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A moon chair also called a Papasan chair, adds a relaxed, casual atmosphere to any space. It’s ideal for creating a cozy reading nook or a laid-back outdoor area for spending time with friends. Moon chairs have been gaining popularity since the early ‘60s, but their adaptability and attractive lines make them a popular addition to many modern homes. Discover the best moon chairs to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere in your room.

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Updated 04/08/2023
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Wicker Tripod Chairs for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Wicker Tripod Chairs for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Hashtag Home

Perfect For: Adding stylish seating to any indoor or outdoor area

What We Like: Mildew and water-resistant materials

Embrace fashion-forward flair with this pair of on-trend and budget-friendly wicker tripod chairs. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, each chair features a circular metal frame and wicker cords, providing support as you unwind in its slightly reclined seat. Designed with mildew and water-resistant materials, these chairs ensure durability and easy maintenance. The protective floor glides on the tripod base make it safe for any flooring surface.


Designer Advice:

Enhance your relaxation experience with cozy cushions that match your decor, and consider placing these chairs near a side table for added convenience.

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Boho Chic Rattan Lounge Chair

Boho Chic Rattan Lounge Chair

Longshore Tides

Perfect For: Cozy and stylish relaxation spots

What We Like: Plush cushion and versatile off-white fabric

This Boho chic rattan lounge chair provides a soft, plush cushion for hours of relaxing bliss, which is enveloped in a versatile off-white fabric cover, making it easy to incorporate into any room's color scheme. The rattan frame adds a touch of Bohemian flair and effortlessly complements various interior styles, whether placed in a living room or a reading nook. Lounge to your heart's content in both comfort and style.

Designer Advice:

Pair it with a faux fur throw and a small accent side table to create the ultimate cozy corner to read, unwind, or simply take a break from the day's activities.

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Boho Style Extra Large Moon Chair

Boho Style Extra Large Moon Chair

Dakota Fields

What we like: 360° swivel action

What we don’t like: Full assembly takes time

Perfect for: A screened porch

Not so good for: Tight spaces

Your room will feel more relaxing with this oversized moon chair. This chair's metal-wrapped, resin-wicker base is sturdy enough to support a 200-lb. weight capacity, and the swivel action makes conversation easy.

The removable, tufted cushion is made from 100% polyester for effortless cleanup, and it’s held in place with tie straps for added security. This is the perfect Papasan for a dorm room away from home or to add a touch of comfort to a dressing room.

$209.99 $450

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Extra Large Double Moon Chair

Extra Large Double Moon Chair

Bay Isle Home™

What we like: Large enough for two people

What we don’t like: Dark stained frame won’t match all decor

Perfect for: A breakfast nook or sitting room

Not so good for: Small tight spaces

Add a touch of island elegance to your home with this beautiful extra large moon chair built for two. The solid twill, thick polyester cushion is not only removable, but it’s also reversible as well. Rich dark-stained rattan lets this Papasan add a dignified and laid-back feel to your room.

This double-moon chair is big enough to take a nap on while in your home office or allow you to cozy up with a loved one to watch a movie. The curved contours and soft cushions are super comfortable and would also be a great addition to any family room as an extra loveseat.

$549.99 $609.99

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Cozy Wide Accent Chair

Cozy Wide Accent Chair


Perfect For: Enhancing comfort and style in small living spaces

What We Like: The spacious design and bold pop of color

Experience comfort and contemporary flair with this cozy wide accent chair, featuring 100 percent polyester fabric and a sturdy steel frame. Ideal for dorm rooms, apartments, or bedrooms, it offers a generous space for relaxation, studying, or watching TV after a long day. Easy to transport and store, it's a must-have piece for any living room, den, or entertainment area that needs extra seating without sacrificing style.


Designer Advice:

Pair this trendy chair with a plush throw blanket and a variety of colorful decorative pillows to further emphasize its inviting appeal and to create an ultimate lounging zone in your living space.

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Rattan Rocking Moon Chair

Rattan Rocking Moon Chair

International Caravan

What we like: Rocking action and super comfortable cushion

What we don’t like: Small base may tip if too much rocking movement is used

Perfect for: Reading nooks and personal spaces

Not so good for: Formal, contemporary styles

Sit back, open a good book, and read the day away in this ultra-comfy, tufted cushion swivel Papasan chair. The round wicker arms will hold you in absolute comfort while the rich, dark-stained frame lets you rock away the day.

Easy assembly means this moon chair is a no-pressure fit for a relaxed, casual bedroom or sitting room. The rocking and swivel functions of the chair make it a perfect addition to places you’ll need to spend lots of time, like your newborn’s nursery.

