Wooden Bassinet Cradle

For the sweetest dreams and the safest experience, keep your newborn right next to you in a wooden bassinet cradle.

Confused by the two terms? Lighter, smaller and more portable, a bassinet is intended for babies under six months. Cradles are bigger and often (but not necessarily) including slats to rock your baby.

However, nowadays you can also find bassinet cradles that are a combination of the two. They’re especially a better choice if you’re not ready to invest in a separate bassinet that your newborn will outgrow within a few months.

To guarantee your baby’s safety, we recommend looking for bassinet cradles that meet ASTM standards or that include relevant certifications like the JPMA seal.

As for styles, here are ten adorable ideas that would look absolutely delightful in your bedroom or nursery.

Contemporary wooden bassinet

Contemporary wooden bassinet

Just because wooden bassinet cradles are such traditional and almost nostalgic beds, it doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically look out of place in your contemporary bedroom.

You’ll simply need to look for a no-frills design relying on clean lines and a monochrome finish (coated with a safe paint, of course).

Neutral bassinet cradle

Neutral bassinet cradle

To maintain a relaxed and airy feel in your bedroom or nursery, we recommend choosing a wooden bassinet cradle in a light neutral finish. This also makes it a breeze to complement your existing palette.

Need some inspiration? Some popular neutral options for bassinets are white, cream, beige, or light gray.


Light colored wooden bassinet for small rooms

Light colored wooden bassinet for small rooms

Whether you opt for a light wood finish or a delicate pastel tone, choosing light-colored bassinets is the wisest option in bedrooms or nurseries where space isn’t a luxury.

Unlike heavier dark wood finishes that would make your room look even more crowded, they’ll make it appear wider than it actually is. Smart, right?!


Bicolor wooden bassinet cradle

Bicolor wooden bassinet cradle

Since your baby will use a bassinet cradle for much longer than a traditional standalone bassinet, you can think of it as a more integral part of your nursery and perhaps be bolder when it comes to decorative choices.

For example, how about a model that includes your palette’s accent color and either your primary or secondary hue?

$131.64 $151.99

Antique baby cradle

Antique baby cradle

If what you love the most about bassinet cradles is the nostalgic feeling that they inspire, go on and spoil your baby (and yourself) with a fairytale-esque nursery.

In particular, look for darker wood finishes, harmonious lines or carvings, and opulent details.


Deluxe vintage wooden bassinet

Deluxe vintage wooden bassinet

Another charming take on the most traditional wooden bassinet ideas involves designs relying on fancy fabric canopies.

From a precious ruffled style to adorable details like cute tiny bows, you can find retro designs that are fit for little queens or kings.


Wooden bassinet with mesh

Wooden bassinet with mesh

Planning on moving it back and forth between your bedroom and the nursery? One of the most lightweight options involves a bassinet with a wooden frame but a mesh top.

Not only does this see-through material ensure a generous airflow (a blessing in the hottest locations!), but it makes it even easier to keep an eye on your newborn.

$97.74 $99.99

Wooden bassinet with storage

Wooden bassinet with storage

You can never go wrong with dual-use furniture, especially if your baby’s nursery is on the small side.

Since your new wooden bassinet cradle will inevitably take up some precious floor real estate, why not make the most of it by including a shelf or two within the same design?

$199.99 $211.99

Rocking wooden cradle

Rocking wooden cradle

Should you choose a wooden bassinet cradle with rocking slats? As long as you’re happy to glide it manually, you probably should.

The soft rocking motion helps the baby sleep more comfortably and feel safe by reminding them of their womb experience.

Plus, because a cradle is larger than a standalone bassinet, it’ll make the transition to a crib even easier.

However, keep in mind that wooden rocking cradles are heavier and less portable, so we don’t recommend them if you were planning on moving yours between the nursery and your bedroom.

Multipurpose wooden bassinet cradle

Multipurpose wooden bassinet cradle

Some wooden bassinet cradles are designed to grow with your baby. Instead of going through the full bassinet-cradle-crib transition, you can save yourself some money and space by opting for a multipurpose model.

For example, this wooden baby cradle can also become a crib and a small table with seating. How magical is that?!

Our advice Buying Guide

Preparing for a new baby is a very exciting time, but it can be expensive and overwhelming if you don't plan ahead and ensure you have all the necessary information. One of the items you'll need to buy for the baby's bedroom is a cradle if you don't already have one. A wooden bassinet cradle is arguably one of the most attractive and beautiful choices for a baby's crib. While the style is fundamentally the same in that they are wooden and are designed to rock back and forth, there is quite a lot of variety and so it's a good idea to consider what's available before making your decision.

