Loft With Stairs

Put your space to good use, with a loft with stairs. If you have high ceilings, everything above a certain height is wasted space. That is unless you install a loft area, and the stairs to access it. Give yourself extra storage, somewhere to do crafts, or a play area for the kids. This extra space can be filled with useful ideas, projects and fantasies. You only need decide what you want to do up there.

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Custom Stairs For Small Spaces

Custom Stairs For Small Spaces
Are you searching for an extra ordinary solution to the kids bedroom? These loft bed with spiral stairs is an awesome manner to save some space. It makes a grand impression.

Loft with stairs

The practical loft with stairs is a perfect solution for connecting two floors in a practical way. Stairs contain loads of storage space, including a cabinet with glass doors and a wardrobe. The whole is presented perfectly.

Cabin loft ideas

Crafted of sturdy wood in a natural finish, this indoor staircase is quite beautiful and boasts of practicality. The stairs are very durable, and you can find a spacious storage compartment underneath each step.

Loft with stairs 1

Thanks to those durable stairs, you will have a safe and durable loft entrance. Boasting of industrial accents, the stairs are made of durable metal and have matching rails for keeping you safe while using them.

Stairs for small houses

Compact staircase with closet space to boot

Staircase to loft

These space-saving stairs constitute a perfect idea for micro-flats or micro-apartments. Very narrow, with a cleverly designed feet division, allow saving precious floor space.

Small staircases for lofts

6 useful stair designs with a smaller footprint... could also be used from the basement to the master suite

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How much space do I need for a loft with stairs?

In general, your ceiling opening should be at least around 55” long and 25.5” wide if you’ve got straight loft stairs. A larger ceiling opening is required for turning stairs so that there’s enough headroom. Besides, the larger the ceiling opening, the easier it would be to move furniture into your loft. With this in mind, the center of the stairs should have a minimum clear headroom of 75”. The floor space dimensions will depend on how wide your loft stairs are, but the accepted minimum width is 22” although wider stair treads are usually recommended.

How do I arrange a loft?

A loft with stairs can be a great way to add storage to your home or create an extra living space. However, there is an art to arranging a loft for maximum functionality. A lot depends on your loft’s size, but ideally, you’ll want to create distinct spaces.

Lofts aren’t divided into separate rooms, so sectioning it out is the best use of space if yours is quite large. This can mean a sleeping area with a bed and then a separate space defined by a rug that can be filled with throw pillows and blankets for a reading nook.

If your loft is small, it’s crucial to stick to minimalistic design choices; otherwise, the space can quickly become cluttered. Avoid chaotic patterns that might enclose the room, sticking to light solid colors and matching tones.

Make the most of your loft area by incorporating storage solutions into your existing furniture. A bed with drawers under it or a bench that is also a trunk can help keep the area tidy. If you have stairs leading up to your loft, try to add storage within the staircase as well.

What type of bed to choose for a loft with stairs?

When choosing a bed for a loft with stairs, there are several factors to consider starting with the height of your room. Very often lofts are not very high, and hence a lower bed, for example a platform bed or a low profile bed will be most suitable.

For small spaces, sleeper sofas or daybeds will be the ideal choice due to their space-saving features and additional functionality (seating space).

Beds with storage underneath will help you keep the loft clutter-free and perhaps use it more practically.

Your choice of bed will also depend on whether that space will be used as a bedroom or a guest room. If the former, you will want to choose the most comfortable bed; if the latter, a smaller or foldable option  may be considered, too.


Narrow loft stairs

We are sure that this is a home of a music lover and a huge bookworm - we can see it in a loft with stairs structure. The stairs of this apartment are all maintained in white and are mixed with wall mounted large white wooden bookcase.

Stairs for small places

A splendid way to accommodate your loft, making it more appealing and functional. Such a fine interior design works well with contemporary homes, brightening up the whole interior with modern elegance and natural wood accents.

Loft stairs for small spaces

Go for a nice loft with stairs for your household for when you simply can't help but choose minimalistic living. It takes as little space as possible and comes with the all-wood construction for more durability.

Loft stair ideas

Looking for a perfect way to decorate your loft and at the same time making it more practical? Feel free to use this fabulous design that will make your room cozier, more functional, and working well with the rest of home decor.

Wow an answer to my attic room a wall opened

Wow! An answer to my attic room. A wall opened up from living room going up to extra bedroom!

Staircase for small spaces

A 280 square feet tiny home on wheels with wet bath and composting toilet in Nampa, Idaho. Built by Tiny Idahomes

Stairs to loft

Consider a Ceiling Hammock Sleeping Loft designed especially for Tiny Houses. It can turn out to be a comfortable and reasonable substitute of the traditional bedroom.The attraction for your buddies is guaranteed!

