Wooden Rocking Horses For Toddlers

A classic from the days of our parents parents, we give your little one the gift of nostalgia, with these wooden rocking horses for toddlers. Let them rock the day away, laughing all the way, and feel like a kid again, thinking about the time you had doing the same. In this collection we have a whole bunch of fun rockers that we know your toddler will love.

Best Products

Personalized mod toddler rocking horse

Personalized mod toddler rocking horse
Trying to find a special and unique gift for the kids? We suggest you to choose this personalized mod toddler rocking horse, with organic safe natural wood construction. It brings a lot of fun!

Antique Hand Painted Wooden Rocking Horse For Child Still Usable For Toddler

Antique Hand Painted Wooden Rocking Horse For Child Still Usable For Toddler
Made of wood, rocking horse for children are a sensational fun and beautiful design. Stylish details make every kid delight with this exciting toy. Solid wood construction is durable and beautifully finished.

Derby Rocking Horse

Derby Rocking Horse
Timeless and loved by all the kids toys - rocking horse. Made in a classic stole, so it fits most children's rooms. The construction from premium-quality materials makes this rocking horse sturdy and long-lasting.

Rocking horse wooden toy kids toy safe

Rocking horse wooden toy kids toy safe
Wooden rocking horses designed for toddlers. It is completely made of wood. Contains carefully profiled back and comfortable handle. Excellent gift idea. Neutral design for boys and girls.

Museum Rocking Horse

Museum Rocking Horse
One-of-a-kind quality rocking horse - authentic traditional model. The iconic style has remained a favourite throughout generations. This model is besides characterized by hand finish and hand-crafted details.

Plush Rocking Horse

Plush Rocking Horse
A lovely gift for little children. This Plush Rocking Horse is functional, comfy, and highly adorable. The core is handcrafted from sturdy wood and upholstered in cozy, plush material. Rockers are well-contoured, ensuring long years of fun.

Wooden zebra rocking horse for toddlers

Wooden zebra rocking horse for toddlers
Surprise your little ones with this gorgeous, rocking toy that will make their day much more fun. Shaped like a zebra, the wood toy is beautifully hand-painted, has a black mane and tail, two small handles, and red-painted rockers.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wooden rocking horses have long been the favorite choices of parents in entertaining kids. As a matter of fact, they’ve been around for multiple centuries. This type of ride-on toy allows kids to improve their basic balance and coordination skills, and use their imagination in the safest environment. Apart from all that, it also helps kids develop their upper body muscles.

With that said, it’s hard for parents not to get one for their toddlers. However, there are many variations of this type of ride-on toy on the market, plus you have to consider lots of aspects in order to ensure you get the right one for a child. To help you choose a wooden rocking horse, we’ve created a guide that will give you all the information necessary when looking for the best wooden rocking horses for toddlers.

How much are wooden rocking horses for toddlers?

As there are thousands of wooden rocking horses available for purchase online, you can be sure that you’ll find a quality toy that also accommodates your set budget. Of course, the bigger the wooden rocking horse, the higher the cost. If you want high-quality carving and the sturdiest construction, expect the cost to rise as well.

Be careful when you’re making a selection as Chinese imports that are incredibly cheap aren’t made to last. If their construction is flimsy, the rocking horses may endanger the lives of kids as well.

How to select the right size of the wooden rocking horse?

Consider the size that’s right for your child. It's necessary to ensure the kid’s safety. If you have a kid that’s below 5 years old, a small horse that's low to the ground with a stable construction will be its safest option as there’s less risk of the kid sustaining injuries while riding its wooden horse.

If you have limited space in your home for a wooden rocking horse, measure the area available for the toy to sit on. When you have the dimensions written down, choose the ride-on toy that your space can accommodate. Remember that a horse will require a few feet at the back and front to swing fully. The best wooden rocking horse for your child is one that’s safe for it to ride on and suits your home at the same time.

What type of rocking horse stand should you choose?

There are different types of rocking horse stands that you’d have to choose from. The most common are the swing stand and the bow stand.