What's the best design of a wooden bassinet cradle for a contemporary home?

a circular cradle is a gorgeous modern style that's ideal for the contemporary home when a baby is on the way. You might be worried initially about having to compromise on your style in order to make things as comfortable as possible for the new arrival, however, this is certainly not the case thanks to designs like this one. The dark sturdy hardwood gives you peace of mind that your baby will be safe and sound all through the night, while the rounded shape provides ultimate comfort. The cradle can be rocked back and forth to relax your baby or help them get to sleep.

What are the benefits of a low set cradle?

While many wooden bassinet cradles for new babies are higher to allow a more comfortable standing position for the parents, this doesn't mean it's the only option available. The benefit of having a lower cradle is that your baby is much closer to the ground and therefore at less risk of any accidents occurring. With slightly curved beams at the bottom to allow a relaxing rocking motion, the cradle is positioned directly onto the horizontal beams, which means it's almost at ground level. These cradles may be slightly more circular in shape, or you may see them in a rectangular shape with straight edges.

Are rocking cradles better than non-rocking ones?

Not every parent wants to buy their baby a cradle they can rock. A rocking bassinet might be nice, but it poses safety hazards not present in stationary bassinets. If that's a source of concern for you, a bassinet that stays in one place permanently is a good option to consider. Rather than having curved beams at the bottom, this design boasts beautiful straight wooden beams at the floor, which form the base for the rectangular cradle. The rectangular shape is much more common for this design since it appropriately matches the straight beams and edges at the bottom of the piece.

Is a cradle integrated with a rocking chair a good idea?

If you want to sit alongside your baby while s/he sleeps soundly in the cradle, this is a great design to think about. You can sit in a wooden rocking chair with padded cushions for extra comfort, while a horizontal piece fixed to the left of the chair becomes the basis for your baby's cradle. It allows you to rock the cradle as you are sitting down and rocking yourself in the rocking chair. These chairs can be seen in a traditional design with wooden beams along the back of the chair, or you may find more modern designs which have one larger piece at the back instead.


Swinging wooden baby cradle handmade

Swinging wooden baby cradle handmade
Handmade of solid red Oak wood and covered in a beautiful finish, this lovely baby cradle works like a charm. The cradle comes with a very durable frame, equipped with almost flat legs and thick stretcher for stability.

Amish Baby Furniture Cradle Infant Bassinet Mission Solid Wood Nursery Oak Maple

Amish Baby Furniture Cradle Infant Bassinet Mission Solid Wood Nursery Oak Maple
This wooden bassinet cradle constitutes a charming nursery room proposition for all, who love traditional or classic decors. Its densely grained wood emphasizes the natural character of the item.

Vintage handmade wooden cradle bassinet

Vintage handmade wooden cradle bassinet
Woodwork craftsmanship at its finest came to life within this vintage handmade swinging cradle bassinet crafted from red oak. Many elements point to its refined age. Just look at the cutout heart detail.

Antique vintage wooden baby doll cradle

Antique vintage wooden baby doll cradle
If you like to create a classic or rustic nursery room, this wooden bassinet cradle will work out perfectly. It enchants with its densely grained, deep brown, wooden finish.

Handmade pilgrim baby cradle with turned

Handmade pilgrim baby cradle with turned
Before the cots appeared in the children's bedrooms, the youngest households slept in wooden, decorated bassinet cradles. Their performance was associated with a large amount of time, which is evident in the example of this old-fashioned antique poplar cradle.

Classic Comfort™ Wood Bassinet

Classic Comfort™ Wood Bassinet
Classic and exceptionally charming wooden bassinet cradle is a perfect piece of furniture for a baby room. The wheeled wheel is mobile, so it is easy to carry. The practical lower shelf allows storing little things.

Wooden cradle

Simple contemporary cradle for your baby. If you belong to those who are not fond of traditional opulent design, ruffles and all that stuff, you are likely to pay attention to this updated wooden bassinet.

Wooden bassinet cradle

With such a magnificent cradle, your lovely toddler will be sleeping safely and soundly through every night. Hande-crafted using only sturdy wood, the cradle is finished in tiger maple, rocks on metal hardware, and has two flat feet for balance.

Wooden bassinet cradle

An adorable wooden crib is a fantastic addition for a nursery or your bedroom. So, if you need a solid and sturdy crib, this one will be an excellent choice for you.

