Moon Chairs

Smaller and portable, but still super comfortable, these moon chairs resemble papasans, only smaller. They easily fold away when not in use, they come in a myriad of colors, and the cushions are machine washable, so if there is an accidental spill, it is not the end of the world. Take a look at all the fun options in this extensive collection. You won't be disappointed.

Best Products

Three Cheers For Girls%21 Crushed Velvet 2 In 1 Double Stuffed Moon Chair

Three Cheers For Girls%21 Crushed Velvet 2 In 1 Double Stuffed Moon Chair
The shape of the chair is a full moon, but it has a color of a blue sunny sky. That's round chair with metal frame, with blue crushed velvet upholstery. . Kids will love the soft poodle blue material.

Oversized Folding Moon Chair, Multiple Colors, Large, Round (Black)

Foldable frame in grey powder coating makes this moon chair easy to store and to maintain, while the oversized round seating provides desirable comfort. The cushioning is available in a wide choice of fabric colours.

Moon chairs

This wonderfully made moon chair is a super big combination of comfortable seat and solid steel base. The whole is durable, comfortable and pleasant to use. Interestingly covered seat is incredibly stylish and perfect for contemporary interiors.

Moon chairs for adults

This extra large moon chair will become your new favourite choice for afternoon relax. Well-profiled silhouette and soft-in-touch, button tufted, green upholstery makes it a really comfy leisure spot.

Black Faux Fur Saucer Chair Features Sturdy, Aluminum Construction & Soft Faux Fur Upholstery. Folds Up Easily To Store. Lounge, Study, Read, Watch TV On This Convenient, Space-Saving, Folding Chair - The Perfect, Stylish, Convenient Addition To Your Home

This folding chair has a lightweight yet durable frame made of aluminium and can be fold flat to easy storage with saving space. It features huge, very comfortable cushion in round shape, covered with black faux fur.

Moon chairs 1

This simple soucer chair can be used both indoors and outdoors. The frame is black while the seat is made of green, soft material. The chair is foldable so you can easily move it around your house or garden.

Folding saucer chair

Ideal for camping or any other outdoor activities, this collection of moon chairs, available in various colour constitutes, will delight you with its functionality and durability. Easy in folding, based on an aluminium chassis.

Our advice Buying Guide

Moon chairs are stylish seating options that come with rounded seats, which are suspended on metal legs. This type of chair’s seat curves inward, giving it a half moon silhouette; thus, it’s given the name, “the moon chair.”

What are the advantages of moon chairs?

If you’re wondering why moon chairs are gaining in popularity these days, it is because they are incredibly comfortable to sit on despite the fact that they don’t have ample support at the center part of the chairs. They're comfortable because they support the user’s entire head and back similar to how Lazy-Boy chairs are comfortable.

A moon chair is something that’s worth investing into if you are looking for a seating solution that can be used indoors and outdoors while providing your lumbar spine with maximum support and comfort. One that has quality construction will ensure your hours of blissful lounging. Leading manufacturers of moon chairs produce compact versions that aren’t just portable, but also durable with their sturdy and stable framework.

What's the average weight capacity of moon chairs?

The chairs meant for adult use are strong enough to carry a user that’s over 200 pounds. Although this would be more than enough for most adults, more and more people weigh no less than 200 lbs. these days, so it pays to be wary of getting the right chair size and weight capacity.

The standard moon chair can’t hold a lot of weight because its frame is attached to its sides instead of the middle part of the chair. Moon chairs come in different sizes, so you need to check the weight or size of the person who’ll be using the chair you plan on buying.

What different designs of moon chairs are there?

For grownups, you’ll have lots of great moon chair options. They come in different colors, so you can simply pick out your favorite color. If you want a moon chair that can fit or match your home interiors, your safe options would be black and brown. To brighten up the space where the chair will be placed (temporarily or permanently), choose red, yellow or blue.

Moon chairs are not just for adults. You'll be able to find lots of units designed to be used by kids! They even have popular designs on the chair seats like cartoon characters, Disney princesses, and superheroes. If you want your child to have a seating solution that it can take anywhere, you’ll love a moon chair as it can be taken to the beach, to your camping site, or your living room where the kid watches its favorite show!

What's the average cost of moon chairs?

What’s great about moon chairs is that they’re so affordable. They're even 10 times cheaper than Lazy-Boy chairs. Cheap ones are under $50 and better models cost more or less $100 each. You'll get an even better quality if you splurge.

Now that you know the important aspects to consider when getting a moon chair, go ahead and shop for one today!


Mac Sports Extra Large Moon Chair

This element is a high quality and extra comfortable chair that has got a durable folding metal frame for enhanced mobility and space-saving design. The size of this element is 37.8"L x 44.8"W x 37.8"H.

Moon chair orange shag rug

Moon Chair · Orange Shag Rug

Large moon chair ruby red

Large Moon Chair, Ruby Red

Clearance extra large moon chair in black corduroy

CLEARANCE: Extra Large Moon Chair in Black Corduroy

Moon chair 2

A unique patio chaise lounge chair delightfully designed in a moon shape to create a focal point in your patio or garden. It’s made of light plastic resin woven material balanced on elegant metallic legs. The chair is equipped with a thick comfortable mattress.

Large Polysuede Moon Chair - Purple

This contemporary moon chair with soft, wide seat, is designed for smooth, effortless lounging. It is made from sturdy foldable steel frame and 100 percent polyester upholstery in bright color. Weight capacity: 225 lbs.

