Princess Bunk Beds For Sale

Your little girl is your princess. And he needs somewhere worthy of a princess to sleep. And with that, we give you, princess bunk beds. So many choices, they will have trouble picking one. In castles, cottages and keeps, these fun and fetching princess bunk beds will take your princess to a land of imagination as she falls to sleep, drifting to dreamland.

Best Products

Discovery World Furniture Dollhouse Staircase Loft Bed

Discovery World Furniture Dollhouse Staircase Loft Bed
Charming, cosy loft bed for girls. It's of wood painted in pink tones. An upper twin bed has a dollhouse-like side panel. A staircase includes 4 drawers with slot pulls. A large lower bed has a side with a window and a flower-patterned headboard.

Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed and Slide with Tent and Slide

Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed and Slide with Tent and Slide
Adorable gift for little girls, this Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed with Slide & Tent features durable microfiber fabric with gorgeous mix of white, pink, and purple finish. The castle is also enriched by a Princess Tower with peek through, and fold down window cover.

Gabriella Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

Gabriella Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder
A breathtaking addition for contemporary bedrooms, this Bunk Bed in White Finish is simply lovely in its design. Includes Birch veneers and hardwood solids construction, lace finish, safety rails, and 5-step ladder. Can be separated into 2 beds.

Dollhouse Loft Bed

Dollhouse Loft Bed
Adorable Doll House Loft Bed for Kids just perfect for the room of a little princess. Consists twin size upper sleeping area, built-in-steps, and lower open area for accommodating large bed. The whole is painted in soft purple, pink and green tones.

Donco Kids Twin Doll House Loft Bed with 4 Drawer Chest

Donco Kids Twin Doll House Loft Bed with 4 Drawer Chest
An adorable design of this Twin Doll House Loft Bed is able to put a smile on every kids' face. Features beautiful shapes, magazine rack, 4 storage drawers, and ladder that can go either way. Bottom bed not included.

Kings Turban Ascot Curtain Valance

Kings Turban Ascot Curtain Valance
Stylish curtain at the window. It is made from cotton. Made in China. Washable at hand. The pattern is inspired by nature. It is very well evaluated by the customers.

Everett Armchair Prints

Everett Armchair Prints
A high level of softness is a very important advantage of this armchair. Its seat and backrest are filled with polyester foam. The whole frame and legs are made of solid wood. The size of this piece of furniture is 32.5"w x 33"d x 33"h.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to choose the best princess bunk bed?

The first thing to consider when choosing a princess bunk bed is its design. Let your daughter pick a design that she finds appealing, be it a castle-style bunk bed, a dollhouse, a princess canopy bunk bed, or a loft bed set with a slide. That said, only pick a structurally safe bunk bed. If the set comes with safety rails, a ladder, and other types of fixings, make sure they’re properly fitted and secure.

You should also ensure that the bunk bed is appropriate for your daughter’s age and weight.

In addition to choosing a princess bunk bed that’s both safe and sturdy, you may want to look around for princess bunk beds with useful and fun add-ons such as a slide, drawers, shelves, as well as pretty curtains, doors, and windows.

How do you decide who gets the top of a bunk bed?

Deciding who gets the top of a bunk bed can be a cause of arguments between siblings (good luck!). However, these are the most reasonable points to keep in mind:

Children under the age of six should not sleep on the top bunk for safety reasons

To put less strain on the bed’s structure, you should consider giving the top bunk to the lighter between the two

Alternatively, why not create a schedule to allow them to share that coveted spot? For example, they could rotate it every month.

Princess bunk bed - how old is too old for it?

When it comes to determining how old is too old for Princess Bunk beds, it should be based on the merits of the situation. What we're trying to say is that as long as the Princess bunk bed meets your child's requirements, it shouldn't matter how old they are.

If the bed is still comfortable enough for them to sleep in and they don't mind having it, then there is no reason to upgrade or opt for something else. Thus, if a child wants to have a Princess bunk bed, it doesn't matter how old they are they should be able to have one.


Mansfield Junior Twin Low Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder and Tent

Mansfield Junior Twin Low Loft Bed with Built-In Ladder and Tent
Bed which includes ladder, safety rail post and package containing curtains and rods. Additionally, the construction is strong and durable thanks to the use of high quality solid wood and veneer. The bed has classic, natural finish.

Bellamy Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Bellamy Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
It is a twin over twin bunk bed that has got a white finish and is a perfect addition to your kids room and guest room. It fits to any style and décor, has got a solid wood construction and contemporary design.

Charlotte Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Charlotte Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
A sophisticated addition for contemporary bedrooms, this Bunk Bed in White Finish is simply marvelous in its design. Includes Birch veneers and hardwood solids construction, safety rails, 5-step ladder, and gorgeous lines.

Salinger Upholstered Armchair

Salinger Upholstered Armchair
The Salinger armchair adds so much to my bedroom. It create w cozy nook for reading books or relaxing. I love the modern twist on this vintage product.

Ava desk metal

Ava desk metal
This desk is a modern and very useful product that brings a simple, but very fashionable style into the room. It is supported on a solid metal frame for ehnanced durability and resistance to different forms of damage.

Donco Kids Twin Doll House Loft Bed with Staircase

Donco Kids Twin Doll House Loft Bed with Staircase
Charming twin bed looks like a dollhouse in pastel colors. A carefully executed construction is made of wood. Includes safe stairs, 4 drawers for storage. Designed for kid's room.