The bow stand for wooden rocking horses has two curved pieces attached to the horse’s legs. This allows the horse to rock when it’s being moved.

For the swing stand, it has turn poles which offer stability. It takes lesser room compared to a bow stand. Swing stands, however, consist of moveable parts and they’re likely to break.


Windsor Derby Rocking Horse

Windsor Derby Rocking Horse
It is a rocking horse that is made of safe, sturdy and eco-friendly wood and is a perfect addition to kids room, nursery and other. It is fantastic as a gift for your kids. You need to have it.

Teamson kids blue convertible rocking horse

Teamson kids blue convertible rocking horse
This product is very original and ideal for the youngest users. It is a rocking horse that provides comfort and fun to the children. It is made of MDF, so its level of solidity is very high. It measures 22.5 inches high x 12.5 inches wide x 34.5 inches long.

Wooden rocking horse modern safe riding

Wooden rocking horse modern safe riding
A swell toy for toddlers, who love to rock while sitting on a gorgeous horse. This one is beautifully crafted of natural-finished wood, with a shapely seat, a heart back, convenient handles, and well-shaped rockers for swift motion.

Princess & Frog Rocking Horse

Princess & Frog Rocking Horse
It is a pretty rocking horse that is a perfect toy for your little princess. It adds so much fun to your kids room. It has be used in indoor and outdoor area. Your kids will be impressed how great this product is.

Wooden giraffe rocking horse for

Wooden giraffe rocking horse for
A lovely staunch traditional rocking giraffe hand-crafted of quality wood with a colourful hand-painted finish. It has a bushy mane and a tail of black wool crewel, a flat wide seat, sturdy rockers, round grips. It's most suitable for kids aged 5-6.

Personalized Mod Toddler Rocking Horse

Personalized Mod Toddler Rocking Horse
Made from organic safe wood, this wooden rocking horse constitutes a perfect gift for all infants and toddlers. It can be personalized, with the child's name engraved on one of its sides.

Amish Medium Deluxe Crafted Rocking Horse with Mane

Amish Medium Deluxe Crafted Rocking Horse with Mane
All hand-crafted rocking horse, standing proudly on a bow-shaped base. This one-of-a-kind toy has been crafted using traditional techniques. Its design and superior quality of the make are just amazing.

Petite Paradise 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Set

Petite Paradise 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Set
Crib convertible on a daybed. Crib side rails convert to full size. The construction is made of wood. It has 3 levels of adjustment of the mattress. Functional solution for many years to the kid's room.

Wooden rocking horse for baby

Who of us didn't have a rocking horse as a toddler? A classic gift, that will always enchant the youngest family members. Handcrafted, made from high-quality bright wood, it enchants with its traditional, classic character.

Horses for toddlers

Cute rocking horse made of wood. Base is reinforced with solid supports. Dedicated to toddlers. It has padded seat and braided mane. Tasteful accent for each kid's room.

Making a wooden rocking horse

The first wooden rocking horses appeared in the 17th century. To this day, this toy for toddlers provides entertainment for children. It can also be interestingly integrated into the "adult" arrangement when it is beautifully made of warm alder wood.

Big rocking horse for sale

The first wooden rocking horses for toddlers appeared in the 17th century. To this day, this toy provides entertainment for children. Traditionally, they had a brown color - but this one was painted white, and is stably made of sturdy solid wood.

Details about kids rocking horse toy wooden wood amish toddler

Details about Kids Rocking Horse Toy Wooden Wood Amish Toddler New

Wooden rocking horse plans build pdf guide how to made

Wooden Rocking Horse Plans Build PDF Guide How to Made Download AU

Wooden rocking horse for sale

This toy is attractive, comfortable and safe for toddlers. Its solid wooden construction is resistant to wear and ageing. This rocking horse includes a soft surface finished in nice brown color, so it also plays the role of a decoration.