$267.93 $374.99

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Papasan Folding Chair with Soft Microfiber Cushion

Papasan Folding Chair with Soft Microfiber Cushion


Perfect For: Cozy studying, snoozing, or TV watching sessions

What We Like: Lightweight design and foldability for easy storage

Upgrade your relaxation experience with this Papasan folding chair, featuring a plush tufted microfiber cushion add texture and comfort to its inviting silhouette. The chair's sturdy, X-shaped tubular metal frame offers ample support, while the extra-thick cushion ensures the ultimate in coziness. Ideal for dorm rooms or small living spaces, this lightweight chair can be effortlessly folded and stored away when not in use. No assembly is required, so you can enjoy it right away.


Designer Advice:

To create a personalized relaxation spot, layer the Papasan chair with cozy throws and accent pillows that complement your room's decor.

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Papasan Gray Chair with Cushion

Papasan Gray Chair with Cushion

George Oliver

Perfect For: Adding comfort and style to any living space

What We Like: The cozy tufted seat cushion with velvet-look upholstery

Elevate your home with this Papasan gray modern chair featuring a sturdy steel frame and faux wicker accents. The chair boasts a soft 4.5" thick tufted seat cushion covered in rich velvet-look upholstery for ultimate comfort. Designed for one adult, the chair bowl securely attaches to the base, ensuring stability. The 100% polyester cushion cover is hand-washable and easy to maintain, making it a stylish and functional seating option for any room.

Designer Advice:

Complement the Papasan chair with plush throw pillows and a cozy blanket to create a perfect reading nook or relaxation spot in your living room, bedroom, or sunroom.

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Woven Rattan Rocker with Plush Cushion

Woven Rattan Rocker with Plush Cushion

Bay Isle Home™

Perfect For: Boho-inspired relaxation spots in any room

What We Like: Enhanced comfort from cushioned design and rocking motion

Indulge yourself in luxurious relaxation with this woven rattan rocker, designed to elevate the wow factor in any space. The plush poly-fill cushion features a channel pocket stitching in a durable 100% polyester fabric, ensuring you'll be cocooned in comfort. Enjoy the smooth ball-bearing swivel action and soothing rocking motion while shedding away your stress, and embrace the natural Boho charm it adds to your home. This versatile rocker is perfect for movie nights, leisurely reading, or simply kicking back after a tiring day.

Designer Advice:

Place the rattan rocker in a cozy corner of your living room or bedroom, and pair it with a soft throw blanket and plush pillows in earthy or natural tones to fully embrace the Boho vibe.

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Foldable Velvet Papasan Chair

Foldable Velvet Papasan Chair

Wade Logan®

What we like: Folding capacity makes for easy storage

What we don’t like: No color options for metal legs

Perfect for: Extra seating for small spaces

Not so good for: Sophisticated, upscale designs

You’ll never have trouble finding places for your guests to sit when you can pull out a foldable moon chair. Crafted with a metal cross-frame for a 330-lb. weight capacity and equipped with anti-skid rubber for safety, this sturdy stand-by will be your go-to for extra seating.

This foldable moon chair is just over 30” wide, making it the perfect fit for a small space. The luxe velvet fabric on the cushion gives it a contemporary look that many classic Papasan models don’t have, perfect for a teen’s room or a Florida room.

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Velvet Upholstered Rocking Chair with Gold Iron Rockers

Velvet Upholstered Rocking Chair with Gold Iron Rockers


Perfect For: Adding a touch of luxury and relaxation to any living space

What We Like: The lavish velvet upholstery and sleek design

This rocking chair boasts clean lines and lavish velvet upholstery that instantly elevates any room. The barrel-shaped seat with a keyhole back is both stylish and comfortable, supported by eye-catching gold iron rockers. Ideal for sinking into after a long day, this fabulous chair provides an unmatched sense of relaxation and class.


Designer Advice:

Pair this rocking chair with a cozy throw blanket and a plush decorative pillow to create a warm and inviting seating area, perfect for unwinding with a good book or enjoying a cup of tea.

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Wicker Rattan Side Chair with Removable Cushion

Wicker Rattan Side Chair with Removable Cushion

Dakota Fields

Perfect For: Enhancing small spaces with style and versatility

What We Like: Curved, open silhouette for a breezy feel

Elevate your interior design with this wicker rattan side chair, featuring a solid neutral finish that complements any color scheme. The chair's curved, open silhouette offers a breezy feel, while its recessed arms add a touch of sophistication. Its removable cushion provides extra comfort and simplifies maintenance, making it a versatile addition to living rooms, bedrooms, or cozy reading nooks.


Designer Advice:

Pair this side chair with a throw pillow in a vibrant hue or a patterned rug to create a cozy corner that reflects your personality.

