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A throwback of a bygone era but seems to be making a resurgence, wooden rocking horses are a staple in every household in the 50s. They have since then been reimagined in plastic, so children don't end up with splinters. But some wood rocking horses still exists, and we have them in this collection. Give your young child a fun thing to do for hours. See collection for more.

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Hand Painted Wooden Rocking Horse

Hand Painted Wooden Rocking Horse

A hand-painted wooden rocking horse, which makes for a great addition to a children’s playroom. The horse is made out of solid wood with a green and white coat of paint and is fitted with strands of material to resemble hair.

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Princess & Frog Rocking Horse

Princess & Frog Rocking Horse

It is a pretty rocking horse that is a perfect toy for your little princess. It adds so much fun to your kids room. It has be used in indoor and outdoor area. Your kids will be impressed how great this product is.

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Ebay listing antique old wooden horse swing 50s 60s


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Rocking horse wooden 5

The beautifully made and very realistic rocking horse is a great way to make an original gift for a child. Robust construction and fascinating details of the finish are captivating, creating a unique whole.

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Vintage rocking horse

What a stunning retro centerpiece! This vintage rocking horse has a genuine hand-crafted feel to it. Naturally aged gray finish emphasizes its traditional appearance even more. Very charming indoor accessory.

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Horse paintings on wood

Rocking horse was probably a dream of everyone.Here,little hardware rocking horse is in white,thanks to milk paint and natural wood color.A little bit shabby. Before the restoration it was a simply wooden, raw horse, but now it's a great white home decoration.

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Rocking horse wooden

A wooden rocking horse is every kid's dream, which is handmade and painted on many colors. This product will be perfect as an addition to the porch or kids room. Everyone will be delighted how cool it looks in your home.

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1984 wood carved rocking horse

Being a real bargain for the fans of vintage or retro design, this large wooden rocking horse evokes memories of our childhood. Maintained in very good condition, it can serve for the future generations.

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Antique rocking horse restoration

antique white/grey horse

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Old style rocking horse

Buy The Little White Company > Toys > Wooden Rocking Horse from The White Company

Hand carved rocking horses

free images to make wood horses | The Rocking Horse Resource - Rocking Horse Home

Antique wooden horse

This large wooden rocking horse will evoke you the best charming memories from your childhood. Beautifully-crafted, this wooden masterpiece will enchant you with its detailed finish. Features a saddle, which corresponds well to the wooden horse body.

Antique wooden rocking horse

Original design in the house. This rocking horse features a durable wooden construction that provides safety and support. It looks very attractive among many different decorations and elements of home equipment.

Antique wooden horse

antique wooden horse . . .

Carved wooden rocking horse

A rocking horse is an incredible toy, which is always trendy and children love it! This version of this element is unique because it looks very realistic - it has beautiful white mane made of real hair and leather saddle.

Wooden horse rocking chair

The Cottage Market: Country French Kitchens A charming collection

Antique rocking horse value

This pair of large wooden horses will become an eye-catching accent, wherever appearing. Resembling the thoroughbred Arabs, they will impress with their detailed crafting.

Rocking horse wooden 2

Created in the 1880's, this rocking horse boasts of unique design and weathered silhouette. Hand-crafted of sturdy wood, the horse moves on three large wheels, and has a pair of convenient handles mounted on his head.

Wooden rocking horse 7

Wooden Rocking Horse

Decorative rocking horse

folk art horse. would make a nice piece of decorative art for an end table or coffee table. i like.

Antique wooden horse tricycle


A rocking horse can take a child to places only

A rocking horse can take a child to places only s/he can imagine, a magical land beyond our world. I had always wanted one.

Wood carved rocking horse

This unusual and very stylish polar end is a Georgian design and beautiful craft. The whole is phenomenal, and the attention to detail impresses. Wheels and performance components blend exceptionally well.