Large Doll House (Wooden Dollhouse)

Children with big imaginations need more complex toys to nurture their creative minds. A terrific example is a sizeable dollhouse.

A large or extra-large doll house expands the minds of children, entertaining them for hours. Play with your kids on the floor or let their imaginations run wild on their own.

There are benefits of owning a large wooden dollhouse over a plastic one. Although plastic dollhouses are durable and easy to clean, they often lack the finer details that wooden dollhouses provide.

Wooden dollhouses can also be passed down from generation to generation. Check out these ten large dollhouses that are sure to entertain your children. 

Simple Hideaway Large Doll House with Flaps

Simple Hideaway Large Doll House with Flaps

The simple hideaway-styled large doll house is designed with a smooth and simple exterior that blends into your walls. They are constructed with little to no shape or edging on the outside.

Minimalists love this type of large wooden dollhouse. When their children are done playing, they can effortlessly hide away the small toy pieces inside of it.

You can easily find these types without the laminate finish. Plain raw wood doll houses can add a creative plus for kids who enjoy coloring and stickers.

Extra Large Wooden Dolls House on Wheels

Extra Large Wooden Dolls House on Wheels

An extra-large wooden dolls house on wheels can be super handy for children who enjoy playing in different rooms of the house. If your child likes to take their dolls, barbies, or animals on long adventures, then this type is right for you.

Portable large doll houses are open on all four-sides making them easy to access. If you have a few small children or you frequently host sleepovers, then this type of doll house fits these needs. 

Fantasy inspired Large Wooden Doll House for Boys

Fantasy inspired Large Wooden Doll House for Boys

Doll houses aren’t just for girls. Fantasy-inspired large wooden doll houses can be shaped into all sorts of shapes including pirate ships!

These types of large doll houses are built very narrow allowing them to rest flatter against a wall when your child isn’t playing with it. They are two-sided letting two children play with the doll house at the same time.

$177.8 $219

360 Degree Open Extra Tall Large Wood Dollhouse

360 Degree Open Extra Tall Large Wood Dollhouse

These 360-degree large wood dollhouses have a designer element to them. They are built taller than some of the more generic dollhouse builds making this type of doll house better for taller children.

These designer-built doll houses have more moving parts and mechanics. They are more appropriate for older children to use.


One sided Original Large Wood Dollhouse

One sided Original Large Wood Dollhouse

One-sided large wood doll houses are terrific entertainment toys for homes that have only one child. The open one-sided attribute is easy for your child to access.

The benefit of owning an open one-sided doll house is no pinched fingers. Younger aged children tend to get their fingers caught in doll houses with doors and panels. If you prefer unfinished wood, these doll houses offer that option too.

Open Storybook themed Mansion Large Doll House

Open Storybook themed Mansion Large Doll House

Large doll houses themed with your child’s favorite princess movie or book can make their dollhouse even more fun to play with. Storybook-themed mansions are built with several rooms, and some are sculped with castle features.

These types of large doll houses are also more 3D in nature when compared to other doll houses. If your child enjoys the visual aspect of toys, then they will surely enjoy the storybook-themed mansion doll house.

There are also doll house castles made of driftwood without laminate finishing. Raw wood castle designs merge with rustic home décor nicely.

$141.22 $159.99

Nursery styled Large Wooden Dolls House

Nursery styled Large Wooden Dolls House

A nursery-styled large wooden dolls house was created with the nurturing child in mind. If your child carries around a baby-sized doll, then they will love this doll house.

Some nursery-styled wood doll houses come with cradles, built-in bathtubs, and a napping area. You can also find some with built-in washing machines and extra storage compartments. 

Extra Large Wooden Doll House with More Room Compartments

Extra Large Wooden Doll House with More Room Compartments

Like the storybook-styled mansion doll houses, these extra-large wooden doll houses come with more rooms. The main difference between the two is this type doesn’t come with the storybook theme.

If your child isn’t interested in the storybook themes, then a more modern, open floor plan, is better for them. Children who get easily annoyed with tightly-packed and closed-quartered toys like the shallow-built rooms in these doll house types.

$192.62 $219.99

Stylish Expansive Large Wooden Dollhouse

Stylish Expansive Large Wooden Dollhouse

These stylish expansive large wooden dollhouses give you twice the amount of play space. They come with additional rooms built-into the door flap.

These types of large wood dollhouse sit taller and have a stylish exterior compared to the simple hideaway large doll house with flaps. Choose between modern, mid-century, and farmhouse styles to match your current home décor.

Career oriented Large Doll House for Boys

Career oriented Large Doll House for Boys

Some children fantasize about working as firefighter or police officers when they grow up. Career-oriented large doll houses are a perfect addition to encourage their future work aspirations.

These types of doll houses can come with three levels or four levels. You can find them built taller and narrowing to squeeze nicely into a closet, or shorter and wider to place under a windowsill.

Our advice Buying Guide

Sturdy with clean lines and a modern appeal, a wooden dollhouse is sure to please that special little girl. The natural characteristics of wood tells you that harmful chemicals have not been used in construction. Just as big houses have frames that will yellow over time or become brittle and split, these lovely models will last for years.

Different creative models range in different sizes to fit any space in a child's bedroom or play area. Furnishings may or may not be included.

How to select the right size wooden dollhouse?

Scale size ranges from 1:2 to 1:12. Corresponding wood furniture is available with individual homes. Recommended doll size height is 5" to 6". Each large wooden dollhouse will make age recommendations according to the number of small pieces and the complexity of the model.

