Childrens Play Table With Storage

Kids love to do art projects, science projects, and crafts. They need a place to draw, to play, and to cause mischief with little ideas. For that, they need a childrens play table with storage. These are resilient to all things kids can throw at them, literally and figuratively. Durable, easy to clean, and the storage will hold all of their supplies for their next big project. See collection for options.

Best Products

Multi-Purpose Play Table

Multi-Purpose Play Table
Pretty modern play table for 4 kids. It's made of wood and plywood with a light brown finish. Sides have arched bottom cutouts and rectangular ones up. It has a rectangular top with raised edges and 3 open cubbies under.

Primary Street Block Kids Play Table

Primary Street Block Kids Play Table
Cool present-day play table for kids. Its rectilineal frame is made of solid wood and fibreboard with a white finish. It features a colourful toy blocks inspired front. A rectangular top has raised edges. Open cubbyholes are in shorter sides.

Childrens play table with storage 2

Play table designed for kids. Construction is made of wood and equipped with compartments for storing toys. Legs are made of metal and fitted with anti slip pads. Simple form and contemporary design.

Childrens play table with storage 16

Wooden play table for kids designed with utmost versatility. The table also comes with plenty of storage thanks to the dozens of drawers below. Its low profile design also makes it a great choice for small kids five years and below.

Childrens play table with storage 15

Stunning play table for kids featuring a large square-shaped top and loads of storage shelves below. The table is constructed from wood and comes with a beautiful natural wood grain, stained a little with a sealant for excellent décor value.

Trofast play table

A great design for a children’s bedroom – a very simplistic, low table with boxes for storing Lego and toys. And what a great place to put a doll house on! Perfect for any kid’s room, be it a girl or a boy!

Childrens play table with storage

It's always beneficial if a childrens play table offers some storage opportunities, the more - the better. This table has some plastic bins organized in its base, and its owners used them to store Legos.

Our advice Buying Guide

No matter the size of your home, when you have children, finding storage for all of their playthings while maintaining cohesive designs is challenging. While finding areas for children to play is a priority, it isn't practical for their items to take over the home. That's when furniture pieces like the children's play table with storage are an optimal solution. Not only are they a great addition to the corner of your living room or your child's bedroom, but they're also excellent for playrooms and entertainment areas.

What are the different designs of children's play tables?

Here are some attractive designs of children's play tables:

  • Train or car tables: the top of the play table features a train track or road and underneath the table are drawers for keeping all the toys necessary for play.
  • Block tables: the top of the table features interlocking square grids and, underneath, all the multi-colored blocks are in drawers or pull-out plastic cubbies.
  • Dollhouse tables: the dollhouses are constructed on top of the table and, in the areas beneath the table, drawers or plastic cubbies keep the furniture and figures.
  • Chalk tables: a chalkboard is featured on the table's top and, in pull-out drawers or cubbies beneath, children will find chalk, erasers, and magnets.
  • Art tables: the top of the table features a work area and, on shelves along the sides are where all the art supplies are stored in cubbies.

Who says a child’s playroom or the areas where they play have to be a mess? Why can’t they feature multi-purpose styling? The good news is these areas can feature organization and, with the use of a children's play table with storage, they can also be multi-purpose.

What are children's play tables constructed from?

Under most circumstances, you’ll find that children's play tables with storage are constructed from 100% wood to ensure its durability and will last for years. The pull-out drawers and cubbies are typically made from wood, as well, but you’ll also find these are constructed from plastic. The plastic construction is convenient because, in addition to being durable, they’re easy to clean. Under some circumstances, like in the case of the art play table, the components are small enough to fit into the dishwasher.

Otherwise, keeping the surfaces dust-free and wiped down frequently is essential. You’ll find that, as your child plays with the table more often, you’ll need to clean it more regularly. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals as they can cause cross-contamination. Instead, use a mild detergent mixed with warm water and a soft cloth to remove dirt and grime in between dusting.

How to select the style of a children's play table with storage?

Because there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, it’s going to depend on your child’s interests. Otherwise, there are options whereby you can select a standard play table that doesn’t fit into a particular theme. In these situations, the play table is either a conventional wooden or plastic table featuring matching drawers or cubbies underneath. Choices like this one are optimal for older children whose interests frequently change, so they’re not locked into one particular kind of playset.


Coffee table play table

Make sure your child has a nice space to play and have fun by going for this kid's play table. It will let you keep the legos in one place and provide much needed safety and durability to avoid you having to worry.

Ikea trofast lego table

A great solution for your kid's room that combines functionality with entertainment. The upper part is a wonderful playhouse, rich in all the realistic details. The bottom part is a storage space with baskets, perfect for toys.

Multipurpose play table features a reversible play surface with plain

Multipurpose Play Table Features: a reversible play surface with plain green on one side and a road scene on the other; trundle drawers on castors provide ample storage space underneath.

Kids play tables kids white adjustable activity table white table

Kids Play Tables: Kids White Adjustable Activity Table - White Table w ...

Round lego table with drawers

State of the art play table for kids with a relatively large countertop. The table sits on two supports, each with storage compartments for your kid’s stuff. The supports are made of wood and are naturally finished for that minimalist look.

