Leather Chair And A Half With Ottoman


Gorgeous leather chairs and a half are bigger than normal chairs, designed for maximum comfort. Add an ottoman and you are in the business of relaxation. Sit back and take it all in. The overstuffed leather is soft and smooth, and the ottoman fits the chair so there is no loss in aesthetic continuity. Take a long walk through this collection and see what we have to offer.

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Improve your living room with comfort and style, using this contemporary Chair & Ottoman Set. The frame is crafted from sturdy wood, with durable upholstery. The chair includes opulently padded arms and large back. The open lid ottoman offers a spacious storage section.

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Leather chair and a half with ottoman

This large leather armchair with ottoman is designed to provide exquisite comfort and style to the interior. Having the size of a chair and a half, it creates a unique relaxing spot for you and your family.

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Leather chair and a half with ottoman

Classic looking, elegant leather chairs can be great addition into the waiting room in your office or living room. Universal design and color makes them match to most room decors, providing them elegant finish.

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Leather sofa loveseat and chair

Oversized leather chair that represents a streamlined design. It features a low back and wide cushions for seat and back areas. Its kiln-dried hardwood frame provides stability just like its wood block feet.

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Leather chair and a half with ottoman 9

Stylish chair constructed from a strong wooden frame and finished in breathtaking light brown leather upholstery. The chair also comes with its matching ottoman, heavily padded at the top and supported by four sturdy wooden legs. It’s a great piece for the living room.

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Chair and Ottoman

Chair and Ottoman

This is a very comfortable, large chair and ottoman which complements it perfectly. The seat is spreading and spatial. It gives a great sense of comfort. As a result, the whole becomes the perfect place for resting.

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Chair and a half with ottoman 1

Signature Design by Ashley Chair and a Half with Ottoman

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Bernhardt chair and a half

A stylish set of furniture having wooden frames and low dark brown turned tapered legs. Both a comfy armchair with low wide rolled out arms, a thick seat and a wide back and a rectangular ottoman have elegant upholstery of leather in warm browns.

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Elite leather imprint leather chair and a half and ottoman

Elite Leather Imprint Leather Chair and a Half and Ottoman at ...

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Chair and Ottoman

Chair and Ottoman

Improve your living room with comfort and style using this contemporary Chair & Ottoman Set. The frame is crafted from sturdy wood, and upholstered in durable fabric. Includes padded cushions, stylish arms, large back and tapered legs.

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Leather Chair And A Half With Ottoman

Buying Guide

A distinct style of furniture which has caught the attention of many people, the chair and a half style is suitable for those who don't want a sofa but want something wider than a regular armchair. The chair and a half design isn't quite big enough for two people to sit on, but provides a huge amount of comfort and luxury for the one person using it. Here are some of the things you should consider before buying one.

Lower chairs don't necessarily make things more comfortable, and if you suffer from back problems or want to prevent any potential unwanted back pain, you may benefit from a higher chair anyway. You can find a chair and a half which is around three feet off the ground. When deciding which height to buy, try out different chairs and choose a height which allows you to put your feet flat on the floor while you are sitting on the chair.

Many suppliers are able to customize their furniture to your tastes, and this can often include the height of the chair and a half. There's no harm in asking whether there is a possibility of having a chair altered – this broadens your options and allows you to consider lower chairs which can then be altered.

As well as choosing a great chair that suits your individual preferences and requirements, it's just as important to find your ideal ottoman. Many ottomans will come as a pair with the chair you have chosen, and you should sit on the chair and rest your legs on the ottoman for a realistic experience of the furniture.

Another important feature of chairs is the style of the armrests. This is important for ensuring your long-term comfort once you've bought the furniture. You should look out for the following:

  • The grip of the armrests: Nobody wants to struggle when trying to get up out of a chair, particularly if you struggle with pain in your body. When you try out the chair, pay attention to the way the armrests allow you to get up easily.
  • The padding of the armrests: Not only should you be looking for something which is durable and doesn't wear down easily when you're sitting in it for hours, but different layers and types of padding will provide different effects. Foam padded armrests are ideal for people who suffer from arthritis and other joint paints.
  • The length and height: Some armrests don't extend far enough for you to rest your entire arm. While this may be a preference for some, you should look out for this when you sit in the chair. Your arms shouldn't feel like they are being pushed up too high, and you shouldn't feel like you're having to drop your arms lower in order for them to comfortably lean on the armrests.

Best Ideas

Oversized leather chair and a half

Vintage-inspired and stylish chair with matching ottoman. The piece comes with beautiful metal accenting on the edges, large rounded legs, and glossed stained leather upholstery for outstanding visual appeal. You also get heavy plum cushioning for added comfort.

Leather chair and a half with ottoman 1

Admit it, you would simply love to have a comfy chair like this one in your interior - and now you can. It comes with a matching ottoman and sports the beautiful, warm color of the upholstery with elegant patterns.

Chair and a half with ottoman

Well-built leather chair with an ottoman that doubles up as a footrest. The chair comes with a recessed vintage look thanks to its stained leather upholstery and colorful fabrics on the seating area. A single matching pillow is also included for accent value.

Manhattan leather chair and a half 3

Manhattan Leather Chair And A Half

Lavelle Chair and a Half

Lavelle Chair and a Half

Antiqued chair and a half. This beautiful furniture has been designed to resemble the most beautiful, classic European furniture. It has hand carved frame, a large comfortable seat and encompassing back.

Leather chair and a half with ottoman 19

chair and a half with ottoman | Chair and a Half / Ottoman

Design by ashley briar place antique chair and a half

... Design by Ashley Briar Place - Antique Chair and a Half & Ottoman

Overstuffed chair and a half

If you’re looking for a traditional finishing detail for your living room, take a look at this awesome, antique set, composed of a huge, brown leather armchair with a matching ottoman. Classy and elegant!

Leather chair and a half with ottoman 1

This beauty is a chair and a half featuring hostelry made of leather. This chair can sit just two people and is perfect for couples. It’s wider than a standard chair but narrower than a love seat. This is perfect in the house, especially during winter.

Ralson Teak Rustic Oversize Chair

This chair is a fantastic addition to your living room. It has got a leather upholstery, contemporary design, solid frame and very comfortable seat. You will be impressed how great this chair is.

Chair a half with ottoman

Heavily padded low back chair with a large plum seating area for two. The piece also comes with heavily padded armrests and superb dark black leather upholstery for elegant style. The chairs have a matching rectangular ottoman that offers storage and a footrest as well.

Of the sleeper chair and a half extremely comfortable furniture

... of the Sleeper Chair and a Half – Extremely Comfortable Furniture

Chateau Beauvais Chair

Chateau Beauvais Chair

Lovely chair made in antique style which looks really stunning in connection with other furniture in this type of design. Hardware of this chair was constructed from wood and decored with many beautiful patterns.

Leather chair and a half with ottoman

Emerson Leather Chair by Lane Furniture - 702