Space saving stairs for loft

this could have gone in "home library love", but this area is so much more than that. the abundance of white, the beautiful wood, the curving staircase, the awesome loft/nook filled with books. (audible sigh)

Tiny house loft stairs

This room design includes a special area that can serve as a bed. It provides a large space for a mattress and other items. This upper sleeping area is accessible thanks to solid wooden stairs with a durable rail.

This loft stair is made by lapeyre stair it is

This loft stair is made by Lapeyre Stair. It is very cost-effective ...

The dolle gera stairs for loft

The Dolle Gera Stairs for Loft

Tiny house spiral staircase

A traditional loft with stairs crafted of solid wood with a pretty natural lacquered finish. Open stairs are secured with a balustrade with vertical balusters and a sturdy top rail. The loft has wooden walls but white plastic panelling on a ceiling.

Creative stairs for small spaces

White ladder stairs not only lead to the loft bedroom here: they were in addition smartly used to create additional storage opportunities, because maximum use of space is crucial in smaller interiors.

Karina modular staircase kit

Karina Modular Staircase Kit

Loft with stairs 2

I love this railing...I had a dream one night that I lived in a home with a railing like this across my sleeping loft.

Bedroom stairs

A little too much white, but any of these would look nice in a different setting. Especially like the wood rafters.

Stairs for lofts

If you live in cramped studio flat, but you dream about minimalistic and spacious area you can use this solution. It is a little and low mezzanine, which can be used as your little office. There are simple steps, which doesn't stake a lot of area.

Loft staircase ideas

The idea of lofts has been around forever it seems but that is with good reason. Lofts are special in feel and diversified in ways you can use them. In this po

Stairs for loft

A truly beautiful state of modern art for contemporary interiors. This astonishing staircase is made of hardwood, with a lovely twist and built-in cabinet, giving you a stylish entrance to your attic.

Loft stair case

ღღ Bookshelf Staircase ~~~ This “secret' staircase” belongs to a London Victorian apartment, where it is hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights. It was designed by Tom Sloan at Levitate Architects, who

Sleeping loft ladder

Wildflower II Tiny House has Staircase with Storage to Loft | Tiny House Pins

Space saving loft stairs

I am so in love with the feel, shape, colour and texture of these stairs. Imagine it in a loft or high ceilinged home.

Loft with stairs 6

Quaint Tiny Stone Cottage amidst huge pines, tucked away next to a stream. Also: a secluded Hot Tub across a stone bridge, a wood-burning fireplace, Wi-Fi, and a Fire Pit. And an adorable little stone outbuilding 'The Bird House,' with a sleeping loft. An

Loft access stairs and ladders contemporary staircase

Loft access stairs and ladders contemporary-staircase

Staircase for loft

tiny house plans with loft. Lights for the stairs!

Loft stairs ideas

An unusual staircase project, designed for those who like to distinguish their spaces. All steps are crafted from high-quality wooden boards. The proposition comes from Australia.

Loft with stairs 4

Storybrook Cottage in Leiper's Fork, TN. Love the chevron floors with linen furniture and lanterns flanking stairs to a quaint loft.

How to build loft stairs

Am I crazy for wanting a tiny-studio-apartment like this over a cookie cutter house?

Mini plus space saver loft staircase light beech 1

Mini Plus Space Saver Loft Staircase Light Beech

Tiny house with basement cabin kitchen with stairways to basement

tiny house with basement | Cabin Kitchen with Stairways to Basement and Loft

Urban residence love the brick wall with the white slightly

Urban Residence - love the brick wall with the white, slightly turning, stairs. Under the stairs there is a storage area. Great use of space!

Classic bunk bed with sweet pea stairs ana white

Classic Bunk Bed with Sweet Pea Stairs | Ana White

55 inspiring loft stair for tiny house ideas

55 Inspiring Loft Stair for Tiny House Ideas

15 smart tiny house loft ideas

15 Smart Tiny House Loft Ideas

Bungalow barn update attic loft stairs the lettered cottage

Bungalow Barn Update: Attic/Loft Stairs | The Lettered Cottage

50 full size loft bed with stairs youll love in

50+ Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs You'll Love in 2020 ...

19 cool adult loft bed with stairs designs

19 Cool Adult Loft Bed With Stairs Designs

Entry and stairs to loft traditional staircase

Entry and stairs to loft. - Traditional - Staircase ...

19 cool adult loft bed with stairs designs 1

19 Cool Adult Loft Bed With Stairs Designs

Full size loft bed with stairs beds home design ideas

Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs - Beds : Home Design Ideas ...

19 cool adult loft bed with stairs designs 2

19 Cool Adult Loft Bed With Stairs Designs