Wood baby cradle

A cute accessory for nurseries, that will provide for your little ones a soothing rocking experience inside of a cozy bassinet. The whole is crafted of hardwood, splashed with a cherry finish, and supported by a stabile frame.

Wooden bassinet cradle

Made of a combination of maple and walnut baby cradle, this is an attractive solution for a baby room or corner in the bedroom. The graceful form and stylish decorative elements create a unique whole that delights throughout the interior.

Wooden bassinet

Wooden baby cradle, is a great solution for baby rest. Pine wood is well associated and is natural, harmless and stable.Beautiful in its simplicity, on two legs - also doesn't take up much space.To the cradle is attached a foam, white mattress.

Wooden cradle

Wooden Cradle

Beautiful bassinets

A cosy traditional carrycot for babies. Its wooden frame is finished in mid browns. It has tall trapezoidish side supports with bowed bottom edges and full top parts. Longer walls feature vertically slatted design.

Wooden cradle designs


Wood cradle

Nursery baby cradle bassinet with a solid wooden construction finished in white color. It provides stability, support and protection for children. Simple construction of this element makes it suitable for any interior design.

Moon shaped cradle made from upcycled pallets love this

Moon Shaped Cradle made from upcycled pallets - love this!

Wooden cradle for baby

The beautifully crafted and very original chair is an excellent way to create a glamorous interior. The wooden construction is stable and durable. Ideally suited as a baby bassinet bringing cozy and charming character to the interior.

Mooi wiegje wooden crib to make for a little one

The wooden bassinet cradle is a very practical piece of furniture. No problem, you can fit it in the parents' bedroom. Contemporary form, without unnecessary carvings, however, with a beautiful color of natural oak wood with visible rings.

Cradles and bassinets 3

Set of furniture intended to child bedroom. It is composed of cabinet with baby changing table, shelf to storage toys, clothes hanger, elegant curtain and little cradle hanged on the ropes - when your child will be older, you can use it as a swing.

Wooden bassinet cradle 1

Wooden bassinet cradles have been accompanying parents in their bedrooms for centuries - beautifully made, of the safest materials - real pine wood, finished in ebony. Beautifully sways in a dark color, with the child's engraved initials.

Handmade wooden cradle

Original 19th century design of a hooded wooden cradle. If traditional furnishing makes your heart beat faster of excitement, a wooden bassinet is an always-welcome accent, even in today's nursery room. Makes any décor homey.

Wood bassinet cradle

Beautiful modern wooden bassinet cradle with lockable casters - blends perectly with Scandinavian style of a nursery room. This stunning piece is an exact reproduction of 1960s design, made in Denmark.

Baby cradle this cradle is made from all hard woods

baby cradle this cradle is made from all hard woods this is truly an ...

New nursery baby cradle bassinet wooden white mattress baby cot

new nursery baby cradle bassinet wooden white + mattress baby cot

Wooden basinet

Antique Wooden Baby Cradle Bassinet

Wooden baby cradles

Lovely bassinet mounted on crossed legs. Construction is made of wood. Neutral design for each baby room. Classic form and careful execution.

Cradle wood

Buy Enchanted Forest Cradle, Baby Wooden Cradles At

Wooden cradles

Lovely bassinet in vintage style. It is completely made of wood and fitted with chair. Neutral and functional design for baby room, bedroom and more.

Shop for cottage verona cradles in wooden at

Shop For Cottage Verona Cradles In Wooden At

Farm primitive style wood rocking baby doll bassinet cradle dowels

... -Farm-Primitive-Style-Wood-Rocking-Baby-Doll-Bassinet-Cradle-Dowels

Wooden bassinet plans

Antique White Cradle Wooden Cradles -

Wooden folksy baby doll rocking cradle bed bassinet sold wood


Wooden cradle for babies

Have to have it. Little Colorado Wooden Doll Cradle - $39.98

Baby cradle wood

Eddie Bauer® Wood Bassinet - Light Oak

2013 04 17 cradle easy to follow how to build

2013/04/17 Cradle | Easy-To-Follow How To build a DIY Woodworking ...

DaVinci Futura Cradle in Cherry

Handmade bassinet

Antique Lace Bassinet| Designer Wooden Baby Crib| Luxury Moses Basket

Handmade wooden crib

Children love light rocking, so they will certainly like such a bed, in the past, they had a very richly carved wooden form - just like this ancient example of wooden bassinet cradle made of dark walnut wood, in the Victorian style.

Green Frog Green Frog Cradle - Antique White

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