Bunk Beds with Slide and Stairs


Take your child's sleep ritual to a whole new level of fun with bunk beds with stairs and slide. They won't want to just sleep in these exciting beds. They will be inspired to play for hours, running up the stairs, and sliding down. Also useful if they need to hit the bathroom in the middle of the night. In castles and playhouse styles, as well as many others, your kids will love these beds.

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Bed with Slide and Stairs

Bed with Slide and Stairs

Maxwood Furniture Inc.

Made of high-quality pine, this bed comes with removable curtains under the bed that turn it into a fun play area for children whilst gives them privacy for making up stories and playing with toys. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about safety with generous guard rails and anti-slip steps. Your little ones are sure to love the slide mechanism, which will add an element of excitement to getting up in the morning. 


Grey Bed with Slide and Stairs

Grey Bed with Slide and Stairs


If you’re looking for something a little more grown-up or have a child who is a bit older, this subtle grey bunk bed has a slide alongside sturdy side steps for easy access to bed. However, this item comes with just the frame. This means you would have to purchase a mattress for both beds, which could be tricky in terms of finding the right size, especially for the lower bunk. 


Two Tone Loft Bed with Slide and Stairs

Two Tone Loft Bed with Slide and Stairs


Is your child particularly active and you can never get them to sit still? Indulge their energy with this loft bed, which offers not just a slide but also a climbing ladder reminiscent of your child’s favorite playground. Designed in a clean shade of white which will match most rooms no matter the wallpaper pattern or paint color, this bed also has the option of adding two drawers for additional storage.

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Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide

Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide


If you want a simple frame which won’t overpower your room, this twin-style bed has free space underneath where you could place a desk, bookcase, or use as extra space for clothes and shoes. The wood finish in an espresso shade will add a traditional touch whereas the incorporated slide will earn you a thumbs up from your child. Nevertheless, this bed doesn’t offer as many extras as others on this list.

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Playhouse Loft Bed with Stairs and Slide

Playhouse Loft Bed with Stairs and Slide


This loft bed is the perfect amount of fun without compromising on style. Coming in white or grey, staple colors for any room which won’t overwhelm your current décor, the playful house-style frame over the top will delight any child. Offering a myriad of options - children are able to play house, climb up the ladder to bed, and slide down each morning to start the day – this is a great all-round option. Even better, the frame contains blocks which can be used for climbing but which also double up as drawers for storage. 

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House Bunk Bed with Stairs

House Bunk Bed with Stairs


Any child would love this twin bed built inside a miniature playhouse. With a removable ladder, your child can play all day in this beautifully crafted structure. Features include a roof that lets light in, shutters that open-and-close, and curtains with plastic windows that conceal another space for a chill area or another bed beneath. Encouraging creativity as well as being a place to sleep, this bed is a great choice for children with active imaginations. 


Tent Bed with Stairs and Slide

Tent Bed with Stairs and Slide


If your child loves the thrill of adventures, this low loft bed has a tent below the bed which offers a world of possibilities. With clear windows that give an opportunity to peek out, any child would love coming up with stories in the privacy of their bedroom, using the tent as a starting point for inspiration. 


Modern Bunk Bed with Stairs

Modern Bunk Bed with Stairs

Donco Kids

Crafted in a contemporary combination of white and grey, this loft-style bed offers a myriad of benefits. Alongside a ladder with a safety rope and a slide for your child to enjoy, you will love the boxes included in a matching material to store pesky toys away at nighttime. Even better, there’s a chalkboard attached to the bedframe, meaning your child can go over letters or unleash their inner artist by practicing their drawing on the daily. 


White Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide

White Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide


Bright and welcoming, this all-white bunk bed set offers storage and entertainment in one. With ample space for a bottom bunk to save any claustrophobic cramping for whoever sleeps there and a headboard to match the bed above exactly, you won’t hear squabbling over who gets the top bunk.

Likewise, tidying your child’s room will be a stress-free activity with drawers built into the bed time for toys, clothes, and books. The staircase for the drawers can also be moved to either side of the frame depending on space or preference. 


Bunk Bed with Ladder and Slide

Bunk Bed with Ladder and Slide


Made of sturdy wood, a key benefit of this bed is that the top and bottom bunks can be divided and used as two separate beds. This would be extremely helpful if your child wishes to use the lower-bunk area for playing, studying, or reading instead. Moreover, the child-safe lacquer used over the pine finish will give you peace of mind if your child tends to be on the curious side. 


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Bunk Beds with Slide and Stairs

Buying Guide

A bed doesn't have to be just the place where you sleep – you can give your kids a bunk bed with stairs and slide for the ultimate kiddy indoor playground! Beds with fun value can be a serious competition to outdoor playgrounds.

Bunks are already a space-efficient and fun way to create comfortable sleeping quarters. By adding slides to them, you're just making every kid's dream come true! Kids love sleeping in bed bunks with stairs and slide. The only problem is that it can be hard to determine which bedroom furniture to purchase. There's an array of choices available, making the buying process confusing for parents. To help you out, read our buying guide on the perfect bunk!

Bunk beds with stairs and slides are excellent space-savers. If your children's room is oddly shaped or narrow, they'll be able to help you maximize every square footage. If you're struggling to make the small space available work, go for straight ladders. They'll save you plenty of floor space, which you can allocate for the slide.

But first, get the dimensions of the floor space available. You can seek the help of a contractor on this task. The expert will be able to help you make enough room for the new bedroom furniture of your children.

By the way, you need to consider whether your kids will need space for downtime. Twin over full bunk beds with stairs and slide will give space for parents, so they're comfy as well. Bedtime story readings just got better not just for you, but also for your little ones!

