solid wood construction gives it strength. Furniture has plenty of storage space for trinkets.

Elements Loft Bed with Dresser and Storage Organizer

Elements Loft Bed with Dresser and Storage Organizer

For anyone wondering how to organize the limited space in their kid's room, this loft bed with extra dresser and storage organizer will just prove ideal, allowing you to take the full advantage of your small bedroom.

Full size loft bed with desk and dresser2

If you live in studio flat or small bedroom you must save space and this incredible furniture set can help you. It is composed of loft bed inserted of book case and desk. Area under the bed can be use to work or learning.

Loft bed with desk and dresser 2

A practical loft bed which is an ideal solution for small bedrooms. The top of it features a comfy bed while in the bottom you will find a desk with open shelves and a cabinet with drawers on one side.

Loft bed with stairs and desk

A practical loft bed for small rooms. It's made of white-finished wooden materials. A bed has straight both a headboard, a footboard and side rails. There's a 2-door wardrobe and 2 drawers under a footboard. One can place e.g. a desk under the bed.

Moda loft bed with desk dresser by r b modern

Moda Loft Bed with Desk & Dresser by R&B modern-kids

Loft bed with dresser 1

Finished in timeless white, with a smoothly designed ladder and 6 drawers for storage, this beautiful loft bed with dresser will be a perfect proposition for a child's bedroom. Fun and functionality in one!

Full size loft beds for sale

Loft bed with a solid construction made of wood in universal white color. The upper area includes a twin-size bed with protective walls and the lower area includes a dresser, desk and practical storage shelves.

Loft bed with dresser 1

A functional loft bed which is an ideal solution for a small bedroom. It features two twin beds and plenty of storage space in several drawers. Even the stairs are adapted as drawers too. Made of solid wood, it's a piece for long years.

Loft bed trundle bed and mattresses what a great deal

loft bed trundle bed and mattresses what a great deal

Loft bed with dresser 2

A cosy little loft bed for your kids’ bedroom with a handy set of shelves and drawers underneath. Great for smaller rooms, as it is not so big and tall as many other loft beds which include desks and bookshelves.

Full size loft bed with desk and dresser

full size loft bed with desk and dresser