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Contemporary Dining Chair with Upholstered Seat

Contemporary Dining Chair with Upholstered Seat


Perfect For: Refined dining room spaces and commercial use

What We Like: Comfortable and flexible seating with stylish wooden legs

Elevate your dining experience with this contemporary dining chair, featuring a comfortable upholstered seat and backrest on wooden dowel legs with a chic walnut finish. The chair's steel structure and "S" shape springs ensure extra flexibility and strength, while the seat is covered in a removable zipper-enclosed slipcover available in leather, PPM, leatherette, or wool fabric. With a variety of color options on special order, make a statement in both residential and commercial environments.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with a modern dining table with clean lines and harmonizing wood tones for a seamless and tasteful dining area.

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Radiant Illuminated Accent Chair

Radiant Illuminated Accent Chair

Everly Quinn

Perfect For: Adding a bold statement to any living room

What We Like: Luxurious wood craftsmanship and generously upholstered cushions

This radiant illuminated accent chair elevates any living room's atmosphere with its dramatic and bold design. The eye-catching illumination highlights the chair's luxurious wood craftsmanship, while its generously upholstered chic cushions provide optimal comfort. Suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors, this chair offers a unique and unforgettable addition to your living space.


Designer Advice:

Pair this accent chair with a luxurious area rug and metallic accents for a cohesive and sophisticated look that complements its radiant and opulent design.

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Faux Leather Swivel Moon Chair

Faux Leather Swivel Moon Chair


What we like: Sophisticated, leather-like upholstery

What we don’t like: Limited color options

Perfect for: Blending into your current decor

Not so good for: Relaxed, casual styles

Bohemian luxury meets contemporary class in this luxuriously comfortable leather-style, oversized moon chair. The button-tufted back and polyester foam cushion cradles you in a sophisticated, modern style. Solid wooden, walnut-finished legs add plenty of support with elegant curves to the floor.

This moon chair features water-resistant fabric durable enough for everyday use and web suspension seats for added comfort. This moon chair makes a lovely addition to any dining room or looks great as a desk chair in your home office.

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Slimline Papasan Accent Chair

Slimline Papasan Accent Chair

Everly Quinn

What we like: Contemporary, sophisticated look

What we don’t like: Limited color options

Perfect for: Adding stylish accent seating to a living room

Not so good for: Outdoor use

Featuring an ultra-modern and chic frame with a unique bowl design with padded, soft velvet, this modern moon chair can blend easily with multiple decor styles, from Hollywood regency to minimalist Scandinavian.

Perfect for upgrading an area, this sleek, modern-looking Papasan can transform a room’s tired decor into contemporary in a flash. The slim size of these chairs makes them perfect for tucking into a corner or using them at the kitchen table.

$142.99 $148.99

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Moon Chairs

Buying Guide

Moon chairs are stylish seating options that come with rounded seats, which are suspended on metal legs. This type of chair’s seat curves inward, giving it a half moon silhouette; thus, it’s given the name, “the moon chair.”

If you’re wondering why moon chairs are gaining in popularity these days, it is because they are incredibly comfortable to sit on despite the fact that they don’t have ample support at the center part of the chairs. They're comfortable because they support the user’s entire head and back similar to how Lazy-Boy chairs are comfortable.

A moon chair is something that’s worth investing into if you are looking for a seating solution that can be used indoors and outdoors while providing your lumbar spine with maximum support and comfort. One that has quality construction will ensure your hours of blissful lounging. Leading manufacturers of moon chairs produce compact versions that aren’t just portable, but also durable with their sturdy and stable framework.

The chairs meant for adult use are strong enough to carry a user that’s over 200 pounds. Although this would be more than enough for most adults, more and more people weigh no less than 200 lbs. these days, so it pays to be wary of getting the right chair size and weight capacity.

The standard moon chair can’t hold a lot of weight because its frame is attached to its sides instead of the middle part of the chair. Moon chairs come in different sizes, so you need to check the weight or size of the person who’ll be using the chair you plan on buying.

For grownups, you’ll have lots of great moon chair options. They come in different colors, so you can simply pick out your favorite color. If you want a moon chair that can fit or match your home interiors, your safe options would be black and brown. To brighten up the space where the chair will be placed (temporarily or permanently), choose red, yellow or blue.

Moon chairs are not just for adults. You'll be able to find lots of units designed to be used by kids! They even have popular designs on the chair seats like cartoon characters, Disney princesses, and superheroes. If you want your child to have a seating solution that it can take anywhere, you’ll love a moon chair as it can be taken to the beach, to your camping site, or your living room where the kid watches its favorite show!

What’s great about moon chairs is that they’re so affordable. They're even 10 times cheaper than Lazy-Boy chairs. Cheap ones are under $50 and better models cost more or less $100 each. You'll get an even better quality if you splurge.