Kids tables with storage

Children play table with twin storage. It’s made of wood, it has a flat green top which serves as a play area, and it has a drawer by the side for storage purposes. It has a twin storage box underneath the table with tires for easy movement by the kids.

Large lego table with storage

The combination of space for the dream toy train, space for small cars and construction of full shelves and drawers - wooden furniture can boast all this and even more. Play table with storage spaces, contains also a few cabinets.

Toddler play table with storage

Clever idea: train table made from LACK storage unit and door / tabletop

Play tables with storage 5

Play table for children. This element of furniture features a rectangular top with a storage compartment for toys and Lego bricks. Its durable construction features four stable legs and a nice, neutral gray finish.

Childrens play table with storage 4

Lego ikea hack.. 4 slotted storage units fro IKEA. bins from IKEA. plywood cut 4'8". round edges 1/8" sander, primed white, painted and laid lego base on top.

Pintoy furniture all purpose play table with 4 medium storage

Pintoy Furniture All Purpose Play Table with 4 Medium Storage Bins

Childrens play table with storage 6

Adjustable Height DIY Lego Table and Storage Unit. Use Ikea Trofast storage system and an adjustable shelf to create this one-of-a-kind LEGO center. Covere one side of the shelf with green baseplates, and left the other smooth for the option of building w

Play tables with storage 2

A fabulous science corner for kids. It's characterized by a wooden play table on rolls with storage cases. The wall is decorated by an extra large map of North America and there is also a dangling decoration in the form of a few globes.

Childrens play table with storage

Great idea for play and storage

Kid play table with storage

Accessorize a children's table using kitchen accessories from IKEA

Childrens play table with storage 1

This children' play table makes an ideal addition to children bedroom or nursery rooms. Cool and clean construction, equipped with 2 shelves and finished with snowy white paint, brings warmth and freshness to the interior.

Calico critters storage

Children's playroom - black and white with pops of happy yellow

Play table with storage

Play table with storage

Kids activity play table storage for play areas free shipping


Find the tutorial at the thriftress

Find the tutorial at The Thriftress .

Childrens play table with storage 2

... Table and Chair Set Kidkraft 26912 with Primary Color Bins for Storage

Childrens play table with storage 22

play table

Play tables with storage 18

A makeover of an ordinary white IKEA table - now it's suited for childrens needs after being transformed into an activity table. A bottom shelf was used to store plastic bins filled with lego building plates.

Childrens play table with storage 9

Cherry & Maple Child's Play Table with Two Cherry Storage Crates $205

KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table

159 95 20 shipping lego r blocks work with children


Childrens play table with storage 11

Think we could come up with something like this to work in our space... possibly paint the table top with chalkboard paint? Have cubes at each end too!

Exactly what she needs a built with a table just

exactly what she needs a built with a table just her height to play at :D

Hall tables with storage

Attractive and durable hall table with four legs and small top for display and storage purposes. This element of home design offers additional storage space under its top. Interesting color and decorative accents improve interior aesthetics.

Childrens play table with storage 17

Lego Table with Storage and Removable Lego Top by SilverHollyLLC

Lego display table

IKEA Hackers: LACK kids' table for LEGO, DUPLO or just crayons

Play tables with storage

Low activity table with a shelf placed underneath a spacious square top. Finished all over in refreshing white. The shelf is dedicated for storage, and some additional storage bins may be useful for this purpose.

Play tables with storage

Unfinished Children's Table with Lift-top Storage

Play tables with storage 23

This spacious coffee table with mounted special mat intended to playing LEGO is perfect for everyone who love bricks. Table is made of dark kempas wood and has little shelf intended to storage frippery.

Play table storage


Play table with drawer

Play Table with Drawer -

Play storage table

Children’s playroom ideas – love the bright colors

Play table with storage

Solid, attractive and comfortable table for children. Its top provides space for playing and its lower part includes storage compartments for baskets with toys. Wooden frame of this play table is solid and resistant to wear.

Kids play table with storage

Practical table for playing blocks. On the top it has a print of street, where little cars can be driven on. Underneath it has two shelves for boxes, where you child can storage the blocks. It will help to teach your kid keeping the order.

It cant take your kids to chess club or give

It can't take your kids to chess club or give them piano lessons, but our Extracurricular Play Table can give them a place to play. At 15", it's the perfect height for toddlers or for use as a coffee table. It can even be made taller with an additional

Deluxe Art Center Box1

Essential addition to the room for every little artist. This thought-out desk can accommodate without problems all the utensils for creative works, such as colored paper, drawing blocks, pencils, paints and many others. Creative art station will help to maintain order in the house and provides a suitable surface for work and play.

All aboard this 95 piece set is truly a treat

All aboard! This 95-piece set is truly a treat for little conductors. Train cars roll down the long, winding track and through a volcano on an included table, putting play at eye level. A dinosaur crane lifts and lowers logs, and police and fire stations

Kids playroom makeover with tons of organizing ideas diy decor

Kid's Playroom Makeover with TONS of organizing ideas & DIY decor projects! If you have kids you NEED to pin this!