Rocking horse with sound gives ultimate riding pleasure to your

... Rocking Horse with Sound Gives Ultimate Riding Pleasure to Your Kids

Toy horses for toddlers

organic Mod Toddler Rocking Horse safe wooden riding toy for infants and toddlers

This vintage wooden rocking horse large and sturdy toddler toy

... this!!!! Vintage Wooden Rocking Horse Large and Sturdy Toddler Toy

Rocker feller rocking horse

Rocker-Feller Rocking Horse

Small wooden rocking horse

The Moover Rocking Horse is a traditional favourite for all children.  Moover brings high end Danish design to a series of wooden toys created to encourage toddlers to explore the world around them in a fun and safe way.  It is distinctive for the uniqu

Derby rocking horse white click image twice for more info

Derby Rocking Horse White - Click image twice for more info - See a larger selection of Baby Rocking and Spring Ride on at - gift ideas, baby , baby

Baby rocking horse wood

52% Off was $99.99, now is $47.99! Happy Trails Dusty The Rocking Horse Ride On

Wooden rocking horse 7

Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking horses wooden rocking horses prinz small natural wood rocking

... rocking-horses/wooden-rocking-horses/prinz-small-natural-wood-rocking

Mocka kids rocking horse white

Mocka Kids Rocking Horse - White

Rocking hobby horse

Prince Rocking Horse $175.00 $175.00 Free Shipping Quick Ship Usually ships within 2-3 Business Days* This beautifully handcrafted and hand-decorated wooden "heirloom-to-be" is sure to delight your favorite little

Large wooden rocking horse

Classic construction, presented in the most adorable way ever. Apart from providing great entertainment, this lovely rocking horse enchants with the subtle, pink floral patterning.

Hobby horses for sale

The wooden rocking horse for toddles. The immortal toy, which gives a lot of fun for many generations. The wooden toys are durable but also safe for your kids, so it is a must-have in each kid's room.

Painted rocking horse

Rocking horses are for kids with no imagination.

Kids wooden horse

Plan Toy Palomino rocking horse. Best for toddlers, does not have wide rocking angle.

Rockin' Rider Lucky Talking Plush Spring Horse

Custom wooden rocking horse

A timeless, universal gift for any toddlers. This set of wooden rocking horses will provide long-lasting entertainment, giving various possibilities of usage. Good for both boys and girls.

Amish rocking hobby horse solid wood wooden handcrafted toddler toy

Amish Rocking Hobby Horse Solid Wood Wooden Handcrafted Toddler Toy

Toddler rocking horse

This wooden rocking horse has been covered with sugary pink paint to make it more attractive for kids. Tangled cords mane and tail have been added. Now the horsey looks really appealing. Its size makes it appropriate for toddlers.

Wooden rocking by d design studio horse

Wooden Rocking by D+ Design Studio Horse

Wooden hobby horse plans

Learn how to make this adorable wooden #rocking #horse for your #toddler:

Details about new kidkraft kids heirloom wooden wood rocking horse

Details about New KidKraft Kids Heirloom Wooden Wood Rocking Horse

Rocking horse wooden

Rocking horse designed for toddlers. It is completely made of paper wood. It has carefully profiled back for added safety. Perfect gift idea. Modern design for any kid's room.

Handmade rocking horse

PlanToys Lusitano Rocking Horse by Plan Toys. $129.95. From the Manufacturer Plan Toy Lusitano is an Old World classic glider. As the child rocks the horse moves smoothly back and forth for a fun riding sensation. The Euro-contemporary styl

Grow-With-Me Wooden Rocking Horse with Removeable Safety Surround on the Seat

Have you had a wooden rocking horse when you were a kid? I had, and I recall it more than well. Here's my recent amazon finding: an eco-friendly rubberwood rocking horse with red and black detailing. Rubber stoppers prevent the risk of tipping over.

Bobble pip infant rocker bobble is a huggable rocking horse

Bobble & Pip Infant Rocker - Bobble is a huggable rocking horse who carries his separate little friend Pip, wherever he goes! He has a luxurious textured bouclé fabric body and a super soft scrunchy faux suede mane and tail. His sturdy wooden frame comes

Rocking horses 1

Rocking Horses

Wooden rocking horse natural kids toy handmade wooden toy

Wooden Rocking Horse Natural Kids Toy Handmade Wooden Toy