Leather Chaise Lounge Chairs

We all love chaise lounge chairs. And they can't get any better, right? But wait, they can. Add leather. Voila, and they just got amazing. You haven't known comfort until you have parked your weary bones on a leather chaise lounge. So soft, so comfy, and the leather is naturally cool against the skin. Your home will be improved by having one or more of these in it.

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Rino Leather Chaise Lounge

Rino Leather Chaise Lounge
A comfy modern chaise lounge having a frame of thin rectangle-section metal rods. It has a rectangular foot and a curved frame. Its surface is composed of lots of rectangular padded pillows with brown leather covers attached with straps to a frame.

Premium Lounger

Premium Lounger
This amazing lounger will quickly become your favourite piece of furniture! It's not only super original and stylish, but also very, very comfortable. Check it out and enjoy the new design in your house!

Reclining Chaise Lounge

Reclining Chaise Lounge
If you dream about endless comfort and intriguing design, this lounge would be a perfect choice for you! You will fall in love with its incredible style and the highest funtionality making your living room an enjoyable place.

Original mid century 1970s brown leather

Original mid century 1970s brown leather
These massive-looking, brown leather chaise lounges chairs provide exquisite comfort and style. Deriving from 1970s, they should appeal to all retro style lovers. They have the size of depth 35, width 70, height 70 cm.

Antique leather chaise lounge

Antique Leather Chaise Lounge

Photo 4 a dark brown leather chaise lounge chair with

Photo 4. A dark brown leather chaise lounge chair with traditional ...

Leather chaise lounge chairs

An antique chaise lounge in a sophisticated, royal-like style. It features a solid, wooden construction with etched decorations at the edges. The whole seat is covered with brown, tufted leather with a distressed finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to clean a leather chaise lounge chair?

There are several easy ways to clean leather chaise lounge chairs. You’ll need mild soap, water, leather cream, three soft cloths, a cotton swab, and rubbing alcohol. For a basic clean to remove dirt and scuffs, mix water and soap (ideally designated for leather) and dampen the soft cloth with the mixture. Gently wipe down the chaise on all leather surfaces.

Any tough stains can be tackled using the cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Dip the swab into the alcohol and apply it directly to the affected area, rubbing the stain out gently. Ensure you do not apply to any area other than the stain. You may need to dry this area with a blow dryer. This can also help remove any wrinkles in the fabric.

Have a second cloth handy that is completely dry, and use this to remove any remaining moisture from the surface of the chaise lounge chair to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

With a third cloth, apply a leather conditioning cream to the dry chair, working it in to moisturize the leather and keep it looking its best. For light-colored leather, consider performing this process every six months. Darker leather may suffice with one annual deep clean.

What dimensions does a leather chaise lounge chair have?

The dimensions of a leather chaise lounge chair vary, but general sizes fall somewhere between 73”-80” in overall length and 25”-30” in width. Other dimensions to consider are the length of the seating area only and the overall height.

Many chaise lounges sit between 35-40” in height. This depends on the leg type and size as well as the design of the seating area. On average, the seat area length is slightly shorter than the overall length and ranges between 42”-48.” A small number of chaise lounges include overhangs of the frame, making the seat length closer to or extended from the general overall length.

Whether you need indoor leather chaise lounge chairs or durable outdoor versions, these dimensions are standard. You may occasionally find ones outside this range, but they are less common.

How many leather chaise lounge chairs should I put in a large room?

Leather chaise lounge chairs are attractive staple furniture pieces and make a stunning statement accent in your living room, however, too many of these chairs can make a room feel cluttered. If you have too many of these elegant and Parisian-style lounge chairs in one room, no matter how large the dimensions are, the leather upholstery and lack of textural variation in the space could overwhelm the room.

When choosing to have a leather chaise lounge chair in a large room, make the furniture piece a focal point. Do this by centering other furniture towards it, and adding decorative pillows to the chaise lounge chair.


Faux leather chaise lounge 14

A unique chaise lounge, which enchants with its high-quality finishing and inimitable design. Made from black faux leather with channel tufting, this chaise lounge will offer exquisite comfort and solidness.

Mnl 75005 classico espresso chaise lounge leather chair with nailed

MNL- 75005 Classico Espresso Chaise-Lounge Leather Chair With Nailed ...

Modern chaise lounge chairs

Modern chaise lounge covered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Frame is made of metal. Carefully profiled seat is finished with solid seams. Great as additional seating or place for relaxation.

Leather chaise lounge chairs 18

Vintage lounge chair sporting ergonomic design that reflects the natural body contours. Standing on sheer chrome finish metal frame, complemented with horizontally tufted chestnut/maroon leather upholstery.

Leather chaise lounge chairs

This lounge chair amazes with its light, fresh construction, which would actually embarrass modern propositions, derives from 1969. Designed by William Katavolos, it is made from enameled metal and leather lounge.

Leather chaise lounge chairs 23

10 Excellent Leather Chaise Lounge Chair Image Idea

Leather chaise lounge chairs 9


Bellagio leather chaise photo

Bellagio Leather Chaise - Photo

Leather chaise lounge chairs 5

Modern Contemporary White Leather Chaise Lounge - Chair

Lounge chair ebay

Brown Tufted Bonded Leather Chaise Lounge Chair Ottoman Furniture Traditional | eBay

Antique leather chaise lounge 1

Antique Leather Chaise Lounge

Antique genuine leather chaise lounge right armrest 2401985

Antique Genuine Leather Chaise Lounge (Right Armrest), 2401985

Leather lounges ebay

Star Chair by Sam-woong Lee (Korea) To DIE foooooooooor want want want want want!!!!!!!

