Dollhouse Bunk Beds

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For girls, give them something they might not have ever considered in bedding. These dollhouse bunk beds are pretty, sturdy, and resemble a little house, with one bed below, and the other, hidden behind the fake roof. It is odd to see, but once set up, your little ones will love it, and thank you, for giving them a fun bed idea. See collection for all the options.

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Updated 04/04/2021
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Dollhouse bunk beds

A delightful dollhouse in beautiful pastels is a perfect solution for every girl's room. Lovely shelves, a place to sleep and a place to relax underneath create a magnificent whole that will delight.

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Girls dollhouse playhouse bed with slide kids las vegas

Girls dollhouse playhouse bed with slide kids las vegas

A charming contemporary bunk bed modelled on a dollhouse. It's crafted of wooden materials. Its walls and vertical balusters are white. Frames, an arched door, balustrades top rails and a slide are brown. A gable roof with a fish scale design is red.

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Doll house loft bed

A life-sized dollhouse bunk bed is every little princess dream, which has a white, beige and peach color and a stairs and windows. Trust me, every girl will be delighted how pretty it looks in the bedroom.

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Bunk beds that look like a house

This Loft Bed Lets Girls Have Their Own Little Cottage

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Olivia dollhouse bed

A truly adorable playhouse bunk bed, excellent for surprising your little princess. The bed oozes with girly accents and a lovely mix of pink, green and white. Includes a high-pitched roof, a window with shutters, a built-in staircase and slide, and a bunch of open shelves.

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Doll house bunk bed

What are the little girls most interested in?On a good nap and a dollhouse.You can combine it!Inspired by English antiques,handmade from pine tree of good quality. In azure color, it gives on one side of the shelf and on the other a base for favorite dolls.

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Doll house bed

A beautiful bunk bed in shape of a lovely dollhouse, excellent for improving your little princess' room. The bed is wood-made and splashed with white finish, offering a secured top bunk, a built-in ladder, a large entrance, hollow windows and a spacious inside.

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American girl doll bunk bed plans

It's all in the finish...this could be for the boys or for the girls or both!

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Dollhouse bunk bed instructions

Maryville Dollhouse Loft Bed, Twin Over Full Main Thumbnail

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Dollhouse bunk beds for sale

Dollhouse Bunk Bed with Playhouse

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Dollhouse Bunk Beds

Buying Guide

Bunk beds for girls come in many fun styles that it can be hard for you to stick to a decision. If you want one that’s sure to be a hit among your girls, choose the favorite of parents and kids alike: dollhouse bunk beds. They’re all done up with purples and pastel pinks, making them perfect for the dream escape of your young girls.

Before you purchase the first dollhouse bunk bed that you find online, make sure that you get the measurements of your children’s room. A dollhouse bunk bed needs additional space for its embellishments like drawers embedded in the bed’s structure or a roof. It's likely for this type of bed to be wider compared to traditional bunk beds.

Leave at least 2-2.5 ft of space between the ceiling and the top bunk to keep the little head of your baby girl from getting bumped. A thick rug or carpet with padding near the bed will also deem necessary in cushioning falls that may occur. Of course, this is not ideal but it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

To ensure you get the best bed for your girls, here are all the things you need to know about the most common types of configurations for dollhouse bunk beds:

  • Twin over twin - This one’s the basic bunk bed configuration. You'll get two beds that are stacked on top of each other. What’s great about it is it gives your two girls separate places for sleeping.
  • Twin over full - If your kids are of different ages, the older one will require a bigger bed. Fortunately, this type of dollhouse bunk bed lets the older child sleep comfortably on a full-sized bed on the bottom bunk.
  • Full over full - Just like the standard, two beds are stacked but the beds are full-sized. They're great for the bedroom of your teenagers.
  • Loft bunk bed - The loft dollhouse bunk bed only sleeps one girl. It's a great space saver as the bed is raised, leaving enough space at the bottom for a desk, storage drawers or play area. Another bed can also be placed at the bottom of the loft bed. Of course, you’d have to get another bed frame and mattress.

You may think that dollhouse bunk beds are just places for sleeping, but there are also units with additional features, making the lives of your girls easier and more fun. These are just some of your options:

  • Storage drawers - Dollhouse bunk beds almost always come with drawers. They are either installed as part of the bed box or underneath the bottom bunk.
  • Dressers and chests - Dollhouse bunk beds can also come with dressers and chests that aren’t attached to the bunk beds. Now there’s no reason for your girls to have a messy room!

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