Pottery barn kids loft bed

A gorgeous piece of girly furniture, excellent for spicing up kids' rooms. The loft bed set is shaped like a beautiful castle and adorned with pink accents, offering 8 open shelves, a built-in staircase, and a spacious compartment underneath the top bunk.

Princess bunk beds for sale 1

Went to this year's Parade of Homes and saw a little girl's room decorated with this exact was absolutely adorable! Wishlist for Isabella's room...but being the bargain hunter that I am, maybe I can find it cheaper or have it made! "Tradewins D

Girls bunk bed plans

A decorative pink castle for your little princess to sleep inside like royalty. It features a twin loft bed design for girls, solid comfortable construction, slide, and ladder for the upper bed, and plenty of extra storage for a small bedroom.

Bunk bed castle

Who said your little girl can't actually feel like the princess she is for you? This castle bed offers a design that will not only ensure absolute comfort for sleeping time but will make for a fine playtime option.

Princess bunk beds for sale

Twin loft bed for girls. This comfortable, solid and attractive construction looks like a castle. Upper bed includes a ladder and slide. This decorative pink bed is a perfect way for organization of small bedrooms.

Princess castle bunk bed

Incredible princess bunk bed for your little ones. The bed comes in a stunning design and combines additional storage shelves too. It offers a mix of vibrant colors including a dominant light purple with touches of pink everywhere.

Dollhouse bunk beds for sale

Create a bedroom straight out of wonderland for your little girls with this bunk bed idea that looks and feels like a real castle, making your child feel like they're in their favorite fairy tale, making bed time more fun.

Girls little princess castle loft bed is very little little

girls little princess castle loft bed is very little little girls ...

Cinderella bed for sale

Every little princess needs a pink castle, and this bunk bed arrangement provides a beautiful, fun place. The bottom bunk is flanked by two tall cubby shelf units. The upper bunk is reached by a stair and exited by a slide.

Disney princess girls princess castle bed mediterranean kids

Disney Princess Girls Princess Castle Bed mediterranean-kids

Castle bunk beds for girls

Castle Beds For Girls Loft Plans

Princess beds

Its like my princess bed mom but more fun and does'nt take up much space!!!!!

Anatolian castle bunk bed

Anatolian Castle Bunk Bed

Expensive children beds2


Girl beds for sale

You should see this Princess Twin Loft Bed on Daily Sales!

Princess bunk beds for sale

So when your kids room is already stuffed-how you create even more space? A neat princess bunk bed - full of pink elements, made of wooden white panels - give a sppace for both sisters,and offers also a storage place, with many drawers, even inside the stairs.

Pottery barn bunk beds for sale

Castle Loft Bed | Pottery Barn Kids. Not for $2K or on sale for $1400, but the boys would sure love it!

Beds princess castle wallpaper murals princess theme beds princess

+beds-princess+castle+wallpaper+murals-princess+theme+beds-princess ...

Princess castle bunk bed loft w slide jpg


Pottery barn kids castle bed

Castle loft bed

Waverly valances sale 3

A stunning valance that will keep your kitchen looking warm and welcoming. It sports the charming flowery design of the fabric and comes with various colors of the finish that make it pop with fun and vibrancy.

Castle beds for sale


Twin castle bed

Top 10 Princess carriage beds for girls bedroom

Princess bunk bed for sale

Dolls and bows for the lovely daughter

Now available for sale the ultimate princess canopy bed as

now available for sale the ultimate princess canopy bed as seen on ...

Furniture slide beds princess beds castle beds high loft beds


Just right for your little princess


Princess bunk beds for sale ideas

Princess Bunk Beds For Sale Ideas

Trend Lab Waverly Charismatic Window Valance

A charming window valance for girls' rooms. It's of quality cotton with an intricate floral pattern in greys and white against vivid red. It has a grey floral-patterned bottom edge and a reinforced grey top hem with grey bowknots to tie to a rod.

Low Loft Princess Bed with Curtain, Top Tent, Tower and Slide -Pink and White

A castle bed with a curtain, top tent, tower and slide. Perfectly fits the needs of most girls that have dreams like that. The finish is child-safe. Assembly required with included hardware. All wood is protected with a clean smooth coating.

Princess beds for sale

Castle Styled Twin Loft Bed $498.99 Big fun, this Castle Styled Twin Loft Bed by Coaster, is Ideal space for any little girls room. Get it from

Waverly valance

Set of two valances (in two varietes) intended to decorate your cornice and curtain. They are made of delicate (yellow or red) cloth with natural pattern. These valances make your windows more stylish.

Waverly valance patterns

A pretty-looking classic window valance crafted of quality cotton in a subdued red shade with a delicate white geometric pattern. It has reinforced hems and large metal grommets for a rod. It can be washed.

Waverly valances sale

Stylish valance made of fabric and finished with floral theme. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Sale armchairs 29

Large armchair with original, multi-color face theme on its backrest. This piece of furniture stands on metal legs in shiny silver finish. White sitting space is cushioned for the best possible level of comfort.

Sale armchairs 1

A simple element of furniture used for nursery and relaxation purposes. This rocking chair features a wingback construction. Its cushioned seat is soft and the whole sitting area is finished in neutral, attractive white color.

Princess cinderellas carriage bunk bed thumbnail 1

Princess Cinderella's Carriage Bunk Bed Thumbnail 1