Oviedo Leather Chaise - Vintage Cigar

This comfortable chaise stands on a sleek chrome base with woven leather suspension system. The seat cushion is channel-stitched, leather-wrapped, and streamlined for extra comfort.

Leather chaise lounge chairs 31

Alessia Leather Chaise Lounge Chair, Tufted 34"W x 65"D x 34"H currently in the living room

Leather chaise lounge chairs 25

Berry leather over zebra chaise w/ zebra throw rug.

White leather chaise lounge

A comfortable chaise lounge with faux leather upholstery in dark brown color. Its backrest features a natural zebra pattern. Solid construction of this element includes four stable legs with decorative carvings.

Leather chaise lounge chairs 35

leather lounge chairs

Designer Modern Classic Plywood Lounge Chair & Ottoman with Palisander Base & Black Leather Upholstery Set of 2

This design is classic among classics. It immediately transforms your modern decor to a stylish mid-century lounge. And it is honestly comfortable above all! Here you get a set of a lounge chair coming with an ottoman.

Antiques furniture chairs

Antiques Furniture Chairs

Leather chaise lounge chairs 8

Truly wonderful design for a kids’ bedroom. Very colourful and cosy with a complementing set of slick, white furniture. I love the rainbow pattern on the carpet, which perfectly matches the bedding and wall decorations.

Le corbusier 100 italian leather chaise lounge chair 805 shipping

LE CORBUSIER 100% Italian Leather Chaise Lounge Chair $805 shipping included

Modern chase

I am definitely a fan of modern chaise lounges in the living rooms rather than the solid and heavy sofas. This solution will be the best choice especially in the situations when the space is very limited.

Alessia leather chaise lounge chair

Alessia Leather Chaise Lounge Chair

Barcelona Style Modern Pavilion Chair Couch Sofa & Ottoman Stool - High Quality Leather w/ Mirror Like Shiny Steel Frame - in White

Modern style leisure set, consisting of a couch like chair and an ottoman. Both pieces stand on heavy duty steel frames with X-shaped bases - their high polish silvery finish is very eye-catchy. The seats are tufted with premium caramel brown leather.

Leather chaise lounge chairs on vela i leather lounge chair

leather chaise lounge chairs on Vela I Leather Lounge Chair By Euro ...

Button Tufted Chaise Lounger in Chocolate Microfiber

It is a stylish chaise lounge that has got a button tufted back and seat, chocolate microfiber upholstery and cappuccino finished wood legs. It adds comfort, beauty and style to any living room.

Barcelona Chair - Italian Leather - Premium Reproduction

This comfortable chair in a chrome finish improves both modern homes and offices. The chair stands on a stainless steel frame with crisscrossed legs, and features a foam padded seat and back both upholstered in 100% full grain aniline black leather.

Leather chaise lounge chairs

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Oviedo Leather Chaise - Antiqued Ebony

It is a stylish chaise lounge that has got a sleek chrome base, antique ebony leather upholstery and leather-wrapped seat cushion. It adds comfort, beauty and style to any living room and bedroom area.

Leather chaise lounge chairs 24

Lounge Italian Style | Leather Chaise Lounge Chair

Leather chaise lounge chairs 15

Leather Chaise Lounge Chairs | Modern leather chaise lounge chairs for bedroom

Mecca chaise lounge indoor chaise lounges at chaise lounges photo

Mecca Chaise Lounge - Indoor Chaise Lounges at Chaise Lounges - Photo

Leather chaise lounge chairs 14

Milo Baughman Leather Chaise Lounge Chair on Brass Swivel Base, at Sjae Alexandre Collection

Contemporary Lagoon Kylee Living Room Chaise

Bring an air of contemporary style with this chair. Its bright upholstery will add a splash of color to your living space. The back of the seat is tufted and the construction stands on four short legs which have been finished in black.

The dhp wynn chaise lounge futon sleeper is the perfect

This type of furniture is a high quality product ideal for use in any living room. It has got metal legs and a solid frame able to support 350 pounds. The sleeping space of this product measures 15.5 inches high x 69.5 inches wide x 30.5 inches deep.

J&M Furniture 1754422-PU Venus Sofa Bed White Vinyl

This is a solid, comfortable and neutral sofa that converts into a bed. It is stylish and it assures the highest level of comfort in the house. The size of this sofa bed is 74 x 34 x 35 inches. The product is a perfect choice for modern indoors.

Leather chaise lounge chairs 32

Pearl white leather chaise from Macy's....I have been drooling over this for months.

AEON Fairfax Black Leather Lounge Chair With Brushed Stainless Steel Frame

Achieve a new level of style with a unique chaise lounge that has been designed to attract glances. The finest contemporary style uses low slung seat, brushed stainless steel frame and black leather upholstery.

Chaise 7

A chaise lounge created for people who love comfort on the highest level. This piece of furniture has got a durable wooden frame in a black finish and with decorative carvings. Its sitting space is soft and button-tufted.

Leather chaise lounge chairs 11

Alessia Leather Chaise Lounge Chair, Tufted 34"W x 65"D x 34"H

Sectionals with chaise lounge 1

Sectional sofa upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and fitted with additional pillows for added comfort. Perfect solution for any living room.

Rohe Style Classic Designer Barcelona Chair In Black Top Grain Leather

This modern sofa has a heavy duty frame made of X shaped stainless steel bars in chrome finish. Its cushions are supported by leather straps, filed with high density foam and upholstered with black tufted leather.