Baby Crib With Storage Drawer

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Keep your nursery room neat and tidy with a baby crib with a storage drawer. Aside from better organization, these also provide a more convenient location so that beddings and other sleeping essentials are kept within your reach. From trundles to cribs with changing table attachments, you can find tons of options that will fit your needs and your aesthetic. Here are some recommendations from our design experts that will delight you visually and functionally. 

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Updated 04/08/2023
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Crib with Shelved Table

Crib with Shelved Table

What we like: Multiple storage options

What we don’t like: Small changing area

Perfect for: Combining display and storage

Not so great for: Those looking for a full conversion crib

Crafted in solid and manufactured wood, this crib with storage features a cot with a changer and a drawer and shelves attached to it. Below the crib is another compartment, which can be used for beddings.

Available in slate, hazelnut, and white, this piece has charming curved sides and a removable front guardrail, which allows it to be converted into a toddler bed. It can also be turned into a full-size bed once your child gets bigger, although the mattress and conversion rails are not part of the set.

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Crib with Drawer Set

Crib with Drawer Set


What we like: Multiple drawers and side shelving

What we don’t like: Strong out-of-box smell

Perfect for: Farmhouse and cottage-style nurseries

Not so great for: Those looking for solid wood cribs

Spacious and filled with storage options, this baby crib with drawers doesn’t only come with under-bed compartments. It also has a small tower of drawers attached to it which can also be used as a changing table. From the sides, it has two open shelves for easy reach.

Made of particle board, this piece can handle up to 50lbs. It does have a distinct strong chemical smell when you take it out of the box. We recommend airing it out for a few days to a week prior to using it. This will help lessen or eliminate the smell and protect your young one from fumes.

$399.99 $439.99

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Crib with Trundle

Crib with Trundle

Carter's by DaVinci

What we like: Solid and sustainable wood construction

What we don’t like: Trundle’s design makes it hard to pull

Perfect for: Nurseries with other storage options

Not so great for: Those with limited space and storage

Cribs with storage such as this one help organize things in the nursery. Framed in solid sustainable pinewood and engineered wood, this 4-in-1 piece allows for different mattress positions, depending on your child’s needs. Under the bed is a trundle compartment for beddings so you can keep all essentials in one place.

Easy to assemble and can withstand through your child’s teenage years. One challenge for some users is that the drawer can be difficult to open. We recommend making sure that the hinges and guides are properly aligned. With its length, it can be difficult to balance the opening when the hardware is not properly installed. 


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5-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer with Storage Drawer

5-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer with Storage Drawer


Perfect For: Growing families in need of versatile and functional nursery furniture

What We Like: The attached changing table with storage and under-crib drawer

The Storkcraft Steveston 5-in-1 Convertible Crib boasts an arched headboard, a solid wood back panel, and the added benefits of an under-crib storage drawer and attached changing table with shelves. As your baby grows, the Steveston adapts with its 3-position adjustable mattress support base and can transform into a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed. Expertly tested, JPMA Certified, and compliant with federal safety standards, this crib offers style, functionality, and peace of mind for parents.

Designer Advice:

Consider investing in coordinating bedding or themed nursery decor to create a cohesive and comforting space for your little one that can easily transition as they grow.

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4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer Combo

4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer Combo

Carter's by DaVinci

Perfect For: Space-conscious parents seeking a versatile nursery solution

What We Like: Multi-functional design offering years of use

The 4-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer Combo offers a clean-lined, multi-functional design, providing everything you need for your baby in one convenient package. Featuring an attached changer with an extra deep surface for diaper changes, spacious drawers, and multiple storage shelves, this combo keeps baby's essentials within reach. From infant to toddler, day bed, and eventually a full-size bed, this versatile piece transitions beautifully, serving your child well beyond the nursery years.


Designer Advice:

Consider pairing it with the matching Colby 3-Drawer and 6-Drawer Dressers for a coordinated, stylish nursery that grows with your child.

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Cottage Style Crib

Cottage Style Crib


What we like: Two pulls make it easy to open the drawer

What we don’t like: Storage has limited weight capacity

Perfect for: Lightweight beddings

Not so great for: Those looking for two drawers

Exuding a charming cottage design, this baby bed with drawers is perfect for farmhouse, transitional, and coastal nursery interiors. Made of solid and manufactured wood, it has solid side panels with a planked motif. Meanwhile, the side rails are composed of vertical slats. The drawer below provides organization for nursery essentials.

While it shows two pulls, this piece only has one big storage. The great thing is that with two handles, it’s easier to open and close the compartment. Aside from that, there’s also a central divider, so you can still keep your things separate according to your needs.