  • Starter Homes/Cottages - Little girls age 3+ need time to experience their first doll house. Simple houses with 4 rooms that are accessible from all sides makes this journey fun. A typical size for a starter home is 19.41'' H x 21.65'' W x 13.19'' and has few movable parts.
  • Natural Classic - In a Colonial design, a 29-3/4 x 15-1/2 x 19-1/2 inches no frills open doll house lets your child be creative with walls, floors and imagination! Get out the construction paper and decide on proper colors and placement of rooms with this blank canvas.
  • Designer Homes - If you little girl is growing up to be a pro at keeping house with her dolls, consider a large designer home that has intricate designs inside and out. Long and deep at 20.5'' H x 14.5'' W x 24.5'' D or tall and thin at 30" x 23.75" x 13" , there are many other sizes to fit your space.

What are the most common styles of large wooden dollhouses?

Retro styles presented a Colonial house with bedrooms upstairs and living space downstairs. Today's designs will make your head spin with the intricate detail of the uniquely different styles.

  • Log Cabins - Interlocking pieces not only let you enjoy the fascinating fireplace and rustic interior, but you are also able to assemble yourself. A new twist on an old favorite, these designs will provide hours of fun.
  • Victorian Splendor - Curved staircases, gingerbread trim and 3 stories of rooms are found in most Victorian models. Some come with an unfinished exterior while others are painted in the period style.
  • Quaint Country - Reminiscent of grandma's house in the country, a two-story house with shutters and front porch will bring a twinge of peace to your small one. Finished in warm pastel colors, these models are ready for furniture and dolls to move right in.
  • Modern - If your little girl is more intrigued with mommy and daddy's home, a high-rise complete with attached garage may be just the ticket. Large open areas and a place for everything, her dolls will be able to enjoy life, just like she does.


Large wooden dollhouse 1

Dollhouse is the most incredible birthday gift for every little girl, especially if it's handmade. This dollhouse is made of bright wood and looks very realistic. It is elegant and spacious, so it give you daughter a lot of fun.

Large wooden dollhouse

My dreamy wooden dollhouse - dreamt about one when I was a girl... The front of this large wooden dollhouse opens, obviously, so you've got full access to its doll-inhabited interiors. It has windows and all

Assembling DIY Miniature Model Kit Wooden Doll House, Unique Big Size House Toy With Furnitures For Kids & Lover

Give your child the delight of the year with this extra-large wooden dollhouse. The house is the ultimate play item and comes with several compartments, each fitted with miniature furniture. You also get a beautiful child-friendly light pink finish on either side.

The salt lake tribune article

The Salt Lake Tribune Article

Large wooden doll house

Surprise your kids with this extra-large dollhouse, neatly carved out of wood. Designed for the backyard, the dollhouse comes with a Disney-inspired look and its breathtaking craftsmanship will completely transform your landscape. It should be great for childrens five years and below.

Large wooden dollhouse

Large dollhouse for kids constructed from wood and finished in a playful pink shade. The dollhouse also sits on a sturdy base for safety and comes with closing doors on the front. It can also double up as a stack of shelves once your little one is all grown up and doesn’t need it anymore.

Large wooden dollhouse 5

Huge wooden dollhouse for your kids. The piece is finished in white and offers up to three tiers, each fitted with matching furniture inside. The dollhouse also has an open front so that everything inside is visible to see. Perfect for children below the age of five years.

Doll house kit wooden doll houses

Doll House Kit | Wooden Doll Houses

Large doll houses

Large early painted red brick wooden dolls house on stand, English circa 1840.

Large wooden dollhouse

Large wooden Dollhouse with roof garden and ballroom~Image © Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions

Large wood dollhouse

large wooden dollhouse, 26 inches,2 sided vintage dollhouse, handmade

Large dollhouse

Large architectural handmade wooden doll house

Old fashioned wooden doll house

♥♥♥ Victorian Doll House Birch plywood Laser Cut Kit -- it measures 23" wide x 17.5" deep x 32" high. "The Doll House has 3 Stories, 4 Rooms, Functioning French doors, as well as a stair case and wrap around porch. This kit comes cut and ready to as

Big dollhouses

Birch plywood, stainless steel, transparent varnish, wheels… I wouldn’t mind to play with this and the other fabulous, modern dollhouses made by Liliane

Large wooden dollhouse 2

Large German Wooden Doll House by Moritz Gottschalk

Wooden Dollhouse Miniatures DIY House Kit W/led Light and Music--large Villa

Large wooden dollhouse kits

Vintage The Pierce 1981 Greenleaf Large Wooden Dollhouse Kit #8011 Scale 1"x1' #Greenleaf

Large doll house

Victoria's Farmhouse dollhouse kit is a Real Good Toys best seller. With the beautiful 2-story wraparound porch and large rooms, this is a perfect starter home for any miniaturist!

Lancaster Dollhouse

Lancaster Dollhouse

Large wooden dollhouse 3


Large wooden dollhouse 8

19th century wooden dollhouse

Perfect christmas gift for your perfect little girl amelia doll

Perfect Christmas Gift..for your perfect little girl. Amelia doll house on ebay

Antique open front large gothic doll house

Antique open front large Gothic doll house

Large wooden dollhouse 4

... Large Wooden Doll's House, Six Full Rooms of Furniture & Four Wooden