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Feel like a captain of industry in a swanky cigar room at the club. These fantastic leather cigar chairs are not just stylish,but comfortable. The construction holds an eye on even the most minute details. With shorter, plush, elegant models and even a leather cigar chair that looks like a throne, complete with fold-out glass holders, you will certainly love these chairs.

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Our Picks

Traditional cigar lounge chairs

Traditional cigar lounge chairs

Christopher Knight Home

A typical cigar chair will immediately introduce a sense of sophistication that’s bound to impress all of your guests.

While you can always use it as an additional seat next to your living room furniture, this type of chair can also help you define a separate corner (for example, as a reading nook or next to your bar area) or even complement the desk in your office.


Antique & opulent leather cigar chairs

Antique & opulent leather cigar chairs

Christopher Knight Home

Most traditional cigar chairs are a natural match in period-based interiors.

However, you can choose to further emphasize your vintage inspiration by looking for even bolder models, especially if you’re planning on using your new chair as an accent.

Harmonious shapes and heavily ornate details (like carved legs) are a great starting point.

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Recliner cigar chair

Recliner cigar chair

Best Selling Home Decor Furniture LLC

You didn’t think that your passion for traditional cigar chairs meant having to give up modern comforts, did you? Some of these armchairs are actually designed to include relaxing reclining features.

Don’t forget to leave a wider spot for them, though! In fact, you must always check the dimensions of your new armchair when it’s fully reclined, which is why this type of cigar chair wouldn’t really work in a corner or against the wall.


Motor lift cigar chair

Motor lift cigar chair

Irene House

Intrigued by the reclining options? Some cigar armchairs actually take them to the next level.

For example, if you or the person you’re buying it for suffers from back pain or reduced movement, we recommend scouting for one that includes a practical motor lift feature.


Dark leather cigar chair

Dark leather cigar chair

Nobel House

There’s no denying that a cigar chair in darker finishes is usually the most impressive when it comes to achieving a fancy vibe. If you’re using it as an accent or pairing it up with some lighter living room furniture, it could be exactly what’s missing in your home.

However, keep in mind that dark finishes can also make a small space look tinier: if that would be the case in your compact living room or if you already have a dark sofa, it’d be safer to opt for lighter chairs.


Cigar chair in a different finish

Cigar chair in a different finish

Christopher Knight Home

Here are some of the tricks to make a cigar chair work in a more contemporary home.

First of all, lose the throne design and opt for smaller models with cleaner lines.

Secondly, get creative with colors: instead of the usual warm or dark leather finishes, choose a monochrome style in a bright hue from your room’s existing palette.

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Short back cigar chairs for smaller rooms

Short back cigar chairs for smaller rooms

Design Tree Home

Choosing a shorter model rather than a throne design is also a godsend in smaller rooms or in seating areas where your new chair wouldn’t be placed against the wall.

Not only will it make them appear wider than they actually are, but it also wouldn’t get in the way of your room’s visual flow, maintaining an airy feel.

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Statement cigar chair with interesting lines

Statement cigar chair with interesting lines

Omnia Leather

To celebrate traditions while still showcasing your creativity and decorative flair, consider a cigar armchair in a design that strays away from the most common ones.

You could still maintain a leather finish or nailhead trim, for example… but how about some dynamic-looking arms, like in this stylish model?

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Fabric cigar chairs

Fabric cigar chairs

Great Deal Furniture

Yes, we know: cigar chairs are usually made of leather. But what if you already have plenty of leather furniture and another piece would run the risk of making it look too heavy? What if budget is one of your main concerns? Or perhaps you were hoping for a more casual and cozier feel?

In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to choose fabric upholstery instead.

Don’t worry: everyone will still be able to tell that it’s a cigar chair as long as you maintain some elements from its most iconic designs, such as a tufted back or a nailhead trim.


Cigar lounge chair with a twist

Cigar lounge chair with a twist


Here’s the moral of the story: as long as you nod to its tradition, you can still incorporate cigar lounge furniture without spoiling your more contemporary decor.

Look at this creative model, for example! By removing the bottom part and replacing it with an open design, it achieved a streamlined look with a touch of industrial charm.

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Cigar Chair

Buying Guide

Some people have never sat in one of these chairs before, and when you look at them, they bring a sense of old movies and storybooks. These very comfortable leather chairs, however, are not out of place in many living rooms and libraries. If you want to add a vintage feel to your home while featuring a piece of furniture which is classic in style and comfortable to use, you may want to consider a leather cigar chair. Understanding the difference in various styles is the first step to ensuring you buy the right item for your home.

  • Rounded back style

This style of leather chair is comfortable and relaxing. It is the more casual style of cigar chair, and therefore seems more relaxed than some of the other designs you may come across. The frame is often made from solid hardwood to provide a strong and sturdy base. Dark leather upholstery is the most popular choice for this furniture, although a lighter brown leather may sometimes be seen with some of the older items.

  • Elegant 'throne' style

This is the type of chair that we imagine the US Presidents making decisions as they smoked their cigars. The top part of the chair is slightly rounded with two pieces which are more enlarged than the rest of the chair. These large corner pieces at the top of the frame are able to create the regal style which this design brings with it. Extra features which help to make this furniture more attractive includes brass nailheads which are carefully positioned along the outline of the chair's frame and strong wooden feet in a color to match the rest of the chair.