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Farmhouse 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Under-Drawer

Farmhouse 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Under-Drawer


Perfect For: Creating a cozy and rustic atmosphere in your baby's nursery

What We Like: The combination of shiplap design and graceful curves

The Wesley farmhouse 4-in-1 convertible crib embodies the idyllic countryside style, featuring a rustic shiplap design and elegant curves that will make your baby's sleep space cozy and inviting. Its clever four-in-one design allows for easy conversion as your child grows, while the bonus under-drawer provides ample storage for all your baby's essentials. This crib seamlessly blends practical functionality with timeless charm, making it the ideal centerpiece for your nursery.

Designer Advice:

Incorporate soft, natural textures like cotton or linen for bedding and curtains, and add warm wood or rattan elements to further enhance the classic farmhouse feel in your baby's nursery.

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Small Crib

Small Crib

Carter's by DaVinci

What we like: Compact design

What we don’t like: Drawer is too close to the floor

Perfect for: Small nurseries

Not so great for: Plush carpets

Compact in size, this baby cot with drawers can be converted into four different types of sleeping arrangements. In its largest form, it can be transformed into a twin-size bed if you purchase the conversion kit separately. And underneath the mattress is a single drawer with a carved hand slot.

With its design, the drawer is a bit close to the ground. We recommend positioning your crib on top of a hardwood floor for a smoother glide. It can also work on a carpet or area rug as long as it doesn’t have a high pile. 

$199 $250

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Crib with Arched Design

Crib with Arched Design


What we like: Timeless look

What we don’t like: Takes time to assemble

Perfect for: Traditional and classical nurseries

Not so great for: Modern and contemporary nurseries

This baby crib with storage is an attractive piece for the nursery and one that your kids will appreciate for years to come. Its design follows a winged back and sides, ornamented by classical molding and vertical slats. It is crafted in solid wood and can be converted into three different beds, aside from functioning as a crib.

Available in espresso, cloud gray, and warm white, all exuding an elegant and luxurious look. However, it is not easy to assemble and might take more than a few hours to complete the task. We recommend pairing this piece with a dresser and a rocking chair in similar styles to complete your nursery ensemble.

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Crib and Changer with Storage Set

Crib and Changer with Storage Set


Perfect For: Parents seeking a complete and adaptable nursery solution

What We Like: Multi-functional design with ample storage

This crib and changer set includes an adjustable mattress support base for adapting to your growing child from babyhood to toddlerhood. The full-size storage drawer and attached changing table provide additional nursery organization. The changer features a durable water-resistant pad, safety strap, extra drawer, and 2 open shelves. A unique standalone hamper doubles as a laundry or toy bin. When your child outgrows the crib, it easily transforms into a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed (mattress not included). Crafted with care and JPMA certified, this set received the 2022 Women's Choice Award for recommended baby & kids furniture.


Designer Advice:

Choose soft, neutral colors for bedding and nursery decor to create a calming environment that will adapt effortlessly as your child grows and their tastes change.

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Baby Crib With Storage Drawer

Buying Guide

Finding a crib with the right amount of storage for your new baby isn't always easy. As much as you need to find the amount of storage, you need to find the correct style of storage too. Finding a piece of furniture for your new baby's nursery which fulfills all the requirements can be a challenge, so let's take a closer look at some of the styles and designs that you'll find when shopping for these items.

Crib with storage and changing table

A strong durable wood material makes up the main frame of this style of crib, and vertical wooden slats will ensure that your baby is safe and secure all night long. There are normally 3-4 drawers positioned along one side of the crib, and there may also be storage underneath the crib in which you can store blankets and other accessories that you may not always have to access so easily. On top of the drawers to the side of the crib is a changing table. This means that not only does the crib double up as two different pieces of furniture, but changing your baby will be more convenient than ever.

Crib with storage drawer underneath

If you only need a small amount of storage, it may make little sense to buy a crib which has several drawers. While it provides extra space to store your baby's items, it also takes up extra space, which is why it's good to consider a design which is more compact. This style of crib has one slim yet wide storage drawer which has the same perimeter as the crib itself. This doesn't take up any extra space on either side since the extra space is built on height rather than width.

Crib with basket storage

A soft look for any new baby's room, basket storage is a great alternative to wooden drawers and can be more customizable too. You can purchase baskets which are the same color as the baby's bedding that you are using. When you change the bedding, you will be able to swap the drawers if you have more than one different color. The basket storage cribs often have space for two large baskets, since this is easier to handle than 3-4 smaller ones. The main frame of the crib is a solid hardwood and can be painted either white or another color of your choice.

