Wooden Rocking Toys


Every kid who grew up before a certain time, is familiar with the wooden rocking horse. But those aren't the only wooden rocking toys that were put on the market around that time. There were other animals as well as rocking vehicles and even rocket ships. If you want your young one to grow up in the same loving environment that you possessed in your nursery, take a look at all our wooden rocking toys. We have quite a few.

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Our Picks

Wooden airplane rocker

Save and attractive rockin toy for children. This one is available in the form of a boat. Durable wooden construction is resistant to excessive wear and protects children from falling down. The main area of this boat is finished in yellow color.

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Wooden rocking toys

Rocking boat made of wood. Adds freshness and modernity to each kid's room. Neutral design for boys and girls. Received many very good recommendations from satisfied customers.

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Wooden rocking motorcycle unpainted

Wooden rocking motorcycle unpainted

A unique version of a rocking horse, where the horse was transformed into a small motorcycle but with the same smooth rocking motion. The toy is entirely crafted of sturdy wood and covered in a natural finish.

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Derby Rocking Horse

Derby Rocking Horse

Timeless and loved by all the kids toys - rocking horse. Made in a classic stole, so it fits most children's rooms. The construction from premium-quality materials makes this rocking horse sturdy and long-lasting.

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Wooden rocking toys

The Charming rocking wooden toy is a great place to have fun for children. Beautiful details and stylish finish impress. Nautical boat theme and beautiful colors in bronze, white and navy blue. The whole is perfectly decorated with the child's room decor.

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Wooden rocking toys 9

Rocking Elephant - Soo frikn' C.U.T.E Go BAMA! Pinned by

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Rocking airplane

Rocking airplane

Rocking toys are something every single child adores. This one is rocking aeroplane made out of wood. It is nice, it is simple, and it is extremely fun. Just sit and rock.

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Wooden rocking horse 13

Wooden Rocking Horse

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Amish Unique Crafted Airplane Rocker Heirloom Toy

Amish Unique Crafted Airplane Rocker Heirloom Toy

Are you a fan of extraordinary and original decorations? Then, this amazing crafted airplane might be an interesting option for you. It's gonna bring you not only a unique design, but also a lot of fun!

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Large wood toy rocking horse

Large Wood Toy Rocking Horse

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Wooden Rocking Toys

Buying Guide

Rocking wooden toys come in many designs and shapes. Although the rocking wooden horse tends to be popular, you can also find other designs that feature elephants and other animals. However, before you buy wooden rocking toys, you may want to consider a number of things. There are at least four important considerations that you will have to make when you purchase wooden rocking toys.

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to children's toys. You want a wooden rocking toy that your kid can play with without risking any injury or physical harm. Always inspect the surface of the toy for any unintended protrusions or splinters. In case you’re buying the toy for more than one kid or as a family heirloom for everyone to play with, going for stronger, sturdy designs is highly advised. The last thing you want is a wobbly toy that make's your heart stop every time your children get round to using it.

Naturally, you want a toy that kids of all ages can play with. However, age doesn’t always determine the size of the child. There are kids who despite their lower age tend to be bigger. The size of the rocking toy needs to be proportionate to the size of the child. This will help enhance safety and also deliver a great experience. Besides, the rocking toy will need some space. If you don’t have enough space you may want to go for a reasonably smaller toy that’s also big enough to accommodate the size of your kid.

There’s nothing wrong with an old wooden rocking toy or a refurbished one. The most important thing is to make sure that the toy is safe enough for the kid to use. There are many antique designs of rocking toys out there that can attract the attention of parents. Old refurbished toys have a special appeal to them. Although a majority of parents buy wooden rocking toys for the entertainment value they bring to their kids, such toys can also be used to make a décor statement at home. Since these are toys that will be placed in your living room or any other part of the home, it’s recommended to pick something that also delivers a certain kind of appeal to your interior décor.

Best Ideas

Rocking boat toy

A cool traditional rocking toy in the form of a simplified tractor entirely crafted of solid wood. It has a sturdy across slatted platform and curved rockers with rounded ends. A tractor is painted light green but some parts are black and yellow.

Wooden rocking toy

When I was a child all the kids were riding the rocking reindeer, but when you decide on the Scandinavian stylization of your home, the rocking reindeer will be more proper. Fully secure for kids, 100% hypoallergic.

Wooden rocking toys 5

The Montessori school I went to as a child had a wooden rocking boat like this. Very fun, but also very expensive...

Motorcycle rockers wooden toy jpeg


Rocking boat plans

This wooden pirate set constitutes a fantastic entertainment for your youngsters. This rocker will provide a wonderful time. Made from natural, light wood, brings much warmth and coziness.

This vintage wooden rocking horse large and sturdy toddler toy

... this!!!! Vintage Wooden Rocking Horse Large and Sturdy Toddler Toy

Wooden rocking toys 10

Vintage Rocking Horse | Accessories | Restoration Hardware Baby & Child 149$

Bamboo wooden toy rocking horse personalized by

Bamboo Wooden Toy Rocking Horse personalized by ...

Spotty the vintage wooden rocking toy horse 1960s blue red

Spotty the Vintage Wooden Rocking Toy Horse 1960s Blue Red ...

Rocking motorcycle toy kids plush stuffed ride on wooden

Rocking Motorcycle Toy - Kids Plush Stuffed Ride On Wooden ...

Rocking horse toy vintage wood

Rocking Horse toy vintage wood

Wooden rocking and ride on turtle toy by hibba toys

Wooden Rocking And Ride On Turtle Toy By Hibba Toys Of ...

Wooden rocking and ride on dog toy by hibba toys

wooden rocking and ride on dog toy by hibba toys of leeds ...

Wooden airplane rocker solid oak wood from dutchcrafters amish

Wooden Airplane Rocker Solid Oak Wood from DutchCrafters Amish