Mac at home junior moon chair blue poodle

Mac At Home Junior Moon Chair, Blue Poodle

Medium Moon Chair in Deluxe Blue Fur

This piece of furniture is a product that features a durable metal frame with a folding function. The chair has got a blue fur seat that assures comfort and relaxation to any user. The frame holds up to 225 lbs.

Black moon chair umcknzd

Black Moon Chair Umcknzd

Moon chair 11

Moon Chair

Oversized moon chair

Retro Futuristic Moon Chair from Funky Furniture

Extra large moon chair 1

Catching the attention with its characteristic moon shape and vibrant pink cushioning, this round rattan chair will be a beautiful accent both indoors and outdoors.

Large moon chair ruby red 1

Large Moon Chair, Ruby Red

Purple Saucer Chair Features Sturdy, Aluminum Construction & Soft Faux Fur Upholstery. Folds Up Easily To Store. Lounge, Study, Read, Watch TV On This Convenient, Space-Saving, Folding Chair - The Perfect, Stylish, Convenient Addition To Your Home!

This folding chair is practical piece of furniture and can be fold flat for easy storage. It features large, round shaped seat cushion, thick padded and covered with sleek and soft faux fur. Black lightweight frame is made of aluminium .

Extra large mac sports moon chair in black microfiber

Extra Large MAC Sports Moon Chair in Black Microfiber

Cabelas moon chair cabelas 39 kids camp chair

Cabelas Moon Chair : Cabelas $39 kids camp chair

Large Polysuede Moon Chair - Dark Blue

This contemporary moon chair with soft, wide seat, is designed for smooth, effortless lounging. It is made from sturdy foldable steel frame and versatile 100 percent polyester upholstery. Weight capacity: 225 lbs.

Eco smart corduroy moon chair by mac at home

Eco-smart Corduroy Moon Chair By Mac at Home

Moon chair 32

The man of the moon - not only Andy Kaufman - but also your little child. Create a cozy space for the smaller one at home, with this wooden, playful moon chair. This cradle was made of natural pine wood in a shape of half moon. Sweet dreams!

Oversize Folding Padded Moon Chair Red

Large Polysuede Moon Chair - Black

If you wish to travel to the moon, you may want to check first this comfortable moon chair with a seat cushion. The tubular frame is made of steel, and can be easily folded for storage. The seat cushion is tufted, padded, and covered in black microsuede.

Oversize Folding Black Moon Chair

The oversize folding back moon chair is excellent for indoor spaces and outdoor activities. The black color fits perfectly to any style and decor. It adds comfort to any home.

Moon chairs for kids

Moon Chairs for Kids

Folding moon chair

Why not go for this exceptionally comfortable moon chair that offers the classic design packed with traditional appeal to it and a truly sturdy, durable structure that will keep you relaxed and your frame well supported.

The moon chair

The Moon Chair

Plush Padded Folding Moon Saucer Chair for Kids and Adults. Large, Round, Faux Fur, Multiple Colors (Rainbow)

This kind of product is a saucer chair that features a durable metal frame. This is a folding chair that assures a comfortable handling and a space-saving storage. Its sitting space is large enough for adult users.

Plush Padded Folding Moon Saucer Chair for Kids and Adults. Large, Round, Multiple Colors (Neutral)

Large saucer chair with plush padding. It folds, of course. Its size makes it appropriate for kids and adults. The padding - here with striped pattern - is available in other colors and prints. Just great!

Childrens bucket moon chair garden camping indoor outdoor furniture

Childrens Bucket Moon Chair Garden Camping Indoor Outdoor Furniture ...

Purple moon chair

Moon chair with rich purple cushion. A bit brighter than a classic eggplant violet, but still the richness of this tone delivers a bold colour accent. Classic metal frame, powder coated in black, folds down, as expected.

Large moon chair

Classic moon chair for adults. Moon chairs = reinvented version of saucer chair, and they're all time favourites thanks to comfortable round seat and particularly lightweight frame. Besides, they fold down - storage is a breeze.

Disney Minnie Mouse 23" Saucer Chair

This kind of chair is created for young girls. It has got a very attractive Minnie Mouse pattern on its surface. The frame of this chair is durable and foldable so it is a product that assures a space-saving storage and an easy transportation.

Comfort Padded Moon Chair - Downtown Gray

It is a very comfortable padded moon chair that has got a downtown grey finish. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and it adds comfort and style to any home. You will be impressed how cool this chair is.

Comfy Corduroy Moon Chair - Black

This piece of furniture is a black chair that features a very original seat construction. This comfortable seat is supported by a durable metal frame. It is a folding construction that saves plenty of storage space.

New Large Folding Moon Chair Saucer Padded Comfort Lounge Bedroom Garden Furniture Seat Opt

This saucer chair is of course a classic camping chair design, but when placed indoors, it gets a new meaning. In fact, its black seat and folding matt base blends with this romantic interior surprisingly well.

Microplush Folding Saucer Chair, Zebra Print

It is a folding chair that has got a fantastic zebra upholstery and strong metal frame. It is great for indoor and outdoor activities. You will be impressed how comfortable this folding chair is.

Purple saucer chair

Crescent Moon Chair

Disney Frozen Saucer Chair

This type of chair is a piece of furniture created for small girls. It has got a disney pattern on its sitting surface. This saucer chair has got a foldable frame for easy storage and transportation. This frame is made of solid steel.

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Moon chair 1

Moon Chair

Cheetah moon chair

Cheetah Moon Chair.

Moon chair 21

Moon Chair

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 23" Saucer Chair

It is a saucer chair that has got a Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Your kids will be impressed how comfortable and amazing this saucer chair is.

Eurohike deluxe moon chair

Eurohike Deluxe Moon Chair