Crib with shelf storage

Perhaps you don't necessarily need more space for clothes and blankets, but you need more shelving for the toys and books that your baby has been given. If this is your situation, a good design to consider is a crib with shelf storage. This may also have 2-3 wooden drawers along one side of the crib, while the other side will have either block shelves or horizontal shelves. There are various designs in this style, including cribs with storage underneath too, and those with a changing table on top of the shelves.

Best Ideas

Crib with storage drawer

Solid baby crib with a changing table and storage drawers. Durable wooden construction finished in neutral white color includes vertical slats for protection. Drawers are located in the lower part of this crib and under the changing table.

Crib with storage underneath

You know that in the first days of their life-a crib is a child's universe.So let's make it fantastic one! Crib with a storage drawers, made of cedar wood on the base and oak wood on the top - with orange and white finish,can be a great universe for your baby.

Cape Cod Convertible Crib

Cape Cod Convertible Crib

If you looking for solid crib for your nursery, you need to buy this one. It is available in two colors to choose: espresso and French white. It can be used as a crib, daybed, toddler bed or full size bed.

Cribs with drawers

A cosy traditional baby cot made of wood finished in white. It has sturdy low angular feet, straight top edges, vertically slatted walls. It's equipped with 3 spacious drawers having recessed panels and edge pulls.

Crib with storage drawer 2

Practical crib will be a great present for a future parents. Everything is in one place - the bed, changing mat, diapers and many other accessories discretely hidden in drawers. The beautiful design and color fits most room decors.

Newport Mini Crib & Changer

Newport Mini Crib & Changer

This practical set of baby changing table is a wonderful way to decorate the room of a child or corner of the child in the parents' bedroom. Robust construction ensures ease of use, and it looks very chic.

Tuscany Convertible Crib and Changer Combo

Tuscany Convertible Crib and Changer Combo

Lovely convertible crib and changer with soft, wavy lines. It is made of solid, sturdy construction with recessed hardware for your child's safety. It grows with your child - can be used as a crib, daybed, toddler bed or full size bed.

Kimberly Convertible Crib

Kimberly Convertible Crib

Crib and changing table as a necessary element for the baby room. Crib has 4 levels of adjustment of the mattress. Changing table is equipped with three drawers and 3 open shelves for storage.

Crib drawer

Crib Drawer

Crib with storage drawer 3

The Fixed Crib with Changer has a wide storage drawer under the ...

Crib with drawers underneath

Neatly designed, minimalist, white crib easily converts to a toddler bed. Storage drawers beneath the unit, with the fronts painted a contrasting cool green, provide ample storage for diapers, clothing, or toiletries. The convertible bed is economical and convenient.

Dream on me jayden 3 in 1 portable crib convertible

Dream On Me, Jayden 3 in 1 portable Crib Convertible with Changer, White

Baby bed with drawers

Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail - White from Target has a drawer for storage underneath

Baby cribs with drawers underneath

Cute crib, great storage, would look great with some pretty drawer pulls from Anthropologie.

Crib with drawers

This is when natural chic meets practical functionality - this basic crib converts easily into the toddler bed and features an extra drawer to keep baby's essentials close at hand, making it beautifully convenient.

Crib with storage drawer 4

Ebony Baby Crib with Storage Drawer

Black baby cribs with storage drawer

Stork Craft® 'Vittoria' Stages 3-in-1 Crib with Storage Drawer - Sears | Sears Canada

Daphne Athena Convertible Crib Finish: Cherry

Baby cribs with storage underneath

Blake Dresser was delivered today as the first new piece for Bebe's D nursery (I already have my son's crib which I'm excited to use again). I love the open shelves, drawers and top that can be used as changing table. This dresser can grow with the kidd

Crib sleigh bed

Fresh and adorable setup for a children nursery room with a wooden crib taking the role of the centerpiece in the room. The elegant, sophisticated crystal chandelier above brings a stylish detail to the nursery.

Sleigh baby bed 19

An aesthetic traditional baby cot made of wood finished in white. It has sleigh-style full panel shorter walls with round grips at the top, wavy corner posts, low curved legs. It has vertically slatted longer walls and a regulated bedstead.

Buy haven crib with storage drawer electric blue online

Buy Haven Crib with Storage Drawer (Electric Blue) Online ...

Langford 4 in 1 convertible crib with storage drawer

Langford 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Storage Drawer ...

Baby cache harbor 4 in 1 convertible crib with storage

Baby Cache Harbor 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Storage ...