Small Chaise Lounge Chair


Do you have a tiny apartment or a smaller home? Then having certain furniture can be a problem. Crowding causes issues with organizational filters in the brain, so your head tells you not to get anything too big for the space. So, how about a small chaise lounge chair. They are big enough to sit in comfortably but not so big as to take over the place.

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Small chaise lounge chair

If you have little, but elegant flat you should buy this incredible chaise lounge. It isn’t big, but you can use it as chair or sofa. Elegant cloth, which covers this piece of furniture make it more stylish.

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Tms leena cotton chaise lounge

Tms leena cotton chaise lounge

A beautiful, cotton lounge sofa, perfect for any room design with its gorgeous, very universal look. Hides a very handy compartment underneath, great for storing your blankets and beddings. Makes an amazing day bed!

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Small chaise lounge chair 16

Modern look for a comfortable chaise lounge for bedrooms with legs crafted out of solid oak wood in a round shape. The chaise lounge is upholstered in cotton fabric in cream color and comes with a matching pillow.

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Classic small chaise from the chaise lounge company great gatsby

Classic small chaise from The Chaise Lounge Company | Great Gatsby design ideas | PHOTO GALLERY |

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Skyline furniture chaise lounge

Skyline Furniture Chaise Lounge

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Pinterest Home

Pinterest Home

Chaise lounge chair that provides comfortable posture. It features a supportive backrest and arms for enhanced relaxation. It is covered with durable and comfortable material finished in neutral white color.

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Lorimer Chaise

Lorimer Chaise

This small chaise lounge chair delights with its soft-in-touch upholstery and considerable surface to rest after the whole day. Standing on a dark metal chassis, it features a universal light grey upholstery.

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Small chaise lounge chair 20

Extra compact chaise lounge chair that offers impeccable comfort and a sturdy design. Featuring a strong metal frame, the chaise is heavily padded with plum cushions. It’s finished in beautiful light blue suede upholstery for outstanding elegance.

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Chaise bedroom chair

Comfortable chaise lounge chair with generous, thick cushioning and convenient cushioned arms! In neutrally colored beige upholstery, so that matching it with the existing indoor coloring scheme is a breeze.

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Indoor chaise lounge small

Indoor Chaise Lounge Small

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Small Chaise Lounge Chair

Buying Guide

Since a small chaise lounge chair doesn’t take up too much space, it can easily fit into corners of your living room, home office, entryway, or bedroom. Also, placing your small chair in a corner can easily turn the space into a cozy reading nook. Whichever room you decide to put your small chaise lounge chair in, try to position it near a window to create the perfect relaxing spot.

Microfiber is the best upholstery material for a small chaise lounge chair. Other options include leather and cotton. While all have their benefits, microfiber is the best choice due to its durability, easy cleaning, and long-term color.

Microfiber upholstery is ultra-soft. It is also stain-resistant, water-resistant, and durable. Not only does it look appealing on your chaise lounge chair, but it will resist fading and unsightly watermarks over time. This fabric is an especially great option if you have children or pets in the house.

Leather is another good choice when it comes to upholstery. While it is highly durable and beautiful to look at, leather does require more care than microfiber. You’ll need to be diligent with its care to keep it looking its best through the years. Other fabrics, such as cotton, are good options, although staining and fading will occur more often.

There are numerous options available when it comes to small chaise lounge chairs, with the most common being the French chaise, Victorian chaise, and contemporary chaise.

French-style chaise lounges maintain an exceptionally classy and elegant aesthetic with their asymmetrical form, carved detailing, high-end upholstery, along with chic accents, such as button tufting and nailhead trim. These types of chaise lounge chairs look right at home in traditional, vintage, and antique-inspired interiors.

Similarly, Victorian chaise lounges exude an old-style luxurious feel thanks to their intricately sculpted frame, plush fabric, and scrolled woodwork. They’re designed to stand out and make a statement anywhere you place them!

If you’re looking for a small chaise lounge chair that’s a lot more versatile than the other types, a contemporary chaise won’t disappoint. Lounge chairs of this type usually feature an unfussy, geometric shape supported by a metal or wooden framework. Furthermore, they come in a multitude of designs and colors, ranging from neutrals to bolder shades, making them able to match any kind of color scheme and decor.

Another alternative is contour chaises. These types of chairs have a flowing, curved silhouette, perfect for bringing a dash of character to a modern space.

Best Ideas

Small chaise lounge for bedroom

Decorative and functional futon mattress bed in set. This small chaise lounge chair can serve as a relaxing, TV or even garden chair. It easily and quickly transforms into a single bed. Made of pine wood and white upholstery.

Small chaise lounge chair 2

Tasteful chaise longue in the French style. It is upholstered with soft fabric and decorated with floral theme. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more. Elegant design for living room, bedroom and more.

Cooke Chaise

Cooke Chaise

It is a stylish chaise lounge that is available in two colors: grey and chocolate. It has got a microfiber upholstery and wood construction. It adds comfort and beauty to any living room.

Small chaise lounge chair 18

klb notes for master bed sitting area: Makeup vanity, comfy reading chair & small table, floor-length leaning mirror.

Skyline furniture chaise lounge in velvet white chaise lounge_0_0 jpg

... Skyline-Furniture-Chaise-Lounge-in-Velvet-White-Chaise-Lounge_0_0.jpg

Small chaise chair

room with two chaise lounges

Charlotte Chaise Lounge

Charlotte Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounge chairs with arms 8

Everybody sometimes needs moment for relax - this comfortable piece of furniture which connect function of armchair and chaise lounge. This seat is covered with orange plush and decorated with elegant cushion.

Small chaise lounge chair 1

This avant-garde-looking sitting room comprises two small chaise lounge chairs, juxtaposed in front of themselves. Actually, the ideal symmetry of this room creates a kind of a mirror reflection, with the mirror's line running in the middle of the end table.

Chaise for bedroom

This stunning chaise lounge will become the focal point of any living room with its comfortable structure that is just packed with style and utmost charm, especially with the light finish and the slightly distressed wooden frame.

Chaise Lounge Chair

Chaise Lounge Chair

It is a chaise lounge chair for your everyday relax. It is a fantastic and comfortable addition to your living room, family room, guest room and other. If you looking for perfect chaise lounge chair you need to choose this one.

Chaise lounge chairs chaise chaise lounge indoor lounge indoor

chaise lounge chairs – Chaise, Chaise Lounge, Indoor Lounge, Indoor ...

Small chaise lounge

A small chaise lounge that will be a wonderful accent of every bedroom or living room. It features low, graceful legs and a slim silhouette with a tufted headrest and single arm rest. It comes in an elegant, creamy color.

Chaise lounge with arms

Finished with light grey upholstery, this great chaise lounge constitutes a proposition for all kinds of interior. Soft, supportive cushions and a button tufted backrest will create uniquely pleasurable conditions.