There are myriads of options available when it comes to bunk configurations. If you have three kids, there are triple bunks perfect for them. If you want to make space for 8 kids, you'll love hex bunk beds with stairs and slide. Just add two extra mattresses! Whatever it is that you need and how many kids you have, rest assured that you'll find the right furniture with lots of patience and time.

  • Guardrails help in keeping our kids safe while sleeping and playing. Therefore, you need to make sure the bunk bed with stairs and slide you purchase has the ideal guardrail height. Even with really tall guardrails, you still need to ensure you don't add plush, thick mattresses as they'll reduce the safety rail height. Go for the tall rail and add a slim, but high-quality mattress to get the maximum safety rail height.
  • You must get the bunk beds with stairs and slide that have grooves for support and placement. You can never go wrong with them.
  • Only choose quality bunk beds! Of course, you don't want the beds to be dangerous to your children. Check the durability of each bed and pick the bunk that's the most stable.

We hope our little buyer's guide gave you inspiration on the bunks you'll be able to choose from. Keep all the information you just learned in mind, and you'll find what you're looking for in no time! Happy shopping!

Best Ideas



Original little princess house with connected function of beds, place to storage books, frippery and clothes and of course area to play with friends. It is intended to little girl's bedroom - you can use it even if you have more than one child.

Loft bed with slide

If you want to impress your kids, you may want to check this sturdy, wooden bed with a long slide leading down from the top bunk. The bed has also a lower bunk and a comfy ladder, and it's all designed in the shape of an eye-catching, pirate ship.

Bunk bed with stairs and slide 2

If your kids are a fans of "Frozen", they need to have this princess castle bunk bed. It has the play area above, blue and white color and it's low or high sleep. Your daughters will be delighted how cool this bed is.

Twin bed with slide

Interesting and creative setup for a spacious children’s playroom, furnished with a DIY handmade playset with a built-in second floor with a slide and a lower compartment filled with a mattress to create a cozy sleeping place.

Noble vogue kids castle bunk bed set w slide stairs

Noble & Vogue Kid's Castle Bunk Bed Set w Slide & Stairs

Bunk beds with stairs and slide

This is one great idea for kids' room. The loft bed is not only stylish but also functional – with the amazing DIY bungee cords, you can be sure your kid won't fall out of it. The colours and decoration are interesting and will keep the brain of your kid stimulated.

Kids bunk bed with slide

Bunk bed designed for kid's room. Construction is made of wood. It has stairs and railings for added safety. Includes slide and a lot of drawers in various sizes for storing beddings, clothes, toys and more.

Girls princess playhouse bed with slide steps beds 1

Girls Princess Playhouse Bed With Slide Steps Beds

Bunk bed slide

The dream of every Little Princess,an exclusive pink, with white and green elements,made from safe plastic dollhouse.Bunk bed with stairs and slide it's not an usual solution to creats a dollhouses.In this case it symbolizes the potential life of the owner.

Loft beds for kids with slide

Forget about boredom, about trips to the playground - now you and your siblings bed are an amusement park. A bunk bed with four parts is made of wood and wooden boards and has an interesting greenish color but most importantly, besides the ladder has a slide!

Girls loft with stairs and slide

Girls Loft with stairs and slide

Slide for bunk bed

Are we moved to the former Byzantine Empire? Where did the Arabs delight with architecture? The Byzantine palace became a white childrens bunk bed with storage and stairs, and a slide on the other side. Presents a unique Middle Eastern character.

Diy toddler bunk beds

The beautiful design of this bunk bed with a ladder and a rider makes the place perfect for a perfect holiday combined with a unique fun place. The whole is stylishly combined in unusual colors and on a solid construction.

Love this book nook up top just doesnt quite fit

love this. book nook up top, just doesn't quite fit with A's room layout unless against far wall??

Loft bed slide

Bunk bed with slide and drawers for storing toys and others needed items. Includes stairs and railings for added safety. Construction is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Perfect for space saving in any kid's room.

Bunk beds with a slide

Medium Bunk Bed with Straight Ladder and Slide

Twin loft bed with slide

If you want to make your children very happy, you can always put in their room this amazing, white and blue, bunk bed. The bed is properly secured, and it is situated on the upper part of the whole set, playing the role of the roof for the house that is underneath it. There's also a classic staircase and a slide.

Coaster Kid's GI Child Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent, Twin Size

A funny and attractive set including a 2-person bunk bed, a slide and a tent. Metal construction is styled to an army theme. A vinyl slide and a cloth tent in army-green colour. Designed for boy bedrooms, can be excellent for childish war games.

Girls bunk beds with slide purple kids bunk beds with

girls bunk beds with slide | Purple Kids Bunk Beds with Stairs and Slide for Small Kids Bedroom ...

Wildon Home ® WOW23 Low Loft Panel Bed with Slide and Top Tent - Chestnut - Bedroom Furniture's - Beds for Teens - Castle Theme Pink and White Fabric - Made of Solid Wood with Stairs - Non-toxic - FSC and JPMA Certified - 5 Years Warranty

Bunk beds with slide

A very attractive bunk bed with a superhero theme. It includes an upper bed that is accessible with solid stairs. The bed is solid and it features a slide that provides good and safe fun for the children.

Toddler bunk bed with slide

A fabulous bunk bed which is also a playhouse for kids. The top of it is a twin bed with a castle-like canopy in a blue color. The bottom part might also be used as a bed or just a comfort zone. The unit features a slide too.

Twin over full bunk bed with slide

Dollhouse Bunk Bed Shown With Optional Slide and Staircase - Base ...

Twin over full over twin trundle solid wood bunk bed

Twin over Full over twin trundle solid wood bunk bed with ...