Now that you know the important aspects to consider when getting a moon chair, go ahead and shop for one today!

Best Ideas

Moon chair 2

A unique patio chaise lounge chair delightfully designed in a moon shape to create a focal point in your patio or garden. It’s made of light plastic resin woven material balanced on elegant metallic legs. The chair is equipped with a thick comfortable mattress.

Moon chairs for adults

This extra large moon chair will become your new favourite choice for afternoon relax. Well-profiled silhouette and soft-in-touch, button tufted, green upholstery makes it a really comfy leisure spot.

Large moon chair ruby red

Large Moon Chair, Ruby Red

Extra large moon chair 1

Catching the attention with its characteristic moon shape and vibrant pink cushioning, this round rattan chair will be a beautiful accent both indoors and outdoors.

Oversized moon chair

Retro Futuristic Moon Chair from Funky Furniture

Moon chairs

This wonderfully made moon chair is a super big combination of comfortable seat and solid steel base. The whole is durable, comfortable and pleasant to use. Interestingly covered seat is incredibly stylish and perfect for contemporary interiors.

Oversized Folding Moon Chair, Multiple Colors, Large, Round (Black)

Foldable frame in grey powder coating makes this moon chair easy to store and to maintain, while the oversized round seating provides desirable comfort. The cushioning is available in a wide choice of fabric colours.

Eco smart corduroy moon chair by mac at home

Eco-smart Corduroy Moon Chair By Mac at Home

Mac at home junior moon chair blue poodle

Mac At Home Junior Moon Chair, Blue Poodle

Three Cheers For Girls%21 Crushed Velvet 2 In 1 Double Stuffed Moon Chair

Three Cheers For Girls%21 Crushed Velvet 2 In 1 Double Stuffed Moon Chair

The shape of the chair is a full moon, but it has a color of a blue sunny sky. That's round chair with metal frame, with blue crushed velvet upholstery. . Kids will love the soft poodle blue material.

Black Faux Fur Saucer Chair Features Sturdy, Aluminum Construction & Soft Faux Fur Upholstery. Folds Up Easily To Store. Lounge, Study, Read, Watch TV On This Convenient, Space-Saving, Folding Chair - The Perfect, Stylish, Convenient Addition To Your Home

This folding chair has a lightweight yet durable frame made of aluminium and can be fold flat to easy storage with saving space. It features huge, very comfortable cushion in round shape, covered with black faux fur.

Moon chairs 1

This simple soucer chair can be used both indoors and outdoors. The frame is black while the seat is made of green, soft material. The chair is foldable so you can easily move it around your house or garden.

Medium Moon Chair in Deluxe Blue Fur

This piece of furniture is a product that features a durable metal frame with a folding function. The chair has got a blue fur seat that assures comfort and relaxation to any user. The frame holds up to 225 lbs.

Black moon chair umcknzd

Black Moon Chair Umcknzd

Cabelas moon chair cabelas 39 kids camp chair

Cabelas Moon Chair : Cabelas $39 kids camp chair

Large Polysuede Moon Chair - Dark Blue

This contemporary moon chair with soft, wide seat, is designed for smooth, effortless lounging. It is made from sturdy foldable steel frame and versatile 100 percent polyester upholstery. Weight capacity: 225 lbs.

Plush Padded Folding Moon Saucer Chair for Kids and Adults. Large, Round, Faux Fur, Multiple Colors (Rainbow)

This kind of product is a saucer chair that features a durable metal frame. This is a folding chair that assures a comfortable handling and a space-saving storage. Its sitting space is large enough for adult users.

Plush Padded Folding Moon Saucer Chair for Kids and Adults. Large, Round, Multiple Colors (Neutral)

Large saucer chair with plush padding. It folds, of course. Its size makes it appropriate for kids and adults. The padding - here with striped pattern - is available in other colors and prints. Just great!

New Large Folding Moon Chair Saucer Padded Comfort Lounge Bedroom Garden Furniture Seat Opt

This saucer chair is of course a classic camping chair design, but when placed indoors, it gets a new meaning. In fact, its black seat and folding matt base blends with this romantic interior surprisingly well.

Cheetah moon chair

Cheetah Moon Chair.

Luxury designer moon lounge chair italian designer

Luxury Designer Moon Lounge Chair - Italian Designer ...

String moon chair garden furniture b m 1

String Moon Chair | Garden Furniture - B&M

Oversized saucer moon chair kids pets seat soft cozy plush

Oversized Saucer Moon Chair Kids Pets Seat Soft Cozy Plush ...

Urban shop oversized moon chair available in multiple 1

Urban Shop Oversized Moon Chair, Available in Multiple ...