While you will find many authentic chairs in antique shops and at auctions, not everybody is a fan of the vintage look and therefore you may opt for a more modern take on the leather cigar chair. The main difference is the shapes of the chair and the quality and type of leather material which is used. For example, newer chairs will not have any faded or marked areas, so will naturally appear more pristine and defined than older items. In terms of the shape of the chair, older furniture is more rounded while more modern chairs are square. Modern chairs will also boast thinner and shorter wooden feet rather than chunky wooden feet or sturdy brass.

The most popular color for leather cigar chairs is a warm brown leather. This may vary slightly in shades, but is most traditionally a dark chocolate brown. However, when you shop around you may find other colors in a very similar or identical design. For example, a dark warm red is a popular color for these chairs, while black leather is a common option for the modern designs. For something very different which will stand out in your living room, consider a black leather cigar chair with chrome or glass arms and frame.

Best Ideas

Classic Cigar Style Vintage Leather Club Chair

Classic Cigar Style Vintage Leather Club Chair

This cigar-styled armchair brings the classic, retro stylization to the living rooms or other kinds of indoors. The seating area is very soft and comfortable. This piece of furniture is made of wood, foam and vintage leather.

Marmont Leather Chair

Marmont Leather Chair

This vintage styled arm chair will complement perfectly classic styled interior. It has a wooden frame and legs in cigar brown finish. It is upholstery with brown leather and has a decorative silver nails around edge.

London Leather Club Chair

London Leather Club Chair

This kind of armchair has got a very attractive and original construction. It includes a solid metal frame with durable arms for support. The seat is soft, padded and supported by padded backrest. The whole sitting area is covered with leather.

Lazzaro C3939 Cigar Chair

A very interesting amrchair that plays a decorative and functional role. It features solid legs made of hardwood and it has got some decorative nailhead accents. The whole construction is covered with marbled brown leather.

Leather cigar chair 2

Elegant arm chair upholstered with high quality leather and finished with decorative nail heads. It is mounted on wooden legs. Perfect as extra seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors.

Brown leather armchair vintage

The extremely elegant set of armchair and ottoman covered with the elegant brown leather. The wooden elements was made of walnut. This set of furniture is perfect to the traditional living room. It should be mixed with the dark wood furniture.

Leather cigar chair 1

A beautiful leather reclining chair that sports a design that is sure to catch everyone's attention thanks to the leather upholstery and nailhead trim of the highest quality and sophisticated look that it has to offer.

Cigar chair 2

A classy vintage library chair having a woody frame, low flat square brown front feet and slanted back ones. Its deep seat, full panel arms with gently sloped-back top surfaces and nailhead trims on sides, wide back are covered in brown leather.

Chairs restoration hardware ultimate cigar chair for milo

Chairs | Restoration Hardware...ultimate cigar chair for milo

Cigar lounge chairs

A sophisticated approach to a classic armchair made in an old-fashioned style. The armchair is made entirely out of real leather with a brown, slightly worn off look, and has a matching footstool made in a similar style.

Cigar chair 7

Elegant arm chair upholstered with high quality leather and finished with decorative quilting. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Perfect for watching TV or reading books.

Cigar chair 9

Floating cigar and whiskey - this is a new scent from a cave man.Sink into our large and comfortable leather chair and you'll never want to leave - this cigar chair features leather upholstery with an espresso finish, hardwood construction, and espresso legs.

Details about 26 w set of 2 club arm chair

Details about 26" W Set of 2 Club arm chair Brazilian brown cigar ...

Nailhead club chair 4

Imagine that the name of this armchair is due to the fact that Prime Minister Churchill made decisions on a similar leather cigar club chair. The classical pattern and finish accented with brass nailheads wide quilted backrest also impress.

Leather cigar chair 1

Leather cigar chair

White X White English Chair

English style chair with tall trapezoid backrest and slender tapered feet crafted of wood. Padded with two-toned distressed leather in tobacco brown, the chair effortlessly brings a vintage vibe to your interior.

BEST Leather Cigar Chair, Red

An original, decorative and comfortable addition to any living room. This cigar chair has got a nice red color and a durable frame made of wood. It has got a soft seat cushion and a soft, supportive backrest.

Kensington Chesterfield Leather Arm Chair in Vintage Cigar

It is an arm chair that has got a top grain leather upholstery, solid hardwood frame and vintage cigar finish. You will be impressed how stylish and comfortable this arm chair is.

Churchill chair

Stylish arm chair upholstered with high quality leather. It is mounted on wooden frame. Carefully profiled back is quilted with decorative buttons. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Conrad Club Chair - Cigar

This club chair adds comfort, style, beauty and elegance to your living room area. It has got a cigar finish, tufted back and padded seat, which provides an excellent seating comfort.

Cigar chair

Leather never goes out of fashion, and there is nothing better than leather to underline the luxurious character of your house. This cigar chair is comfortable, durable and stable – with 36.5, it’s almost too wide. Still, nothing comes close to it in terms of grandeur.

Leather cigar chair recliner

leather chairs

Airplane seat with distressed leather

Airplane seat with distressed leather. |

Cigar arm club chair 1

This type of chair not only provides comfort, but it also increases attractiveness of any room. It is a piece of furniture that has got comfortable and supportive rolled arms. Its sitting space is filled with polyurethane foam.