Low Bunk Beds

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If traditional bunk beds are too high, maybe a lower version is the answer. Some kids are afraid of the heights many bunk beds extend to. Some have trouble climbing down from those heights for a drink of water or bathroom trip during the night. These low bunk beds eliminate those worries, giving your children a fun place to sleep, and the comfort of removing their concerns.

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Small bunk bed in oak

Small bunk bed in oak

Bunk bed made of high quality oak wood. Includes railings and ladder for added safety. Perfect solution for each kid's room according to taste and need.

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Dallan Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Black

Dallan Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Black

This wonderfully-crafted twin bunk bed offers a comfortable rest for 3 people. Its classic styling hides durable, solid wood and excellent craftsmanship. It is easy to assemble and has the size of 83.12"L x 58.75"W x 67.5"H.

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Twin Low Loft Bed

Twin Low Loft Bed

Cushty classic loft bed for younger kids. A low-profiled wooden frame has a white finish. It has straight square posts, arched vertically slatted both a footboard and a headboard, horizontal rails. An aslant ladder has wide rungs grooved for safety.

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Junior Low Loft Bed

Junior Low Loft Bed

It is a junior low loft bed that is perfect solution for small spaces. You can choose one of two colors: silver metal and black metal. This bed is perfect for your kids room. They will be impressed how amazing this bed is.

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Low bunk beds 5

Low bunk beds

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Low bunk bed

This low bunk bed is an interesting example of modern design. Ideally fits in every tiny space, being at the same time very functional. Featuring classic stairs instead of ladder ones, it constitutes a fully safe construction.

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Low bunk beds

A space-saving bunk bed for children's rooms, which comes with a corner design, and sturdy white-finished wood craftsmanship. The top bunk is secured by railings and integrated with a stylish ladder for easy access.

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Low bunk bed

Loft bed designed for kids. It is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Provides space saving in each kid's room as needed. Simple form and functional design.

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Low twin bunk beds
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Lower bunk beds 1

IKEA's bunk bed resembles all characteristic Scandinavian features - simplicity, solidness and functionality. A very simple, austere construction, covered in vibrant red, easy to assembly, will fit into every kind of decor.

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Low Bunk Beds

Buying Guide

Bunk beds are synonymous with childhood. They are often the first independent bed for warring siblings. They are cozy, comfortable and a whole lot of fun. More importantly, they are a practical choice for a multi-child household living in a small apartment or home. There’s one problem though.

What are the drawbacks of bunk beds?

Despite all the safety regulations, almost 36000 bunk bed-related injuries occur each year in the United States alone. That’s enough to cause nightmares to any parent. What if the child slips or falls from the height of a conventional bunk bed? How high should the upper bunk be? There can be a lot of niggling doubts with unclear answers.

What are the benefits of low bunk beds?

Low bunk beds are the solution to the bunk bed safety problem. These beds club the space-saving design with low-height bunks that make it perfectly safe for kids of all ages. Why there are low bunk beds for toddlers too. If this is the first time that you are venturing into this neck of the woods, then here’s some help to get you going.

Undoubtedly, the height of the top bunk is the most concerning aspect of a regular bunk bed. So select a low bunk bed with a maximum upper bunk height of 48” or less, if you have kids aged 6-10.

That’s a reasonably safe height and most children above the age of 6 should be able to easily make their way in and out of the bunk without a potential misstep. Low bunk beds for older kids, on the other hand, can be up to 65” tall.

What are the available designs of low bunk beds?

Low bunk beds are normally designed with the safety of the child in mind. So, you might find the designs a little limited in terms of additional features, like an integrated work desk or a dedicated play area, which are options that you can choose in a normal-sized one.

Having said that, you can still pick bunks with integrated storage for the bed linen or for your child’s bedtime story books. Some low bunk beds can be separated and used as two standalone beds when your children are old enough to have their own bed.

What are the safety considerations for low bunk beds?

Low bunk beds might be considered safer than normal-sized ones. But the basic safety rules still apply during selection.

  • A staircase attached to the footboard is always a safer option as compared to a ladder attached directly to the bed. Besides staircases can have integrated storage drawers. However, bunks with a staircase usually have a larger footprint.
  • If there’s not enough space for one, then look for bunks with an angled ladder. It must include a safety rail. Or even better, two safety rails.
  • A bunk with a ladder attached flush is the most compact one of the lot. But there’s always the risk of the child slipping.
  • A nightlight illuminating the stairs at night is a good safety feature that allows kids to easily ascend and descend the bed if need be.
  • The upper bunk must have guardrails irrespective of how high or low it is above the ground. The rails must be at least 6 inches above the surface of the mattress and the gaps in the rails must be less than 3.5 inches.

Are low bunk beds difficult to assemble?

Most bunk beds will need to be assembled at home. The difficulty in assembly will vary greatly depending on the design that you choose. A bunk bed with storage, for example, will have a more cumbersome and time-consuming assembly process than a bunk bed without storage. Read the instructions carefully, gather all the parts and tools needed and have a friend or your partner help you with the assembly.

Best Ideas

Low profile bunk beds

A simple compact traditional bunk bed (with an upright ladder) for small rooms. It has a rectilinear frame of brown-finished wooden materials. Beds have straight horizontal headboards, footboards and side rails.

Small bunk bed

A great bunk bed ideal for a boys' bedroom. It's made of solid wood in a warm color. It's quite low, but you can pull the bottom bed forward. It features simple stairs that are adapted as extra storage space due to drawers.

Bunk beds low height

Just when you thought most of the coolest bedroom furniture for kids was everywhere but here in Australia, think again! This awesome low bunk bed is as close as your nearest Domayne store! Domayne is selling this uber cool My Place Single Bunk bed and

Imagine low loft bed

// beautiful girls room. would exchange purple for coral pink.

Cool bunk beds sleek kids bedroom with modern murphy bed

COOL BUNK BEDS: sleek kids #bedroom with #modern murphy bed. Perfect small living spaces!

Low bunk beds 1

Bower Steel Bunk Bed, Remodelista from room and board...low and flexible sleeping

Low bunk beds

Low bunk bed with slide is no small treat for a toddler. The beautiful wooden construction is robust and will work well in the children's room. Practical steps, drawers for bed linen and two comfortable beds make up a great unit.

Low bunk beds 1

A beautiful set of bunk beds for girly rooms, which oozes with feminine accents - offering a beautiful blend of white and pink. The bed is wood-made, including slat headboards and footboards, a built-in ladder, and sturdy railings on the top bunk.

Low bunk beds 4

low bunk beds

Bunk beds low ceiling

Day bed, storage, nook - this would be perfect for our playroom we are planning for the basement

Low level bunk beds

was searching for bunk beds for my girls when i came across these. liked them so much i had to share. wish my girls liked baseball!

Low loft

Low Loft

Wood bunk bed kids rooms with double loft beds 1

Wood Bunk Bed Kids Rooms with Double Loft Beds

Low bunk 1

I want to make the Kura bed we have more neutral... love some of these ideas!